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Chapter 4: Competition

"Tsukune-kun!" Kurumu exclaimed excitingly at the end of their class period. "Today we start going to our club together, right? I'm just so happy I can be in the same club as you Tsukune-kun!" She cried out cheerfully as she smashed the boys face into her large busom, effectively suffocating the poor boy. Nartuo glanced over at the couple only to shiver when he felt a pissed off Moka radiating hate at the succubus.

"Well then everyone." Shizuka said interrupting any further arguments that could occur. "Thanks for joining my club! So let's begin the club activities for the Youkai Academt Newspaper Club!" She said cheerfully. Naruto, Tsukune, Moka, and Kurumu just stared around them at the empty classroom.

"Are we the only members of this club?" Naruto asked scratching his head while the others had a similar train of thought.

"Naruto-kun!" Came a voice from outside as the door flew wide open.

"Huh?... Hmph!" Was the only thing that Naruto could get out before he was tackled out of his desk onto the ground. Then he was effectively squeezed while his face lie between two soft mounds that were rubbing enthusiastically against him. "I've missed you so much Naruto-kun!" Tamao cried out with a pout. "Why can't we be in the same class together?" Naruto was now flapping his arms like a bird trying to get some form of oxygen into his lungs.

"HEY!/YOU!" Tamao blinked before she felt two hands placed on her shoulders yanking the girl off of the now gasping boy. Naruto inhaled as much air as he could before hearing a slight chuckle. He looked up and glared at his friend Tsukune who found the situation hilarious, as he was not the only one suffering from oxygen deprivation.

'Oh you better watch your back now Tsukune.' Naruto thought evilly as he planned all sorts of pranks that could torture his friend.

"WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?!" Moka cried out at the mermaid who was filing her nails uninterestingly.

"What does it look like I'm doing?" She said as she blew on her nails. "I'm spending time with my future mate." She said causing both Moka and Kurumu eyes to pop open as they turned slightly red.

"M..M…MATE?!" Kurumu squeaked out before glaring at the girl. "Naruto would never become the mate of a parasitic fish like you!" She said angrily as a tickmark formed on the head of the mermaid.

"Just what the hell do you mean by that?!" She growled out. "Why don't you just go over and fight over Tsukune. I don't see why you both are like this if Naruto isn't the guy you're interested in!" She said annoyed before a slight smirk formed on her face. "Or… Maybe… You both really like Naruto instead." She grinned as both girls turned red and looked down awkwardly.

"T…Th…That's n…not it at all!" Moka cried out getting a vicious nod of agreement from the busty succubus to her side.

"Y..Yea! We're just looking after Nartuo-kun!" She said defending herself. "He's our friend too and we can just have some whore going and destroying the good person that he is!" She justified her action. The girls then continued to argue as Shizuka desperately tried and failed to control the yelling women. Unfortunately for the girls, no one noticed that Naruto was no longer in the room.

A Nearby Room:

Hoomph!" Naruto grunted out as he was thrown in a chair with his hands tied behind his back. "What's going on?!" He asked confused before looking up into a pair of dull green eyes. "Eiko-chan?" He asked genuinely confused before she straddled him.

"So…" She said slightly depressed, "You joined another club…." She said as she looked down slightly dejected. Naruto looked at the girl for a moment.

"Ano…" He said slightly awkwardly, "The home economics is awesome and stuff Eiko-chan… But my friends are all in the newspaper club as well…" He said as he looked into the girls' sad eyes. "I couldn't just leave them there."

"But you left me!" Eiko pouted to Naruto. Honestly, what did those girls have that she didn't. She knew she was damn sexy. So why hadn't Naruto come to her. Hell, she even made him a shit load of ramen, a thing that he claimed was a gift from the Gods. What was it going to take to get this guy?

"Then why don't you come and join us." Naruto said grinning causing the girl to snap her eyes back to the blonde. "You're a good friend of mine too Eiko-chan! I'm sure that the others would welcome you with open arms as well." Eiko had to hold back a snort as she saw what had happened when other girls tried to put the moves on him. Those two vultures would come in and kick anyone else away from the boy, even though they pretend to say that they aren't interested in the boy. She stared into his blue eyes for a moment. Damn those innocent eyes of his…. It made her want to take control of him. She smiled sultrily.

"I'll come Naruto-kun." She purred as she brought her face uncomfortably close to his causing the boy to blush slightly. "If you do me a favor." Naruto blinked before smiling.

"Sure Eiko-chan." He said brightly, "All you needed to do was ask. I'll do anything for you." Eiko's grin only widened and she brought her lips less than an inch away from Naruto's lips.

"Make me yours." She whispered before hungrily attacking the surprised blondes lips. Naruto gasped slightly and Eiko found that as an opportunity to shove her tongue inside his mouth eliciting a slight moan from the blonde. After a few seconds of surprise, Naruto's wide eyes began to close as he melted into the kiss. Eiko grinned inwardly as she felt the blonde's resistance fade away. She continued to grind the blonde feeling him hardening underneath her.

"Haidoroburasuto (Hydro Blast ハイドロブラスト)!"They both heard as a blast of water struck the green haired girl forcing her away from Naruto who was still in a bit of a daze. Eiko flipped over and unsheathed her nodaichi glaring at the culprit responsible for interrupting her playtime.

