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"Alright, you bitches have exactly thirty seconds to explain why you did sent a wedding invite to Yagura and Mei but did not feel the need to send me one."

Naruto and Hinata took a step back out of instinct as Anko approached them. They did not think anything of it when their former jōnin-sensei, upon returning to Konoha, asked to meet with them in the Forest of Death for training. Upon arrival, though, they quickly realized something was very off.

The amount of killing intent leaking out of Anko was astronomical. It was only made worse by the eerie smile on her face as she slowly approached them.

"L-Look, Anko-sensei, we were going to invite you!" Naruto stated sharply as he reached into his pocket and pulled out her invite: "W-We were going t-to give it to you in person!"

"But you still invited them first." Anko noted, chuckling slightly. The sound of her 'laughter' caused both Naruto and Hinata to stiffen. "And of course you both 'conveniently' have my invite now that this was brought up."

"S-Seriously!" Hinata shook her head: "Th-This was super spur of the moment! Naruto asked me literally the day after you left!"

"And we just sent out invites to people outside of Konoha. T-T-To all the people in Konoha, we've been giving them in person!' Naruto insisted, his grip on Anko's invite shaking: "H-How the hell was I supposed to know my toad summons would deliver the invites so fast out of the village?"

Anko did not reply and only took a few more steps forward. Naruto and Hinata continued to step back, but Anko moved faster than them and was now in front of them. The two tensed-up, preparing for her to strike at them in some way.

Instead, Anko reached out to both of them, pulling the two into a hug. Both of their eyes widened as she tightened her grip on them, a grin on her face.

"Just let me give some type of speech or something and I won't kill you two." She told them as her eyes started to redden slightly: "I'm so proud of you both, and so happy for you two."

The tension went away immediately as Naruto and Hinata quickly returned her hug, both smiling widely as well.

"Of course you can speak at our wedding." Hinata told her as they broke apart from the hug.

"Thanks Anko-sensei." Naruto said, smiling.

The clearing was quiet for a moment as Anko rubbed at her eyes, getting rid of any of the redness. A few more seconds passed by before her grin widened as she stared at Hinata.

"When you pop out a kid, I want to be the godmother of the first one." She stated.

Hinata's eyes widened and her cheeks turned a newly-discovered color of red: "K-Kid?"

"Oi, not happening." Naruto shook his head: "Besides the fact that Hanabi probably gets first dibs, you'd be a shit godmother and you know that. You'd be a terrible role model!"

Anko snorted in response: "That's ironic hearing that from the guy who has Jiraiya as his godfather!"

"What's wrong with Ero-sennin?" Naruto asked, scowling. "Sure he's a pervert, but he's a great shinobi. He's perfect for me!"

"And I'm not a good enough shinobi for yours?" Anko nearly growled as she began channeling chakra, her killing intent returning: "Hinata, sorry, but I'm gonna make you a widow before you're even married. Your fiancée needs to die!"

Immediately, Anko tackled Naruto as the two began to spar in the Forest of Death, throwing out jutsu-after-jutsu at one another. Hinata, however, barely paid attention to them as her brain was, instead, focusing still on Anko's request.

'… Kid?!'

'Naruto and I... having a child!?'

Despite parting ways from Naruto and Anko after watching their spar, Hinata could not get the thought out of her head. Even as she walked through the streets of Konoha, Anko's words repeated in her head over-and-over again.

Two different visions appeared in her mind: a blonde-haired girl with whisker-like marks on her cheeks with the pale-colored eyes of the Byakugan, and a blue-haired boy with bright blue eyes, who was practicing fūinjutsu on a sealing paper. With each passing second, more and more children with different combinations of their family genes came into her mind, and as her visions switched from child to child, the blush on her cheek grew darker and darker.

This was not the first time she had envisioned having a family with Naruto, but it always seemed like she was thinking about some event that would be happening well into the future. But with their engagement set in stone and wedding plans underway, that 'far off future' looked much closer than she had ever assumed.

'Do… Do we have just one? Two? Five?' She yelped slightly at the thought as her blush threatened to stain her cheeks permanently: 'Do we…'

"Hinata? Well, this is a surprise! What are you doing all the way out here?"

The Hyūga's eyes widened as she was pulled out of her thoughts and came face-to-face with Iruka. She blinked for a moment, the blush on her cheeks lightening slightly, as she began to truly notice her surroundings.

Despite the dreamy state she was in, she had reached her destination: the Konohagakure Ninja Academy.

