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On to the story

The Beginning of the End?

On a bus, one could see a blonde teenager sitting in one of the back seats dozing in and out of consciousness. His hair was shaggy, blonde, and 3 lines could be seen on each side of his face. Wearing an ugly green jacket with white shirt and red tie, the teen briefly let his eyes flutter open coming out of his trance-like state as the bus came to a stop.

'Ugh…' he thought, 'That same damn nightmare…' eye's watering remembering the events that transpired in his life not too long ago. 'When will they stop?'

Looking around the bus he noticed another student getting his things together ready to exit the bus. The blonde studied him for a moment. He looked like a pretty normal person all around, brown hair and eyes, wearing the same ugly-ass suit at he currently was wearing.

'Another student huh?...' He then got up himself and collected his things as well. It wasn't much, just a large scroll and a couple of books that he had been reading. As he was gathering his things he heard the bus driver say to the other teen.

"Youkai Academy is a very hoooorrifying school!" Creeping the teen out. The blonde boy looked up at the driver and was slightly surprised at what he saw.

'Glowing eyes?' He thought, 'that's something you don't see everyday. I wonder if that's some kind of doujutsu or kekkei genkai?' as he exited the bus and saw the other teen freaking out and panicking over something. Maybe it was because of the lightning cracking in the background or something. A lot of people have a fear of that right? He walked up to the teen, who was now on the verge of crying.

"Hey man you ok?" The other teen glanced back and him.

"Y-y-yea… I'm fine" he stuttered. "Umm… your that other guy who was on the bus with me right?" he asked.

"Yep!" replied the blonde with a grin, then sticking out his hand, "Naruto Uzumaki! Nice to meet you!"

The other boy relaxed and gave the blonde a smile of his own, his personality seemed infectious. "Hi there! I'm Tsukune Aono. Nice meeting you too Uzumaki-san…." He paused for a moment looking back at the intimidating building, "Umm…. Uzumaki-san, is it just me or is this place kinda creepy to you?"

Naruto squinted he eyes and looked at the building with lightning repeatingly going off behind it. "Yea…. That's definitely a creepy place. And just call me Naruto. I was never one for honorifics." This cause Tsukune to smile as well.

"Then call me Tsukune as well Naruto" he replied, "But, seriously, what are we going to do about that?!" he stated while pointing to the mansion. "That's a haunted mansion if I have ever seen one." This caused Naruto to shiver and go wide eyed.

"H-h-hau-haunted?!" Naruto exclaimed now visibly shaking in fright. Tsukune raised an eyebrow to this.

"Well… yea… Just look at the place. It's got haunted written all over it." Tsukune replied, while creeped out, he didn't understand why Naruto was basically acting like a little girl right now. "There's probably axe murders, zombies, and ghosts in there as we speak."

"G-G-GHOSTS!" Naruto shrieked. It was almost comical to Tsukune at how much of a baby he was acting. Now thinking of a new way to calm his new acquaintance, cause now it was almost embarrassing to see this grown teen basically up and start crying on the ground.

'Wow' he thought, 'I hope that I'm never that bad. I'm a chicken, but this is ridiculous.' "W-well, I'm sure it's not like that at all, it just looks creepy on the outside. I'm sure that there is no crazy monster inside waiting to kill us." Oh Tsukune…. If you only knew.

"Screw monsters and murders!" screamed Naruto, "You can beat the crap out of those guys! But those Ghosts! You can't even see or touch them!" This caused Tsukune to just stare at him. While Naruto then went on how ghosts were like the scariest things on the planet.

'He's not afraid of monsters or murderers, but ghosts?' Tsukune thought. 'That's… kinda lame actually.'

"And then…. You can't even kill a freakin ghost because they're already dead!" Naruto cried still going on with tears in his eyes. "And if you try to defend yourself you can't! You know why?!" he cried in Tsukune's face causing the boy to think that there was something wrong with the blonde. "Cause you'll just go through them!"

Thinking about it, Tsukune kinda could see why the blonde was so afraid, but come on this was ridiculous. He was about to reply when Naruto cut him off again. "Oh well…" said the blonde surprising Tsukune greatly at basically the turnaround Naruto had made in his conduct. "If anything bad happens at least you and me buddy… we'll take them on. What are friends for after all right?" The blonde questioned him getting the brown haired boy to go wide-eyed.