"What the hell do you think that you're doing to my mate?!" Growled out an angry Tamao, both Kurumu and Moka standing right behind her with disapproving looks etched on their faces. Another boy peaked into the room with a slightly confused look of what was going on. He had a handsome face with long shining black hair that was kept out of his face by a red headband. His eyes were violet red as they gazed on at the scene. A wolf pendant could also be seen dangling down from his neck.

"Tch…" Eiko ticked as she sheathed her weapon and stood up. "I'm just giving Naruto-kun my welcoming gift. That's all." She smirked.

"Welcoming gift?" Tamao questioned still glaring at the girl.

"Yeah… Welcoming gift." Eiko grinned, "You see, I've just been introduced as the newest member of the club." A tickmark formed on the head of the three girls in front of her. The black haired teen only quirked an eyebrow. "Let me introduce myself." She said as she took an elegant bow. "My name is Eiko Teruya. Please take good care of me." She looked up and smirked at Tamao.

Tamao was seething as she registered what this hussy had just said. "New member?" She said, "What the hell does a slut like you know about journalism?" She huffed only to cause Eiko to grin.

"Why, photography of course." She said as it were the most obvious thing in the world. She pulled out what looked to be an expensive camera from in between her cleavage. "Every paper needs to have visual evidence for their articles correct Ginei-chan." She said to the teen who finally walked all the way into the room.

"Gin-senpai." Moka said, "You know this girl?" She asked.

Ginei Morioka sighed as he ran a hand through his slick hair. "Yea, she's in the same class as me. But I'm surprise Eiko-san." He said as he looked at the girl. "You don't really interact with anyone to often…. So why now?" Eiko smirked.

"It looks as though something caught my attention." She gazed lustfully at Naruto who was just starting to come back from his hormone high. All the other girls fumed at her gaze. "Besides…." She said as she disappeared only to reappear right next to Ginei.

'Fast.' He thought as he narrowed his eyes. 'What kind of monster was she again?' He was snapped out of his thoughts when he saw photos being dangled in front of him.

"I'm sure we can work out some sort of agreement, right Ginei-chan?" She whispered into his ear. Gin's eyes widened as he saw photos of girls undressing from the girls locker room.

"Well…." He said coolly, "These are quite the impressive photos you have here Eiko-san." He said as he took them out of her hand and placed them within his suit jacket. "I think that you might just have a place here in the club after all."

"WHAT?!" Cried out the rest of the women.

"Gin-senpai!" Kurumu shouted, "Her pictures can't be that great. Let me see!" She shouted only for a few pictures to be dangled in front of her. "….HOTT!" She cried out as she grabbed the pictures and was practically drooling over them. Tamao and Moka just looked at each other confused before they gazed over her shoulder. Tamao automatically started to drool while Moka turned a bright red.

"I wasn't sure about the one that you liked so I added both Naruto and Tsukune into the mix." Eiko said with a wink. The photos contained various pictures of both Naruto and Tsukune either bathing or in nothing but a towel. "Don't worry I have plenty for the two of you." Eiko said as she shoved the pictures into Moka's trembling hands. "Also, these are only of Naruto with one little extra." Eiko said as she handed the pictures to Tamao's awaiting hands.

"H..H..Hey now!" Naruto finally came to and cried out. "Don't I have a say in this!" He said slightly annoyed before glancing over at Eiko. If she was able to spy on him without him noticing, either she was really that good, or he needed to really pick up his game.

"Nope!" Chirped the four girls as they continued to look at the pictures. Naruto sighed before getting up.

"Heehee…." Naruto stopped. He had heard that type of laughter before. That was the laughter of a perverted man. He looked over in the corner as he saw Gin hunched over looking over the pictures that he just got.

"Umm…. You ok there?" Naruto asked before Gin shot up hiding the photos behind his back.

"Uh… Yea! I'm great!" Gin said nervously as he wiped some drool off of his face. "So you're Naruto Uzumaki right?" Gin said with a hand extended. "It's nice to meet you. I'm Ginei Morioka. President of the newspaper club." Naruto took Gin's hand and shook it before looking around.

"Nice to meet you too. By the way…. Where is Tsukune?" Naruto asked only to get a chuckle from the President.

"Oh that guy?" He said waving a hand nonchalantly. "He ran away once he was caught peeping at both Moka-chan and Kurumu-chan's panties." He laughed, "Man, both of them really slapped the hell out of him." Naruto's eyes slightly narrowed. That didn't sound like his buddy at all… If anything, that sounded like….. Aw….. From what he could tell from his brief encounter with his senpai…. That's how it was…. Oh well…. There really wasn't anything that he could do about it now. Even if he brought up the issue to the girls, he wasn't sure if they really would believe him or not. They would most likely get embarrassed and irrationally accuse him of wanting a peep too. Something that he didn't need. He would just talk to Tsukune later that day and get all the facts clear. For now he would play the innocent friend who doesn't really know anything.

"WAAHHH!" Tsukune cried out as he pouted in Naruto's room. "Naruto! Please help me!" He cried out as he began to engorged an unholy amount of 'better than sex brownies'. Naruto's eyebrow twitch violently. Honestly…. He loved his bro…. But there were limitations as to what was considered into this friendship. It had seriously affected his training for the day and there was no way in hell he could working on his fuinjutsu at this point.

