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Looking out the window of the train, I saw greenery, fields of crops, and golden sunbeams. The sky was cloudless and when the train came to a halt, I could see the smiling faces of families meeting waiting for their loved ones on the platform.

I gazed at the ornate gates and the bustling city beyond them. They made me wish I was home, where there was a quiet dojo with an equally quiet man where I could just sit and be.

Then the train started to pick up again and my mood grew dark. Allen and Lavi's constant chatter was something I usually enjoyed, even participated in. But today, all I could think was 'how can they talk so loudly when they were sitting right next to each other?' Then I chuckled mentally: I was becoming more like him every day.

I started to notice small, insignificant things that put me on edge: dust lining the windowpane, small cracks on the window itself and dirty animals beyond it who were defecating on even dirtier houses. Not a pleasant part of town.

I closed my eyes so wouldn't have to see those sweaty men doing backbreaking labor. When I opened them again, the sky was beginning to match my mood: dark clouds were rolling in and the landscape became muddy. The conversation was now grating on my nerves and I desperately wished to be home, watching and waiting for the storm to play itself out through the window. Kanda would be there with me, sitting silently. We'd both be wrapped in a blanket and I would be wrapped in his arms. But I was stuck with my currently really annoying best friends on a train taking me miles away from where I wanted to be.

Instead of getting angry with them, I closed my eyes, pulled my coat tighter around me and listened to the heavy raindrops thump on the window, imagining that it was the heartbeat of the man I loved.

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