Chapter 122

A look of consternation, a heavy sigh and a stomach aflutter with nerves come from Ayeka as she steps aboard her father's battleship. It is the day prior to the eve of Washu's wedding and as such Jurai is departing. Her entire family, their entourage of personal employees, naval officers to man Kirito and the Kuramitsu family related to Washu currently stationed on Jurai for the investigation into Kagato's acts, enter the gargantuan wooden spacecraft. Both for her mother they are leaving a day earlier than is required and for Dr. Washu she is a part of this journey however the princess feels a creeping shame and guilt over returning to Earth. So few days have passed since her ultimatum and leaving of her betrothed and she knows that both herself and Prince Vegeta have had much to occupy themselves personally that their relationship has taken a back seat. A wedding and the repairs to her Ryuoh, that is all she tells herself that she is going there for. Looking to her family her reason to possibly not be returning to Jurai for another good while is given from the reserved air around her mother and in the way she holds and hides her arm within its cast. Her mother is too dependent on company to be left alone and likewise shall become dependent upon the martial masters on Earth to aid in saving both her life and her identity. By her side Lady Seto stands and watches her granddaughter.

Though together they own multiple ships the Juraian Royal family only travel within Kirito today. A larger fleet over Earth will bring them no additional security and what ships they have are needed in defending their capital planet and their galactic borders. For additional reasons Misaki has not approached her own personal ship out of fear that the tree shall reject her new Counteractor self. Kirito is the largest and grandest so it can contain all crew and guests with ease and it is only appropriate such a famous vessel is their transport to Washu's wedding.

Ayeka looks to her communicator and sees pleading messages from Ryoko to stowaway Kaia so she can see her again. Again she reminds the pirate that Kaia was not invited to Washu's wedding and neither will she bring her friend to Earth when Queen Vegeta is a direct threat to her. Not too far away from her the parents of Mihoshi inform their daughter of them setting off to see her and her mother snaps a quick picture of her and an uneasy Kiyone to attach to the message. Piccolo watches and is in discussion about the firepower of these first generation Juraian flagships as there are a lot of targets grouped up here for Kagato and defending a ship in transit is not going to be an easy task for him. The Emperor states that in his knowledge no enemy ship has managed to rival the power of lesser generation ships so this higher class of power his tree contains should see them safe of all but the absurd power of fighters of Piccolo's class.

Sitting by himself in a messy and disorganised workshop of Capsule Corporation that his wife once dwelt in Vegeta flicks through and reads a notebook of Bulma's. Abandoned designs, scrapped projects, inventions hinging on several other technologies and materials before becoming possible are scrawled in with frustration between the major success of her backwards engineering both Namekian and Cold Empire technology over the years. Blueprints for a couple of now redundant prior versions of his training room hit him hard for her writings in the margins concerning him and a simple sketch of him standing in the middle of the blueprint with a less than flattering name labelled above it. Improvements to his armour, to weighted training clothing are overshadowed by inventions designed around her child. Coffee stains mar the occasional page though their obscuring of words does little to hinder Vegeta's ability to read them since this highly scientific and technical writing is mainly comprised of words outside of his vocabulary.

Regret over his lack of true gratitude to the work she put in both towards himself and to the Z-fighters as a whole sting him as his nose picks up faint traces of her perfumes and rare cigarette smoke from the pages. He loses himself in the past of those days and the scant memories he has of her working or when she came to him with her designs for him to go over and peer review. This is only part of the reason he is here. Eventually he turns the pages to designs for one of her inventions that she herself never made. A yellow flying vehicle with long stilted legs and a domed glass top, a vehicle she made for her son. Her interpretations of its inner mechanisms and fundamental workings are as of yet paradoxically incomplete. Things she requires to understand and make it have not yet come to pass. Vegeta recalls her many restless evenings and sleepless nights trying to master her own invention, driving herself mad in frustration at not being able to crack something that is definitively proved to be within her skill. At the back of the notepad is a small pocket that from within the Saiyan prince removes the capsule of the time machine Cell hijacked from Trunks to travel into this timeline.