"You can stop bawling like a little girl anytime now." Naruto said slightly annoyed with his friend. Honestly, the kid hadn't stopped crying for like 2 freakin hours.

"B…B…But Naruto….. You believe me right?" He asked hopefully.

"If you say you didn't mean to then I believe man. Now stop your bitchin' and man up!" Naruto shouted. "Listen, Moka-chan is probably just embarrassed that you saw her panties so that's why she's acting the way she is. Wait a day or two, I bet that she will have forgotten the entire thing." Naruto said. Tsukune sniffled for a moment trying to control his emotions. "I swear man…. Sometimes you act like a little girl, wearing a frilly dress, with little pigtails, skipping around the courtyard." Tsukune slightly glared at the blonde.

"Do not…." He muttered to himself before grunting slightly as he pushed himself off of Naruto's bed. Naruto quirked an eyebrow.

"Uh…. You ok there?" He asked. Tsukune nodded as he stretched his limbs.

"Yea." He said, "It's just that for some reason, my body has been feeling heavier recently…." Tsukune looked at Naruto, "Am I getting fat?" He asked as Naruto slapped his own face.

"And here you're saying that your not acting like a girl…." Naruto muttered. He was glad to see that his little experiment was working though. It seemed as though Tsukune was getting used to everything though. He might be keeping secrets from his friends, but he at least wanted to have something that they could resort to as a last minute backup measure.

The Next Day:

"Damn it." Naruto grumbled, "All this drama is really way too tiring for me." He said to himself. That morning, Moka had totally ignored Tsukune who was trying to follow the girl like a little lost puppy before he once again started bawling to Naruto. He was lost in thought thinking about what he could do to help with his friends predicament that he didn't pay attention when he rounded a corner.

"KYA!" A girl cried out as she fell down bumping into Naruto. A stack of papers flew out of her hands and scattered all over the ground. Naruto blinked as he looked down at the girl. She was a pretty girl who had short violet hair. She had a small frame and a small bust, while her legs were long and slender. She rubbed her backside that was stinging slightly.

"Sorry about that." Naruto said hastily as he bent down to grab the scattered papers. The girl blinked for a moment before she too went to grab the papers.

"It's alright." She said quickly, "You don't need to worry about it." Just as her hand descended on a piece of paper, another hand landed upon hers. She looked up and gazed into Naruto's cerulean eyes.

He blushed slightly as he stared into her red eyes before pulling back. "Sorry…" He said quickly and quietly and continued to gather the papers. The violet haired girl blinked for a moment before smiling slightly. They gathered the stack and stood up before Naruto glanced at her again.

"..You're the student council vice president right?" Naruto asked. The girl smiled at the blonde.

"That's me." She said with a slight bow. "My name is Lilthe." She chirped. "You look familiar. What's you're name?" She asked.

"Naruto Uzumaki." He said smiling, "Nice to meet you." He then motioned to the stack of papers in his hands. "So where do these go?" He asked.

"Oh you don't need to worry about that. I got it." She said. Naruto just shook his head.

"I'd feel bad if I didn't help you with these after knocking you over." He grinned. "Just tell me where to go." Lilthe blinked before she smiled while brushing a bang out of her face.

"All right. Thanks." She said quietly. "This way!" She suddenly said brightly as she motioned the blonde down the hallway.

An Hour Later:

"…..Wow…." Lilthe said as they place the papers on top of a desk. They had to make a few trips back and forth to move all of the documents. "You really know about everything about ramen don't you?…." She said hesitantly. She guessed that it wasn't so bad to have a ramen addiction. It was better than a lot of the interests that a many of monsters had in the academy after all. It seemed as though there were many of the males, who just couldn't control their hormonal instincts. A few had tried to go after her as well, but she had dealt with them accordingly…. In some of the most painful ways and in some males opinion, cruel and unusual punishment. Still, the blonde that she had bumped into was turning out to be a lot more intriguing that she had first imagined. He also seemed to have a lot of good ideas that the student council could use to incorporate into the academy's system. He had yet to stare lustfully at her. Sure, he seemed attracted to her, but she noted that he was just shy in that regard. He genuinely just wanted to help her out. Naruto just grinned.

"Maybe I'll make a special meal for you one of these days to introduce you to the magical wonders that ramen has." He said excitingly. Lilthe just giggled at the blonde's antics.

"….Maybe I'll take you up on that offer someday." She said smiling. "….Naruto. How would you feel about joining the student council?" She asked quietly. Naruto quirked an eyebrow.

"Ummm… Not to not sound grateful…. But why?" He asked. Lilthe shifted slightly.

"….The student council is lacking a lot on the value of moral discipline within this academy." She explained. "There are few people who are like you Naruto-kun." She looked up at Naruto. "I believe that you would make an incredible difference within our school." Naruto awkwardly scratched his head.

"Lilthe-san." He started, "I feel like you're overestimating me and what I can do." He said sheepishly. "I don't think that I really can do that much to be perfectly honest." That and he just really didn't have time for it. With everything else that he has to do for school along with his club activities, he could barely finish his training that he needed to get done. Not to mention working on his seal arrangements, which basically caused him a huge migraine in itself.

