Chapter 3
No need for an Akuma

Kuoh Academy-8 pm...3 days later

After that little debacle in Hell, life went back to normal or as normal as things returned considering the circumstances. For Rias, it was business as usual. Having gone back to Kuoh Academy yesterday, the red haired beauty resigned herself on playing the model student and beloved school idol. As much fun as it was to tease all the drooling hentai in the student body, she had the trip of her life getting the rise out of Ichigo and she found that she liked it and looks forward to fun times to be had whenever she got the chance. It's only been three days since they parted but the heiress found that she missed him already. She blinked a couple of times before she realized what she was thinking and crimson began to spread on her beautiful face. Did she have a crush on him she wondered? But what is there not to like? The strawberry was one hot piece of yummy muscular goodness. Thinking about those big biceps, his broad chest and tight six pack abs only made her comically drool just thinking about how damn hot he is. Not only was he a desirably handsome and have a body of a Greek God; Ichigo was fearless, a master swordsman with no peer or equal, kind and caring to his friends but stern and unforgiving towards his enemies. He had all the qualities she always wanted in a husband and more if she gets the chance to "dissect" him as it were. Her fiancé on the other hand was the total opposite and she'd rather marry a retarded rock than get stuck with that pig in a marriage of convenience from now till she decided enough and ended up wanting to ring his scrawny neck!

"Calm yourself Rias..." She told herself. "It's no good working yourself over this..."

Still it was not fair that she didn't have anything a say in matter that of course affected her for the rest of her life. It was kinda depressing to say the least and the redhead sighed rather dramatically. Rias was so busy lamenting her "hapless" fate that she didn't hear someone opening the door and thus bypassing her usually sharp senses...

"Oh my, why the long sigh Buchou?

"Ah Akeno, it's you!" Rias said startled. "It's nothing really..."

"Uh huh, sure there isn't..." Akeno replied. "But let me guess though. I'm betting that the reason you're so dramatically melancholy is because of your bitter sweet farewell to your beloved Kurosaki-san, right?"

Rias sweat dropped on how accurate her best friend's assessment of the situation...

"And if I know you better, you probably miss him right now right?" Akeno said smiling.

Rias looked at her and tried to suppress a blush...

"I-I d-don't know what you're talking about!"

"Your uncharacteristic stammering is answer enough!" Akeno replied.

Akeno tried to stop herself from giggling in her best friend's face as Rias tried deny the ludicrous notion...

"I had enough crap from my family, I don't need you to join in on the bandwagon!" She growled

"Oh is that right?" Akeno said quirking her eyebrow in curiosity.

Rias grimaced as she remembered the torturous embarrassment that was disguised as dinner...

Flashback...later that night 3 days ago

Dinner in the Gremory household later that night was interesting to say the least. After Rias came back from the human world, the red haired heiress teleported directly to the bathroom. As soon as she stepped out of the circle, she stripped naked, turned on the hot water and began to shower. She scrubbed vigorously the dirt and grime off her soft, voluptuous body, and shampooed her long, silky, crimson tresses to get rid of the fire and brimstone smell fighting outside for prolonged periods of time. The warm water had gentle massaging feeling that made her well toned muscles relax and all her stress from the day began to fade away. After a 30 min shower, she stepped out and started drying her hair with an extra towel while she tied another one around her ample bosom. She looked into the mirror and couldn't help giggling as she reflected on the interesting events of the day. She got directly involved in apprehending a dangerous Sinner who tried to win his freedom with the help of a human turned Shinigami who wielded nigh-incalculable power unlike anything that neither she nor the inhabitants of Hell has seen. It was something amazing and she was glad she dragged Akeno with her to the fourth level. Rias wouldn't have met Ichigo otherwise if she didn't follow her gut instinct to do so.

The red haired heiress then picked a simple black dress made of the finest silk to wear to dinner with her family tonight. As she slipped the sleek and somewhat loose garment on, it stretched until it hugged and accentuated every curve of her body. Her plunging neck line enhanced her considerable bust that would make any hot blooded male stand in attention and becoming a drooling mess from the sensory overload. Besides the red head didn't have the luxury to keep her family waiting while she prettied herself up and took her time to choose the best outfit for the occasion. Quite frankly, she was tired from all the running around today so she decided to keep it simple. It's not like she's meeting some suitor or going to a party anyway so she didn't have to dress up so formally. This is her family after all and being the Gremory Heiress did have its many perks. Rias was putting the finishing touches on her make up when she heard someone knocking on her door...

"Yes?" Rias called out. "Who is it?"

Rias heard her door open and from her mirror she saw a household maid bow to her while she brushed her crimson hair...

"It's Amelia, Rias-sama. I'm here to inform you that dinner is ready."

The red head listened and narrowed her eyes a bit in suspicion. Dinner has always been at 6 o'clock sharp and it has been so for centuries. Simply put, the reason that dinner was at a certain time was because that was when most of the family were free from their obligatory roles to run their estate and manage several businesses that the Gremories held in their possession. Dinner was her mother Venelana's way to keep the family close and to catch up with what's happening in the lives of the people she cared about. It was 5:30 pm and she wondered who would deviate from the norm and break from this timely tradition. She had a bad feeling about this for some reason but she can't dwell on it for too long. Seeing that the maid was waiting for her message, the Gremory Heiress cleared her throat and gave her a reply...

