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(Squirrel's POV)

I'm walking out of Wigglytuff's chamber, feeling happy due to my reconciliation with Kirlia's parents, when I suddenly hear a roar and a shriek of "Thunder, no!"

What the-?!

I skid into the hall, where Mom and Treecko are trying to hold Dad back from tearing Dusclops apart. "What's going on?!"

Dad yells, "I'm trying to get to this maniac and rip out his—"

Mom butts in and cries, "This Pokémon is apparently someone from our past, and, eh…we didn't get along, to say the least!"

"I can see that," I comment dryly. I jump in between Dad and Dusclops. "Please stop, Dad!"

"Don't you understand?! He's evil!"

"Reformed, actually," Dusclops manages to get out, otherwise frozen in fear. Reformed, huh? Neat, antiheroes are pretty cool. I sometimes consider myself an antihero, actually. I'm just cool like that.

"Sure you are," hisses Dad, "and I've totally forgiven you for everything you've done to us. Not a chance!"

Treecko, who has released Dad, clears his throat. "Can I say something?" Everyone turns to him. "Um…If it makes any difference, I would trust Dusclops here with my life."

"WHAAAT?!" everyone cries.

"That's right. We had an experience after we returned to the future, and became friends. Even Dialga became good again. Yes, in the future as well." He looks around, as if becoming aware of all of the eyes on him, and looks at the ground. "Yeah. Sooo, um, please trust him…he's the only Pokémon from the future that I know of right now…and he's actually a really great guy when you get to know him…"

Dad finally relents. "Are you absolutely…"


"In that case…" Dad moves forward and envelops Treecko in a hug, and pats Dusclops on the shoulder. "I missed you!"

Mom nods. "As did I. My, you two have…gotten…younger…ehm."

Treecko sighs. "Yeah. I'm about fifteen now, and I think I was about thirty when you met me. I'm still the same Grovyle, though! I'll mature soon."

"I'm sure you will," Mom says with a smile. She and Treecko hug. She walks over to Dusclops, who's looking down at the ground with a frown, and she hugs him too, much to his surprise.

I'm standing there, gaping. "What…what do you guys even…how do you know each other?!"

Bibarel (whoa, when'd he get here?) pads over to me and whispers, "I think it'd be best to let them alone. They all have a history together…I'll explain everything later, yup yup."

"Oh…all right." I follow him out.

"…What?! That's Grovyle and Dusknoir?!" I shriek. Bibarel and I are standing on the beach, and he's just explained everything. Dude, I am totally in shock. Just…whoa.

"Yup. That's exactly how Dusclops, no, wait, Dusknoir, I suppose, explained it all, by golly. Every single word!"

"That's in-sane. And really cool!" I cry. And I think so, it's super neat! Gonna have to talk to Tempo about this. Who's Temp…oh, Mom and Dad actually recruited Dialga. I know because I grew up knowing him. Yup. Seriously.

"You think? Well, I suppose it is interesting," muses Bibarel. "I myself only thought it kooky, to be perfectly honest."

"Can't argue with that. But if it has to do with Mom and Dad, it's gonna be kooky. I'm a bit shocked at how shocked this makes me," I admit.

"Shucks, it makes sense to be so flabbergasted. Grovyle and Dusknoir…who would've thought it? I'm still in shock!"

"Haha, shock," I muse aloud. "I said shocked twice and then you said shock, and…I'm an Electric type," I chuckle. "Shock shock shock! I'll shock you!"

Bibarel pales. "D-d-don't! I'm a Water type, by golly!"

He thought I was serious? Nice. I guess I could have a little fun with him. "I dunno…I'm getting pretty bored…and I've got a bunch of extra electricity here…I may need to shock something to get rid of it all. Or someone." I turn towards Bibarel with an evil grin. "Hello, prey."

"YELP!" screeches Bibarel as he zooms away. I block his path, electricity sparkling from my paws.

"Any last words?"

"SAND ATTACK!" he cries as he throws sand in my eyes. Ouch, man!

"Aah! I can't see!" I whine, stumbling about and finally collapsing on the sand in mock defeat. Bibarel seems to think that I'm actually down, and he moves close to inspect me.

"Squirrel? Are you…"

"SNEAK ATTACK!" I shriek, pulling him down onto the sand next to me. We laugh and throw sand at each other for a while, but it gets pretty painful (especially since I'm an Electric type) and Bibarel has to flush our eyes of the sand. It's gotten pretty late; the sun is setting. "Hey. It's sunset."

"Really? By golly, I didn't know it was sunset! You know what they say, time flies when you're having fun!" chuckles my companion. He stands up and brushes himself off. "We'd better get down to supper, yup yup!"

I turn to look at him, my stomach squirming. Why it's doing that, I have no idea. I ask quietly, "You mind hanging back? I want to watch the sunset."

Bibarel pauses, and pads back with a smile. "Sure."

We sit in silence as we watch the sun go down. It's so peaceful…so pretty…I feel my eyes droop in contentment…

"Beautiful…" sighs Bibarel. Wow, that guy really likes sunsets from the way he just said that!

I nod. "Isn't it? Can you believe I've never sat and watched a—"

"I wasn't talking about the sunset, Squirrel." I look at him, confused, and—oh.


...He's gazing at me adoringly…Um. Uh. What should I—?!

"Welp," I say loudly, standing up. "Gosh, am I hungry, we should've gone back awhile ago. C'mon, then!" I laugh nervously, walking off at a brisk pace.

How do I feel about this? Well, I feel kinda guilty and yet…fluttery. Like happy. What, is this gonna be some sappy love story now, where I find love or something? I don't do romance. Not like I'm all "I forsake all men" or anything, I just haven't found anyone I…y'know. Like. I'm not gonna have to worry my head over Bibarel or anything…


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