Vegeta stands solemnly. His wife is dead and in his hands is an object that a version of his son was killed for. Now he is here in his wife's house and remembering this he shall not shy away from this task that must be done. He carefully puts the book back where he found it and weaves his way out of the workroom of half built and queued to be repaired machines. Outside Capsule Corp. he picks another capsule out of his trouser pocket he fetched earlier and casts it into the garden. His lakeside house bursts into existence on the lawn and he walks into where he sought exile from this place for over a year by the hole that normally houses the entrance to his training room. Under the staircase he opens the cupboard door to Washu's laboratory. Instant transmission takes him to Gohan's ki signature and from directions given by the scholar he walks the short distance to the scientist.

She is busy helping Mihoshi with her report writing on the Kagato case. Showcasing software specifically built for this and listing numerous personal citations her long lost descendant can use within her work. Washu has noticed the alarms of someone entering her lab and in the reflection of the monitors sees the Saiyan approaching. There is a giddy happiness to her today which is a pleasant change to her mood ever since his mother started breathing again. With a smile Washu informs Vegeta that her wedding guests have started their travels from Jurai, which for her also includes her new found family in Mihoshi's relatives that she is expectantly waiting to receive and meet. They are still planning on mooring their ship where his house used to be for its remote location so as long as she has someone with flight, teleportation or she uses her own fleet of vehicles they can get where they need to go with no issue.

"I have an early wedding gift for you. Something to keep you occupied with once we send Kagato to meet with the others who dared to stand against me." Vegeta hands the capsule to her.

Washu gladly takes it and throws it down to open it. The old time-machine that was left for years to decay and rot in the wilderness with its broken dome emerges out. A simple message of 'Hope' spells out on its side. She turns back to Vegeta and graciously curtsies to him for she knows well what this is and that this is a possession of Bulma's he will not idly part with. The scientist then jokes how this aligns with the Earth custom for wedding gifts of this being the something old or the something new with its construction date being in the future. This goes ignored by Vegeta as he reiterates to her something he is sure she is aware of that with his wife's passing this work was never completed and so she is required to make this time-line's first functional time-machine so that his son can travel into the past with a warning about the androids and begin again the cyclical paradox.

"Not the simplest of paradoxes with how the time-lines are shown to operate. There is no Cell alive here to go back in the past and your son's strength and knowledge of Dr. Gero's lab alters significantly what will occur when he travels to the past. If there is no time travel however we reach the first iteration where Goku instant transmits to defeat the cyborg variant of Frieza, dies to the heart virus and the androids take over and my Yamcha perishes, most likely my death comes from Kain then too. … When I get this working it shall be able to go both forwards and backwards to time-frames when Bulma was/ is/ shall be alive." She outlines.

"In the past that shall be the destination my wife will not have been my wife at that time, neither will I know how my past self seeing my current strength then instead of a foreign other Super Saiyan would change events. There is a future out there though with my son and my wife alive in a recovering world. … I understand and acknowledge this. If you improve it and increase its range for travel you face your own temptations also" He understands the danger of being lured to where his wife is contrastingly widowed from him and likewise reminds Washu that then she could interfere with the Tuffle War.

"20,000 years in the past and I'd have to start relearning what language we were speaking then. Timelines are resolute and independent entities. It serves little good me meddling with that, if I wanted to do all that I could have made these myself a long time back. Also, can't stray too far from this original design. Any modifications I make will make it harder for the past version of Bulma to then engineer her own. I shall stay true to Bulma's design spec so that its intended purpose can be served." If she wanted to use a time-machine for personal reasons she could have designed and produced one within her long years of life. Whilst Vegeta is here she tells him to wait before he does his vanishing act now his purpose here has ended. "I'm wanting to help Missy much as I can. Do you think that Dabura will be of any use given his origin and own magic powers?"

This gives Vegeta pause for thought. He never fought nor truly exchanged any words with the lord of the Demon Realm and gave him no thought for his strength being lesser than his own and his mental fortitude being weaker to the degree that he could not escape Babidi's possession. The demon realm he does not know of, Vegeta understands this angle for Dabura will hold knowledge of Babidi and of the Demon Realm itself which both are strong antagonistic forces both aligned against the Kais similar to the Counteractor. He shrugs. Vegeta has no clue what Dabura could know. Even his damnation to Hell brings him no personal ties to the Demon Realm. He reminds her that Otherworld is beyond where he can pass freely and Goku will be needed to find that spirit for Dabura's ironic punishment as a Demon was to not be granted access to Hell. Washu nods knowing all that from Gohan already. As soon as those words are said Vegeta instant transmits out of her laboratory. She turns to Mihoshi and excuses herself for there is a time limit on her plan of both her wedding and of Misaki's return to Earth.