"Thank you Amelia, tell them that I am on my way."

"Yes ma'am..."

The maid bowed again and let herself out ...

Rias sighed when the Maid closed the door behind her. Her gut instinct tells her that this has Sirzechs' memo written all over it! Still why would he do such a thing and what would he gain for doing it? That's actually the scary part in this little game because she didn't know the different variables behind the act. But as a Gremory, Rias always have something up her sleeve to counter whatever devious machinations that her elder brother was planning...

"Well I guess I wouldn't know what he's up to if I don't spring his trap for him..."

The red head quickly finished her make up and made her way to the East Wing where dinner will take place. A sudden dread began to grip her and the bad feeling she got in her room when Amelia mention the unprecedented early meeting this evening, grew worse as she got closer. Rias kept telling herself that she's making too much of a fuss about something that may be insignificant in the long run. Still she can't help but get nervous and she chided herself for being so silly. When she finally arrived at the dinning room and the servants let her in; she was surprised that she was the first one to arrive and that no was there! A large tick mark appeared above her forehead...

"Where the hell is everyone at?" She said growling.

"Rias-sama your entire family is in the living room watching a movie of some kind. I don't know about you, but I have never seen Venelana-sama look so flushed before. Must be that new orange haired hottie actor that's getting her hot and bothered..." A maid said smiling. "I have to admit though, she has some good taste!"

Rias eyes widened. She removed her heels and ran for the living room. The red head cursed at the fact that her dress was so tight that she was having trouble sprinting. She was going to regret it later but she took the hem of her dress and made a rip until it was nearly up her waist. The Heiress critically scrutinized her alteration to one of her favorite dresses and found that she really like it! She didn't have time to dwell on the fact that her action exposed way too much leg and that she was essentially flashing everyone with her underwear as she ran the hallway. As she got nearer the living room though, she heard other voices which she deduced belonged to her family. When she arrived, she comically overshot and slid in the slick floor and had to back track. When she finally entered, her jaws comically dropped as she observed her parents watch a footage of the action that happened earlier.

It so happened that she walked in on the part when she literally mugged Ichigo when he finally defeated Kakuto while he was still wearing Golden Retribution. She sweat dropped as they all looked at her funny and a tick mark appeared on top of her head as she noticed her brother snickering while his wife in her maid outfit was standing in the background rigidly. Her usually serious sister-in-law, Grayfia was actually blushing and Rias didn't know why! Lord Gremory on the other hand joined her brother chuckling at her embarrassment to her annoyance! But the reaction that she didn't expect came from her mother. Venelana's face seemed stern but it looked like she wasn't angry which was a good sign. Her reaction to the shenanigans that happened varied from pure shock to being a blushing mess. Well it was understandable because she was red as a tomato as she saw Ichigo in all his yummy muscular glory! When the "movie" ended all the individuals in the room turned and looked at her funny. Needless to say she spent most of dinner answering and deflecting rather difficult questions to the amusement of her brother...

Back to the present...

"Oh Buchou, I'm sure it wasn't that bad, right?" Akeno asked.

"They interviewed me all night and asked me embarrassing questions!" Rias said growling. "Of course, it was the worse night EVER!"

"They're just concerned with you that's all!"

"Did that include a stupid question about what was his measurements and how hard Ichigo's abs were? Really? Oh sure they were plenty concerned alright!" She said sarcastically.

"Oh my, so what did you say?" Akeno asked

"Well I couldn't lie so I said he had abs of steel..."

Both of them imagined for moment how the strawberry's ripped, rock hard abs, how it felt to the touch, and how Ichigo just makes them drool period. Thinking about it made the two best friends blush furiously. Akeno who still had a pink tinge to her cheeks, recovered somewhat and replied...

"Well Ichi-kun does have rock hard abs so its not like you were stretching the truth..."

"Anyway I thought it was really inappropriate that's all!"

"Oh my, so defensive now aren't we?" Akeno teased. "You just miss him that much huh?"

"I-I d -don't know what you're talking about!"

"Oh Buchou, you're so cute when you deny stuff!"

Rias realized her folly and looked away embarrassed while Akeno giggled at her expense...

"Well anyway, let's forget about Ichigo and focus on the task at had." Rias said seriously. "Do you know how many contracts we have this morning?"

"And you're adorable trying to deflect me to another subject but to answer your inquiry, I believe we received about 20 of them today." Akeno replied.

Rias ignored her best friend's teasing but she was still blushing nonetheless. But she put the subject of Ichigo in the back burner so to speak and was all business by the way her demeanor changed and focused her energy to the task at hand.

"That many already?" Rias asked surprised then she continued in a half lidded manner. "Don't tell me all the clients were female and they requested for Kiba-kun to fulfill their wish?"

"Yes, but it's not rocket science considering that Kiba-kun is popular amongst the ladies!"

"I suppose I'll get him started whittling down on those requests tonight. Hopefully he'll get out of it in one piece. Have Koneko-chan help him will you?"

"Of course Buchou..."

"Excellent, now if you will excuse me I have some errands to run..."

Akeno quirked an eyebrow and smiled at her teasingly...

"And did this "errand" have something to do with work or "Ichi-kun instead?"

"I-I don't know what you are implying. I going to turn in my paper to Ayumi-sensei and I needed to go to the library to do some research on another project..."