"Oh, but I think you definitely would Naruto-kun." She said looking up hopefully to the boy. "Please consider the position." She begged as she clasped her hands together. Naruto at this point looked torn.

'Damn it.' He thought as he tried to look away from the girl. 'Why does every girl know this fricken Puppy Eye no Jutsu?' He sighed as he scratched his head. "Listen. I honestly don't think that I am right for the job to be perfectly honest. And I really don't have a lot of time to spare with my other club activities." He said causing the girl to look down depressed. "But, if there is anything else that you need help with…. Whether or not it's just like grunt work or just need to talk to someone, definitely call me up." Naruto said brightly. "And hey! We could always set up interviews to help the students know the endeavors of the student council as well. Let the students know the accomplishments of you're hard work." Lilthe looked back up at the boy for a moment before letting out a slight smile with a sigh.

"Well… I suppose that's alright." She said. "Thanks for everything though. I really appreciate it. And don't worry, I'll definitely take you up on that offer of yours later." She beamed up at the blonde. Naruto just grinned back at her as they walked out of the room they were in.

"Looking forward to it." He said as Lilthe locked up the room. They continued down the hall when a flash of pink in the corner of his eye caught his attention. "Huh?" He said as whipped his head around and saw the vanishing figure of a depressed Moka running up the stares to the rooftops.

"Hey Lilthe." He said getting his new friends attention. "I gotta go do something right now." He said as he backtracked down the hallway. "But, hey. Give me a call whenever you need help with something alright?" He said.

"Alright Naruto-kun." She said as she waved off the blonde. "I'm gonna keep you to that deal then." She said. Naruto just winked at the girl before he too disappeared up the stairs after his friend. Lilthe continued standing there for a little bit before turning around and heading down the opposite direction of the blonde.

"Naruto Uzumaki…." She said the name to herself. "What a interesting guy. I'll definitely have to keep an eye out on him in the future….. Maybe he could be….." She trailed off in her head as her face flushed.

The Rooftops:

Moka sighed as she looked out over the entire academy from the rooftop. She didn't know what to think about Tsukune anymore. Was he really that much of a pervert to do all of those things. First there was the peeping that her and Kurumu's panties incident. Then there were those rumors of him peeping in the girls' locker rooms as the girls were changing, then he didn't deny the fact that he was peeping at all. She sighed again. She just wasn't sure what to think anymore.

"Ramen for you're thought?" Her eyes widened as she heard a voice behind her. She whipped around and breathed out a sigh of relief as she saw Naruto there extending a bowl of ramen to her.

"Naruto-kun." She said as she accepted the bowl. "What are you doing here?" She asked as Naruto pulled out a bowl of steaming ramen from nowhere.

"That's my question." Naruto said as he dug into his food. "I saw you running up here and I got worried for you. Is everything alright?" He asked. Moka smiled softly looking down at her ramen. He was worried about her…. Naruto really was a wonderful person….. Everything about him confused her more and more. The more time she spent around him, the more and more she wanted to be around him….. But then there was Tsukune…. He was her first bite after all…. And that meant something significant to her….. She sighed as she tried to sort out her own feelings.

"I don't know Naruto-kun..." She said softly. She then reiterated everything that had happened throughout the day with her and Tsukune. Naruto ate quietly and listened to the vampire's story as she let out her frustrations of the incidents and rumors. "…. I just don't know what to think or believe anymore Naruto-kun." She said sadly, "What should I do?" She asked looking down over the school. Naruto slurped up the last of his ramen silently contemplating how he should respond.

"…..Well…." He said, "What do you think happened?" He asked. "Do you think that Tsukune is really that type of person who would do those sort of things?" Moka widened her eyes.

"NO!" She shouted out before composing herself. "I mean…. At least I didn't think so." She said to herself.

"Then why not believe in him?" Naruto asked getting Moka to whip her head around and stare at him. "I mean he is our friend. And I know it would hurt a lot more if my friends didn't believe in me just because of some rumors that we're not sure is true or not."

"But….. Do you believe that Tsukune really didn't do it and that it's all just a misunderstanding?" Moka asked slightly desperately. Naruto quirked another eyebrow.

"Of course I believe that he didn't do it." Naruto said.

"B…b…but everyone said-…." She started.

"So what?" Naruto interrupted. "Tsukune is my friend. I know what kind of person he is. I don't need anyone else telling me what kind of person he is. Tsukune is Tsukune. And I'll always believe in him." He said causing Moka's eyes to widen her eyes.

"Naruto-kun…." She whispered in slight awe at his conviction for believing in Tsukune. She looked down slightly ashamed. 'Naruto-kun really is an amazing person….' She thought. Without a doubt in his mind did he believe that Tsukune was innocent. She continued looking down at the ground depressed. "…. Ne…. Naruto-kun." She said quietly, "….I'm a terrible person aren't I?" She said sadly. Her eyes widened when she felt a hand land on the top of her head. She looked up and stared into the eyes of a smiling Naruto.

"Of course not." Naruto grinned, "Because you haven't abandoned your friends. I know that you'll always be there for us Moka-chan. So don't even consider the possibility that you're a bad person. In fact, I think you're an amazing person!" Naruto said brightly. Moka stared at the blonde boy for a moment before tears started coming to her eyes.

