A/N: I wrote this one-shot when I got a challenge from a friend to write something depressing. This was as close as I got. Kind of a kid-fic. It takes place pre-DGM.

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For a ten-year-old, watching your eight-year-old best friend slowly lose her mind is as painful as losing a limb. There was a time when I would've pushed her away when she cried or would've been annoyed when she fidgeted next to me.

But now that I have to watch her jump and scream at things that aren't there, I wish I'd been just a little less of a jackass. I've learned not to pay attention to hallucinations of flowers; I could've helped her.

When she finally starts acting sane again, it only lasts a few minutes. But it's different now. Now I'm her rock. Or maybe I'm a safe. She trusts me with all her fears of forgetting everyone ("My brother, General Yeager… you…all gone…" "Me? Where am I going stupid?"), her dreams ("I dream of my freedom…far away from here…" "…"), her nightmares ("I'm scared… don't go away…" "…I won't. Go back to sleep Lenalee."). She cries and cries and then forgets who I am while I'm awkwardly holding her. She runs from me screaming.

One day she tries to kill herself. She flies up to the roof and attempts to jump off without her Innocence. I stop her and she's angry because she forgets me. I wrestle her to the ground and people hear the shouting. They come and take her away. She fights them every time and injures a lot of people.

Eventually, they chain her to a bed in the infirmary. "To keep her from hurting herself and those around her with that uncontrollable power," they say, pushing me down the hall, away from the "danger".

When the Matron finally lets me in, all I do is stare, regret welling up in me. 'I should've been nicer, I should've helped…' Something, anything to keep her from becoming this emotionless, lifeless hull. There is nothing left of the girl I knew.

She doesn't even know me anymore. I'm just another faceless oppressor to her now.

I leave.

I pass a man in the hallway that looks just like her. But it's too late: the brother, who could've fixed this before it even started, had finally come, but she's already lost to the world. And to me.

Lenalee Lee is gone.

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