Akeno didn't quite believe her but since the red head was the one in charge, she can give her Buchou the benefit of the doubt. But ever since Rias met Ichi-kun, she's been one hot mess and she hadn't been the same. The red head tried to cover her tracks but it was so blatantly obvious that the black haired Vice President was quite amused teasing her but she didn't have the heart to call her best friend out on her mysteriously erratic behavior. Well at least not yet anyway. Now that she thought about it Akeno was looking forward to that day in eager anticipation!

"Whatever you say Buchou, do have fun and say hi to Ichi-kun for me!"

Before Rias could reply, Akeno made her getaway in a magic circle and teleported out of the Occult Club's main office. The red head sighed and smiled. She never could hide a thing from her Vice President and it seemed that her best friend has seen through her ruse already. Well it was true that she was going to turn in her paper and she really was going to the library to do some research on the Shinigami. If she was going to deal with beings who guides the souls of the dead to the afterlife, she might as well get to know them better. Though the red head highly doubt that she will find very little information on them. However she smiled as she thought of Ichigo.

"Why rely on books about the Shinigami if I know and have befriended the genuine article?" Rias said to herself.

The more she thought about it, the more palatable the idea sounded. She was after all keeping her word trying to do that research on the Shinigami. A field trip to Karakura Town most certainly fits that criteria since her friend Ichigo so happened to be living there and he was the person she was looking for. No one can accuse her of finding an excuse to visit him if the reason for her trip was for "educational" purposes. That and seeing the strawberry was coincidentally an added bonus! But first, she must do her errands and she can finally see him after 3 torturous days of being apart. The red haired heiress smiled which gradually turned to a grin. She can't wait to see him and deep down hopefully he misses her too...

Hell-location unknown

The Gregori has convened in an emergency meeting following the events during the disastrous debacle in the 4 level where an entire legion of Fallen Angels have been more or less slaughtered like cattle. Even more embarrassing, was that hapless division defeated effortlessly by a single man. Now there are reports that "The Beast" that they have encountered was a human turned Shinigami! It was a full house as every Fallen Angel of various stripes has attended the meeting as vast room was still filling in with late comers. Chaos reigned as they discussed what happened to the 101st Brigade. Some discussions turned violent as fights broke out and security had to be called and restrain the troublemakers in brutal fashion and in a way short of killing them of course...
Azazel, the charismatic Governor General of the Gregori motioned for silence and the cacophonous noise in the meeting room gradually subsided. Then the video of the whole debacle was played in its entirety to the shock and anger of those who have lost comrades-in-arms, family, and fellow Fallen Angel. When the video has ended and the image paused with Vasto Lorde Ichigo's menacing mask of a human skull dominating the screen. His bone white horns pointed toward the audience and his eerie yellow eyes glowed malevolently that made many a Fallen Angel flinch in fear.

Azazel himself has studied footage several times already and he didn't want to admit it but he was rather impressed with what the Akuma has appropriately coined The Beast! Never in the many millennia that the Gregori has existed and the constant threat of war from the Angels and the Akuma has their existence felt so...vulnerable. He has convened this meeting to determine whether this Kurosaki Ichigo is a threat or maybe a potential ally against their enemies. The Governor General then looked to the broken individual in the middle of the audience and began the enquiry...

"General Marielle, you were the one in charge of the 101st Brigade were you not?" Azazel asked him.

"Yes, Governor General..."

"Why were the 101st deployed in the first place?" Shemhazai demanded.

"With all due respect Lord Shemhazai, The Beast was threatening our territory in the 4th level. What choice did I have but to deploy and contain the threat."

"And yet you deemed to callously attack an enemy whose strength was unknown and thus had your soldiers killed like lambs to a slaughter. Tell me General what was your rationality in concluding to attack and agitate a creature of raw destruction?" Baraqiel asked.

"At the time, I thought it was just wild Akuma going on a rampage..."

"Well now we know better huh?" Azazel chuckled.

The General looked at the Governor General and nodded grimly...

"Seriously though, I would have actually checked what was happening before I would have committed our forces but that's just me though so don't think I'm knocking at your leadership ability and all that. Look General I think you earned a vacation. How does 2 weeks in Hawaii sound? You can relax, take a breather, and get your mind off things. I don't expect you to come back to work till you get your head strait got it?"

"S-so I-I'm not demoted?"

"Of course not! Your record has been exemplary for last 20,000 years and I'd hate to have to look for a replacement. Thought I hope that this was a good lesson learned not to underestimate an unknown enemy, yes?"

"I-I thank you for your kind words Governor General!"

"Don't mention it, were all in this together right?" Azazel said dismissively. "Now as I said I don't expect you for 2 weeks so enjoy yourself okay?"

The General saluted smartly and left arena...

"Now does anybody know why this Kurosaki Ichigo decided to attack Hell in the first place?" Azazel asked.

A female Fallen Angel with glasses came out and addressed the audience. She explained how Sinners kidnapped Ichigo's sister to force him to use his incredible power to break the chains that bound them to Hell. The only reason why he was in the underworld at all was because he wanted to rescue his younger sister. Many in the audience murmured to their neighbors to discuss the astonishing revelations. Azazel and his two close friends contemplated this information and the best way to deal with this crisis. It was clear however that they must not do anything that would give the strawberry a reason to invade Hell again and thus cause devastating damage to their homes and perhaps destroy them all...

