Chloe's POV

Jovial streams of sunlight flooded into the room, embracing me in its comforting warmth, yet all I noticed about it was the irritating brightness that shone exasperatedly past my eyelids, waking me from my blissful dreams. I yawned, stretching my body while rolling and twisting around in the warmth and comfort of the soft bed. A soft shook disrupted me from my little moment. I groaned, rolling to the other side of the bed to escape the warm hands of the intruder. I was blasé about the dangers that the stranger beside my bed could bring at this vulnerable moment. "Chloe," a low voice whispered gently, "its time to wake up." I opened my eyes while rubbing them trying to chase away my fatigue. I smiled softly at him while I studied his face. His face was free from the acne and displayed his handsome features with the help of his new haircut. A rare smile graced his face, distracting me from the warm touch of his fingers on the side of my face.

"Good morning," I whispered, surprising myself with the dreamy tone that was laced throughout my words.

"Come on. Its time to get up," Derek uttered while pulling me up towards him. The moment he pulled me close enough to him, I caught him in a tight hug, enveloping myself in the warmth and security that he provided. He chuckled causing me to shudder. I shifted to sit on his lap, melting myself into his embrace. "I love you Chloe," Derek whispered, his breath tickling my ear making me giggle.

"I love you too babe," I answered giddily. A knock at the door interrupted our little moment making me frown from displease. An annoyed voice rung passed the wooden door, reminding me of our friends and family that are nowhere to be seen.

"You two better not be getting it on in there! Chloe are you up yet? Hurry up damn it!" Tori shrieked. I saw Derek smirk at her unnecessary rant and I got up, heading towards the bathroom.

"I'll wait for you out here," Derek voice sounded behind me.

"Okay," I answered while closing the door. I saw that there were clean clothes on the counter that Tori picked out for me. I knew that for a fact because Aunt Lauren always picks clothes that made me look younger than I actually am. I jumped into the shower to clean up quickly, brushed my teeth and got dressed. I put on the peachy tank top, a creamy white wool top that was loosely woven which hung off of my shoulders, a pair of white skinny jeans and sparkly gold sneakers. This outfit somehow seemed extravagant to me in my current situation. I was bewildered when I reached up to find my thick, lengthy hair nearly dried. Then, when I looked into the mirror did I remember that my long hair that was previously dyed black was now replaced with short auburn hair. I finished getting ready and Derek was there to greet me as I exited the steamy, moist atmosphere of the bathroom. I smiled at him and reached up to loop my arms around his neck. I pulled his head down towards mine, capturing his lips in a sweet kiss. I could taste the remains of minty toothpaste on his lips. He put his hand on my neck touching the soft skin there, pulling my head closer to his. His hands slid down my back, resting above my waist. The comfort of his warm hands disappeared, leaving the back of my neck feeling vulnerable against the cool air. He slowly moved away as we were becoming breathless. I tried to pull him back towards me, but he stopped me. I frowned at him, pouting, as my eyes widened from hurt and confusion.

"We should go meet with everyone else before we get too carried away," Derek explained. I nodded in agreement and weaved my fingers in between Derek's as we walked into the other room. As we entered the room I expected to find everyone waiting for us impatiently, but all we saw was Tori and Aunt Lauren on the couch watching TV.

"Oh, look who's here?! So the lovies finally decides to come out of their room. What? Is little Chloe already tired of the big dog dry humping her leg?" Tori teased while Derek just shot her a quick glare and ignored her insulting comment.

"Tori," I whined with a pouted, "not funny." A quick tap at the door stopped everyone from talking and I turned my body towards the source of the knock, my eyes not moving away from the slightest movement surrounding the entrance. My heart clenched and I grabbed onto Derek's arm as he moved in front of me, protecting me from anything that was about to come. I was so concentrated on the possible dangers I didn't even realize that Tori moved from her spot on the couch to look through the peephole and inspect our visitors.

Tori let out a sigh of relief and was noticeably relaxed as she declared, "Its Simon and Kit. They're back from getting us food." Derek and I loosened up but we still didn't let our guards down. Aunt Lauren, however, seemed like she was oblivious to all danger as she went back to watching TV carelessly. I frowned unknowingly at her actions and attitude. It angered me slightly to see her taking safety for granted, given our current situation, but my anger was shortly stopped by Kit's harmless words.

"Come on kids. Come over and grab some food before we get going," Kit claimed. Derek, Tori and I walked over to the table and grabbed our breakfast. I didn't even pay attention to what Aunt Lauren was doing, with full intention of ignoring her, but later I realized that she had grabbed her food and returned to her spot in front of the TV.

