Warning: This chapter has a bad attempt at flufff. I do appologize in advance!

It was a chilly fall evening in Death City; the wind was blowing a cool breeze nipping through the air. The sun was beginning to set, its big face looking half asleep as drool dripped out of its mouth. We focus more on the park, where we see Eruka Frog and Crona, the latter of the two wearing thicker clothes since his usual robe was a bad insulator.

"Isn't it beautiful, Crona?" Eruka had to admit that the sunsets in Death City were possibly when the city looked its best, the light orange glow illuminating off of the buildings as it bathed the city in a calming glow. Her eyes slowly stayed to Crona, blushing a bit before looking away.

"Y-yeah." nodded the young Gorgon. Despite how scary and eerie the city was at night, the soft aura the city had made everything look so peaceful. Everything looked so beautiful. But something else was catching his attention. (Eruka looks really nice. W-wait! W-why am I thinking that? I-I don't know if I can deal with that…) he thought nervously as he blushed as well.

How the two of them didn't notice the other was either due to their ignorance or innocents. But whatever the reason, the duo had stopped their walking and had sat down on a park bench. Truth be told, they had been walking for quite some time-to the point where neither of them knew how long they had been walking anymore. The two of them bashfully looked around in an awkward silence before Crona finally swallowed some air-and some anxiety.

"So, uh…Eruka…" Crona spoke up as a shiver went down the witch's spine, "Y-you look really…uh, nice tonight."

"You…do to." Eruka said, the two final looking eye to eye.

The heat coming off of their faces was noticeable as they gazed into the other's eyes. Their faces slowly seemed to inch closer and closer to the other before-

"WOULD YOU KISS ALREADY!" Both suddenly stopped, both of them now glowing a radiant red as they looked around for the source of the noise, the voice having apparently come from the same direction as a bush.

"H-hey! W-who's there?!" demanded Eruka. She swore she heard that voice from somewhere, "I-I mean it!"

"Chi chi chi~" That laugh! Popping out of the bush were three mice, all running to the two of them before running into each other, a puff of smoke forming as a young girl had been formed, the result of three Mizune Sisters. "Hi Eru-Chan! Hi Crona-Sama!"

"M-Mizune!" shouted Eruka in frustration, "Why are you here?! What do you want?! A-and how long have you been watching us?!" The frog's angry red face made Mizune giggle with satisfaction, Crona just looking dumbfounded and, well, embarrassed as hell.

"I've been so bored! So I've just been watching you and Crona for…the past six weeks, give or take." explained the combined sisters.

"S-s-s-s-six w-weeks?!" blushed Eruka furiously.

"Yeah! It's been so fun watching you Eru-Chan!" grinned the girl before a wide grin curved onto her face as she stepped closer to her old friend, "I've especially liked watching you hang out with Crona~"

"M-Mizune!" Eruka snapped. Before she could say much else, Mizune had dashed past her and was right in front of the pink haired meister.

"So, Crona-Sama! You can tell me! How many times have you and Eruka 'tied the knot'?!" she asked with a perverted grin.

"T-tied the knot…?" Crona asked, completely confused by what the witch meant.

"You know…have you f-"

"Shut up!" shouted Eruka, tackling the girl onto the ground and covering her mouth, "Me and Crona haven't done anything like that!"

"What does she mean?" Crona asked.

"Nothing! She means nothing!" Eruka shouted.

"No, I mean-" Mizune tried to say, but Eruka gagged her with her mouth as Crona sweat dropped.