"Aah!" I jerk out of bed and breathe fast. "What was that terrible noise?" I moan. I blink and notice the scowling figure of Loudred standing in the doorway. After noticing that everyone is awake, he leaves. I can hear him yelling into other rooms as well. "Urgh..." I groan. I can't think of anything. Um…oh, yeah…I think I was in a guild…Oh! Right! Shaking myself, I remember everything again.

"Ugh…" I hear another voice. It's Servine. "I'll never get used to that…"

"Our wonderful alarm clock…" adds Kirlia as Loudred walks past the doorway. He makes a face at her before he leaves.

"C'mon. Let's go to the morning address," sighs Chimecho. To me, she adds, "You'll learn it pretty soon. If you want, I'll go over it with you tonight."

"Okay. Thanks!"

We walk into the main room. Everyone else is still rubbing their eyes or shaking themselves. I take a spot next to a little blue Pokémon as they begin.

"ONE! DON'T SHIRK WORK! TWO! RUN AWAY AND PAY! THREE! SMILES GO FOR MILES!" Ugh, rhyming. How. Sappy. But effective. Very effective.

"Okay, Pokémon! Time to get to work!" sings Chatot.

"HOORAY!" Everyone goes to do their daily jobs while I'm stuck without a clue what to do. I walk around until Chatot calls my name.

"Yep, that's how your parents were at first! Your job is simple: take jobs from the Outlaw Notice Board or the Job Bulletin Board and do them. Of course, you're a novice, so you should only take E or D rank jobs. Well? If that's all, then hop to it!" Chatot flaps away.

"Okay…" I climb up the ladder to go to the next floor. I am examining the Outlaw Notice Board for E or D rank jobs when the little blue Pokémon I was standing next to during the morning address and another older one approach me.

"Excuse me? You're Squirrel, right?" asks the older one timidly. I nod. "I'm Marill. This is my little brother, Azurill. You've probably heard this a lot, but…"

"You knew my parents? Yep, they told me a lot about you. You're apprenticing here now? Good for you! How are you doing in your training?" Boy, Mom and Dad talked about these little guys! They always told me about the whole Drowzee incident, along with the Water Float incident, and the incident about Azurill's dreams. Oh, let me tell you, I was sick, sick, sick of hearing about these guys. But I can't tell them that. They seem so sweet, anyway. "How is your mother, Mom mentioned she was sick…"

"Oh, she's doing a lot better," says Azurill happily. "And we're doing good in our training! We're getting stronger. Not much stronger, but it's lots better."

"Good," I reply in a friendly tone.

"We gotta get to work," says Marill, "but we should all hang out sometime. It would be so fun!"

"Yep. See you around!" I call as they leave. I return my attention to the bulletin board. I pinpoint a good job and am about to grab it when—

"Stand clear, everyone! I'm updating the Outlaw Board!" It's Servine's voice. I jump back in shock (how many things are going to make me jump out of my skin here?!) as the panel flips forward. I watch for a moment and I start to walk away when the panel flips again. This time, all new jobs are posted on the board.

"Guess nobody explained that to you," a voice says. I look around only to see three heads pop up in front of me. It's Dugtrio. "Servine's job is to update the panels. The jobs get old and get done, so the panels need to get updated. That was my dad's job before he retired. I soon evolved into Dugtrio, but I used to be called Diglett."

"Yup, my parents knew you," I sigh.

"Correct," replies Dugtrio. He blushes slightly. "I guess I'd better stop shirking my work. See you!" He goes back into the ground.

"Man. Everyone knows my parents." Shaking my head, I return to the Outlaw Notice Board. I pick out a few jobs to do and I go outside to explore before I go rescue other Pokémon. I see a hole in the ground with some stairs outside of Treasure Town. Interesting. The sign says, "Spinda's Café." I go in.

"Why, hello!" A Pokémon wobbles over to me. "I'm Spinda. This is my Café! Please, sit down and enjoy some relaxing drinks, or you can enjoy some recycling over at the other side with Wynaut and Wobbufet. Whatever you choose, you will enjoy!" He bows and spins back over to his spot. Though I'm officially creeped out, I decide that it wouldn't hurt to walk in. I get an Oran Berry Shake and then I realize that there aren't any tables available…

"Eh…" I moan as I look around.

"Hey!" a voice calls to me. "You can sit here!" It's a Pokémon that looks like a sunflower. I sit down across from her at her table. "I'm Sunflora," she chirps. "Are you new here? Because I haven't seen you before."