"Hey," Derek whispered into my ear, "what's wrong? Why do you look kinda sad and angry?"

"I'll tell you later. I don't want to talk about it right now," I replied. Derek left me to sit in a chair to eat his breakfast. Usually, I would find a chair and sit by him, but today, I went over and sat on his lap, surprising both Derek and myself. I snuggled against Derek as we ate our breakfast in silence and I could feel Aunt Lauren's gaze on us the entire time. In the back of my mind I knew that I was being so affectionate towards Derek because I wanted to annoy Aunt Lauren. That thought made me slightly guilty. Am I only ever going to be affectionate towards Derek because I want to get a reaction out of someone like Aunt Lauren? A gentle shake of my shoulder snapped me out of my thoughts. I look up and realized that Derek was staring at me expectingly.

"What?" I whispered looking at him through the confusion that clouded my eyes.

"We need to talk later," he replied with tension laced through his words. I gave a small nod of my head and turned back to my food. I picked at my food, not really interested in shoving it down my throat like Derek was. I stared intently at his breakfast sandwich, and the warm smell of the egg and cheese that drifted tauntingly towards my senses.

"Can I have a bit of yours?" I asked innocently while looking up at him, batting my lashes like a little girl.

"What's wrong with yours?" he questioned while eyeing my sandwich curiously.

"Nothing I just want to try yours."

"Fine. Here you could bit this part that I haven't touched yet," he sighed while holding his sandwich up to my lips. I ignored his instructions and chomped down on where he took a bite. I kept on eating Derek's breakfast as he waited patiently for me to return it to him. That was not my plan though. I tore a small piece of the sandwich I was holding and held it up to his lips. Derek spaced out while he waited for me to finish, and his eyes sharply snapped towards the piece of food that suddenly appeared in front of his face.

"Try some," I offered. He opened his mouth and I fed him my breakfast. I handed him my sandwich and asked, "Want to trade? I don't really like mine," with a small pout on my face. His face visibly softened as he smiled gently at me when he traded his food with mine. I snuggled closer his warmth as we finished our food.

I stood by the car as I watched Derek and Simon load the car. More importantly, I stood, admiring Derek as his muscles flexed beneath the thin T-shirt that he was wearing. I silently celebrated as Derek's baggy hoodie was left unnoticed on the pavement behind him. Simon's face flushed from moving all of our bags and the blazing sun that constantly glared into my eyes. Derek, on the other hand, didn't even break a sweat from the exercise and only took his hoodie off because of the heat trapped in the air by the sun. We closed the trunk of the car and locked the doors as we walked back inside the hotel to meet up with the others. Derek slung his arms around my shoulders and my arms wrapped around his waist as we walked into the lobby. As we waited for the elevator, I noticed a group of girls who are about our age walk out from the gym. They were wearing tight tank tops with short-shorts. Their faces were dusted with hints of makeup and their curves were visible in all the right places.

The ring of the elevator distracted me from the thoughts that were just about to appear in my mind, and instead, switched my attention to the elevator door that was about to open. As the three of us walked into the confined space, a sharp call rung in the air.

"Wait! Wait hold on!" a feminine voice called out. Simon, upon hearing that voice, pressed the open button and held the door open for the group of girls that I saw earlier. They entered the elevator and thanked Simon. One of the girls, who stood noticeably in front of the others, turned around to bat her eyes at Simon. "She must be the Queen Bee of the group," I thought to myself as I glanced up at Derek, who stared ahead at the door with an expression carved from stone. The Queen Bee looked back again and it was only then did I realize that she wasn't staring at Simon, but instead she was staring at Derek. My Derek. Derek didn't seem to notice, yet I cannot help but realize that while the girl was staring flirtatiously at him, her followers analyzed me from head to toe, judging me in their minds.

The elevator sounded, signaling the depart of the girls, yet I cannot help but to compare myself with the voluptuous girl that seemed to be interested in my boyfriend. I trust Derek, and I don't believe that he would leave me for the type of girls that he showed signs of distaste for many times before. I was so lost in my own thoughts that I didn't realize that I have followed Derek back to our hotel room and everyone was inside, gathering all their belongings and getting ready for the trip in the car. I saw Derek reach into the drawer of the bedside table and grabbed something to place in his pocket. The streak of light that flashed from the window made that something glimmer, and I can't help but wonder what it could be.

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