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He was walking down the street. Raindrops fell on his head, wet his hair and forced their way down his back. It made him shiver but he didn't care. Endou knew he should be happy right now. After all Raimon just won against the Dark Emperors and Aliea in many ways. They defeated them and brought their friends back. But even though there was something inside of him that wouldn't let go. That told him there was nothing to celebrate.

Images flew through his head. Kazemaru revealing himself as one of the Dark Emperors. His grin when he pulled the ball out of his cape and shot it towards his former captain. Him slapping his hand away while Endou thought he offered it to him.

He tried to think of something else to hinder the tears running down his cheeks. Tried to think of memories before Aliea Academy and the Aliea Meteorite.

"Endou – no, Mamoru, I have something to say to you." The boy turned around and looked at him in surprise. "What is it Kazemaru?" The Raimon defender was nervously stepping from one foot to the other. "I know I should have told you before but I couldn't bring myself to do it. You are my best friend Mamoru but lately my feelings towards you have changed." 'What was he saying? Didn't he like me anymore?' The mere thought of losing his best friend felt like someone stabbing him with a knife. Kazemaru must have noticed Endou's shocked expression because he hastily said: "Mamoru I'm sorry but I love you. I tried to forget those feelings but I can't. I know you must be shocked but please, think about it properly." 'He just…' A warm feeling grew inside the captain's heart and made him smile. He just couldn't help it.

Carefully Endou placed one hand on his cheek; stroked over his smooth skin with his thumb and placed his other hand in his neck, then slowly pulled him closer. Just before their lips met he whispered: "I love you too."

Now he really cried. This little memory made him remember what it truly was he lost. Not just his best friend but the person he loved most as well. How it had felt to see him with their enemies almost leading them to fight Raimon. And it made him remember how cold he was towards his friend's efforts to get him back. How it had felt to be in a world without him.

The whistle brought Endou back from his thoughts. The second half had already started. Domon had the ball and passed it to Touko but Kazemaru jumped in and stole it. His lover's grin sent shivers over his arms.

"What's wrong", Kazemaru said, "aren't you even good enough to attack?"

Anger rose inside of him. 'Why? Why would he act like this?' He couldn't let him slip away.

"I won't let you pass. You're never getting past me. We'll definitely have to win this match." No matter what, Endou had to show him again what soccer really meant. It was something that connected people. It connected them. Had he forgotten all the things they did together?


The ball came so fast. It hit him right into the stomach with so much force that he flew backwards. For a moment he couldn't breathe. Was this really Kazemaru? No this was the Aliea Meteorite. He had to stop it.

For the first time today Raimon was leading the game. They soon scored twice with Fubuki's Wolf Legend and Crossfire. But then Kazemaru got the ball. With Dark Phoenix they, again, turned the game around. They kept shooting until the whole Raimon Eleven was down. Even Tachimukai couldn't go on. So it was Endou who took the place of the keeper. When he faced his best friend and lover he just asked one thing.

"Why are you using the Aliea Meteorite?" Kazemaru hesitated before answering the question.

"I wanted to be strong… Like you."

"Huh…" It couldn't be. 'It was me who pushed Kazemaru into this. Because I told him to become stronger…'

Was it really him that drove Kazemaru to the Aliea Meteorite? Did he force him to go? Weren't they always expecting everything from one another, knowing that each of them could cope with it? When did it change? When did he start to expect too much from Kazemaru, leaving him with no choice than the one he made? And finally, why didn't Endou notice?

And what would happen now? He knew very well that it wasn't possible to just go back to normal. Kazemaru himself had showed him unwillingly.

He was standing at the rim of the field when Kazemaru approached him. He stopped right in front of his captain, eyes on the ground. "Endou… I'm sorry. I was so desperate to catch up with you that I forgot how important you are for me. How much I love you. I let myself be blinded by the meteorites power." No, he didn't want to hear that. Not after being hurt by him so much. Even though Endou pretended in front of the team that everything was fine now, and with the other team members it really was, he wasn't able to trust Kazemaru as he used to.

He left him once, after saying he couldn't fight like this anymore. Endou was sad then and missed him but this was something else. This bitter feeling of betrayal wouldn't go away. There was a knot in Endou's chest that grew tighter every time he looked at his supposed lover.

"Kazemaru, I –" The other boy took his face in both hands and pressed his lips on Endou's. It had always felt so good to kiss him. It had given Endou the security that someone was there for him. The feeling that that someone understood him even without him saying anything.

The blue hair he used to love so much fell over Kazemaru's shoulder and tickled his cheek. Endou raised his hands and put them over the other boy's. He couldn't feel it. The kiss was nothing than a mere kiss without any meaning. Determined Endou loosened Kazemaru's hands from his face. Real fear appeared on the defender's face.

"Endou, don't…"

"I'm sorry. I can't." And with that he turned around and ran away.

And there he was now. He didn't know what to do with all those feelings inside of him. Endou couldn't even name them. Was it anger or sadness? He didn't know.

It was raining heavy now and without Endou noticing it he soon was soaked. Maybe he should have taken a bus.

Endou was about to turn into his street when he heard someone cry for help. It was so faint that first he thought he didn't hear right. But after a few seconds he heard it again. And the voice sounded familiar though he couldn't name its owner.

Endou began to run into its direction. The cries suddenly stopped. He looked around. Endou knew this area like the back of his hand. Behind him was the residential area. If he'd turn to the right he would reach the riverbank but the cries came from the opposite direction. There were a few alleys. It was a shortcut to the Raimon Jr. High. Sure you had to jump some walls and get over a few fences but it was possible. As quiet as he could Endou walked past them and looked into each of the alleys, nothing. He was about to give up, maybe he was just tired and had imagined the cries after all, when he heard a whine from the alley he had just passed.

The Raimon captain spun around and walked into the shadows of the surrounding houses.

There, at the end of the alley, he could spot two figures. They were standing close together. One of them was tall and slender he had one arm around the neck of the other person. It looked like they were hugging. But then the smaller person whined again. It was too dark to see his face but when Endou saw his long hair and the soccer uniform he had mistaken for a dress he recognized his voice.

To be continued...

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