"Wah!" She started crying as she lunged in and started to cry into the blonde's chest. Naruto blinked for a moment before his eyes softened and let her cry it out. After a few minutes she backed off wiping her eyes with her hands. "Gomen…" She sniffled as she tried to recompose herself. Naruto smiled.

"Nothing to apologize for." He said. "Now come on." He gestured, "Let's go find Tsukune and resolve this entire thing."

"Could you let me stay here for a moment to just think?" Moka asked shyly. She wanted to go with Naruto, but she needed to figure out a way on how she should make up with Tsukune. Naruto just grinned.

"Sure." He said, "Take all the time you need." He then pulled out a small blade. "Moka-chan." He said, "If there's ever anything that you need, whether or not its help, or just need a friend to talk to…." He said as he placed the handle of the kunai into her hand, "Just stab this into the ground and I promise that I'll be there ok?" Naruto said as he closed the girls' hand over the handle. Moka stared at the blade for a moment looking at it before looking up at Naruto. As she looked into his eyes, she could tell that he was serious about everything. She let out a small sigh and smiled, nodding her head. "Good girl." Naruto said at he patted her head. "Let me know when you plan on finding Tsukune. I'll come and help you find him alright?" He said as he started to walk away from the girl who just smiled and nodded her head once again. With that, the blonde disappeared down the stairs back into the academy. Moka turned around and looked out over the academy grounds before lifting the blade that Naruto had just given her inspecting it in the moonlight.

"Naruto-kun…." She whispered as she continued looking at the shine that reflected off of the blade.

With Naruto:

Naruto continued walking down the hallway humming happily to himself. 'Moka-chan. She really is a kind girl. Glad that all of that awkwardness is all over with.' He thought.

"NARUTO/-KUN!" His head turned as he saw Tsukune, Kurumu, Tamao, and Eiko running in a panic his way.

"What's up guys?" Naruto asked only to be pulled by Tsukune and Kurumu back in the direction to the roof. "H-HEY!" He yelled out.

"Sorry Naruto." Tsukune said as he dragged his friend. "But we have to get to Moka-san." He said urgently. Kurumu nodded her head.

"It looks like Gin-senpai is up to something." She said, "It seems like Tsukune-kun was set up by him to make him look bad in Moka's eyes." Eiko winked at the blonde and whipped out some pictures from in between her cleavage.

"This here is proof that Ginei-kun set Tsukune-kun up." She said. Naruto looked at the pictures, showing Gin leading Tsukune to the girls' locker room window and peeking through.

"It really didn't matter anyways…" Naruto said, "But I suppose this is irrefutable proof." Tsukune looked at him.

"What do you mean?" He asked. Naruto finally got his own feet and started running with the group.

"I already talked to Moka-chan." He said. "She already agreed that she would talk to you about it and listen to your side of the story." Tsukune's eyes widened.

"Naruto…" He said happily. He really was a great friend. Hell, he's probably been the best person that he's ever known. "Thank you." He said only to get a friendly punch in the arm.

"Don't get all girly on me again." Naruto said, "Come on. Let's go." He said as they ran up the stairs.

With Moka:

Moka stood staring at the kunai for a few moments pondering about the blonde. 'What exactly does this thing do?' She wondered.

"Oh!" Came a voice from behind. She turned around and saw Gin there standing underneath the moonlight. "So this is where you've been Moka-san." He said smiling. "It's evening already. Look," He pointed to the moon. "It's a beautiful full moon tonight."

"Gin… Senpai…." Moka said slowly.

"D'ya hear about Tsukune…. Seems like he got caught peeping and he's still being confined? Are you waitin' for that guy Moka-san?" He asked as he pulled out a piece of paper from his jacekt. "I don't know who took it…. But, this picture's been goin' around." Moka looked and her eyes widened seeing Tsukune standing on a crate looking in a window. "It's the peeper." Gin said as he handed the photo to Moka. "Well, keep quite about that picture to Tsukune-kun. It's so pathetic." Gin said as he wrapped an arm around the girl. "And Moka-san, just forget about a guy like that." He looked at the girl with lust filled eyes. "Don't worry Moka-san. Tonight…. I'll counsel you…." He was about to make his move when he felt her hand forcibly remove his from her body. "Moka-san?" He asked. She then ripped the pictures in front of Gin.

"I don't believe this…." She said with some anger. "Like Nartuo-kun said…. Tsukune is my friend. And I will believe his word before I believe all these rumors that are spreading. If Tsukune said that he didn't mean to peep, then he didn't mean it! I'm going to believe in my friends!" She declared. Gin just stared at the girl for a moment before chuckling .

"Haha… Are you serious." He laughed, "How admirable! I'm falling for you harder and harder Moka-san…" Moka could feel youkai starting to gather around the teen in front of her. "Sorry Moka-san. On nights with a full moon, I'm overcome with a feeling of power and I suddenly lose all control." His canines began to lengthen as he smiled wickedly. "When my… When my emotions excite me so much…. I suddenly lose control over myself!" He cried out. Moka backed away in slight fear.

"S…Senpai?" She asked. Then Gin's body began to grow. Muscles began to increase in size, bone crunching could be heard as they rearranged themselves. Long thick fur began to grow all over his body.