At another console out of earshot of Mihoshi so that the officer can concentrate on her own work and not have to over hear talk of literal Demons Washu opens up communication with Goku's training room directly. Goku is sparring with Goten to train his son as they both smile and enjoy their bout in the Super Saiyan transformation. He sees the screen pop on and Washu questions whether he would be able to go to Otherworld, find Dabura's spirit and ask him questions regarding Misaki and the Counteractor. Goku continues sparring against his son as he thinks. He has never tried to locate spirits before. He pauses and stops his match with Goten calling for a short break – which his son needs – and jogs into his house.

Goku grabs a pen and paper and takes the time to ask permission from Chichi to run this quick errand to the Otherworld to help Misaki since she is reluctant about him travelling to Otherworld. She gives him the go ahead since this is important to help Misaki and her family and reminds him to be quick and return soon. Back in the training room he has Washu give him a list of specific questions which he jots down. Raising two fingers to his forehead he teleports himself on top of King Yemma's massively proportioned wooden check-in desk. A queue of millions of souls is not impressed by him cutting in nor is Yemma wanting for this interruption to his heavenly duties. Goku asks a quick question on where he could find Dabura's spirit. King Yemma brushes him off answering that his job is handling the check-in not keeping track of spirits once they have entered, and with him having no body tracking down individual spirits will become a hard task. Goku has a quick think and would like to utilise his contacts with the Kais however this business concerning the Counteractor forces his hand away from them so he takes flight.

The bodiless spiritual realm is not an area he is all too familiar with even with his years inhabiting Otherworld. This is not a place he could train and so rarely visited. Ki signatures are strange, dim and faint and number in the billions as he soars about. Dabura is not someone he knows well enough to pinpoint and even then his dark and malicious aura would not be there since his conversion upon death. Goku stops to asks several ogre attendants yet it is not something they know or are willing to tell a living being since there should be a divide between life and death. Following half an hour of fruitlessly zipping across scene after scene of floating spirits he has to concede this search.

He returns empty handed and tuts in disappointment at his failing as Washu's training room senses his return and the call to her redials. Once it connects and he informs her of his failing they both concurrently come to the same conclusion around the next step; Fortune-teller Baba. With no operable dragonballs there is only one way they know of to bring the dead to Earth and that is her ability to forge a deal for them to gain a one time 24 hour grace period to leave Otherworld. Though usually it is done more-so with the consent of the deceased party it is not as if there are any allies of Dabura on Earth who would choose this for him and if they could ask him if he wants this then they would have no need for this option. Goku does warn Washu that Baba is not the most charitable person and will want something in exchange and probably a substantial amount since this is a Demon Lord – purified or not. For a minute Washu flicks up a profile of the ancient Fortune-teller and reads about her agreeing with this verdict. She tries not to draw parallels to herself with this wise, ancient and pink haired sage. A price she can pay and knows shall be accepted is decided upon. Since it worked for Chichi the same youth rejuvenation serum can be the expense in bringing Dabura back to Earth.

"You want me to go tell her now then?"

"24 hours. The reason I'm organising this now is everything lines up with a long period to handle Dabura and question him prior to Missy's arrival, a time when both can meet if that is seen to be a good idea and his time runs up before either my wedding or the party on the eve of it." She nods at him.

"I doubt the Kais are gonna like this, but I'm told he's a good person now and there's no Babidi controlling him so it should be all good – so long as he doesn't spit when he talks."

"We have Buu as an ally and we are actively trying to solve the issue of the Counteractor. You're the most recent 'Kai killer' so you're reputation can't tank much more. The Kais can think what they want till we prove them wrong and save Misaki from this."

With that said the call ends. Goku looks to Goten as he works on remembering where the desert palace that Baba lives in is since he has not visited in years, he shrugs to himself since he can fly fast enough he can hit every desert there is with little to no trouble. He stretches and sets his pen and notepad down on the console. An inquisitive face is peeking into his training room. The voice of a Tuffle shall not escape her ears. Queen Vegeta peers in curious as to what is happening in the neighbouring training room. She asks what is happening.

