Thank you for reading this. Please R&R, reviews are love. This story has been on my radar to write for over a decade. I love all of Star Trek, despite the super-socialist Utopian vision I've always struggled to comprehend when you look around at our civilisation in decline. But DS9 has always been, by far, my favourite. It's gritter, more realist version of Roddenberry's future, always fascinated me.

Not only does this story play on the themes that for there to be this Utopia there must be an under-class who do the "dirty work", but also addresses my near-obsession with having a "canon" reason for things that were clearly a production decision. Like "Trials and Tribulations" did for the Klingon head ridges I've tried to do with the fact 90% of the Starfleet Officers we see are Human.

I've tried and failed to write this story 3-4 times over that decade since I had the original idea, and I don't think even now I've done my concept justice. If you're not a fan of my prose, or my use of the characters, or even if I've got a historical fact or two wrong, I'd ask that you please at least take a moment to consider the concept I've put forward with the story.

I'm trying to get through and finish all of my old fan fics, before branching out and attempting something in a universe of my own creation. "Watch this space".

Thanks again for taking the time to read my work.