"F-f-friends?" he stuttered. Surprised that the blonde had already thought of him as a friend…. And also that he might have been a bit bi-polar.

Naruto smiled while scratching his cheek and sheepishly said, "Well yea, I mean I don't have a lot of them, but I figured since we're both here, why not be friends right?" Tsukue just smiled at this, thinking that he'd never really had friends before.

'Maybe this place won't be so bad after all' he thought.

"Whelp!" exclaimed Naruto causing Tsukune to break from his train of thought. "I better get going, I have an appointment to keep and I don't want to be late. I hope we are in some of the same classes Tsukune. I'll see you later aight." He said with a grin causing Tsukune to smile as well.

"Y-yea… see you Naruto" he replied giving him a wave as he watched the blonde take off only to turn around and get one of the biggest shocks of his life.

Naruto walked through the creepy mansion until he reached a giant door. Knocking and opening the door, he found himself staring into a pair of creepy glowing green eyes from a man who had he face covered with a while hood. It was so dark in the room that Naruto could barley see the man even though he was only about 20 feet away from him

"Ahhh…. You must be Mr. Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze correct? Said the strange robed man. After getting a nod from the blonde he continued, "Then I suppose you know why you are here?"

"Not really Ojji-san" replied Naruto shaking he head, "Your messenger only stated that I would be informed of the mission once I actually came here. He said it would be a undercover mission, but that's about it." After stating this, there was a silence between the two. Naruto became increasingly uncomfortable with the silence as the man'c creepy glowing eyes continued to stare at him.

"…. Very well." The man finally replied. "You may refer to me as the Headmaster. And your mission is simple….." The man paused causing Naruto to become increasingly curious as to what his mission would imply. "And that is to become a student here at the academy and pass all your classes." A smirk appeared on the man's face as he saw the blondes eye's go wide with confusion.

"What?..." the blonde stated causing the hooded man's smirk to become wider.

"I believe you heard me perfectly well Mr. Uzumaki." Enjoying the look on the bewildered blonde. "You will be well compensated for your work I assure you. Now that that's taken care of, I have much work to do, so off you go."

With that, the blonde was suddenly enveloped in a bright light and was forced to close his eyes. Once the light died down, he noticed that he was in an apartment like room. Looking around he saw his scroll and books on a bed that was right next to him. Feeling something in his hand he looked down and found that there was a slip of paper in his hand. Looking at it, it looked like it was a schedule that was made up for him. "What the hell kinda mission is this anyways?" he asked himself, gathering himself together before noticing that he was supposed to be in his homeroom in 5 minutes.

Back in the Headmasters Office

"Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze." Stated the principle with a grin that would split the face of anyone normal, "You will do marvelous things while you are here I can be sure of that!"

With Tsukune

'What a weird morning.' Thought Tsukune, 'First making friends with some bi-polar guy and then running into probably the hottest girl I have ever seen who turns out to be a vampire?! What the hell is that about? Can't I just have a normal life?' Breaking off from he thoughts he felt a slap on the back that kinda stung.

"Hey Tsukune! What a coincidence, we got the same homeroom together!" Said a familiar voice. Looking back Tsukune saw that it was he crazy friend that he had met earlier this morning. A smile rose from Tsukune's mouth seeing his first friend again.

"Hey Naruto, I'm glad your in my homeroom too." The blonde just grinned and took a seat next to him. Then a woman with glasses came in that had some feline appearances to her.

"Hello everyone and welcome to Youkai Academy!" she stated, "I am your homeroom teacher Shizuka Nekonome. I think you all already know this but…. This is…. A school built for the sake of Monsters to attend!" She said with a large smile on her face. Causing Tsukune to blanch in fear.

'What?...' Thought Naruto with his eyebrow raised. 'That old fart never told me that.' The teacher continued.

"Our current problem, the Earth has already come under control of the humans! In order for us monsters to continue to survive, we have no choice but the peacefully coexist with the humans." The teacher smiled happily while pointing to a diagram of the Earth that was drawn on the board. "At this academy, you will be studying 'How to coexist with humans'!" This statement caused Tsukune to go into a panic attack looking left and right.

'MONNNSTEEERRSSS!? What's she saying' thought Tsukune.

She continued, "So for that reason, as a school rule, you will all live your lives at this academy in Human form! DO you understand? It's a matter of being able to disguise yourself well as a human! This is the foundation of coexistance. You are never to allow any of your fellow students to know your 'true form' undersand?" she asked looking around the room.

