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Jedi in the Delta Quadrant


After discovering the two 'droids' as they called themselves Chakotay and Tuvok came down to the shuttle bay. They were surprised that their sensors didn't detect them but they were sensing for organic life they didn't bother to check for artificial life. Tuvok with a Tricorder was scanning the two machines in front of him. Chakotay was talking to Harry and Tom out ear shot. "So you're telling me that these things have personality?" Tom nodded with a slight chuckle waving a hand slightly.

"I was a little surprised myself commander. Though it's hard to believe these two seem to have personalities that make them unique. Our computer only processes information and process as that information. But when you talk to them they have different outlooks, goals and different in how they work. The gold one for example…..uh…C-3PO." He points to the taller gold droid that was talking to Tuvok with a lot of questions. If a Vulcan showed emotion Tuvok would have been annoyed. Though Tuvok kept his composure and only answered what was relevant. Tom continued to talk to Chakotay. "He is like a walking translator. He told us that he has over 6 million forms of communications." Chakotay's eyes were a little wide as he looked at Harry Kim.

Harry nodded confirming what Tom said was true. "It's true commander. The Universal Translator has over a million at most. True that it can learn but the storage of our translators are nowhere close to this kind." Chakotay nodded as he looked to the small blue droid that Tuvok was crouching in front of to get better look while he scanned it. Unlike his golden counterpart R2 just stood there staying silent. Once in a while moving its head to look at the shuttle bay.

Chakotay looked at Tom and Harry as he pointed to R2. "What about that one? What can that one do?" Tom crossed his arms as he tried to think of an explanation. Harry rubbed his knee a little remembering the shock he got from small droid.

Harry was the first to speak. "It has a mean shock to it. It caught me by surprised. There wasn't enough to kill but it sure did stun." Chakotay chuckled slightly hearing how Ensign Kim was 'jumped' by a small machine.

Tom snickered himself before clearing his voice avoiding Harry's narrowed eye look. "We're not exactly sure on that one commander. Other then shocking young ensigns we've only heard that it can hack into computers and repair ships. There could be more to it though. Like they say commander never judge a book by a cover." Chakotay nodded as he saw Tuvok coming back to him holding his Tricorder.

"I've run an analysis on the two article life forms. They are rather remarkable. The only known creation of artificial life form from our science is Doctor Noonien Soongs creation of commander Data. These were made with advance technology." Chakotay had a tough decision to make right now. He knew that they were only looking for their 'Master Luke' as they called it. He knew they could be looking for one of the unconscious people in Sick Bay. Though he doesn't know what else they could be capable to do. He took a look at the two of them. The gold human droid was complaining waving his arms as best he could. The smaller one was making noises like it was speaking then the gold turn to his small counterpart shouting. Chakotay nodded in thought turning to the Chief of Security. "Alright we'll send one of them to look at our injured guess. I like you to escort it to Sick Bay. Take the gold one. It seems less threatening." He then turned to the Harry and Tom. "I'd like you to continue examining the ship a little more. I'll send B'Elanna down as well.

All of them nodded as they set off to do their duties. Tuvok went to the two droids again with his hands behind his back. "Mister C-3PO please accompany me to Sick Bay. I will take you to meet with the injured crew." C-3PO nodded with a slight bow. "Yes Sir Mr. Tuvok." He turned to R2 and points a metal finger at him. "Now while I am gone I want you on your best behavior. We are already in enough trouble as it is without you adding more to the list." R2 made some noises as he looked up at 3PO. "Don't you talk back to me. Just stay here and don't touch anything." He gave R2 a small kick before he took off with Tuvok. Tuvok had a raised eyebrow at this unexpected display of emotion. He wondered if there were emotional subroutines inside of them. Though he did not think on it much. He Just walked with the gold droid to the Turbo lift and said, "Deck 5." Once the lift was moving is when the droid asked a question. "I am not familiar with this type of vessel, what is it exactly?" Tuvok looked at the droid speaking with no emotion. "This is an Intrepid class starship. Its origin's from the United Federation of Planets. Our primary mission is to explore new forms of life and civilizations." 3PO was a little amazed by this. He had never heard of such of a vessel. "That is extraordinary mission. I never thought there would be such a vessel with a mission like that." Tuvok only nodded as he looked at the doors. "Voyager is not the only ship with this mission. We have hundreds of vessels with that same mission all withhold the responsibility and honor." The lift stopped and the doors hissed opened. Tuvok and 3PO walked out and through the corridors. 3PO looked at the walls and doors examining everything. Soon enough they reached Sick Bay and the doors opened. There 3PO saw his companions except one lying on the beds. 3PO went up to the young man in the black cloak and black clothing. "Master Luke!" He had only seen in this state only a few times and all were not good. The grunts from the Wookie could be heard as the large humanoid bear came up to the gold droid. 3PO looked up at the wookie and sighed a little. "Thank heavens they will be alright." He went around looking at the woman and then the older man.

Janeway had her eyebrow slightly as she looked to Tuvok at her side. Tuvok gave her a small whisper. "It is a 'walking translator' as Mr. Paris called it." Janeway nodded then in understanding. The Universal Translator has had trouble trying to figure out the langue while the gold droid understood easily. She then slowly walked up to the gold droid with a curious look.