"Dad I don't think Mom'll let us keep a demon in the house." Goten warns his dad having been listening.

Queen Vegeta's ears twitch. She is used to being called a demon herself but the use of future tense means a new arrival. She steps out into and blocking the entranceway and demands for Goku to inform her of who might be performing a royal visit to this queen. He so-so answers and humours her by explaining about Dabura and this plan. A giggle comes from her. She smiles. Queen of the Demon Realm sounds very cool to her. An actual Demon to fight and kill is exciting her. She asks about Dabura's strength and Goku waves her off with a straightforward answer as to Super Saiyan 2 having been needed to fight him the first time. He tells her she can ask him for a fight if she sees him but the Kais have purified his soul so he will not be as vicious and violent as he could be, and forewarns her of his petrifying spit.

He sets off and flies to find Baba's palace whilst Queen Vegeta stays behind giving in to the allure of training instead of meeting another warrior magnitudes of times stronger than herself. Goku finds the complex of buildings in a valley of sand dunes and partially on top of a large oasis. Landing at the entrance to the connected round building on a nostalgic fighting ring he walks up and easily gets an audience with the elder since he earnt that right decades ago when he defeated her trials and champions including his own resurrected foster grandparent Gohan. Sitting atop her large crystal ball the shrivelled and minute ancient woman looks up at him from under the brim of a large browed black and pointed hat. She tells him that she has been expecting him and he guesses as much otherwise her entire namesake is quite pointless. Goku outlines to her their plan and from that also describes as well as he can the situation leading to this. She rustles about in her black robes musing on this disturbing request. A head of an intergalactic empire is possessed by a power putting fear into the Kais and she is being kindly asked to escort Dabura from Otherworld back to Earth for a quick round of questions. With a grin Goku sweetens the deal by telling her of the payment she will get for aiding them. A toothless smile meets his as she nods her head of thinning pink hair back at him in agreement.

"Like my fool of a brother age has crept up on me somewhat, though I am in no danger from it. It would be nice indeed to wipe away a few of the centuries and rid myself of some of the aches and pains. It might put a dampener on business however, changing my image – people don't trust the young and beautiful to be as wise. But, I shall do this if I get to see the look on Roshi's face afterwards." Baba cackles to herself making it seem like a harder decision than it is before rising into the air riding her crystal ball before vanishing out of this realm.

Following a few short minutes of idly waiting and waving towards Bandages the mummy, the hag and the demon return. A broad and tall man of red skin, pointed ears and yellow eyes towers head and shoulders above Goku with two small horns poking out before his black widow's peak. No symbol of the Majin adorns his forehead, from behind his goatee on his prominent chin small canines poke out as he smiles. His halo contrastingly glows above his appearance. Dabura stretches and breathes deeply of the fresh but arid desert air and Baba hurriedly flies a distance between herself and this terrifying Lord of Demons. Dabura wears a blue outfit with ruffled shoulders and a plunging neckline going all the way to his belt and revealing his entire chest and a long white cape billows out behind him in the desert winds.

Dabura nods his head towards Goku out of respect of this warrior being the one responsible for his return. The last he knew this man was his enemy and Buu was at large and a dire threat to this planet. Looking at the Saiyan with the stern eyes of a devil he senses that this man has far more strength than when they went up against Babidi. To his surprise he sees Goku holding a hand out to which Dabura smiles and takes and chuckles as he asks what his return to Earth is about and of what happened. Dabura is pleased to learn of how Babidi met his demise and that even following weighty losses the evil of Buu was overthrown and his killings undone – save for evil people like himself. He warmly pats Goku on the back for his strength of will and power to tackle Buu head on and triumph. Getting to the part where what his required services are the physical touch of Dabura upon himself allow Goku to quickly instant transmission away with Baba looking at the spot the warrior vacated and hopes Goku does not forget his end of this deal.

Out from his training room Vegeta bursts with a hellish snarl upon his face as he transforms up into Super Saiyan 2 and points 2 raised fingers like a gun at Dabura and then turns it instead into aiming at Goku. Dabura raises his hands to show he means no harm and yields to Vegeta's power.

"You dare bring a demon to where my wife lays interred! I knew his return was coming but you think to take him here of all places. Red man, you take any step towards that part of the garden and I shall rend you limb from limb." Vegeta warns through gritted teeth, seething at this affront to Bulma. "Why here you clown?"

