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Chloe's POV

Scene after scene passed by before my eyes. Roads, cars, forests and sunsets. As beautiful as I found some of these scenery, I am helpless in stopping them as they swayed passed me in a moment's time. I felt the warmth of Derek's body beside me and I knew that his concentration was set on the thick Math book he held in his hands. I shifted my weight making Derek glance over. I slipped beside him and curled my body into his as my fatigue grabbed hold of my conscience.

Strings of coolness undulated to the moonlight in a devilish way, bounding my body to the frigid air. My limbs tensed and curled into my body as I noticed the weight of a soft fabric covering me. I shivered, trying to hide inside the thick comforter. Warmth suddenly interrupted the sting of the cold surrounding me. The comforting sensation slowly spread around my small frame as I entwined my arms and legs with the person beside me. I breathed in the minty scent of a wet forest as I fell back into the darkness.

My eyes fluttered gently as I breathed in the familiar scent that lulled me to sleep. I buried my face deeper into the warmth as I felt my cheek rub against a smooth, warm surface. I kept on burying my face deeper as I shifted the rest of my body to find a similar feeling.

"Good morning," a deep voice rumbled. I opened my eyes and felt my cheeks blaze in a rosy colour. My body was intertwined with Derek's and I found that I was hiding my face in the crook of Derek's neck. I gazed into Derek's deep green eyes as I found myself moving closer and closer to him as if I'm in a trance. My lips touched his and I opened my mouth to welcome the intrusion of his tongue. His warm tongue moved inside to touch every part of my mouth as I laid there. His lips travelled down to my neck and he sucked on my skin, marking me as his. I bit my lip and closed my eyes as I let him assault my neck. The sudden beep of an alarm clock sliced through our moment when Derek lifted his head and reached up to stop the annoying sound. I smiled at him as he rolled off of me to lay on his side. "We need to talk," Derek declared.

"About what?"

"Why were you so upset yesterday?" he asked. I sighed, biting on my lip.

"I-I didn't like Aunt Lauren's attitude. Why doesn't trust you? She keeps telling me that you're dangerous and when it comes to the real danger she doesn't seem to care. I d-don't t-trust h-he-er," I exclaimed.

"Calm down Chloe, she's your aunt after all. I could handle her. It doesn't bother me that much. That's how people have been treating me since the day I was born," he told me with a small smile. I could tell that something was wrong, however, when his smile didn't reach his eyes.

"You're not alright with it Derek. I could tell that something is wrong," I accused as he averted his gaze. "Is it about your parents?" I asked, "I understand. My mom died when I was really young, and my dad was never there for me ever since my mom died."

"No, I don't really think that my biological family is that important," Derek claimed while getting out of bed, "I have my family here with me. That's all that matters to me now." I nodded as I inspected my surroundings.

"Where are we right now?" I asked.

"Dad rented a house near the rural area. I don't think hiding in hotels is that practical, and Dad agrees with me. We're meeting downstairs at the living room to talk a little more about this situation."

"Okay, I'll just take a shower first." I claimed as I quickly escaped into the bathroom.

As the water from the shower trickled down my back I thought about Derek. I also thought about his conversation with Kit. Why was Aunt Lauren trying to convince Kit that Derek should go live with his family? I knew why though. She didn't trust him.

I turned off the shower and got dressed. As I opened the door I found Derek standing by the washroom waiting for me. I smiled, feeling a flutter in my stomach as I grabbed his hand. He looked down at me and smiled gently as he wrapped his arms around my shoulders. We walked down to the living room. Simon sat on the couch and smiled at us as we entered.

"Morning guys," Simon said in a cheery voice.

"Where's Aunt Lauren and Tori?" I asked.

"Your Aunt is out in the balcony. Tori went to use dad's laptop to access the information she got at the Edison Group lab and Dad went to get breakfast."

"Oh okay, thanks," I replied with a small smile. As I approached the balcony I felt wisps of cool air skim across my cool skin.

" ?" Simon's voice rung across the room, "Chloe? Dad's back from getting breakfast." The soft whisper of my own gasp released me from the shock that kept me frozen in my spot. I held her gaze as she stared blankly into my eyes.

"Good morning Chloe," she said with a small smile. I gave her a small nod as I went over to Derek and sat in his lap. I nibbled on my breakfast, with only a slight ache in my stomach that reminded me of my hunger as I thought about Aunt Lauren. Am I being to harsh to her? Maybe? But honestly, I trust Derek more than I trust her. That thought sent a stream of nostalgia through my body as my mind wondered to my life before Lyle House. I was always Aunt Lauren's little girl, and I was always the wallflower at school. The ignorant girl that thought Derek was a bully instead of trying to understand him. Thinking about Lyle House, a small memory clawed at me from the back of my mind.

"A woman came to talk to me. A blonde. She said she was a doctor. Bellows? Fellows?" his voice echoed in my mind. I swept my gaze across the room and stopped when I saw Aunt Lauren. She stared at Derek, monitoring his every move. I knew Derek sensed her watching him, and he was pretending that he didn't notice.

"Okay," Kit announced as everyone started to finish their breakfast. "For now, after our escape in the Edison Group lab, the Cabal should be focused on reforming. They don't want to drag this out and they don't want to take any risks. Instead they'll want to be sure that they could get us at once."

