Hetalia does not belong to me and never will

A couple countries will be genderbent, like england, romano, Canada. England Alice or Ali for short, Romano Lovina, Canada Matilda.

please enjoy my first hetalia story

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A Nations Survival

The world was in danger. The nations were slowly disappearing. The aliens were unknown.

Blood. Blood was everywhere, military from many countries were fighting to protect their people against the aliens as their countries found the others. Shouts could be heard from China, as he put the militaries in position, Orders heard from Feliciano as he told the medical staff what to do, he was in serious mode. Various countries were doing what they could to help.

Green, Hazel, and Purple eyes looked around before running past a door near a main alien ship, all dressed from head to toe in torn military uniforms, England, Romano, and Canada sneaked onto a mother ship outside of London. England turn to the two and nodded, creeping along the wall until they got to a scanner they waited. Canada got out a stylus and slowly brought the map onto the screen, "It looks like the safety vault is right above us but without setting off the alarms we have to crawl thru an air vent, eh" she said going through the codes. "Damn it this better be worth it" snapped Romano, England glared "Of course it is stupid, we need weapons and they probably have it here, if we could find the others we wouldn't need to."

After locating an air vent they steadily tried to climb up to the vault, "Which one is it?" yelled England, Canada looked around, "It should be this one hurry up", Romano climbed past Canada and kicked in the vent, "Come on slow pokes." as soon as they all crawled through england reached for her handgun, romano her dagger and Canada her pocket knife, "Lets find out whats in here now", throwing a flash bomb (thingy) the room lit up. "Holy shit!", Bloody hell!", "How the fuck!", there in a row against the wall in cryogenics tubes were America, Russia, Prussia, Germany, France and Spain. Romano, England and Canada ran up to the tubes hoping the was a way to open them, all hope was almost lost when Canada suddenly found a lever by Americas tube, "Lets hope this works, eh."

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