'Interesting." Thought Naruto,'Well this mission shouldn't be so boring after all.' Thinking of the possiblilties of living with monsters caused Naruto to grin. This action was caught by Tsukune though causing him to shake in fear.

'C-c-crap…. Is Naruto a monster too?' He thought fearfully. 'Great… My first friend here at this place and here he is a monster.' He thought causing him to become a little sad.

"Hey teacher," said some douchy looking guy, "Would it not be easier for us to eat up those puny humans?" Causing Tsukune to cringe and Naruto to narrow his eyes, "And in case of beautiful grils, better to molest them." Ending with a smug look.

'I will personally sever his tiny thing he calls a package if he ever even tries to touch a girl!' thought an angry blonde.

"Oh!" Cried the teacher, "Incidentally, here at the academy, the teachers and students are all monsters so there are no genuine humans here! Since this academy is within a secret sacred world, to those humans who come to know of our existence, we will bring them death or something….." Causing a blondes eyes to widen and Tsukune to start crying silently in the back.

'What the hell kinda rule is that?!' Naruto thought, 'But the Headmaster must know that I am a human as well… right?...' His thoughts were interrupted by a loud "S'CUSE ME!"

Naruto looked up and saw a girl his age with pink hair and green eyes coming in the room. He had to admit this girl was quite beautiful. Her figure was that to die for, her long slender legs coming out of her short skirt. And by the looks of things, she was very well developed. Then he saw that there was a choker around her neck, with a strange cross thing attached to it. Naruto narrowed his eyes and noticed something off with it. 'What is that?' he thought, 'It''s like that thing is holding a great deal of power…. No that's not right… It seems to be holding something back!'

"After the entrance ceremony I kinda got lost in the school… Sorry I'm late…" Replied the cute girl.

"Oh, that's fine," replied Shizuka" Just take a seat." While thinking what a cute girl she was while getting an ok as a reply

Said girl sauntered down the classroom while all the males in the class seemed to have turned into crazed hormonal machines.

"Who is she?" said a random student. "S…uch flowing hair…! Big eyes!"

"Whoa, beautiful." Replied another nameless student

"HOT!" screamed another, "SHE'S TOO HOT!


Naruto couldn't believe what he was seeing. 'Are you joking me!?' he thought, 'Yea she's hott, but still, she's just like every other person. What the hell is wrong with this class!' frowning at the way his classmates were acting up.

"Mo-Moka?..." Said Tsukune quietly causing the girl to turn to him before recognizing him instantly.

"It's Tsukuneee!" she cried while launching a flying glomp at him. "We're in the same class!?' while Tsukune looked like he was about to have a heart attack and Naruto just raised an eyebrow. The rest of the class though became furious at the beautiful girl's reaction.

"AAAAAAH!" cried a student.

"What's with this guy? What relation does he have with that girl? Cried another.

"Our beautiful girl! Our beautiful girl!" Sobbed another.

After class down the hall, a beautiful pink haired girl could be seen dragging a dazed boy around with her arm intertwined in his. Tsukune couldn't believe it. 'Is this a dream?' he thought, 'It has to be… Today has been just like being inside a dream.' He glanced at the smiling girl on his arm. 'But, if I can be this happy, I guess the monsters aren't that big of a deal.' Glancing around, he then saw a familiar blonde haired student walking down the hall to them.

"H-h-hey Naruto!" Exclaimed Tsukune, causing the pink hair ball of joy on her arm to look up at him in confusion. Naruto looked up from the book that he was reading and smiled when he saw who it was.

"Hey Tsukune." He said with a smile. "Looks like you two are having a blast now doesn't it.

Laughing sheepishly smiling Tsukune said, "Yea, I guess so. By the way, I would like to introduce you to my good friend here Moka-san. This here Moka is my first friend that I made here Naruto" looking in the direction of the pink haired girl.

"Hi nice to meet you!" Chirped the girl, "My name is Moka Akashiya! I hope we can be friends as well." Smiling ever so much at the blonde, causing the blonde to chuckle.

"Nice to meet you too Moka-chan" Replied the blonde, "I'm Naruto Uzumake, and I don't see why we couldn't be friends. More the Merrier right!?" This caused the girl to beam brightly at him and smile even more

"YEAH!" she cried jumping up and down, "You're the second person who I have made friends with today!" she exclaimed causing Naruto to chuckle even more, until he felt another presence come up from behind him.