"I agree," Derek grumbled, "and we should do the same thing. We need to do a little planning."

"I got the information from Davidoff's laptop. I just accessed it on Kit's computer," Tori said as she put the laptop out on the coffee table so everyone could see.

"Lets read a little about Derek's family. He's a werewolf. Its better for him to return to his own kin,"Aunt Lauren suggested. I shifted closer to Derek and felt a slight tug in my heart.

"Well that won't be happening anytime soon. Guess we're stuck with door-wrecker for a while," Tori claimed as she stared at the laptop.

"What do you mean?" Simon asked, relief clear on his face.

"It says on here that his dad is Zachary Cain. It also said that Derek's mom was working for the Edison Group and seduced Zachary Cain in order to have Derek. His mom died from natural causes. A few years back it was confirmed that Zachary Cain has joined an uprising against the pack and is now dead." Tori explained. I noticed that Aunt Lauren was silent and slightly disappointed by the information. I felt slightly angered, yet Derek was calm and collected as he learned about his family. Maybe he was telling the truth when he said that he didn't care about this biological family. Guilt bubbled inside of me as I realized that I was wrong for thinking otherwise.

"What about Rae? What does it say on her file?" I questioned.

"That's weird. Her file isn't here," Tori said with a small frown, "It should be here. Everyone's file is, including the ones who were considered to be rehabilitated."

"Oh well. According to Dr. Fellows she's with her mother right?" Simon asked as Aunt Lauren nodded.

"That's what I heard. Usually secrets aren't that well kept inside of the Edison Group building. Gossip spreads fast and secrets spreads even quicker," she explained. Her words made me glance nervously at Tori. According to the demi-demon, Kit and Tori's relationship is one of the least well kept secrets in the building.

"There are only two other test subjects that are still alive. Peter Ricci and Mila Andrews. They're considered to be rehabilitated so Peter have been sent to California and Mila have been sent to Texas to start a new life," Tori explained.

"And from what I understand you kids want to contact them and inform them of what's really going on?" Kit asked. We nodded in agreement.

"That's not a good idea," Aunt Lauren said in a condescending voice, "we need to stay safe. We still have a whole bunch of people coming after us."

"No one is suggesting that we do it now. But its something we should do in the future," I retorted.

"For now I think we should try and settle down here and hide. Right now the Cabal is trying to reform themselves, so we'll be alright for now. We're also right next to a forest. Its convenient for when Derek has to change," Kit suggested.

"Who cares about the forest. The important thing is that there is a mall near this house and we need new clothes as well as other necessities," Tori exclaimed.

"Alright. Kit and I could go to the mall with you girls later on. The boys could stay here and watch over the house," Aunt Lauren said as her gaze flickered over to Derek. Derek shifted uneasily at her arrangements, yet he stayed silent as he nodded at her.

We stood in the kitchen as Kit and Aunt Lauren got ready for us to go to the mall. Derek stared at me and looked uncomfortable as he stood.

"Are you okay Derek?" I asked.

"I'm just a little worried. Its still unsafe out there," he said as he looked into the forest through the kitchen window. I nodded as I grabbed his hand in reassurance. Aunt Lauren hollered at me and rushed me out of the door. I tailed behind Tori and Aunt Lauren as they shopped. The sound of life within the mall drowned me in the sense of normality. I glanced outside at the wave of people passing by the shop we were in as Tori browsed through the racks of clothes, shopping for the both of us. Women around me skimmed passed as they hunted for their prize. A faint scent of ash and burning drifted to surround me. I glanced around me, looking for the source of the scent. Pausing my gaze, I stared at a can of Diet 7-Up spilled on the floor of the shop. Knowing that it wasn't there before, I continued to stare at it, and questioned the feeling of familiarity related to the pop, with only the sizzle of the drink as the only reply.

The warmth of the house wrapped around me as I stepped into the house. Kit called Derek over to help with dinner as Simon remained in the living room. The sound of the TV lured me into the living room. I relaxed on the couch as the weariness from a day of walking began to be released from my body. The flaming school on the TV screen drew in my attention as the reporter continued with the story.

"This afternoon, this high school caught on fire. Police officials are still investigating the cause of this tragedy, and it has been confirmed that one student is dead, while close to twenty others are injured. Several students are in critical condition," the report said with a blank expression.

"Where is this high school?" I began, starting a conversation with Simon.

"I don't know. I wasn't paying attention," he replied with a smile. We sat in comfortable silence, waiting for dinner as I enjoyed the absence of tension between us.

"Do you want to continue watching the news or do you want to watch another channel?" he asked.

"It doesn't matter. We're starting dinner soon anyways."

"Is Derek helping with dinner? He's really good at cooking. My dad had to work a lot since it wasn't cheap having to always move around to escape the Edison Group, so Derek cooked a lot."

"What about you? Do you cook?"

"Lets not talk about that," he said with a guilty face while I snickered.

Dinner passed by quickly, while I bathed my self in the odd sense of normality. My Dad never had the time to sit down and eat with me ever since my mom's death. He always ate in his study, and I sometimes suspect that he's trying to avoid me. To avoid painful memories of Mom. Now, with my makeshift family, I felt comfortable. I spent the night basking in the temporary moment of tranquility, while in the back of my mind, a haunting thought was starting to arise as I laid in my bed.