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Glimmer's POV

I hear the faint sound of a child's scream. My brain rings against my skull. My vision's blurred yet I rush to Brent's side, inserting my hand into his. His eyes are wild with fright. He's breathing so heavily I can see the exact place where he exhales. Beads and beads of sweat stream from his face and tears flow from his eyes. I scoot next to him and wrap him in my arms. A mix of tears and sweat stain my shirt. I understand why he's like this. It's Reaping Day. His first year. He's scared to the bone. I whisper comforting words to him.

"Shhh, it's okay, it's okay," I hush, "It was just a dream."
I kiss him atop his forehead, but he doesn't settle.

"Brent, don't worry," I say, "Your name's only in once."

"It's not that, Glimmer!" He snuffles, putting an edge on the tail of 'Glimmer'.

"It's what?" I ask.

"You…" he looks at me eyes stinging red, "I don't want you to volunteer."
And again he continues to sob into my chest as he inhales and exhales with much effort. I want to comfort him and tell him I won't volunteer, that I won't risk dying. But I can't come to it. Instead of feeling remorse for this, I feel frustrated.

"Brent," I look at him, "You know I can win! I can win for us! For our district!" I emphasize.

"Yeah, but what if you don't! Who will look out for me! If you go…" His eyes drop to his feet. My eyes are fixed on him now, "If you go…I'll lose you. Just lose you."
As simple as that is, I'm stunned. If I leave him, he'll only have Grandpa to take care of him, and let's face it; he's as much help as a drunken ape.

We just sit there. Brent crawled up in my arms, my eyes glued on him, my mind blurry with questions and more questions. But no answers.

After what feels like forever, I decide to tell him, "Okay," I tuck a few strands of hair behind his ear, "I won't volunteer."

Right away the alarm from his face is faded and a smile takes its place. I let my shoulders relax, and I tuck him into bed.

I smile as I look down at my baby brother, my hand ruffling his hair as I get up from his bed.

"You get some sleep; I'll be back in time to walk with you to the town square." I kiss him gently on his forehead, "Love you" I say.

"Love you," he says sleepily.

As I step out I peak my head through the cracked door. His eyes are closed and his chest rises and falls in a peaceful beat. His face so innocent, so pure, I couldn't bring myself to break the hope he had. I'll betray him by entering the Games. The thought of seeing his face after I volunteer will break my heart more than his

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