"Well it's safe to say its not this Ichigo's fault and blame the Sinners. Knowing this, I forbid any of you to threaten or even try to exact vengeance. All if you have already witness his overwhelming strength and raw power. To provoke The Beast is to invite ruin upon us all. He is more dangerous than the Angels and the Akuma combined. If I hear anyone even thinking of hurting a hair on him, family, and friends, then I wash my hands of you and I'm sure Kurosaki-kun will take care of you most painfully, I'm sure. Meeting adjourned you are all dismissed!"

The three friends waited for the crowd to disperse before exiting out the stadium. Silence prevailed as they walked the halls to Azazel's office. The leader of the Fallen noticed that Shemhazai was rather agitated and the Governor General sighed as it was obvious that his fried wanted to say something...

"Alright what's eating at you this time Shem?"

"Is it wise for us to ignore the threat this Kurosaki Ichigo poses to us?" Shemhazai asked.

"As long as we do not threaten or do something that would provoke him then we don't have to worry about him being one right?" Azazel replied. "Why are you thinking of giving this young man trouble?"

"That's not the point..."

"You're right it's not the point! Did you see how he easily made short work of a LEGION of our soldiers? Do you want ME to declare war on a single boy? He probably have enough power to defeat half our army. And to top all that; The Gotei 13 will surely come to his aid and Rias Gremory will surely convince her brother to help him. Either way we can't afford to go war against the Shingami AND the Akuma. We will get wiped out. I hope you now understand my reasoning behind this Shem!"

"Calm down my friends, bickering amongst ourselves wouldn't help matters..." Soothed Baraqiel

"I'm sorry Az, I'm just worried that's all..."

"I'm worried too but as long as we keep a collective head; I'm sure we don't have to worry about it too much."

"Still, we need to monitor this Kurosaki Ichigo just in case..."

"I probably have that covered you guys..." Baraqiel said.

The two of them looked at him in curiosity...

"And how pray tell did you manage to do that?" Azazel asked quirking an eyebrow.

"Akeno-chan has met this Kuroski Ichigo and if I get it set up just right she will serve as our eyes and ears for us without her even knowing of course..."

"Um I hate to break it to you Bar but I thought you told me once that your daughter kinda hates your guts!" Shemhazai said blandly.

"She does not! She and I just have little disagreements now and again!"

"Oh sure, Akeno-chan casting a lighting spell on your house in the human world destroying it completely and annihilating a half a mile radius of the surrounding area constitutes being called a "disagreement," right?"

"Well she was very angry at me at the time..."

"Okay whatever makes you sleep at night Bar!"

"Regardless of how very temperamental Akeno-chan is; can you do it?" Azazel wanted to know.

"Shouldn't be too hard..."

"Do it..."

"Sure I'll get working on it right away!"

"Good. Shem, I want you to send a message to all the our brethren on the field that Kuroski Ichigo is off limits..."

"Yeah I'll send the message when I get to my office..."

"Thanks, now did you guys wanna go get a drink, later?" Azazel asked. "All this stress is making me cranky!"

The three friends grinned, nodded and went their separate ways...

Karakura Town...later that night

Ichigo was doing his usual patrols at night and thankfully it was quiet and he can't really complain considering all the excitement 3 days ago. Everything went back to normal that is if hunting down Hollows can be called "normal" but who was keeping tally of the details anyway? Yuzu seemed to be fine but he had Karin observe her just in case. In fact, he should go to hat and clogs and ask his mentor to see if there are any lingering effects from the Hell Chain that grew from her chest. Speaking of Hell, he had Rias to thank for his sister's quick recovery.

Meeting the Gremory Heiress was interesting even if she was the biggest flirt that he ever did see! It bothered him a little that she's an Akuma and Kami knows the way that girl flaunts that sexy ass body hers to get a rise out of him just for shits and giggles and her twisted sense of humor is quite devilish to say the least. Still he really can't say much considering that he befriended Rukia who was a Shinigami, Ishida with his Quincy background, and Nel who so happened to be an Arrancar was a former Espada from Aizen's army. The point was he has met and became friends with people from different backgrounds easily and it seemed that it didn't matter what dimension one came from, the color of one's skin or the blood that runs in one's veins. The variety of people he hangs around with lends for one to conclude that the Substitute has an open mind and couldn't care less where an individual came from. Still he doesn't know what to make of the red head and her endlessly torturous teasing. He suppose that she is nice enough. She is after all the reason why his sister is alive. He figured if he can tolerate Yourichi's shenanigans, he can survive Rias' mischief...hopefully. Now he thought about he haven't seen that girl in 3 days and he had a bad feeling about it for some reason...

The strawberry was going to call it quits for the night when he sensed a Hollow nearby. Figures it would show just when he was about to go home! Then he heard a scream and vanished in shunpo and when he found the annoying pest, he was surprised that it was poised over a some spirit whom was about to get devoured. From the looks of her chain, she probably died recently and had the unfortunate encounter with this Substitute wasted no time and appeared in front of the girl and her eyes widened as she witnessed an orange haired black clad warrior blocking the arm that was about to get her. He looked back and the strawberry could have sworn he saw this kid before but he didn't have the slightest clue as to where exactly. Dismissing the thought as something trivial anyway, he addressed the spirit in distress...

"Oi, you alright?"