The blush had completely vanished from her face now as she bowed her head: "Iruka-sensei, it is good to see you again. I hope you're well!"

"I'm doing fine." Iruka chuckled as he brought a hand behind his head: "My injuries from the invasion have fully healed now, so I'm able to teach again normally."

"Oh, how is this group?" Hinata asked, tilting her head slightly. "You have another batch of genin about to graduate, right?"

"They're good. I'm sure they'll all make fine shinobi." Iruka said with a smile. His eyes then narrowed slightly on his former student: "Are you planning on registering as a jōnin-sensei?"

"I am, actually." She nodded her head as she brought her hands together: "Maybe not this group, though. I do need to get a little stronger myself before I think I can focus my attention on students. But I really do want to take on a genin team."

"You want the group after this one…" Iruka brought his hand to his chin in thought before his smile widened: "Actually, that would be perfect. I think in that class, I have the perfect three for you. Just fill your paperwork with the Hokage and we can make it happen."

"That would be amazing! Thank you Iruka-sensei!" Hinata grinned in response.

The chūnin shook his head in response: "Hey, no need to call me 'sensei' anymore. You outrank me, and you definitely outclass me as a shinobi."

Hinata's cheeks reddened slightly in response: "D-Don't say that. I still learned a lot from the academy that gave me a good foundation to become who I am today."

"If you say." Iruka chuckled in response. "By the way, congratulations on your engagement! I already RSVP'd with Naruto, but I ought to let you know that I am more than excited to come!"

"Thank you- Oh!" Hinata's eyes widened as she shook her head in recollection: "I almost forgot what I came by for! Iruka-sensei, would I be able to ask you something?"

Her former teacher tilted his head slightly: "Sure."

"It's about the wedding actually." Hinata said before a nervous expression developed on her face: "It, uh… concerns our venue. Naruto and I were wondering…"

"God, how the hell do you hit so hard still?" Naruto hissed, glaring at his former jōnin-sensei. "Still feels like how it did sparring with you when I was a genin!"

Anko grinned in response as she flexed her right arm: "Cause no matter how much you've grown up, I've gotten stronger too!" She then gripped a sake bottle tightly with her left hand: "Aaaannnnnddd, to the victor goes the spoils!"

The Uzumaki grumbled in response, his right hand going to his pocket and gripping his wallet tightly. After Anko managed to beat him in their spar, she decided that the necessary reward for her victory was a trip to her personal favorite bar in Konoha, with Naruto covering her tab.

"Just don't get wasted already." He stated, shaking his head. "It's like, what, eleven o'clock, dammit!"

"Daytime drinking is nice too." Anko chuckled in response as she chugged her bottle of sake entirely. She then gestured towards the bartender to grab another bottle, which caused Naruto's eyes to widen. She noticed him gripping onto his wallet for a moment, which caused her laughter to grow louder: "See how it feels, bitch? This is payback for all those Ichiraku tabs I've picked up!"

The Uzumaki rubbed the back of his head in response: "Th-This is getting a little much, y'know? You know I was kidding earlier right?" His eyes softened as a smile developed on his face: "If Hinata and I have two kids, of course you'll be the godmother to the second one."

"It's too late to get my forgiveness with sweet words." Anko noted. The bartender brought her another bottle of sake, which she gladly reached for: "You'll only be forgiven once I'm too drunk to remember why you pissed me off!"

He groaned in response: "Uggghhh, with your tolerance that's gonna take forever."

"Again, that's on you. If you didn't want to pay up, you should have won." She shrugged as she took a quick sip of her liquor: "After all, you held back quite a bit in that spar. When I started to take it seriously, you didn't."

"Well of course I held back." Naruto replied, sighing: "I'm still figuring how to use Bijū Mode in a 'lighter' way. I'm not trying to kill you, so I'd rather not accidentally do so."

"Oh come on, have a little faith in me. I wouldn't go down easily just because you brought out some overpowered jinchūriki bullshit." Anko replied, taking a longer sip from her drink. Naruto frowned in response, which prompted her to sigh as she placed her bottle down for a moment: "No for real, it'd be nice to see a little more of what you're capable of. Need to know where you're at in order to try and keep up."

