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10 Years Later

Dick and Zatanna were going up the stairs. They were both following Bruce Wayne. The man had given Bruce the big scissors so he could cut the red ribbon that was tied to each side of the door of the orphanarium. Dick and Zatanna stood close to him while they all smiled for the cameras.

It only took one cut and the ribbon was undone. Then screams and claps were billowing everywhere. They saw all of the orphans go to the new building with wonder. Zatanna looked at each and everyone of them as their faces light up, which really makes her smile too. Although what really grabbed her attention was this kid that had raven colored hair with blue eyes sort of similar to his and Dick. He looked really familiar.

Dick saw Zatanna's curiosity and whispered to her, "What's the matter Zee?"

"Well do you know who that is," She nodded her direction to the boy, "I feel like I know him or something."

Dick looked at the young man. And then his eyes started to get bigger, "It can't be."

"Who is it." Zatanna said eagerly.

"I think it's James."

Both of them stared at James for a long time because they didn't really expect him to be there. They wondered what happened to his family because what would a kid be doing in an orphanage unless you're there to stay.

All day they kept on looking at him. Also they even checked on what happened to his parents through Dick's detective skills, "Zatanna, I found out why James is here."

"What happened?" She asked.

"It says in the folder that his parents died in a car crash a year ago." He had a frown on at this moment.

Zatanna was shocked, "Oh my gosh."

"Yeah." He sighed.

They both talked more for some time. While that was happening some kids were teasing on James. James keeps on ignoring them, but it didn't work. It ended to the part where they were all screaming at each other. Dick turned around and saw the quarreling.

He went in between them and stopped before it got worst. He pulled James by the side. Zatanna went up to them walking rapidly on her heels, "Are you okay?"

James nodded shyly.

Zatanna had a big smile on, "So why were they teasing you?"

"They're making fun of me because I don't have any parents and I live here." He frowned.

"You don't like it here?" Dick asked.

"No, I mean I don't want to be hear all alone. I just want to go home."

Dick puts a hand on his shoulder, "Don't worry it gets better."

Zatanna smirked, "So you just want a home."

Dick knew where this was going and he wanted to make sure Zatanna was thinking what he thought she was thinking too. He goes to her side as thy both whispered in silence secretly discussing about all this.

"Oh come on, we've been married for like almost a year now." Zatanna was pleading.

"I don't know about this Zee."

"Please, you were adopted too. And we both know who James is. And this time you don't have to change his diaper."

Dick whispered, "Well I know that, but we can' just get a kid."

"Why not?"


James cleared his throat to get their attention, "You know I'm still here."

They both looked at him. Zatanna looked at Dick with one more of those puppy dog eyes. He finally nodded in agreement. Then Zatanna started saying, "James how would you feel like if we would adopt you?"

James mouth was wide open, "Me? Adopt me?"

The two nodded at the same time. James hugged them with full force, "Yes!"

Dick and Zatanna both laughed. Bruce went right behind them, "What did I miss."

"Hey, Bruce. This is James."

Then Zatanna spoke up, "Yeah and we're going to adopt him."

Bruce's mouth and eyes were wide open, "What?"


2 Weeks Later

Artemis and Wally were both sitting in a cafe next to each with their hands entwined together while waiting for their best friends. It wasn't until a couple of minutes that Dick and Zatanna came through the cafe doors. Zatanna and Artemis exchanged hugs while Wally and Dick did their own manly hug which came after a handshake.

They all sat back in their seats. Dick asks, "So did you guys have fun in your anniversary."

They both laughed, "Yeah we did."

Artemis asked, "So where's James? I heard you guys really adopted him."

Wally laughed, "I thought you guys just wanted to mess with Bruce's head."

All of them laughed. Zatanna said, "He's in school right now."

Wally said, "See I knew you two were good parents."

Dick rolled her eyes, "So Artemis. Is there something you should tell us?"

Artemis's eyes were wide open, "Gosh! You're such a sneaky troll."

Zatanna was confused, "Woah what's happening."

"Your bat of a husband just ruined the surprise." Artemis complained.

"What's the surprise?" She asked.

Wally was all jumpy in his seat, "I'm going to be a dad!"

Zatanna squealed and went to Artemis seat to hug her. Wally and Dick did a fist bump. Dick says, "Congrats dude."


They tried to stay calm and back seating in their seat as they ordered their food. When that was done; Wally started talking again, "You know I've been thinking about it and this is just like those 5 days."

The remembrance of those 5 days made them have a head ache. Some were bad, some were good, some were just down right abasement. Wally wanted to continue his sentence, "I mean when you think about it. You two have James again, me and Arty are already married, Kaldur and Raquel are in their yearly vacation in Hawaii right now, but I guess the good part to this is that no one is in a closet."

The rest of them thought about it and they thought it was sort of like those awkward days. They both laughed as they shared their agreements. Then Artemis and Zatanna's phone started buzzing because someone had texted them both.

"Who texted you?" Zatanna asked to Artemis.

"Megan." She answered.

"Me too."

They looked at the message and it says: Help the twins are out of control with their powers AGAIN! Me and Conner are hiding in the closet downstairs! Help!

"Woah, now that's de ja vu."

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