This is my first story, but feel free to criticize in the reviews. Chloe, Derek, Simon, Tori, Kit and Lauren is on the run after they defeated the Edison Group. Right now they're in a hotel and they're getting everything ready to be on the run again.

Chloe's POV

I squirmed as the cold scissors pressed against my neck. My frown deepened as I watched strands of dyed black hair flowed to the ground, like snowflakes falling onto a bed of shimmering coldness. The old wooden chair I sat on squeaked as I adjusted, trying to get more comfortable on this chair. My eyes drooped and my head nodded from the lack of sleep.

"Chloe," Tori warned, "if you keep falling asleep then I wouldn't cut your hair for you anymore!" I straightened up and nodded slightly, letting her finish cutting my hair. I glanced up and stared at the girl in the mirror. Her wide blue eyes had bags under them and the dyed black hair was dry and damaged from the cheap hair dye. The sound of the door open distracted me from staring at my own reflection. "Okay, I'm done. And yes you can clean up," Tori said as she swiftly made her way out the bathroom.

"Tori," I whined, "help me clean up!" She sighed, glaring at me as she made her back, helping me clean up pieces of my hair from the bathroom floor. I smiled at her as she helped me clean up. She didn't smile back but she stopped glaring at me and I knew that this was because she saw me as her friend. We finished cleaning up the mess and I stood up stretching from crouching down for so long to clean up.

"I'm going to take a shower to wash out the small bits of hair," I told Tori as she exited the bathroom. She mumbled something incoherent as she walked out, closing the door behind her. I stripped from my dirty clothes as I stepped under the warm water. I took some of the shampoo the hotel provided and washed my hair. I saw some black in the foam from the shampoo and I knew that the hair dye is going away. I washed my hair several times, conditioned it, washed my body, and stepping out of the shower, drying my body with a towel. I groaned as I put my dirty clothes back on. When I came out from the bathroom, I saw Tori lying on the couch, watching TV and Aunt Lauren was taking a nap in one of the beds. I was about to sit down on the other bed when I heard a knock at the door. My heart began beating rapidly and adrenaline pumped through my veins. Tori got up cautiously and stared at me, waiting for me to make a move. I moved silently towards the front door while pressed a hand against my chest, trying to make it stop beating so hard as if the people on the other side of the door could hear it pounding against my chest. I looked through the peephole and took in deep breaths from relief.

"It's the guys," I told Tori, "they're back from shopping." She looked relieved as well as I opened the door for Simon, Kit, and Derek. They entered the room setting down multiple bags onto the floor. Aunt Lauren woke from her sleep but I didn't even notice because I was staring at Derek's hair. Apparently, he got a haircut too while he was out. Before it was long and shielded his face from the outside world. Now was short and showcased the angles of his defined face. With the new haircut and his now blemish free face, he looked like the dreamy boyfriend everyone wants. I smiled, knowing that he's mine, but my heart dropped thinking about all those other girls that he could have now that he's Mr. Tall, Dark and Handsome. He looked over at me and I blushed, realizing that I've been caught staring at him. He walked over to me and stared back at me. I smiled and blushed as I looked away from his intense gaze. Derek brought his hand up and picked up a strand of my now shorter hair, studying it like he does with everything. "Do you still think I look good enough to be your girlfriend?" I wanted to ask him.

"You look great," he grumbled in his deep voice like he's reading my thoughts. "We bought you new hair dye so don't have to have this horrible black hair anymore. Don't worry, Simon chose it this time," he told me with a small smile. I was about to reply when my tummy grumbled, as my cheeks flamed from embarrassment. Derek chuckled at me, his voice sending chills down my spine.

"Chloe! Derek! Come eat dinner!" Kit yelled, stopping me from pouting at Derek like a little kid for him laughing at me. We went over to the small table in the hotel room, and I saw that we are having Chinese food tonight. Since the table is so small, we all got some food and went to sit around the room. Derek and I went to sit on the couch with me leaning on him the whole time. My tummy was doing backflips the entire time.

"Tori! Can you help me dye my hair when we're done?" I asked.

" don't like that necro look that screams either emo or 'I'm a necromancer! I'm right here! Come get me! Hey!'" she mocked. Derek rolled his eyes at her imitation of my voice and tried his best to not fire an insult at her.

"Aww. Is little Tori jealous because she has a face that just screams bitch." Simon said in a baby voice.

"Siiimooon..." Tori threatened.

"Oh I'm sorry, . Oops. I meant to say witch." Simon fired back. Just like that, a whole new bickering session began. Derek sighed and covered his eyes with his hand. I know that he has sensitive hearing so the argument between Simon and Tori is really annoying him.

"Do you want to go for a walk?" I asked him. He nodded silently with a frustrated expression, growling softly. I went over to Kit, and tapped him on the shoulder just as he was about to say something to stop Tori and Simon's fight.

"Can Derek and I go for a walk?" I asked politely. He hesitated for a minute and looked like he was about to say yes just as Aunt Lauren stood up abruptly.

"WHAT! Absolutely not!" Aunt Lauren screeched in a shrill voice I never knew existed. Her yells stopped Tori and Simon's dispute and made Derek turn to look at me with his emerald green eyes.

"Why? We'll be careful, and Derek's there to protect me," I replied with a small smile. "He...," she began, but stopped and looked away.

I knew why she had such a huge reaction to me going out alone with Derek. She still didn't trust him.

"If you want to go for a walk I could go with you instead," she offered.