"Stand down Vegeta, he won't hurt no-one and Videl told me not to use her house as an entrance for Washu-"

"So your one brain cell thought you would come here instead? To Hell with that daughter of Satan, get that Demon underling out of here – I'll see all this is paid back during the tournament."

"You should reflect on this fury and violent demeanour you live your life with. It is this very corruption that led Babidi to put you under his service like he did with myself. If you could find calmness-" Dabura reasons back only to irk the prince more.

"Only because you have a use in an affair I am invested in is why you breathe now. Do not lecture me on a tranquillity and inane purity you did not achieve yourself but were cursed with, I shall not be told how to act from the weakling who actually followed Babidi's orders. Begone." Vegeta points to his relocated lakeside house for both to leave this scene and distance themselves from his territory and the sacred ground of Bulma.

As Dabura and Goku walk forwards to get into Vegeta's wooden house a barrier of yellow springs into existence in front of Dabura and stops him before he can leave the scene. Vegeta holds his hand out keeping the barrier strengthened whilst staring forwards further into the Briefs' garden. Out from the house flies Ryoko at this commotion and raised ki yet she stays back away from Vegeta and his anger. Goku looks to see why Vegeta is keeping them after telling them to leave. Dabura solemnly nods to himself. The Demon King explains that upon Vegeta warning him to not go near the grave was the first he learnt of his loss and that he has not met the spirit of Bulma in Otherworld. A harsh snort comes from Vegeta's nostrils and the barrier vanishes. Goku and Dabura take their leave into Washu's realm as energy sparks around Vegeta and small cracks begin to rupture in the ground beneath his feet.

Beyond his usual hatred towards disruption and his aggressive sense of territoriality surrounding this place Ryoko wishes she could not understand so vividly what drives Vegeta to the brink of madness at the sight of this tall red man. The halo is all she requires to identify the source of the Saiyan's fury. His thousand yard stare shifts from his wife's grave to her hovering near Capsule Corp. HQ. The eternal damnation resting upon Vegeta's judged shoulders is bad enough but Ryoko sees the anguish behind his black eyes. He is barred passage to where his dead wife is, and Dabura is freely allowed to go there, to have a chance to speak and meet with Bulma's spirit despite his own evil heart. His transformation ends and he looks down at the scorched ground under his feet and closes his eyes. She floats to him, stands in front of him and gently rests a hand on his shoulder.

Inside Washu's laboratory Dabura is mightily impressed with this scientist's control over the very dimensional fabric of their universe. Goku was expecting someone to be expecting him at the entrance but another teleportation is not too much bother for himself sensing both Gohan and Yamcha's power levels which he rightly assumes to be next to Washu. On her floating cushion sits Washu in her long lab coat finishing typing up replies to an inundation of messages from Jurai, her wedding guests, and information from her own intelligence network. She sees the formidable physique of the Demon Lord and if not for the halo he would look the part perfectly. In the background of the laboratory Mihoshi slinks off away from this intimidating dead man. Though most of this man is a mystery to her those emerald eyes of hers focus keenly on the item she has not been able to research yet and that is the halo above his head – a thesis upon that would shake up the entire universe without doubt.

"Ah the promising young lad whose gentle heart gave him some difficulty against me, how fares it?" Dabura loudly greets the one in the room he recognises as he gestures towards Gohan. "Apologies for back then boy, we did not get to meet under the best of circumstances though it looks as though things turned out the better for yourself."

As Goku did to him, Dabura holds out a welcoming hand towards Gohan and they shake for Gohan holds no grudge or ill-feelings against what once was a possessed demon. The Demon Lord smiles at him and then looks past towards the woman sitting centre in the dominant position within the room – the man by her side he has no clue who he is. Washu sits up straight and has him confirm his identity to her. He nods and agrees that he shall help in whatever way he can. She offers him a seat similar to her own and takes the opportunity to give a more in depth and accurate retelling of the events that have transpired since Dabura died from Buu killing Babidi all the way up to the Kais making an aggressive move against the Empress of Jurai for the Counteractor that resides within her.

"And I take it that you are hoping for some possible connection between my own powers and that which is plaguing Empress Misaki?" He questions to confirm his reason here.

"That or there is knowledge within the Demon Realm I do not know of that might be of some use. Both are avenues that must be explored if we are to help Misaki." She nods.

