A Rift In Time

Disclaimer: I own just the story and my own characters

The character used in this story is my khajiit in Skyrim... his name is Will

Will's POV

"Not much longer Arvark." I told the horse. I was headed to labyrinthion to put up the eighth Dragon priest mask. I couldn't wait till I got that treasure. I was smileing to my self as I thought of how much gold it would give me (not that it mattered with a small fortune of 50000 gold on me already) when I noticed that there was a rift in the world like at 'The Throat Of The World'. Wondering what I could learn from this I quickly dismounted and pulled out my Elder Scroll. Reading it I got the familiar stain in my eyes, but I felt as if being ripped apart and started to black out the last thing I remember was a large desert surrounding me.