A/N: his is a poem I wrote a while ago and decided to upload. It's from Lenalee's point of view after Kanda disappears with Alma and everyone figures he's dead.

Disclaimer: If I owned DGM, Kanda and Lenalee would've gotten together by now.


His death has left me in pieces,

shattered beyond recognition.

My existence is in tatters.

He is gone; he is no more.

The death of my love is painful,

too painful to bear alone.

But I cannot trouble others.

He is gone; he is no more.

I cannot join him in heaven.

At least, not now, despite the pain

That leaves me in tears in the night.

He is gone; he is no more.

Though he may be in tranquil peace,

I will never know joy again.

But I'll be brave, live for him, for

though he is gone, I will be more.

A/N: This poem is called a kyrielle. Or a tritina. I confuse them sometimes. Anyway, it's supposed to have four stanzas, four lines per stanza, eight syllables in each line and a repeating line in all four stanzas. Leave a review please!