Dabura leans back in his chair and thinks. Washu ponders whether his change due to being not damned to hell has truly altered his alignment and allegiances against the Kais and even then whether or not he deems Misaki's life at greater worth than the threat she poses. He strokes at his goatee.

"You have talked of proper resurrections as opposed to my limited return so I assume you know of the experiences of the limited few who have been lucky enough to get a second chance. You will also be aware that none of those who have gone to Otherworld have been to, nor seen, nor witnessed, a trace of what I once ruled. The Demon Realm is not so cut and dry as to simply be another circle within that spiritual realm of the Kais – it is in no way affiliated with their creations, with their underworld or with life after death, for the most part. Us Demons are not the harsh opposites of the Kais most others, and most of ourselves, would paint us as. By no means are we a diametric force to the Kais. We are insubordinate to their rule, antagonistic to their powers and we do plan for outcomes that the Counteractor might bring about. Yet, we have not always existed. When this universe was created we were absent, more akin to a malevolence that has grown within their universe with the purpose of their destruction akin to Majin Buu. From the sounds of it this Counteractor is that black to their white balancing the universe." He explains in his wisdom to give them understanding of what the Demon Realm is and what it is not.

Washu anticipated as much with Seto's information from her wish not yielding any information concerning the Demon Realm in particular. Dabura continues:

"This antithesis to the Kais is not an unknown to myself or to certain researchers or occultists within the ranks of the Demon Realm. Naturally since we first discovered mention of this force that the Kais ultimately feared and that was guaranteed to nullify them many have quested for answers around the enigmatic Counteractor. In all our history though little more than smoke and rumours have demon led searches found. No materialisation of the force but whispers and hints of its potential. For years now it is widely regarded more as myth than a strategy to employ against the Kais – maybe some lost texts of ours documents more but I would put little stock in what that could tell you compared to its presence before yourself. It is not of Demonic Creation, it is far more than that and even now I greatly doubt the knowledge the Kais themselves hold on it for the modern generation I find greatly lacking in both wisdom and experience – lax and naïve, and exploitable like Babidi showcased."

She nods ingesting this information. It lines up with what she knows though enlightens her little. On a monitor she brings up the flight path of Kirito and reads off its estimated time of arrival and asks Dabura if he would not mind meeting with the Counteractor in person to give his own verdict. The Demon Lord agrees but stipulates he would prefer to not loiter to excess following her arrival and has a personal wish to use this time to seek out his own family and subject within the Demon Realm. At this Washu questions how he plans on getting there. Dabura falls silent momentarily. She follows up and asks if other demons there might know more than he.

" … The Kais have granted me paradise, I no longer have an interest in their downfall or of bringing about calamity to them. However, I have already sold my people out once to a sorcerer I underestimated and I have not want to betray what little trust they have in me after my death. Trust me in that I have my ways to navigate to and from my realm. You should make no efforts to track me or replicate my technique. I might be amicable to yourself but they shall not. I anticipate enough troubles upon my return simply from how I left them and this hallowed state of return so please do not disturb them further or try and subjugate them with the mighty warriors you hold. Whatever hostility meets me I deserve and you will not, and if you incite the Demon Realm the Kais shall double their efforts against you. Let me see my sister and subjects after I meet with Misaki and we can part ways there." Dabura reasons with Washu for the privacy and neutrality of his people in this. His change upon death has not altered how he as a prior rules respects and views the populace of demons.

General intrigue wants her to snoop on how to access this hidden Demon realm yet common decency shall stay her hand and allow Dabura this personal request. Whatever greets him back home is his concern alone. She looks across to Goku and says that she will be here a while discussing many matters with Dabura to please her own curiosity and he is free to leave. The friendly Saiyan stands and Washu hands over to him Baba's payment as agreed and warns him to be careful with it as it is designed for human anatomy and not Saiyan. Since it is a syringe she need have no fear over Goku using it due to his phobia of them. With that he says a quick farewell and jogs out of Washu's home and back onto Earth.

