Chapter2 the next Day

Chapter 2 the Next Day

The next Day

Bella *wakes up and rolls over Smiles at Sirius who Still asleep*

Sirius* Wakes up *" Morning Bella" Good morning Sirius did you sleep well?"

Sirius" I have slept Amazing "

Bella *Giggles and get up and heads into the Bathroom for a Shower and poke her head out*" Sirius can you get me some clean cloths please out of my room? "

Sirius" Sure Bella let me get dressed and I get you some clean cloths and cloak"

Bella "thanks you Padfoot"

Sirius get dress and walks into Bella's room and gets someclean Cleans and Unwear too leaves the room and Puts the Cleans cloths on the Bed and Shouts " BELLA THE CLOTHS ON MY BED FOR YOU I BE DOWNSTAIRS WITH MOONY"* leaves the room and heads downstairs
Bella gets out the the shower and walks back into Sirius's room change into her Cloths and Walks Downs Stairs

down Stairs

Sirius and Remus are eating their Breaking when Bella walks into the room wearing the light grreen Dress and Earrings that match the Dress Sirius got them for her