The little girl realized that he was talking to her and meekly replied...


The girl blushed as he smiled to reassure her safety. His demeanor returned just as swiftly and with a flick of a wrist, the strawberry severed its entire arm from the shoulder up and fountains of blood sprayed and pooled on the ground. The Hollow bellowed in pain and tried to retaliate in kind but Ichigo vanished with the little girl on tow and reappeared 50 yards from their original position. He then kneeled down and he scowled slightly as he had a good look of the girl and for some reason she reminded him of Rias. He thought long and hard if she ever mentioned a little sister but this girl was human and even if she did have one; the Heiress would have been here and he imagined tearing the Hollow apart for threatening close kin. He sensed the Hollow moving their way and he then looked at the little girl in the eye and told her calmly...

"Look I'm going to take care of the scary monster for you ok?" Ichigo said smiling. "Be a good girl and hide for awhile and don't come out till I say so..."

"Ok, Onii-chan..."

"Good I'll be right back..."

Just as Ichigo promised, the Hollow didn't last a minute before he struck the final blow to purify the evil spirit and disappeared in a cloud of dust. The little girl reappears again and it looked like she was relieved for him to be back. The strawberry kneeled down again and smiled at the little spirit...

"So are you ready to go to Soul Society now?"

"Onii-chan w-what's a Soul Society?" She asked restlessly.

"Think of it like you're going to Heaven." Ichigo replied. "I heard it was a nice place. Do you want to go there?"

The girl nodded...

"Good, now hold still and I'll send you there right now ok?"

"W-will i-it hurt?"

"I promise you won't feel a thing..."

"O-ok I guess I'm ready..."

Ichigo was about to perform the Konso when suddenly he heard a very familiar voice. His eyes widened and he turned around to catch a very enthusiastic Rias jumping at him. His face got buried in size 40 D breasts just as he was about halfway standing up to catch her in time. The red head smirked as she naughtily shakes her whole body and she blushed as she felt his warm breath on her skin. They simultaneously looked in each other's eyes...

"R-rias, what the hell are you doing here!"

The strawberry struggled to get out of her grip but the seemingly delicate red head was far more stronger than she looked...

"Good evening my dearest Ichigo!" Rias said smiling. "Did you miss me or did you like getting buried in my "girls" more?"

She stifled a giggle as he turned as red as her crimson locks...


"I know, I know. I would be speechless too if I were a guy!"

"Will you let go of me dammit!"

In his struggle to get free, he inadvertently grabbed a handful of her breasts and a moan of pleasure escaped the The Heiress' lips.


"GAAH! I'M SO SORRY!" Ichigo comically screamed in a high pitched voice.

Rias blushed but recovered enough to tease him further...

"That's what I like about you Ichigo..." Rias said seductively. "You know what you want and you grasp it in those...big, strong, hands of yours...And you know I like aggressiveness in my man!"

"W-will y-you stop it!" Ichigo yelled. "We got an audience you know!"

Rias looked at him puzzled...

"What are you talking about?" Rias asked. "You and I are the only ones here..."


Ichigo finally wrenched himself free for the heavenly soft pillows that were her breasts and looked around only to find the little girl spirit gone. He looked around and tried to find her but even with his bad Reiautsu sensing ability anyone can see that she mysteriously vanished. His eyes narrowed and a scowl marred his face. Rias noticed this and she didn't like it one bit that he was upset...

"There was a little girl spirit right behind me and I was about to perform a soul burial before somebody but I won't mention any names or anything, interrupted my work!" Ichigo said darkly.

Rias blushed and sheepishly scratched the back of her head...

"Was that me? My bad!" Rias said embarrassed. "But before you know I jumped you and all, there was no one that I could see so..."

"But she was just HERE. How the hell could the kid just disappear?"

"Well did you remember anything unusual about this spirit?"

"Not really, she looked like she just died recently and I just rescued her from a Hollow. She had brown hair in pigtails, green eyes, white skin, and about as tall as Yuzu."

Rias tried to remember the few seconds she tried to glomp the strawberry but she knew what she saw and there was no there when she appeared behind him and leaped towards his arms.

"Hey did you have a sister by any chance?"

"No, there was only two of us. Why did you ask?"

"Dunno, could have sworn that she looks just like you but I can't be so sure now..."

Ichigo studied her for a reaction but she didn't so much as flinch...

"Must be your imagination..."


"Oh come on, I finally see you after this long and you're cheating on me with some phantom girl!" Rias said pouting.

"It's only been 3 days woman!" Ichigo said half lidded.

"We'll for us Akuma girls, three days can be an eternity you know!"

"Whatever, so why the sudden visit anyway?"

The red head blushed and couldn't seem to meet the strawberry's eyes for a moment before she whispered more so to herself than to answer him...

"Because I wanted to see you!" Rias mumbled.

"What was that, I couldn't hear you!"

Rias' eyes widened and she berated herself for being so weak...

"Why I wanted you to escort me and show me around town!" She replied smoothly.

"Are you serious?" Ichigo asked, his brow twitching.

"I only glimpsed the scenery briefly and I wanted to know what Karakura Town is like without being in the middle of an "end of the world crisis" going on, you know?"

"Well your going to be disappointed then, coz there's really nothing much to this town other than it being some kind of a strong spiritual nexus that apparently attracts all manner of beings..."