I frowned with my lips closed in a tight line and growled, "I only want to go with Derek. No one else. Not...even... you." I could tell that she's getting angrier by the second and she was about to yell at me for being "disrespectful to adults", but Derek came forward, grabbed my arm and pulled me to his side. He began comforting me by hugging me from the side and rubbing his warm hands up and down my arm. We knew each other well enough from being on the run to know that he was silently telling me to calm down, and be nice to my aunt. I sighed and pulled Derek to sit down on one of the beds, snuggling into him and he took my cold hands into his large, warm ones to warm them up. I settled with my eyes closed and a small smile on my face, but in the back of my mind, I knew very well that Aunt Lauren was glaring daggers at Derek and I. No one said anything, making me feel like I was suffocating in the awkward silence.

"Ahem," Kit coughed, "why don't we start discussing what we should do next." Kit's voice cut through the awkwardness like a gunshot in middle of a silent night.

"Ya, we should start thinking about what we should do. The Cabal team outnumbers us big time. Although the Edison Group building collapsed and some of them were in there when it happened, but we still can't be sure how big the actual team is," Derek explained.

"But we already destroyed the Edison Group. At least there's one less group after us. We're in a better situation than we would've been in if the Edison Group wasn't destroyed," Simon suggested. I glanced over at Aunt Lauren and noticed that she wasn't paying any attention or contributing to our conversation. Instead, she's glaring at the ground, probably still mad at me for reasoning with her. Before today, I've never raised my voice at her, nor have I said no to anything she said. Knowing her, she would probably blame this on Derek, even though it wasn't him that changed me. It was being on the run. Encountering girls on the street that tried to fight us, raising dead bodies in my sleep, and being betrayed by people we were supposed to trust (like Andrew...and Aunt Lauren herself) all made me a more mature person. It made me grow up, but more importantly, I don't need to rely on her anymore. I think she knows that in the back of her mind but she refuses to believe that I don't need her anymore. What she doesn't understand is that just because I don't need her doesn't mean that I don't want her around.

"Well we should all clean up and have a good rest tonight. We'll have to get going tomorrow morning. We'll discuss this further sometime tomorrow," Kit announced, breaking me away from my thoughts. We all went do get ready for bed.

"Tori? Can you help me dye my hair now?" I asked.

"Where the hell is the hair dye then?" she questioned. I turned around to find Derek and ask him for the hair dye, but just as I turned around I slammed into a breathing wall. I bounced back and was about to fall, silently lecturing myself for being so clumsy, but the pain from the fall I expected didn't come. Instead, I found myself being caught by Derek and was staring into his bright eyes, knowing that he's silently mocking me for being a klutz.

"Here's your hair dye. If you don't like this colour then we'll have to go find another colour later," he said handing me a small box while helping me stand. I smiled at him, just about to thank him (and maybe even give him a small kiss) when I felt a rough tug on my arm.

"Blah, blah, blah. Ya, ya. Whatever. Just get over here and let me dye your hair, then you could make out with brick head over here all you want," Tori uttered while dragging me towards the bathroom, making my cheeks flame from her comment. Tori helped me dyed my hair and we sat and chatted about random things like all best friends. After a while, we went to wash the rest of the dye out and blow dried my hair. I took a deep breath, and looked into the mirror. I gasped and reached up to run my hand through my short hair. A big smile spread across my face when I saw myself in the mirror. My black hair that made me look pale and sick was gone. My new brown hair made my face glow and the short hair framed my face nicely, although I still preferred my long, strawberry blond hair. I stepped into the room looking for Derek to show him my new hair, but only Aunt Lauren was in the room. I'm guessing that he went back to the guys room, so I took the key card for their room and went inside to find Derek. Just as I was about to head out the door, I saw in one of the shopping bags some hoodies, T-shirts, jeans and sweatpants for women. I took out a pair of sweatpants, a T-shirt and slipped them on along with a pair of sneakers my size that I also found in the bag. I quickly combed through my hair and made sure I looked nice before going over to find Derek.

I went in and found Derek and Kit having an intense conversation that brought Derek into deep thoughts. They were so concentrated that Derek didn't even realize that I was in the room.

I got closer to them and heard Kit ask, "Derek? What do you think of your birth parents?" Derek frowned and immediately wiped all expression off of his face. I could feel the gears turning in his head. I know that he grew up in the Edison Group lab, and he was isolated from his brothers because he was smarter and more in control of his inner wolf. I don't know what happened to him when he was in the lab, and I don't want to know. What if they put him on a surgery table and experimented on him? What did they do to the other werewolves to make them loose their minds and kill one of the nurse? I shook my head and took deep breaths trying to calm myself down from the horrendous thoughts. I noticed that Derek stayed silent, with Kit staring intently at him. "Derek? Lauren have been suggesting to me that maybe you should learn more about your parents. She said that you should go back to them and I don't agree with that. I do think that we should see if you could find more information about your family," Kit explained with a pained expression. I know that Kit saw Derek as on of his own. To him, Derek is just as important as Simon.

"What will we do in the meantime? It's not safe to go from hotel to hotel. Its really easy for someone to track us down," Derek suggested.

"For now, we'll find a place to hide and settle down. I think the cabal would be focused on reforming, so we should be fine if we don't do anything for now," Kit reasoned. I turned and walked out of the room. I took a deep breath and went to bed, thinking about tomorrow.

Okay. Here's the first chapter. Feel free to review and I don't mind criticism. I would try my best to write the first chapter. If a lot of people doesn't like my story, however, then I might stop it now and think of something else, so tell me what you think. There would be more Chlerek fluff later on in the story, so don't worry. Thanks for reading. ^_^