"AIIEEEE!" Moka cried out as a clawed hand came at her. Moka closed her eyes putting her hands in front of her only to hear a squelching sound.

"ARRRGGGGGG!" Gin cried out as he reeled back his hand in pain. Moka opened her eyes and saw that the blade that Naruto had given her was embedded into the hand of Gin.


Moka blinked as she saw a sudden flash of yellow before saw Naruto on the back of the monstrous beast holding a curved scythe and chain at the lycans throat. Gin's eyes widened.

"YOU!" He growled out. Naruto just gave the beast a haughty wink. Gin spun around quickly as he took a swipe at the blonde only for him to dodge it by flipping away.

"Hey there Senpai!" He said brightly. "Nice night isn't it."

"Naruto-kun!" Moka cried out relieved.

"WAIT!" All three of them turned and saw Tsukune, Tamao, Kurumu, and Eiko coming through the door. Gin growled.

"How did you get out?!" He demanded. "Weren't you locked up?"

"Kurumu-chan rescued me." Tsukune said.

"Face Ginei-kun." Eiko sang out, "You're done for." She held out the photos of Gin framing Tsukune. "Told you I was one hell of a photographer." Gin didn't move for a moment looking at the pictures that Eiko had thrown down in front of him.

"Damn!" He swore. "How dare you….. Get in the way of our special moment! BACK OFF!" He roared out fully taking on his true form.

"So this is senpai's true form?!" Tsukune cried out. "A wolf! Just like his personality!" He looked over to Moka. "I've gotta save Moka-san!" He cried out.

"Tsukune!" Kurumu cried out after him worriedly. "Wait it's dangerous! A werewolf and a vampire are both equally strong monsters. Even if she does attack him directly, her chances are…." She left her sentence hanging. As Tsukune ran over to Moka, Gin sped over to stop him.


Gin's eyes widened as he narrowly avoided the giant windmill shuriken that embedded itself in front of the Lycan stopping his attempt to stop Tsukune. He growled as he looked around for the blonde only to see that the blonde was nowhere to be found.

"Looking for somebody Senpai?" Gin's eyes widened as he heard Naruto's voice directly behind him. Turning his head, he growled as he saw that the blonde had somehow gotten back onto his back once again.

"YOU! STOP INTERFERRING!" He roared as he took multiple swings at the blonde, who bobbed and weaved between his dangerous claws. Gin then went for a haymaker causing Naruto to twist his body while throwing out multiple shuriken. Their blades pierced through the air as they curved around the Lycan before he noticed the wired attached. "WHAT?!" He said as the wires tightened around his body. "RRRAAAAAA!" He snarled as he was swung around multiple times around the roof before Naruto pile drove him into the roofs' surface.

"Holy…." Tamao said in disbelief as she stared at her soon to be mate. Eiko had the same expression that the mermaid did as well. Kurumu, though not as surprised, still couldn't help but stare in wonderment at the abilities of her blonde friend.

"Is it done?" Kurumu asked. They waited patiently as the dust and debris died down.


They all heard as they stared in. Gin was bleeding slightly as he cut his way through the ninja wire binding him. "You!..." Gin panted out. "What the hell are you?!" He demanded. Naruto looked confused before pointing to himself.

"Me?" He asked. "I'm not really anyone special." He said smiling. "But she's sure something else." Naruto said as he pointed over towards Moka and Tsukune who was holding her rosario within his hand looking slightly confused. Youkai flooded throughout the entire region as Moka's body too began to change. Her hair turned silver and eyes became slitted and red. Gin stared as the girl began her transformation.

"What…. What is this?!" He cried out. "Red eyes…. Could it be?... Could she be a…. Vampire?" He continued to stare at the girl. "Heh!" He chuckled, "This is Moka-san's true form! HAHAHAHA! Awesome! Even after transforming, you still are beautiful, Moka Akashiya! I could care less that you are a vampire! I will definitely defeat you and make you my woman!" He cried out as he lunged for the girl.

"Don't mess around with me!" Moka growled before Gin grinned and disappeared in a flash causing the vampire's eyes to widen as she punched thin air.

"What are you fighting, way over there for?" She heard Gin laugh out as he appeared on the other side of the roof.

"What incredible speed!" Kurumu cried out.

"If a vampire's power is strength, then a werewolf's power is speed. And the strength of the moonlight also increases my speed!" He said as he was about to take off once again.

"Really?" A voice from behind Gin causing his eyes to widen once again. "You're fast…. But not that fast. Do you really have to talk about yourself so much?" Gin growled as he saw the blonde once again lying on his back.

"How did?..." He growled out. Everyone else gawked.

"How did he get all the way over there?" Tamao asked. Eiko was only grinning. What a fine mate he would make to the clan. Moka raised her eyebrow slightly before frowning slightly. The blonde enigma hadn't shown this kind of speed before.

"GET OFF!" Gin growled as he threw the blonde off of him before zipping off in a blur. Moka's eyes narrowed.

'He's moving so fast I can't even seen him!' She thought, 'So this is the power of a werewolf!' Her eyes widened when she also saw flashes of yellow going around the entire area. "….What is this?..." She asked trying to figure out what the hell was going on. She then felt a hand land on her shoulder. She jerked as she turned and saw that it was the blonde behind her.

