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The morning sun woke him. Aphrodi stretched and reached for his hair. It was tangled around his arms and Aphrodi needed some time to free himself. Damn it, he really shouldn't sleep without a hairband anymore. He could practically feel the knots in his long blond hair. Sighing Aphrodi sat up and – looked into Endou's eyes.

"Woah, you scared me!" The keeper smiled.

"Sorry, I was just watching you sleep." Aphrodi blushed. How naïve was Endou saying something like that so easily?

"Uh anyway, do you have a brush for me?"

"Yes, wait a moment." Hastily Endou left the room. Shuffling noises could be heard and soon after that the captain returned holding a small, silver brush.

"Thank you." The Zeus captain began to brush his hair. He winced when the brush got stuck.

"Does it hurt?"

"It's fine. I sleep with a hairband most of the time so they don't get that tangled often…" The keeper took the brush out of Aphrodi's hand and climbed onto the bed, behind him.

"It's difficult on your own, right? Let me help you." He pulled the brush through Aphrodi's hair. The Zeus captain was glad that Endou was not able to see his face that was turning bright red.

"You really don't have to do this", tried Aphrodi again.

"No I'm fine. Your hair is very soft."


Without saying a word Endou carefully stroke through the hair. It didn't hurt but felt rather good. The warm hands sometimes accidentally touched his temples and Aphrodi leaned into the touch. His eyes were closed, his mind set only on the fingers that brushed through his hair. The Zeus captain leaned even closer to hinder Endou taking his hands away. When he realized what he was doing, Aphrodi jumped up.

"I think they are fine now, Thanks' for your help."

"You're welcome. I put some clothe in the bathroom so you can wash up and dress."


"Come down when you're done. I think mom prepared breakfast."

"Sure, I'll hurry."

Startled Aphrodi closed the bathroom door. What had that been? Did he just let his friend pet his head and liked it on top of that? What the heck was going on with him?

He turned the cold water on and splashed it on his face. It helped to gain clear thoughts again. It was probably just because he was still exhausted from yesterday. He had lost some blood after all and was still a bit in shock. He didn't even dare to imagine what would have happened if Endou wouldn't have come to save him. Maybe that was why he felt that connection towards the other boy. Right, it had to be that.

Glad that he had solved that scary issue, Aphrodi dressed and went downstairs.

"Endou you're going to be late! Where is your friend? Isn't he coming to have breakfast?" Endou was sitting at the table eating his food. His mother had asked him the same questions over five times already. He smirked. Maybe she was as eager as him to meet new people and of course especially her son's friends.

"Yes he is mom. I told you, he has to dress and then he'll come."

"I see. Do you have soccer practice today?"

"Yes we do mom."

He could hear someone on the stairs and soon after that Aphrodi walked into the kitchen. The soccer uniform he wore was a bit too short for him but nevertheless it suited him well.

"Good morning Mrs. Endou. My name is Afuro Terumi but you can call me Aphrodi. Nice to meet you." The woman blushed slightly.

"Oh, nice to meet you too, Aphrodi. Feel yourself at home. You can sit here, next to Endou. I hope you find something you like."

"Of course I will."

Endou observed his friend from the corner of his eye. The Zeus captain took a big bowl of rice and began to eat while chatting with his mom. The keeper smiled. It was good to see that he wasn't under shock or anything.

"Hey Endou, isn't your school starting in 10 minutes", Aphrodi asked after some time. He looked at the clock and jumped up.

"No, I thought we were in time. Hurry up we gotta go!"

"Be careful honey and have nice day", his mom cried after him.

"Thank's mom"

The boys rushed out of the house and down the street. Luckily the way to the Raimon Jr. High wasn't that far so they were only five minutes too late.

The classes seemed longer than ever and Endou had to force himself not to watch the other kids play on the soccer field next to the window. Aphrodi sat next to him and quietly followed the lesson. The keeper sight and turned his focus back on the teacher. Even the blonde listened better than him and this wasn't even his class.

After the last period, which had felt like it would never end, they hurried to the soccer field.

The rest of the team was already there. Kazemaru was standing in the front and talked to Someoka. Seeing him brought back those painful memories he had suppressed while taking care of Aphrodi.

But he couldn't let those emotions affect the team. When they heard him come, everyone turned around.

"Hello everyone! It's good to see you all together once again. As you can see I brought Aphrodi with me. I met him yesterday and asked him if he would like to play with us. I hope that is ok with you guys?"

Everyone nodded and some greeted the Zeus captain friendly.

"Indeed, nice to meet you again, Aphrodi", Kazemaru said and stepped forward. Endou was bound to recognize the flash of jealousy in the defenders eyes.

Wait did Kazemaru think he and Aphrodi were – No that was hilarious. Why should he? Just because they came together? They were friends so that was normal.

The blue head himself broke Endou's thoughts.

"Ehm anyway I wanted to tell you something. I and the others want to say sorry. There was a reason why we were taken by the Aliea Meteorite. We wanted to gain power so badly that we forgot what Endou tells us every day:

That friendship and training are the two most important things in soccer.

Without trust we can't win a game. Without it we would have never been able to win the Football Frontier and without friendship and trust this team can no longer remain successful. We forgot the people that made us as strong as we were that told us to never give up until we reached our goal. We forgot our team and even though we know that there is no forgiveness for that, we want to say sorry. We hope you can still trust us and let us back in the team."

Everyone clapped their hands and some even cried. All eyes were on Endou now. He hesitated for a moment. Trust? He didn't trust Kazemaru anymore. How could he? But just minutes ago he swore to not let his personal matters come in the team's way. So he simply said:

"Sure, welcome back minna, let's play soccer!" And with that they started training.

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