Ichigo got nervous when the red haired beauty beside him started to smirk. Something told him he should brace himself for whatever she got up her sleeve and sure enough Rias took possession of his right arm and she prompted him to walk with her. He looked at her confused and then she looked up at him, her eyes twinkling with unknown mischief...

"It doesn't matter if the tour would be boring Ichigo, just as long as I can see the sights with you..."

They both blushed furiously and there was an awkward silence...

"You are so frickin evil..."

"But Ichigo my darling you wouldn't want me any other way!" Rias said smiling. "Because after all, I'm your favorite cute little Akuma, right!"

"Yeah, yeah I get it your cute. Don't flatter yourself too much though..." Ichigo said growling. "So where did you want to go first?"

"Oh goody it's a date..." Rias said excitedly. "Well don't just stand there like a dork, the night is still young so we should take advantage of it!"

"Date? What are talking AB..?" Ichigo said protesting.

The strawberry found himself being dragged to whatever random direction that the red head so desired. They walked around the shopping district and window shopped. Since she didn't want to get noticed, she cast a spell that made everyone ignore her so in a way she had him all to herself even if they couldn't see him. They entered several clothing stores and Ichigo ended up being the judge, the jury, and the executioner of whether the red head decided to keep the clothes she modeled for him or not. She kept mostly all the scandalous outfits based on how Ichigo reacted and it was rather fun.

Rias giggled as Ichigo precariously balanced the bags and boxes she ended up buying. He scowled at her but since the red head looks like she was having a good time even though he was turned into a pack mule, then he couldn't begrudge her of the right to enjoy herself. Rias then stopped by the ice cream store and decided she needed to take a break. She then instructed him to put the stuff down and with a snap of her fingers, the shopping bags disappeared on their way to her room. She then noticed the strawberry glaring at her and she asked...

"What wrong?" Rias asked innocently.

"So you could have teleported all that stuff earlier..." Ichigo said growling. "Why the hell did you make me carry all that shit!"

"Because I knew you could do it and..." She said sultrily. "...I think all that sweat makes you look so damn sexy!"

The strawberry blushed and looked away while she tried her best to keep the giggling to a minimum. The waitress arrived with her shake, thanked her and sipped some of its heavenly contents. Ichigo who has recovered from his embarrassment earlier sat content watching her drinking her shake. He caught a flash of naughtiness in her eyes and he ended up blushing as she did things to the straw that would make all the people -who thankfully were ignoring them - would be scandalized!

"You don't take things seriously do you?" Ichigo asked her.

"Why Ichigo what a thing to say!" Rias replied. "I take getting a rise out of you very seriously!"

The strawberry looked at her and sweat dropped...

"So anyway, how are things at uh, you know?"

Rias smirked at him and asked innocently...

"What do you mean?"

"Err you know, the basement, the underworld, the infinite dark abyss?"

"Oh you mean Hell?"

"That's what I kinda meant..."

"Oh Ichigo you're so funny! Saying it will not condemn you to eternal torment or anything!" Rias said. Then she seductively smiled at him. "Why have you been a naughty boy? If you have then I wouldn't mind being in charge of your eternal pleasure...err torment!"

Surprisingly enough Ichigo didn't flinch and smoothly said...

"And I'm looking forward to it..." He said chuckling.

She looked at the strawberry and smiled at him in approval...

"Well to answer your question, you did made a mess of things and I believe reconstruction is almost done. My brother is smoothing the incident with his peers and he's trying to convince them not to retaliate against you."

Rias regretted what she said when she noticed that his scowl returned and his eyes hardened. The tenuous grip on his sword tightened and he was altogether a bundle of nerves ready to lash out. The red head has decided- for future reference- not to upset the most powerful being who by the way almost destroyed Hell itself. And because she doesn't like the fact that he was upset about anything at all. She held up her hands to calm him down and quickly said...

"Don't worry about that, Sirzechs has ordered every Akuma to leave you alone and your family. I swear to you as a Gremory that no harm will befall you." Rias said. Then she too scowled. "If any Akuma DARED to even touch a hair on your head then I will kill those vermin myself!"

The strawberry gazed at her for a little bit surprised at her and after a few moments, he visibly relaxed...

"Remind me not to rile you up." Ichigo said chuckling.

Rias looked at him and blushed for some reason...

"I can vouch for my people but not the Fallen Angels. Who knows what those bastards are cooking up!"

"Why do you say that?"

"Azazel -their leader- will no doubt reign in most of the Fallen and stop them to seek vengeance on you. However, I'm sure he can't scare everyone in line and they may act on their own. I would be extra careful until these vermin are either caught or killed. Which ever one happens first..."

"So why the hatred for these Fallen Angels?"

"The conflict goes as far back since the beginning of Creation. I may have to tell you the short version of the story for another time..."

"Fair enough..."

"Anyway just promise me to be careful. These Fallen Angel scum are slippery little bastards and they will do anything dirty handed to win."

"I like to see them try!"

Rias looked at him and she could see the fierce determination in his eyes. Any other person would be scared shitless if some otherworldly beings were trying to get them. But not Ichigo! The word "scared" was apparently not in his vocabulary! She knew if any Akuma or Fallen Angel tried something stupid, then she knew that they will get a surprise fighting them head on and eventually their folly would end in miserable defeat! This fearlessness was one of the reasons why she's so attracted to him in the first place and she has no doubt that he can take care of himself. There was an awkward silence before she changed the subject and that's what they discussed for the rest of the night. Several hours later, Ichigo sensed a Hollow...