"As much as I would like to kick the shit out of this perv…." Naruto grinned. "I think it would be better if you had the honors of doing it. Seeing as he is the reason why your other self was in such distress." Moka's eyes' narrowed.

"How?" She asked before Naruto smirked. Everyone blinked as both Moka and Naruto vanished in thin air.


Everyone jumped as they whipped their heads over only to see that Moka had heel kicked Gin's head into the concrete rooftop creating a crater underneath the werewolf. Few teeth could be seen lying around the crater along with the wolf's blood.

"Weakling…!" Moka scoffed. "Did you really think someone like yourself was fit to be with me? Know your place. If you're going to make a pass at me, you had better prepare your body first." Moka said before glancing over to Naruto. Naruto smiled before the girl started walking over his direction, with probably not the happiest face in the world on her face.

Once again the girl grabbed Naruto by the collar and lifted him up. "That technique…." Moka said staring into the blue eyes of Naruto. "That was no speed technique that you used…. More of a teleportation…" Naruto nodded before he got out of the girls grasp and headed towards the downed lycan. Naruto bent over and reached in the back pocket of the beast revealing the strange bladed kunai that Naruto had given to her other self.

"This is the reason for that." Naruto said grinning. "Where this little baby goes, so can I. It acts as a homing beacon for me and I can instantly appear there." Naruto smiled as the blade, "This is my father's legacy…." He said. Moka raised an eyebrow. This was the first time that she had heard anything of his past. As interested as she was in this, she had other matters she wanted to address first. "Huh?" Naruto got out before once again he found her hand covering his mouth before being slammed into the nearest wall.

"What are you doing?!" Cried out Tamao, and Kurumu. Eiko kept silent as she watch everything unfold.

"BACK OFF!" Moka glared at the two girls causing them to halt in their tracks. There was really nothing that either of them could do as this inner Moka was on an entirely different playing field than themselves. She then turned back towards the blonde whose eyes were once again wide in confusion. "I believe I said last time that I would have my answers then next time we met." She smirked, "Well guess what? I want those answers now!" She let the boys mouth go as her other hand punched directly next to his head creating a crater against the wall. "Now, Human…"She said, "How is it that you can do these things that you can do? No ordinary human can do things such as this, so what is your story?" She asked seriously looking into the blonde's eyes. "What are you?" Naruto looked back into her eyes.

"The human definition of awesome?" He tried.


"Hrg… No go?" Naruto wheezed out as he felt Moka's fist implant into his stomach. Damn that girl had one hell of a punch as a drop of blood slightly dripped out of his mouth. But he could take it. Sakura had ton a lot worst to him in the past, so this was pretty easy. She grabbed his mouth once again and pushed him against the wall.

"Wrong answer." She said. "Now once again…. What are you?" She paused for a moment waiting for the blonde's next response.

"He's a ninja." Moka heard Eiko say while Naruto widened his eyes before narrowing them at the girl. "Hey! Don't give me that look!" She said defensively. "It's your own damn fault using shuriken and kunai!"

"….A ninja?" The vampire questioned looking at the green haired girl. "And how do you know this?" She asked. Eiko just shrugged her shoulders.

"Cause I'm one too." She replied. "Though, I've never heard of a human shinobi as strong as Naruto-kun, but many of our techniques it seems they are the same." She explained. "I'm surprised that he is able to do a few of them, because there are ninjutsu that do require youkai…. So I'm not sure how he is able to do that. But, he is a shiniobi regardless." Moka nodded her head as everyone else registered the explanation that was given. Moka dropped Naruto to the floor.

"Now." She started, "Was that so hard?" She asked sweetly playfully patting his face, "I do not know why you choose to keep this information to yourself. " She said, "And there is no way, shinobi or not, a human can do the things that you can do." She said. She had heard of the infamous assassins of the dark. She even had the chance to encounter a few in her life and none of them had shown even remotely the amount of power that the blonde had displayed before her. "But, I suppose those questions can be saved for another day." She said as she turned around. She sniffed the air before looking down at her hand seeing a small amount of Naruto's blood in her palm. She stared at it for a second before grinning. "But, I suppose there is something that can be done to forgive your insolence." She said as she turned around grabbing the blonde again, lifting him in the air as she brought her mouth close to his neck.

"Oi! OI!" Naruto cried out as she held him steady.

"Shut up. Food should not speak." She said before she sunk her fangs into the blonde's neck. The rest of the groups' eyes widened and a few cries from the girls rang out as they saw the vampire start sucking his blood.

The thick red fluid was bitter as she continued to suck, but eventually the substance became sweet and delicious. She greedily sucked harder on the blonde's neck causing him to cry out in slight pain. She had never had anything like this before. She couldn't stop herself from continually drinking from this boy. The more that she consumed of the blonde's blood, the more her body craved it. She could feel herself getting aroused from the substance as she felt herself start to become wet. She moaned as her hands then began to roam across the blonde's muscular body. She unconsciously started to rub her voluptuous body against the struggling blonde.

Naruto on the other hand, could feel his head begin to become hazy as the amount of blood that the gorgeous vampire was intaking. "M..Moka-chan…" He mumbled as his face began to pale and his body began to weaken.

