Disclaimer: I don't own Tales of the World and other people OC.

Hello everyone, I gonna do a new SKIT-Fic for everyone. This is my first new fanfiction.
Disclaimer First, i dont own Tales of the World. Second, i also dont own other people own OC. Example: Misuki Horenake OC character Kiryll Nightroad and Astrid Rosen. I hope i dont mind using their OC cause Kiryll and Astrid is my favorite OC character.

This SKIT will be Astrid love. Astrid is normal, Norma is bold, Luke is Italicized and Arche is underlined.

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" Hey, Astrid. I was thinking about you for something."

" What is it? "

" Did you have a crush on someone else?"

" I was thinking same thing about it."

" What are you talking about? I don't have a crush on someone."

* O/O *

" Your face are blushing. That means you have a crush on someone. So, who is it?"

" This is so interesting. I wanna hear it too."

" Please, Arche. I don't want to talking about-"

* Enter *

* more blush O/O *

" Hey, Astrid. Have you seen Guy around here? I can't find him anywhere. "

" Oh, Luke-sama. No, he gone out for a mission with someone."

" I see. I just wait then. See ya."

* Leaves *

* completely red O/O *

" Don't tell me. You got a crush on Luke, right?"

" No way. Seriously?"

" Please don't tell everyone. And yes, i have a crush on Luke-sama."

" Why you not tell him that you have a crush on him?"

" Yeah, you better tell him before Tear have him as well."

" Sorry, i want to be alone for a while."

* Leaves *

" I think we need help her."

" There no need to help her. She need is courage and faith for herself. Then, she will make him love her. So, we better not to interfere her."

" Maybe your right. But i feel so sorry about Astrid having a crush on Luke herself. Poor Astrid "

"" "" "" ""

This is my first create 1 chapter end. Bear with it, Ok? I don't know about font. Seriously, this is my first time. Oh yeah poor Astrid.