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Chapter 3: Can You Hear?!

Glimmer's POV

Alright, Glimmer this is your time to make allies.

"Marvel, I'm going to go get them!" I yell.

I have light blue denim skinny leg jeans on with a ruffled white tank with tan UGGS. Marvel is wearing jeans and some weird shirt.

I walk in to the elevator and pressed 2 and. I wonder what we will talk about.

When I get there I see Clove on couch.

"Clove." I say.

" Oh, Hey! I didn't know you got here." Clove says.

" You ready?" I ask.

"Ya, let me go get Cato." She said.

" Cato! You ready!," Clove yelled. " By the way Glimmer is here." She yelled.

Cato came out in a towel. I burst out laughing. This is what Ali did to Marvel back home.

"Come on, Cato!" Clove and I exclaim.

" I thought I told you she was here." Clove said in between laughs.

" She did." I add.

"We should get going. Cato come down later!" I yell pulling Clove away.

We walk into the elevator and start laughing more.

" So, is he def or something?" I sarcastically ask.

"Probably going def!" Clove exclaims.

The elevator opens and I yell, "Marvel we're here!"

"OK!" He yells coming out of his room.

Marvel comes out in jeans and some District 1 shirt.

" Trying to show off much!" I say rolling my eyes and looking at my French tips.

" Haha, Glim. Very funny." He said.

" I know, right,!" I say very bubbly. Oh, I miss doing bubbly voices with Chelsea and Tiffany. " Well, Clove is here so say "hi"!" I say.

" HI Clove!" He greets her.

"Hi!" Clove replies.

"Now that wasn't hard, was it?" I say.

BING! The elevator opens and Cato comes out.

" Well look who finally came." Clove said.

"How about we start the conversation instead of just standing around." I say.