"I'm captain Janeway of the Starship Voyager. Who or what should ask are you?" 3PO looked at the woman with her light brown hair down to her neck.

"Oh, pardon me maim. I am C-3PO human cyborg relations." He turned his attention to the woman in white. "Will the princess and the others regain consciousness?" Janeway was a little surprised to hear that the woman was a princess. Well at least she had a guess who the leader was. She smiled a little as she looked at the droid and the Wookie. "We expect them to be up in about 30 minutes. In the mean time I would like the two of you some questions if you don't mind." The wookie grunts loudly and nods. 3PO turns to captain Janeway. "He said 'we are willing to answer any questions you have for us.' Of course I will cooperate if you help treat our friends." Janeway smiles with a small nod. She led the two of them to the doctor's office while the doctor left to check on the patients.

Janeway sat on the chair behind the desk while the droid and wookie stood in front of her and the desk. "Now this may surprise you. But we believe you traveled through a wormhole from another galaxy or dimension." Both the wookie and the droid stood in silent shock as they contemplated the possibility. Janeway waited until this news set in to the two of them.

Soon the wookie grunted loudly with a small growl. 3PO looked at Janeway with his light eyes. "He says, 'that may explain where they took Mara.' He might be right." Janeway raised an eyebrow looking at them. The question going through her mind was pretty obivious.

'Was this Mara person kidnapped?' She cleared her throat a little as she looked at the two. "Who is Mara? What would someone gain in kidnapping this person?" 3PO was a little hesitant to answer. After all they had only met the captain not too long ago. Though she had chosen to help them where she could have easily left them drifting in unknown space. So he decided to answer what he knew.

"Mara Jade Skywalker is Master Luke's wife. We are not sure who or why they had taken her. We were following a trail that their ship left behind. We had followed it to a strange green hole in space. The rest I'm sure you know."

Janeway now had some answers to think about now. This small ship and small crew were in pursuit of an unknown alien that had taken one of their own. They followed the trail behind into this vortex. They had taken heavy damage to engines and life support and the ship was being flooded with radiation. That was what the story was but then again this could also be a ruse. They have been tricked before by similar stories. Spend 5 years in the Delta quadrant you learn to pick up on things on the fly. Though she doubt they had any reason to lie. She nodded as she stood up adjusting her red and black uniform slightly. "Thank you for your cooperation. I will have to talk with my senior staff. You're free to stay here with your friends." 3PO bow slightly with respect then back up to look at her. "Thank you Captain." She smiled as she left the office then left Sic Bay.

Later in the Conference room was a table with eight chairs around it. At the head of the table was captain Janeway of course. To her left sat Commander Chakotay. Sitting next to him was Tuvok. On the captains right sat Tom Paris his short brown hair covered some sweat he had from walking and examining the ship in the shuttle bay. Sitting next to him was a woman with a yellow and black uniform. She had dark brown hair styled much like Janeways. She had brown eyes that were fierce when angered. She had cranial ridges on her forehead. Her name was B'Elanna Torres Chief Engineer. Janyway looked at Tom and B'Elanna first. "So what have you two learned about the vessel?" Tom cleared his throat as he looked at the captain tapping the table with his fingers. "These people must be pretty bold in my opinion. There are only a few weapons o the ship. Enough to give Voyager only minor damage if they attacked us. It seems to be mostly like a cargo ship of some kind."

B'Elanna nodded putting her hands together as she leaned forward on the table. "But what they lack in weapons they make up with speed. Captain this engineering technology is amazing." She smiled with excitement in her voice. "This ship has warp capabilities I could never dream of. It can travel half way across the galaxy in only in a day or two." Janeway looked at B'Elanna with a raised eyebrow as as she rub her chin. It was rare that B'Elanna would get so excited out in the open. So whatever has her excited must be something amazing. B'Elanna smiled as she continued. "I could spend years studying this engine and only break through the basics."

Janeway was a little surprised to hear that. B'Elanna was always ready to pick up on things quickly. The fact that she says this was something. Tuvok chose this time to speak as well. "I have examined the two droids that have come along. They have a source of power completely different then most artificial life forms we know of. They are very unique in every way." Chaktay nodded crossing his arms.

"From we've gathered so far they were following a trail from an engine that a ship that kidnapped Mr. Skywalkers wife. Was there any ion or plasma trails coming from the Vortex?" He looked to Tuvok with a raised eyebrow. Tuvok nodded with emotionless face as normal. "There was a faint ion trail heading to another three light years."

Janeway nodded as she stood up. "Set a course. If these people are searching for their lost comrade I think we should help." She then heard her Com badge buzz and heard the Doctor's voice. "Doctor to Captain Janeway." Janeway hit her badge and spoke loud. "Go ahead Doctor."

"I wanted to inform that two of our guesses are waking up." Janeway nodded talking as she raised the hand to her badge. "I'm on my way." She hit the badge and looked to the others. "Dismissed we'll continue later." Soon everyone left the Conference room. Janeway was on her way to meet these humans.