"My my, you are a pretty one aren't you." Said the man who earlier who was making the comments of eating humans and molesting girls. Naruto's eye's narrowed at the man, "You are called Moka Akashiya are you not? I am your classmate Saizou Komiya. Salutations!"

He came up to Naruto while speaking still with Moka, "By the way, while is a beautiful lady like your self associating with a couple of losers like the-.. What th-." Saizou went to grab Naruto by the throat only to find himself choking what looked to be like a large Hello Kitty doll. Both Tsukune and Moka sweatdropped at how pathetic Saizou looked holding onto a little girls playdoll.

"Well who knew," laughed Naruto, "Who knew that the big bad man on campus liked playing with little girl toys." With that most of the hall began to snicker at the larger seething man. Sensing his anger, Moka grabbed both Naruto and Tsukune running off in the distance leaving the douchy man in his rage with his new doll.

"How dare he!" he said to himself. "Moka Akashiya, you will be mine. After I rip that blonde bastard apart limb from him" Ripping the poor kitty's head from its body.

In the halls a little ways away from the incident that just happened both Moka and Tsukune were taking a breather while Naruto was just looking upon them wondering what was going on.

"Well that was a little scary wasn't it?" Said Moka with a smile, "How did you end up doing that by the way Naruto-kun." She asked the blonde with curiosity in her eyes. Tsukune also wanted to know what the heck happened back there. It was all kind of just…. Random.

"What are you talking about?" Questioned Naruto, getting kind of nervous. "I thought that one of you did that?" 'Crap! I can't let them know that I'm a human… as least not yet.' He thought.

Both just looked at him curiously then just shrugged it off as something else that was weird about the academy. Then Tsukune spoke up about something that has been bothering him for awhile. "By the way guys, why are you guys being so nice to me?" he asked causing both the blonde and the pink haired girl to look at him. "I mean, I'm just some worthless mediocre guy…-"

"Don't say that!" Cried Moka, "To me your not mediocre or worthless or anything Tsukune!"

"Yea man." Naruto added. "Maybe you seem average, but hey, I can tell you got a great heart on you man. You're the kind of person who will be there by your friends side when they need it. That doesn't make you mediocre…. That just makes you awesome!" he said with a Gai-like grin holding his thumb up.

"M-moka…N-n-naruto…. You guys" Tsukune stuttered his eyes watering from the nice things that his new friends and said. Then he saw Moka get red.

"Be-besides…." Moka started, "We're on blood sucking terms." She said with a large blush on her face. Tsukune face faulted after that while Naruto was just plain confused.

'What the hell does that mean?' Naruto thought looking between the two. Then Tsukune noticed Naruto's confusion.

"Oh yea, Naruto, Moka's a vampire." He stated as though it was the most normal thing in the world.

'Riiigghhhttt.' He thought as he was looking at Moka.

"Tsukune!" cried Moka, "We aren't supposed to tell each other what kind of monster we are." Tsukune gained a sheepish expression after this.

"Eh… it's cool. Vampire huh? That seems pretty cool to me." Naruto said getting a surprised expression from the vampire.

"Y-y-you mean you don't hate vampires or anything?" Ask Moka shyly causing Naruto to cock his head in confusion, 'Kawaii!' she thought.

"No, not really. I mean why would I?" Naruto questioned before he was enveloped in a flying glomp.

"Oh thank you, thank you, thank you!" Cried Moka cutting off the oxygen supply to Naruto's body. Swinging the teen around like a rag doll she continued. "You don't know how much this means to me that now I have another friend who knows that I am a vampire!" Tsukune in the meanwhile was in the background with a sweatdrop forming on his head at seeing his friend about to perish from lack of oxygen.

"U-um Moka?" he said causing her to look at him. "You might want to let him go." She looked at the boy in her hands and say that part of his soul was leaving his body before she jumped back embarrassed from her actions.

"G-g-gomen!" she said. "I just got really excited that's all." She said with a cute embarrassed smile. Naruto picked himself up and wheezing and smiling as well.

"It's fine. Just glad that we can be friends that's all." Naruto replied with a smile causing the girl to smile as well. 'Holy shit! I think she's as strong as Sakura-chan!' he thought. "Well, I gotta get going and unpack some of my things so I will catch you two later alright?" he asked.

