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This skit took place where Jack went ahead the device found his first memory pieces.Kanonno is normal, Yuri is bold, Asbel is italicized, Issac is underlined, And Garet is italicized and bold. You already know this.

" " " "

" First, Jack fall. And now, he lost his all memory. Why is gonna be like this? Why? I don't believe this. "

" Believe it or not. You can't change his way. Even though his age is change the way it is when arrive at Weyard founded by Issac and his friend. So, stop doing like this. This is not like you when you've been changed after Jack found me and join Ad Libitum. "

" I know but I just can't. I... just... "

* Sob *

" What wrong with her? "

" Don't know. Hey, Asbel. Do you know why Kanonno is sad? "

" Well. The thing is ever since Jack arrive and join Ad Libitum. Kanonno first met Jack. She has a crush on him. You know first love. "

" What? "

" It's true. I saw Jack reaction too. When he look at Kanonno, he also though of that too. I also glad that he has crush on her. "

" He's not the only one too. "

" Really? Who? "

" Jenna, she is our childhood friend and Kay, Garet older sister. "

" Well, of course, he is a popular and handsome too. And he's is a lucky guy as well. "

" Does all the girl he met has a crush on him too? "

" Yep. I'm the only one who his side on and protect him. If he's dead, I'm guilty at myself. When I first met him, he look so interesting on the Journey, meet new friend, new enemies, new power and even the world too. Just like Weyard, he's the first one and I'm also interest with him too. "

" What will you, Jack and Ad Libitum gonna do after Weyard had been saved by us and Ad Libitum? "

" Who knows. Only a miracle or coincidence will take us to a new world to meet new friend and enemy. It's up to Jack or a god will make a new path. "

" Ad Libitum also interest too. Protecting the people is what make feel like your job or quest. "

" I hope we can meet again. You know, if Weyard has been saved and we've separated. "

" Yeah, me too. But, we only met few minutes ago. "

* Looking at Kanonno *

* Still depressed. *

" Kanonno. Look, I know you're depressing about Jack. Ad Libitum will help him get his memory back and saving Weyard. You've gonna make a faith on him and help him as well, understood? "

" Yeah, you're right. I gonna made faith on him. Thank you, Yuri. "

" Now that's better. We've better move before Jack yelled at us. "

" That's right. We also gonna help him as well to get his memory. And I be glad to you've all member help us too. "

" The more the merrier. Let's go! "

" " " "

Kanonno, the one and beauty and cute made my heart pump. Well. My favorite tales character is Kanonno or three of them that I like too, Yuri, Luke and Asbel. Oh, and not just same character of my. The next second favorite tales character as well except the first favorite tales character. Ja Nee!