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Aragorn looked at Boromir's shield and knew that something bad was going to happen. He was putting his money on the table that the man of Gondor would try to take Frodo's ring.

"I bet five shillings Boromir will try to take Frodo's ring," he said, handing the money to Pippin. "Well I bet ten shillings they are just going for a walk together," Sam told Aragorn while handing Merry ten shillings. "I bet ten gold pieces that the Urak-Hai will catch up to us and kill Boromir after he tries to take the ring," Legolas added. "Well, I bet fifty gold pieces that Boromir will try to take the ring and then get bitten by zombies and run off with our food," Merry said.

"No, no, he'll take the ring and make off with it," Pippin told the others. "You are all wrong, Boromir is making Frodo a fairy princess costume for the ball," Gimli said with a smug face.

"Well, let's go see, shall we," Merry asked Pippin and they raced off to find him. "We should probably go after them," Aragorn sighed, grabbing his sword. "Aye, who knows what those hobbits will get themselves into," Gimli said, grabbing his axe. Legolas stuffed the rest of the cookie he was eating into his mouth before grabbing his bow.

~Boromir and Frodo~

"Well Frodo, how nice to see you on this lovely afternoon," Boromir said with a grin. Frodo was a little creeped out at how the man was acting. "Hello Boromir," the hobbit replied staring at him. "I see you are all alone."

"Not anymore since you arrived."

"Ah, yes, well about that. I have a little surprise for you, but then I must be off."

"What is this surprise?" Frodo was really worried what Boromir was going to do. "Well, you see, I have had a lot of free time for thinking and debating. I have decided to take you to Gondor with me."

"Are you mad? I cannot go to Gondor when the ring must be destroyed!"

"Well, I need you to go to Gondor with me. I made my father a promise."

"And what promise was that?"

"To bring back something of great value, I hope you catch my meaning."

"Oh, I catch your meaning." Frodo put on the ring and vanished. "No Frodo, come back!" Boromir cried, trying to find and catch the invisible hobbit. Frodo kicked him and the man fell to the ground with tears in his eyes. "Frodo, please come back!" he yelled pounding his fists on the ground.

Boromir looked up and saw Merry and Pippin cornered by Urak-Hai. "Must protect hobbit people," he gasped and rose to his feet. He ran forward and struck an enemy down. "You shall not hurt the little people!" he yelled. "We are not little!" Pippin shouted. "Yes we are," Merry argued. "Well, it's still offensive," Pippin argued. "If it is offensive than I am terribly sorry," Boromir told them. He turned back to the battle and was instantly struck by and arrow. He fell and looked at the hobbits, the fright in their eyes giving him enough strength to get back up on his feet.

~the others~

Frodo ran up to Aragorn and told him, "Boromir tried to take the ring and I fear you might do the same. I will continue this journey by myself alone. I will also take Sam for I cannot cook or take care of myself. Good day to you." Frodo tipped an imaginary hat to the man before running away. "I won the bet!" Aragorn yelled before rushing into battle. That has to be the weirdest battle cry we ever heard. Besides the one about little people, that one was weird too, the Urak-Hai thought before Aragorn killed them.

~Fast forward a bit~

Aragorn knelt over Boromir. "You're going to be alright."

"Who are you trying to fool, I'm dying and all know that. Please tell Frodo that I was not trying to take the ring from him. I merely promised my father to bring home a female hobbit for the ball. I could not find one, so I made a dress for Frodo to wear and pretend to be a female hobbit." With those words Boromir pulled out a pink, glittery ball gown small enough to fit Frodo. "I made it myself," the man gasped before falling silent.

"Well, I guess I won." Gimli told them. "Where are the hobbits, I would like to collect my earnings." Merry and Pippin looked at each other. "Merry, I don't have any money for my bet."

"Me either."

"Please, take us with you!" they called, jumping on the retreating Urak-Hais' back. "After them, they have our money!" Aragorn shouted, chasing the retreating group.

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