"Sure/Ok Naruto" Both Moka and Tsukune said waving goodbye to their new friend. Naruto then took off to his new living quarters leaving both Tsukune and Moka alone.

"Mmmm. I wonder what type of monster Naruto is?" Moka asked out loud before chomping down on Tsukune's neck causing him to cry out. "Kapu-chuu!"

Naruto continued walking along his path reading a book. Not really reading his book Naruto was reminiscing about his past not really paying attention where he was going when he accidently bumped into someone else causing them to drop their books and fall down.

"HEY!" cried a female voice. Naruto looked down and saw a blue haired with purple eyes and a yellow sweater. She was very attractive and he also notice how well developed this girl was as well.

'Holy crap!' Thought Naruto, 'What's up with the girls at this school!? Her breasts are as big as baa-chan's!' Naruto then bent down and started gathering her books. "I'm sorry about that miss, I wasn't really paying attention to where I was going. I really am sorry." He said while offering another hand to help her up. She just smiled at this and grabbed the offered hand.

"It's alright I suppose." She said before gaining a sultry look. "I bet you just wanted a peak up my panties didn't you?" At this Naruto choked on his own saliva.

"N-n-n-no!" he sputtered, "I promise that's not what was happening!" Naruto said quickly with his hands up shaking back and forth. Enough women in his lifetime have rained hell on him and his sensei for perverted…. Tendencies. Even if the situation wasn't even that perverted he still got beaten up. Maybe it was just Kunoichi but still, he was deathly afraid of the female hand of righteousness.

"Hahahahahaha!" The blue haired girl couldn't help but start laughing at the poor blonde. She had to hold her sides she was laughing so hard. Naruto just gained a confused look at that. "Hah-a ah….sorry about that" She said after she had calmed down a little bit. "I couldn't help myself!" She smiled, "But you are just going to be so much fun to tease I can tell you that!" Sticking out her hand she said, "The name's Kurumu Kurono by the way!"

Naruto glanced at the hand making sure it wasn't a trick before taking it and giving her his best foxy grin said, "Hey Kurumu-chan, I'm Naruto Uzumaki nice to meet you!" Kurumu just grinned at him more as he helped her with the rest of her books that she was carrying. "Sorry about that, here let me help you carry these books for you since I gave you so much trouble." He said smiling. Kurumu just nodded and latched onto his arm.

'Day 1, mission accomplished. Soon every boy here will fall for me just as you have Naruto-kun. Then I will have found my destined one for sure!' She thought walking with Naruto down the hall.

The next morning Naruto woke up got dressed and left his room for classes, when he noticed a panic looking Tsukune freaking out about something with two large luggage bags in his hands.

"Hey Tsukune!" he yelled causing the panicked boy to look at him. "What are you doing, we're going to be late for classes." He saw a sad smile reach across his friends face.

"I can't handle this Naruto, I just can't do it." Tsukune said, "I just want to go to a normal school. A human one you know and be normal." This caused Naruto to tilt his head to the side in confusion.

"Why's that?" The blonde asked, "Is it because you are a human?" Causing Tsukune's eyes to open wide in fear and look at the blonde.

"H-h-hhow did you know!?" Tsukune asked. Naruto just laughed and shook his head.

"You just told me now. Also I kinda saw you freaking out yesterday when Shizuka sensei was saying how humans would get killed if they were discovered for being here. Also you just said you wanted to be normal. Why would you want to be normal and go to a normal human school. I mean it's possible for a monster to want to do that but not really likely. Besides, I was just guessing. I really didn't know until you said that." The blonde smiled at the wide-eyed boy. "But that's ok." He continued causing Tsukune to look up right at him with wide eyes. "Because I think that this place would be pretty boring if I was the only human here in the academy." Tsukune's jaw just dropped after hearing this.

"Y-y-yyou mean that y-y-you're a hu-" he stuttered pointing a finger at the blond

"A human?" Naruto asked, "Yep! Born and raised as one." Smiling at his friend. "And friends, especially human friends, have to look out for each other right?"

"But aren't you afraid?" Tsukune asked wondering how he was not freaking out when earlier he was almost peeing his pants about ghosts.

The blonde scratched his head and frowned a little, "Well yea a little." He replied. "But what I mean we should be safe right, cause others can't show there true forms right? So we should be good." Tsukune was about to tell him his experience with Saizou, but the blonde beat him to it. "And even if a monster does show his ugly face, we'll be there to kick their ass together right buddy?" Naruto had a huge grin on his face and wrapped a arm around the terrified boy.

