Glimmer's POV

"Glimmer, don't worry none of us will get reaped we wont let it happen." Alexi ssaid.

"Lexi, come on! Now that we're older we have more of a chance of getting reaped." I said frustrated.

"I wont let any of us get reaped. Got it!" Alexis said hugging me.

" Hopefully." I mumble starting to cry.

" Why do the games exist!" Jenifer yelled.

" The Capitol SUCKS! They tears us away from each other!" Chelsea said.

"We all are going to my house and sleeping over. My mom will fix us up for the reaping." Alexis said.

" We could go shopping for our reaping dresses, if you guys want to?" I suggested.

" Perfect!" Tiffany exclaimed.

" Sounds like fun!" Alison replied.

"Where?" Leanna asked.

" Town." Chelsea answered.

" Lets Go!" Jenifer yelled.

" I Love you gus!" Leanna said.

"I think that speaks for all of us!" Alison said.

If any of us get reaped life is going to be hard.