"THAT'S ENOUGH!" He heard a cry as water drenched the both of them. Moka hissed violently as she jumped back and snarled at the mermaid who was responsible for not only getting her wet, but taking her meal away from her.

"What are you doing you sea parasite?!" She growled as she flexed her fists. Tamao's glare did not falter as she pointed to Naruto.

"You went too far!" She said, "Just look at him! Anymore blood and you would have killed him!" She growled out. Moka looked over to Naruto who was now lying on the ground looking almost deathly white. She mumbled a few curses as she berated herself for getting too enthralled in the blonde. She couldn't help it though. Even now she could still taste the sweet and delicate blood of the blonde and her body was craving even more of the liquid. She could feel her own arousal and her body craving more of the blonde. She sniffed the air as she smelt her own hormonal fluids causing her to turn around swiftly and snatch the rosario from Tsukune.

"Whatever…" She mumbled, "The next time he and I meet, I will get more answers from him." She said before she put on the rosario reverting back to the bubbly pink haired Moka. She fell as Tsukune cried out catching her. Tamao sighed.

"That damn girl…" She said as she rubbed her temples.

"I don't think that she's ever going to change." Kurumu muttered. "Definitely like this Moka a lot better though." Tamao nodded her head in agreement.

"Now to take care of Naruto…." She said as she turned around only to find that there was no Naruto on the ground…. Or anywhere to be found for that matter. "Where'd he go?!" She cried out panicking.

"Oh." Tsukune piped in. "Eiko-san said that she was going to take him to the infirmary for some sort of specialized treatment. I don't really know what that means, but she looked really excited to take him there if you ask me." Tsukune hummed to himself. Tamao and Kurumu blinked for a moment before a dark aura of youkai could be felt radiating off of the two of them. Tsukune gulped as he took a step backwards hanging onto Moka.

"Kurumu-chan…" Tamao said eerily calmly.

"Tamao-chan…" Kurumu said in the same voice before the both of them lit off like a rocket heading for the infirmary. Tsukune breathed a sigh of relief as the girls vanished.

"Good luck with that Naruto…" He said before his readjusted Moka and started heading for the infirmary himself.

Days Later:

"Nya… I'm sorry about everything that has happened." Shizuka-sensei apologized to her club members. Earlier that day, the newspaper club had finished distributing out their first edition of the schools newspaper that they worked on. Headliner stating the truth of who the true peeper was and that Tsukune was the scapegoat for Gin's entire operation. As a result of the fact and for the other disturbances that were manufactured because of the event, Gin had been suspended from the school for two weeks and his title in the newspaper club was stripped from him as well.

Naruto had recovered basically the next day from his little blood donation. Though, there were many questions pertaining to him being a shinobi by his friends. Since the cat was already out of the bag, he just admitted to the fact and left it as that. It was amusing to see Tsukune's reaction though. The fact that his best friend was a mysterious assassin that fought in the dark. Naruto did notice that Moka had a hard time being around the blonde for any length of time. In fact, the girl had hardly muttered a single word to the blonde since the incident. Every time that he would talk to her, her face would turn bright red and she would run off saying that she had something that she needed to get done.

"Well because of this small little incident," Shiuzka said, "We now currently have a seat open for the president of the club." Everyone looked around as they wondered who would be the new president. "Fortunately, a new transfer student has come to our academy recently who was the president of her schools newspaper club as well." Shizuka smiled. "I spoke with her briefly and she has agreed to lend us her experience and join the club. You may come in now!" She called out.

The door opened in walked another busty green haired girl wearing their schools uniform. She walked briskly as she took a seat on the teachers desk sitting in a provocative pose showing off her black laced panties to the person in front of her…. Who was inadvertently Naruto. She giggled as she saw the blonde's reaction as he tried desperately to find somewhere else to look causing all of the girls there to growl slightly at this girl.

"My name is Morrigan Aensland." She cooed to the blonde in front of her. Both Moka's and Kurumu's eyes narrowed as they heard this girl speak. They had never met her….. But there was something off with this new girl. Morrigan stroked one of Naruto's whiskered cheeks gently causing him to shutter slightly. "I think that we can become great friends ne?" She winked at the blonde before he was taken up into the busts of both Eiko and Tamao.

"Hands off hussy!" Eiko said.

"He's ours!" Tamao stated causing Morrigan to smirk.

"Oh really?" She said softly before both Eiko and Tamao were pulled off by an angry looking Moka and Kurumu.

"He's not yours either!" Moka declared.

"We're not going to hand off our friend to just any whore!" Kurumu declared. This started the major cat fight that occurred between the girls, where clawing, name calling, and clothes ripping proceeded in front of both Naruto and Tsukune, who both just sighed.

"Ramen?" Naruto asked as he held up a steaming bowl of ramen in front of Tsukunes face.

"Man. How do you always have these things steaming hot?" He asked as he took the bowl before sitting down and watching the fight run its course. Naruto shrugged.

"I'm a ninja." He said plainly taking a bite of ramen. "You know…. Sneaky sneaky like." Tsukune just shook his head in disbelief smiling, Shizuka-sensei on the other hand was fretting over the massive fight that had occurred between her students. Both Naruto and Tsukune sighed as they ate their ramen slightly amused at the display that the girls were giving them.


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