'This guy…' Tsukune thought. 'He's really the only friend I have ever had and here I am running away from him.' Naruto broke him out of his thoughts.

"Well, Whatever you decide let me know. I want you here, but if you feel strongly about going, that's fine too. Just make sure you leave with me your address and stuff I want to keep in contact with you." The blonde said. "But, come on! It will be a blast if you stay here. And Moka-chan also would love it I'm sure, and not just for the blood sucking stuff either." The blonde urged the scared boy.

"UZUMAKI!" someone yelled.

"Uh oh." said the blonde with wide eyes. Tsukune gave him a questioning glance.

"Who's that?" he asked.

Naruto started backing up and slowly and started to nervously speak, "Well, you see. I might have pulled probably one of my more badass pranks in the headmasters office, so hey let me know what goes on. And you better not leave without saying goodbye to me first." The blonde said angrily. Both then saw a dust cloud in the distance getting bigger. "Wellgottagoseeyoulatertsukun e!" the blonde said quickly before running away.

Tsukune just looked at the running blonde thinking about what he said before he heard a "Kapu-chuu!"

"Man… All I did was give that place a little color that's all!" Naurto said to himself as he was walking through the dead forest. "Kami knows that that place could of used it. And why not with the greatest color in the world, the one blessed by kami." If you don't know which color I'm talking about, go see what the heck Naruto constantly wears.


Naruto's eyes lit up at that. Honing in on his senses he starts jumping in the trees towards the disturbance he heard.

"TSUKUNEEE!" he hears a female voice cry. 'That's Moka!' The bonde thought urgently picking up his speed.

Tsukune was on the ground bleeding underneath some gravestones while Moka was running up to him. Grabbing him crying she looks over him, "H…How horrible! Even though you came all the way back for me, this happened…." Tsukune starts to feel tears drip on his face. "I'm sorry, After all…. Humans and monsters are very different aren't they…? Because I'm a vampire, I suck blood of humans and just end up hurting humans. The truth is…. The truth is the whole time I just felt lik I wanted to make a friend, even if it was just at a human school." Hearing this gave strength to Tsukune's heart. Shaking he started to get up while Moka's eye's widened.

"I'm a weak…" he started, "worthless guy… Moka. But I realized it wasn't right running back home and parting with both you and Naruto like that." Moka's eyes widened at hearing the blondes name. "Because I want to be both of your friends Moka." Moka started to cry right there while a huge shadow came over them.

"What the hell are you guys babbling about!?" Saizou screamed. "Just die now scum!" as he threw a large fist heading for Tsukune. They both closed their eyes waiting for the hit, then heard…


They opened their eyes wide to that and say a blonde teen deliver a flying kick in the air to the giant orcs face. The orc flew off crashing into some dead trees dazed by the kick while the blonde just landed in a crouch in front of the two baffled teens. Looking back he smiled at them both.

"See Tsukune," he started, "You're the type of guy who is there whenever you are needed the most." Smiling he stood up. "No mediocre or worthless guy would ever do what you just did for Moka. You Tsukune, are a God damn hero in my book and someone who is precious to me as well!" Smiling with his thumb up while Tsukune went wide eyed at the blondes proclamation.

'N-n-naruto' He thought.

"You too Moka-chan. We'll get to know each other more, but you too are another precious person to me!" declared Naruto getting another wide-eyed teen. "And with that," Naruto narrowed his eyes at his enemy who was started to slowly get back up. "I will protect the both of you with my life!" He yelled nothing but determination coming from him.

'N-n-naruto/-kun' both Moka and Tsukune thought.

"Tsukune." Naruto said with a seriousness that he had never seen the blonde have before. "Take Moka-chan with you and get out of here." Tsukune went wide eyed again. "Keep her safe, I'll take care of this trash over here."

"Naruto you can't do that!" Tsukune cried, "You have no chance against that thing your human too!" This caused Moka's eyes to go wide. "That thing can punch through concrete walls, he'll destroy you!" cried Tsukune fearing the worst for his friend.

"Doesn't matter." Naruto said quietly causing Tsukune to look at him in confusion. "I will protect the both of you. NOW GET OUT OF HERE!" Yelled Naruto as he pushed Tsukune towards Moka while running at the behemoth who was now on his feet.