"Rias I gotta go. There's a Hollow nearby and it's my job to purify it."

Rias was outraged! How dare THIS Hollow interrupt her Ichigo time! The strawberry sweat dropped as several tick marks appeared on the red haired beauty's forehead. Then she visibly calmed down before she sweetly smiled at him...

"Of course Ichigo. I wouldn't dare keeping a distinguished Shinigami from his duties!"

"Thanks..." Ichigo said. He looked at her puzzled when she stood up and looked at him expectantly. "Uh where are you going?"

Rias smiled at him winsomely...

"Why I'm going with you silly!" Rias said. "I want to see how an expert takes a Hollow down! "

"Are you crazy? It's gonna be dangerous!"

"You forget that you are talking to the Heiress of the Gremory Clan. I can take care of myself so you don't have to worry about me."

"You're not going to listen to me are you?" Ichigo asked.

" when are we going? This is kinda exciting now that I think about it!" Rias replied.

Ichigo sighed and he figured as much...

"Fine, I did warn you. I don't want any complaints when things turn to shit and you get hurt!"

"I like it when you talk dirty to me baby!"

"Whatever, come on let's go..."

Ichigo stood beside her and held her waist taking not to touch or stray anywhere else. Then they vanished in shunpo and arriving at their destination. Rias who has always used her magic to go wherever she pleased was flushed with excitement. It was exhilarating to physically use one's body to travel and she wondered if Ichigo felt the same way. She definitely wants to learn what he does and maybe he could teach the technique to her. Well it's another excuse on her long list so that she can see him that's for sure! The strawberry then let her go to her disappointment because she rather liked how his strong arm enclosed her protectively and the way his hand respectfully rested on her curvaceous hip. It was another trait that she liked and then added to her "Why I'd rather have Ichigo as my fiancé" list!

"Stay here and stay out of trouble, understand?" Ichigo said sternly.

"Yes, daddy I'll be a good girl!" Rias replied. "You can punish me all you want if I'm not!"

"Wow why did that sound so creepy?"

"S-shut up, you know you like it when I say awkward things to you!"

"Ok, sure..." He replied sweat dropping.

Ichigo shook his head at the outrageous things this girl does but Rias wouldn't be herself if she didn't act this way. He reached out for the handle of his Zanpakuto and the red head watched in fascination-just like when she saw the phenomenon in Hell- how the bandages unwrapped and shrink to the end of the handle. Although she saw the sword briefly, this was the first time she saw it up close. It truly was a massive but elegant looking giant butcher knife. How Ichigo can swing around something so big and unwieldy is beyond her. An excitement came over the Heiress that she associated similarly when she was hunting stray Akuma. Perhaps she can ask the strawberry go help on one of her hunts in her territory. She's sure that they could have a grand old time if they do it together! Anyway he vanished before her eyes and started to engage the evil spirit. She conjured up a chair and sat down observing the show with glee.

The strawberry shook his head but he had work to do. He reappeared in front of the Hollow and with a casual swipe of his blade, sent the creature reeling and sliding backwards and kicking up clouds of dust high up in the air. Ichigo then reappeared above and behind the Hollow letting gravity do its work and he came down hard on it with his sword going for the kill. He succeeded and severing a limb and purifying his target but he didn't expect a large fist coming out of nowhere and blindsiding him from the right and he found himself flying through the air and crashing through a car and then buckling the wall from a building.

At that point Rias was literally seeing red as she got up from her relaxing sitting position. She was outraged beyond belief! How dare this Hollow sneaking in a cheap shot at her dear Ichigo! She was leaking so much energy that her actions made the 25 foot Hollow turn around and look at her. It then vanished and reappeared right in front of the irritated red head and it was about to squish her flat when her eyes flashed red. The hollow dealt the Heiress a devastating overhand blow that would have crushed any other ordinary being to mush but this was the future head of the Gremory Clan and when it came to fighting, she was amongst the best.

The Hollow followed through with its attack and when it's fist was about to make contact on her deceptively delicate frame, the fist encountered some resistance before stopping completely. Suddenly the Hollow bellowed in pain as bolts of electricity ran through its body. After recovering somewhat, it attacked again and was electrocuted a second time. The intensity of the shock was so great that its fist bounced up making it wide open for a counter attack. Rias was about to exploit this weakness in its defenses before Ichigo suddenly appeared roaring and tackled the massive Hollow on the side and sending it skidding on the ground for 25 feet. Sparing a glance at the red head who reassured him with a smile, he vanished to take advantage of his opening but he scored severing a limb instead.

The Hollow desperately countered with its other hand and trying to catch the strawberry off guard but he braced himself and a resounding large shockwave that destroyed and stripped the ground a couple of inches of cement crumbled like a cookie was blown away. Ichigo expertly deflected its fist away and used shunpo to go up high and with a massive overhand smash from his Zanpakuto that broke its mask and thus turning to dust. After he has finished the Hollow, he reappeared right in front of Rias looking at her in concern...

"Hey are you ok?"

The only response the strawberry got from her was a squeal of delight and bracing himself from getting run over by the excited red head.

"You were like so awesome!"

"Gee thanks..." Ichigo replied. "Really, are alright?"

