In love with Jake Pitts little sister

Chapter 1

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Dahvie's POV:

I was woken up by Jayy for some reason. "Why the hell did you wake me up!"

I yelled at him wondering why he woke me up at who knows what time.

"We need to go to Hot Topic Dahvie!" I groaned and looked at the time and in red letters it said 9:30.

"Why do we have to go now?" God I'm going to kill him if he needs pants.

"Because you dumb fuck we have to do a signing with 'Black Veil Brides' remember?"

Shit I do that means I only get one hour and thirty minutes to do my hair and makeup.

"Why didn't you wake me up an hour ago?" When I said that; I got out of bed and in the bathroom and got to work.

Once I was done I got into one of my favorite blood on the dance floor tee shirt and black ripped jeans.

With my 'tour boots' and to top it of botdf bracelets. When I was ready for the signing I grabbed my phone and looked at the time. It was about fifty minutes before we were supposed to be there.

"Hey Jayy do you want to go to the mall now and get something to eat there than go to Hot Topic after that?"

Of course he says "Hell yea!" So we went to the McDonalds there and got our breakfast there.

Then we started walking when I saw the most beautiful girl in the world.

When we got to Hot Topic I saw two tables set up the one for us and the other which they were already there 'Black Veil Brides'.

When we got to our table we greeted the bvb members then sat down.

After we were almost down with the signing I see the same beautiful girl from before the signing.

"Hey my name is Jayy Von Monroe what's your?" God Jayy you really have to say your whole name.

"Well since you said your whole name then I will say mine. My name is Nikki Pitts."

Wow her voice is awesome and her name is cool too.

"Hey my name Dahvie Vanity. What do you want signed today?"

That's very smart of me or maybe not oh well.

"Um well I was hoping you could sign my guither and this picture of you guys with my bros band?"

I wonder if she is related to Jake Pitts. Wow I'm being really stupid her last name is the same as Jakes then. Naw Ill figure it out later.

After we signed everything she asked to be signed.

"Hey do you want to go out with Jayy, BVB, and me later for lunch?" I asked.

Quiet enough for me, Jayy, and her can hear. "Sure see you two plus bvb then." She responded quiet enough for us to hear then she winked. I wonder why she winked…...

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