"You think you can take me puny monster!" Yelled an enraged Saizou, "I'll RIP OFF YOUR HEAD!" He too began charging the blonde. Both pulled back their fists getting ready for a badass haymaker on the other when they were blown back by a force that came out of nowhere.

Looking around they say a bright light envelope the other teens who were off to the side. They couldn't see anything for awhile then as soon as the light died down they say Tsukune off to the side with a confused looked on his face holding the cross that was around Moka's neck. Then they saw another person. She was wearing the same thing as Moka was, but she had long silver hair, her eyes were red and slitted as well surprising Naruto greatly. Not only that but her figure had become more developed and womanly. One could honestly say that this was the definition of sexy. But the most staggering different they felt was the energy that was pouring off of the woman. It was radical. If Naruto had to guess, it would have been like if he was in sage mode. He could literally feel Saizou shaking in fear at the energy she was radiating.

"Just like the Legends," The orc began, "Red eyes! And intense supernatural energy! This is… This is a super vampire!?" he cried looking enraged as well.

The woman glanced over Tsukune who was still baffled by her appearance, then glanced at Naruto who had the same look. She gave him a nod before saying, "What's wrong rogue one…?" in a sultry voice. "You… want me right?" placing a hand over your well developed breasts, "Just try to take me… by force, big boy."

Naruto still in his daze was backhanded by orc off to the side and lunged for Moka hand out stretched.

"MOKAAA!" cried Tsukune fearing for her life.

All of a sudden the orcs hand was caught. Saizou's eyes widen. "Attack with this degree of power…" Moka started.

'Why… W-why doesn't she even b-bat an eye?' Saizou thought fearfulling

A sneer then came across the beautiful girls face, "You had better know your place!" she yelled while kick the shit out of the orcs face, blood and teeth leaving from the spot she kicked. The orc then flew through several trees and probably was still going for another mile or so before his stopped. "A low class monster like you who has nothing to show for his size. Doesn't even make for a decent opponent in a contest of strength.

'HOLY SHIT!' thought our blonde hero. 'She's as least as strong as Sakura-chan and Baa-chan!' having seen the kick and getting pissed off for being brushed out of the fight. Now not minding as much seeing the results. He saw her walk over to Tsukune and smirk. "You scared of this Moka?" She questioned him seeing him freeze up. She grabbed the cross out of his hand and said, "Don't get so worried, this me who has not awoken from slumber for a long time is still tired. I have no intention of harming you. As your blood is very delicious to my sleeping self." She finished with a hand on his cheek.

She then turned in Naruto's direction, getting an eyebrow raise out of the blonde. Walking over to him she stopped about a foot away from him staring intensely into his eyes. Seconds passed and Naruto was becomingly increasingly uncomfortable with the beauty if front of him. Never really one to be on the receiving end of so much attention. He was about to say something when he was suddenly cut off by the vampire.

"You are a very interesting person Naruto Uzumaki." She said slowly, "There are not many humans today that have the kind of eyes that you possess." Shocking the blonde. "You are not even remotely intimidated by my power are you Uzumaki-san?" she asked the blonde only getting a shrug from him causing her to chuckle. "You intrigue me greatly Uzumaki-san." She said smiling moving closer to the blond as he stiffened and became nervous.

"Ah… Moka-chan…. What ar-umpff!" she interrupted him as she pinned him to a tree and put a hand over his mouth. Struggling to get out of her grip he could feel her breath on his neck that sent shivers down his spine. She was using her body to pin most of his down and he could feel every curve and every mound that the gril possessed causing his teenage hormones to go crazy. Taking in his scent she let out a soft moan.

"You have a delicious smell Uzumaki." She stated dreamily. Her fangs became more prominent and was about the bite the blonde before she stopped. She moved back looking at the struggling blonde in front of her before smiling. "Not yet Uzumaki." She said causing the blonde to momentarily stop struggling. "I want to see who you are first before I take you blood from you." Smirking as she dropped the bewildered blonde

"I look forward to finding out why someone like you is capable of having the kind of eyes that you do. Until then, take care of the sentimental other Moka for me will you?" With that she put the Rosario back on her choker causing her to revert back to her pink haired self falling on top of him like a rag doll.

Silence permeated the area at that moment, both Tsukune and Naruto wondering what the hell just happened. Then, the blondes stomach growled loudly breaking the silence. Turning to the other boy he asked, "Soooo…. You want to go get some Ramen?"


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