"Aww you're concerned about me?" Rias asked blushing. "You're so sweet!"

"So I guess that means a yes?"

The red haired smirked and pretended to look herself over. And because Rias Gremory is such a tease, she had the strawberry blustering and blushing in no time...

"Why don't you come here and look for yourself big boy!" Rias said seductively.

"Ah no thanks!"

She giggled and hugged him and now both of them were a blushing mess...

"That was the best none date I ever had..." Rias said. "Next time I want to go on an official one 'kay? Oh and Ichigo, Akeno sends her regards!"

"Right, tell her I said hi for me then..."

"Trust me she will be thrilled to hear that..."

Ichigo had to admit he did had fun despite her teasing shenanigans. She surprised him yet again when she planted a kiss on his cheek and seductively walked to a magic circle and blew him a kiss as she disappeared. He shook his head and smiled. That girl will definitely be the death of him. He lingered for a little while messaging the cheek that the red head kissed and he too vanished.

There was a calm silence when Ichigo left but the shadows began to twist and writhe to life as a little girl emerged from its dark depths. The little ghost girl whom the strawberry was about to send to Soul Society has contemplative written on her young face. It doesn't take a genius to realize that Rias seemed to have taken a fancy to this Kurosaki Ichigo. The red head was so blatantly obvious she might as well shout out "please take me" by her actions alone. The little girl didn't understand why she wasn't as head over heels in love with Riser Phoenix and he is her fiancé. Not only that a marriage between their two Clans would have strengthen both in the long run. But she does admit that the human turned Shinigami's powers were unrivaled. The minute he arrived to save her from the Hollow, she could already feel his overwhelming aura unconciously leaking out of his body. It was an interesting phenomenon that has to be explored later.

Her first impressions of The Beast was the media has grossly misconstrued his character. He was the complete opposite of what they portray to be: a monster! It is true that his power is truly monstrous but it was hardly the boy's fault. The Sinners have kidnapped family and used her as bait so that they can lure him in and use his power to free them from Hell. To her although it maybe reckless, she would have done the same thing for her children. Ironically the little girl smiled and looked at her tiny body.

"It's time to get out of the disguise I suppose..."

The little girl untied her pigtails and let her brown hair loose and settle on her waist. She then grasped her chain and with a strong pull, she surprisingly yanked it and the plate with it. Normally such dangerous action would have turned the plus into a Hollow but the little girl was no ordinary ghost. As she solidified, the little girl gestured and the chain in her grasp disappeared in a cloud of black smoke. She then started to grow taller and simultaneously became older. Her clothes became so tight that they rip and by the time she stopped growing, her clothes were nothing more than rags. Her body became that of a curvaceous, full bodied, beautiful woman. She had long, slightly wavy brown hair that came past her waistline. Her brilliant green eyes were piercing and radiated power. Her huge breasts were firm and perky from the breezy cool night. The moonlight shone on her silky smooth skin and highlighted a well toned body. Any mortal who beheld her breathe taking ethereal beauty would have sworn that they saw a Goddess in all her naked glory. They would have been mistaken though because what they thought was Divinity was actually an Akuma in disguise.

The noble Akuma Lady gracefully raised her hand up in the air and red flames began to emerge and seemingly swallow her in fire that coalesced into a red dress to cover her nakedness. The clothing that formed hugged every tempting curve of her body and the plunging neckline accentuated and enhanced the sex appeal of her enormous assets. Now that she was actually back to normal, the noble woman seemed to blow a sigh of relief. She sense something from the shadows and lazily just called out...

"You can come out now Akeno-chan!"

The blackness began to peel away from the said black haired girl's body and Akeno came out and curtsied respectfully to the woman...

"Aww and here I thought my disguise was perfect!" Akeno said.

"Don't worry dear, you'll get the hang of things when you get older." The woman said. "So what are you doing so far away from your territory and out late on a school night?"

"What else, looking for Buchou! I got worried when she didn't come back from her errands and she didn't show up for the Club meeting."

"I was just observing her just now and she was with this..Kurosaki Ichigo this entire evening..."

The black haired girl seemed not perturbed at the news which made the older lady scuritize her with a curious eye.

"Ah so she did see Ichi-kun after all..." Akeno said. "Aww that's not fair, I wanna hang out with him too!"

The lady looked at her and tried to stifle a giggle.

"Tell me Akeno-chan what do you know if this Ichigo?"

"I only meet him briefly in the 4th level 3 days ago. One day is hardly enough time assess him completely. But Buchou sees a lot of things in him that she likes namely because of his enormous power and his kindness. Though between just you and me, she actually just loves teasing him to death!"

Both of them started to blush...

"I see. Thank you for your assistance..." She said. "You should report to Rias as soon as possible before she gets suspicious of you. We'll just discuss the finer details later."

"As you wish..." Akeno said. "I will see you on the mansion then...Venelana-sama.

Venelana nodded her head and lingered awhile longer when the black haired Queen vanish in a teleportation spell. This was something unexpected, she didn't realize her daughter has gotten swept off her feet by a fascinating human of all things. Still the Gremory Matriarch was curious about this Substitute Shinigami and what she has observe of him so far was rather impressive. Still the matter will be decided by her father...

"I better get back before I am missed..."

The brown haired woman then formed a magic circle and vanished...

to be continued...

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