What The Hell?

Disclaimer: see ch.1

italics are thought sent or thought

bold yelled

underlined is a shout

Eragon's POV

Saphira how are you holding up? I asked

Fine but I will need to rest soon. She said

All right I will let Murgath know.

Thank you.

I sped up to Murgath and told him we would need to stop soon.

"As long as it's short I don't want those kull to catch up." he said

I told him that would be fine and told Saphira who also agreed that it should be short.

Within 10 minutes we had stopped and Saphira had gone off to hunt I took this chance to check up on Arya. Things weren't going well if we didn't reach the Varden soon, she would die.

Saphira soon returned and told us that the kull are catching up. We hurriedly packed up and set back off.

Will's POV

As I slowly regained consciousness I realized that I was still in the desert I saw before passing out. Shit I thought. How am I still here. Something must of been different about that rift. I really should of found out more about it before reading the Elder Scroll.

As I started getting up I decided to drink one of my health potions to make sure that I was ok. When I drank it I realized just how tired I was.

LASS YAH NIR (Aura whisper for those who don't know).

Hmm three people west and over 100 east and headed for them. I'll go see who those three are.

Summoning Arvark I headed in their direction.

3 hours later

I soon realized something was wrong when I checked if I was going the right direction. I realized that the third person was gone. Looking for the red glow that signified them I realized that a dragon had them!

A dragon! I thought to myself. A dragon has them! I will save them.

Pushing Arvark harder I quickly caught up with them and sped past them and quickly yelled, JOOR ZUH FRUL, forcing the dragon to the ground. I then pulled out my swords Dragon Bane and Chillrend to attack it as soon as it landed, when I was tackled from behind and held down, but before I was bound and gagged, I saw the glow of dragonrend forcing the dragon to land.

Eragon's POV

As we traveled I got a strange message from Saphira saying someone on a horse was coming toward us. I asked her if it was a kull and she told me it wasn't, but it wasn't human, elven, or even dwarven. I agreed that it was strange but told her it was fine as long as they weren't a threat. Agreeing with me we rode on.

Suddenly we were over taken by the mysterious rider and I saw that he was headed straight for Saphira. He yelled out some strange thing and pulled out two swords. Before I could even react Murgath tackled him from behind and proceeded to gag and bind him. When I looked at his its face I was shocked. He looked like a cat. We eventually decided to put him on his horse and see what the varden thought of him.