"Yup, I'm new. Let me guess…you trained at the guild?" She nods with a bright grin. "Thought so. I guess you knew two Pokémon named Thunder and Flame… I'm their daughter, and I'm training now…"

"Eeek! I remember them! They were sooo cute when they first came, and now, they're all grown up with a daughter?! Eeeeee! Are they here?" Sunflora is sooo perky. It's a bit annoying.


"Oh well! And you're apprenticing! How fun!" She sighs sadly. "I miss the guild….I graduated a long time ago. But I'm back in Treasure Town! I can't wait to see everyone again! Oh, by the way…is Loudred there? Because he graduated about the same time as I did. I wonder where he is now…"

"He's working at the guild. I actually thought he was still an apprentice…" Wow. Weird.

"Huh! I wonder why he's still there…" Sunflora gets up. "I need to solve this mystery. I'll see you later, Squirrel!" She hops off.

"Ugh, thank goodness," I sigh to myself. She was so bright and colorful, I couldn't stand it!

"Hey, Squirrel," says a voice. I turn around to see Golbat. "That was Sunflora, right?"

"Yeah. She's nice…"

"Too perky?"

"Yes!" I breathe. "It was exhausting! You can sit down."

"Kay. Lemme get a drink first." He gets an Oran Berry Shake, just like me!

"Hey!" I laugh. "That's what I've got, too."

"For real? That's cool," replies Golbat. He sits down in the chair I pulled up.

We chat about random things for a while. It turns out he's as much of a rebel as I am, except about the whole exploring thing. "Hey, Golbat, I have a question. Why did you sign up to be a part of the guild? Why did you quit that Team Skull?" I would sooo join Team Skull. It sounds kind of awesome.

"Well, you see. I was the lowest member. I was getting tired of being treated like dirt, so I was like, 'See ya!' I could have joined another team, true, but I decided to be my own Pokémon. No more team leaders unless it's me. So this was the only place to train. I figured that it wouldn't be too much torture. And now that I'm here, I've gotta say it's kinda grown on me. 'Course, all of the happy-go-lucky stuff is wasted on me; I still live for robbing those Kecleon Shops." Golbat eyes me as he sips his drink. "What about you, Miss Famous Parents? How'd you get stuck here?"

"You said it: my famous parents," I groan as I put a paw on my forehead. "They wanted me to be an explorer against my will." I grin and get my signature defiant glint in my eye. "So I'm setting out to become the worst explorer this guild has ever known."

"Nice!" cackled Golbat, high fiving me with his wing.

"Thank you," I reply. "I try, man. I try."

"Listen, I gotta go," sighs Golbat. "Need to go do those jobs I took off the board. And so do you…sorta. But we gotta hang out some more, 'kay?"

"You know it!" I reply with a grin. He leaves. I finish my shake and check my job list. "Okay. So it's Wailmer in the Beach Cave with an Oran Berry?" Hah. Clue.

I walk through the first floor of the cave, not bothering to climb the stairs. Eventually I faint from hunger. Chatot looks disapprovingly at me when he sees that I failed, but he dismisses it. Probably because it's my first day. Golbat sneaks a look at me as he returns and winks with a grin that I return.

Golbat and I chat a bit more during supper, and then it's off to bed.

"Sooo? How was your first mission?" giggles Servine.

"Stupid," I reply.

"Stupid how?" gasps Servine. "Did…did you fail?"

"Yes." Yeah, but that's not why it was stupid. It's stupid because…well, you guys already know.

"Ooh! I'm so sorry to hear that!" says Servine. "You'll do better next time. I'm sure of it."

"Okay." Not on your life.

After Servine and Chimecho fall asleep, I am lying awake in bed when Kirlia's voice startles me. "You're doing it on purpose." It's not a question. "It's okay. They sleep like rocks."

"Oh. Well, I don't know what you're…"

"Save it. I know because I started failing on purpose when I first got here."

"…Fine. You're right, I am failing on purpose. I didn't ask for my parents to dump me here," I snort. "Why were you failing on purpose?"

"…I don't want to talk about it."

"Then why did you bring it up?!" I am somehow able to transform this into a whisper.

"I wanted you to know that I know. And you're making a mistake." Kirlia yawns. "That's all I'm saying." Then, I can hear quiet snoring coming from her bed.

"Hey!" I whisper. "What do you mean, I'm making a mistake?"

No answer. Jerk.

"Fine, whatever." I turn over and eventually fall asleep.

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