Aphrodite's Assassins

Piper's POV

It wasn't a hard decision to leave Camp Half Blood everything I loved was gone

Flashback (yesterday)

"Hey Leo do you know where Jason is" "I think he's on the beach he'll be back soon"he said almost nervously, that was strange I told myself, it was almost as if Leo didn't want me to go down there, even more determined to see what was going on I marched down to the beach. Hiding behind a tree I gasped, there making out with some slut rolling around in the sand, was my BOYFRIEND, Jason Grace. Being an Aphrodite girl I was highly protective of those I loved meaning being cheated on was the second worst thing that could ever happen to me topped only by a loved one dying. "You disgusting person, Jason Grace" I ran out from my hiding place screaming "Pipes, ummm well it's not what it looks like" desperately trying to excuse himself, and desperately failing. Leo was trying to help him. My only friends gone. Poof! There was nothing left for me anymore, I had to leave. As I ran off to pack I turned round only once to see Jason cursed by my mother with the word cheat written in huge letters on his forehead in lipstick and the girl who I realised to be the new Athena girl Carrie cursed with horrible make up hair and clothes, the word and makeup wouldn't come off no matter how much they were trying to get it off, I could picture my lovely, brilliant mother being yelled at by Athena who was using words my mother didn't even know the meaning of"

End of flashback

That was yesterday and now after a night of tossing and turning I had decided to leave camp. I was quickly packing when Lacy rushed in, begging me to let her go as well. Lacy was now a proper daughter of Aphrodite, she was now a lot like our role model, Silena Beauregard, as she can be aggressive, she is a good fighter and isn't as obsessed with her appearance unlike most of our siblings. Her braces are gone, now she has straight white perfect teeth and her blonde hair is in wavy pigtails. I couldn't believe she was willing to leave camp with me she quickly packed all her stuff up along some of Drew's stuff she had stolen from Lacy. We had gathered our stuff up when Lacy had a brainwave; we left a letter explaining why we had left and saying goodbyes and took our stuff up half blood hill then crept towards the Athena Cabin to leave camp with style and revenge. We told Annabeth Lacy's plan and she was happy to be a part of it and although she was really upset we were leaving she promised to act shocked and upset the next morning, then after completing our plan to humiliate Carrie and turning the hidden cameras on we crept out into the moonlight…