Sitting on his sofa within his previously lakeside situated cabin is Vegeta with Ryoko a cushion over from him. As the door to Washu's lab opens he asks Goku for a quick run down to ensure he is not missing any potentially vital information. Dabura being a dead-end gets a scoff and insult on the Demon's uselessness. He states that though seeking information is a smart move this act of summoning Dabura reeks of desperation to him and will do too to Kagato. To this Goku partially agrees but if they do not act quickly in this all it will do is make Misaki worry and less stable in both the long and short term. He gives a thumbs up to Vegeta and tells his comrade to 'keep on fighting' before flying away to Baba's palace. Vegeta does not appreciate the support or concern from a Saiyan wielding more strength than he.

Back with the old fortune-teller Goku hands over the syringe with the promised youth serum and the wrinkled hands of Baba greedily snatch at it. Holding it aloft over her head as she inspects it like some holy relic she asks if there is some specific way to administer this and Goku shrugs and just retells where Chichi was injected. Baba finds a vein on her arm and injects the dose. Within seconds Goku has to dart forward and catch her as the effects begin to take hold and cause her to lose her balance on her crystal ball. Unlike with his wife the serum here is of a much higher strength to combat Baba's unusually extended life-span and undo the many years. It takes a few minutes of discomfort and then centuries are lifted from Baba.

The first thing she does is try to speak when her tongue and mouth find a full set of teeth in the way which has her chew about at this long lost feeling. Goku sets her down on her feet carefully as her balance is still not fully there. No longer the hag wizened by age she has grown back to her full height. Baba is a short woman at best barely taller now than Roshi currently is and putting herself shorter than even Queen Vegeta or Videl when in her prime. Her pink bob of hair hangs full of volume at her neat and petite shoulders. Her previously beady and dull eyes are large with a hazel iris and focusing on Goku. Centuries of aches and ailments have vanished from her body and it relieves her so for this now to be her state of being – seeing Goku before her in a clarity long since forgotten to her. Baba's voice box restored no longer croaks and with soft and girlish tones she can only jest that she did not foretell this coming today – with her manner of speech still as an elderly woman.

With a black robe on now lifted from her growth into a short sleeved and knee length dress she takes a few steps of her own to get accustomed to her body before going back to her crystal ball. Her attempts are not exactly elegant as she tries to mount the transparent sphere with her larger body but stubbornly she keeps going until she has her perch back. With a newly toothy grin she smiles satisfied at Goku and mischief fills her mind. Baba asks Goku for a favour for above all else she has to rub this all in the face of her dear younger brother.

The request is obliged and Goku and Baba instant transmit to Kame Island. With a grin full of confidence and prideful vanity Baba looks out to the other occupants of the small island beach. Krillin and Marron halt their play as they look in confusion to this strange woman dressing up like Fortune-teller Baba and Krillin is about to ask his best friend as to what is going on and who she is when from a sun-lounger Roshi interrupts. Without even bothering to look up from the mature magazine he is browsing through he greets his older sister, as does the thousand year old turtle. Ruining her prank she pouts and complains that as family he should be showing a bit more emotion over this miracle to befall her. Roshi turns a page. Baba hops off her ball and stands in the sand and moving about brusquely informs her sibling that this is no illusion or trick. At this Roshi peers over his sunglasses and inspects the revitalised body of his sister. Marron walks over at this strange and funny woman and goes to hold her hand and confirms to 'Grampy' Roshi that she is not an illusion. Roshi sits bolt up straight in shock with his magazine falling from him.

"You what?! Since when did my older sister become my younger one? How'd you do it, quick, with that I can become even more of a babe magnet than I already am." Incredulous and envious the old turtle hermit stands from his lounger and confronts his flaunting sister.

Baba cackles at him now she has gotten a rise out of him like she wanted and then mocks him by measuring her height from the wide brim of her hat to be above his bald dome. Krillin sidles up to his Saiyan friend and asks what is going on. Goku scratches his head thinking where to begin with all this when Roshi transforms up into his gigantic form of bulked up muscle. He points down at his sister and corrects her that she is the little one around here. Baba ignores him and keeps taunting him over her youth. Goku starts explaining and Roshi turns his head as he listens for ignoring his sister is the best thing he can do now.

"Hey could that hottie that Yamcha's gettin' hitched to fix me up like he did this crone here. C'mon Goku, do an old man a favour after all I've done for you."

"She's busy talking to Dabura right now, I don't know, she's real busy as well with marrying Yamcha and all this Kagato and Counteractor stuff. Kinda her you have to ask not me." Goku shrugs.