"Keep up?" Naruto blinked in response before he shook his head: "If you and I actually fought for real – like to kill each other – I think you could actually beat me-"

"You just said you'd have to try to not 'accidentally' kill me." Anko interrupted, frowning back at her former student: "If that's not a sign that the power dynamic between us has switched, then I don't know what is." She sighed once again: "All I'm saying though is that I'm not weak. I need to see what I'm fully competing with so I can try and catch up to you. It's sorta humiliating that I already have one of my students ahead of me so much."

"… Ah." Naruto sighed, rubbing the back of his head: "Well, the next time we spar, I'll remember that. I'll… I'll fight you with Bijū Mode active."

"You better." Anko noted as she drunk from her bottle of sake, finishing it. She signaled for the bartender to replace it with another one before she turned her focus back to Naruto: "Hope you give the same treatment to Shikamaru and Hinata too. I know they aren't going to like you being so far ahead of them either."

"I… I know." Naruto said with a sigh.

"… Having said all of that, I am proud of you. While there is some embarrassment on my end, having trained a student as strong as you is a really cool feeling." Anko admitted. She reached over to the blond, patting him on the back: "It's been surreal watching you grow up, Whiskers, you know that?"

"D-Don't make me blush." Naruto muttered, a tint of pink developing on his cheeks.

"Oh, so your wife-to-be is finally rubbing off on you, huh?" Anko asked with a loud laugh. "Glad to see!"

"Shut up!' He hissed in response.

Anko continued to laugh, and after a few seconds, Naruto joined her and began to laugh as well. He then grabbed his own bottle of sake for the first time and then turned to face his former jōnin-sensei. The two clinked their bottles for a moment as they shared a drink. After they both completely finished their bottles, they placed their drinks on the bar counter before continuing their talk.

"So, it's in six months, right?" Anko asked: "How big of a thing you both planning on doing?"

"I don't think it's that big of a group, but Ero-sennin still seemed annoyed by who we were planning on inviting." Naruto grumbled. His eyebrow then raised: "By the way, we were thinking of inviting that Zabuza guy for you. Would he like going?"

"Huh?" Anko blinked: "I don't think he'd care one way or the other. He'd probably come though, just to see Konoha." Her eyebrow then raised: "Why would you invite him 'for me' though?"

"Oh, no reason." The Uzumaki chuckled in response.

Anko's eyes narrowed for a moment in suspicion before she shrugged her shoulders: "So, any-"


Both Naruto and Anko tensed slightly as the floor of the bar opened directly behind them. A small, brown mole wearing sunglasses and holding a scroll jumped out of the hole and landed directly on the bar counter in front of Naruto and Anko.

The bartender and the other patrons were staring at the little mole with wide eyes, with some of the more drunker patrons looking almost a little afraid. Noticing the attention on it, the mole proceeded to jump in the air once more, doing a flip, before landing back on the countertop. He then did a bow as the patrons all started to clap and cheer.

"Thank you. Thank you." The mole said with a chuckle: "I'll do as many encores as you like, but I'm only gonna be here for the next minute or two."

"Hmph." The bartender scowled for a moment before his eyes flickered over to the hole in the floor before they narrowed on Naruto. "Repair bill's gonna be added to your bill."

"What the-" Naruto felt his stomach drop in response as Anko began to laugh loudly in response, banging her open palm on the countertop. The Uzumaki did his best to ignore her laughter as he turned to glare at the mole, a scowl present on his face: "What the hell is that about? Who are you?"

"Name's Monty. I'm one of your cuz's summons." The mole answered.

"Monty? Monty the Mole?" Naruto repeated the name for a moment before a frown developed on his face: "Something about that name doesn't sound right."

"You're Naruto, aren't ya? Big talk coming from fishcake-san himself." Monty grumbled. Anko's laughter grew louder as the mole held out the scroll: "Anyway, here's your cousin's response. Now, I'll be on my way!"

The mole proceeded to dive into the hole in the ground again before completely disappearing.

"Oh my god… That was the best thing I've ever seen." Anko stated as her laughter finally began to die down as she stared at the hole: "Good luck with that bill. Property damage's a real tab killer."

"Fucking hell Tayuya…" Naruto grumbled in response as he unraveled the scroll and began to read.

The scowl on Naruto's face dropped as he continued to read. A few seconds passed by before he sealed it back up, a smile on his face.

"Hell yeah." He noted: "Gotta give the update to Hinata that she agreed to do the music."

"Ahhhhh. You asked Tayuya if she could perform for your wedding?" Anko asked.

"Yup." Naruto nodded his head: "Kinda was worried she'd not be able to, since she's working like hell now that the invasion's over, but apparently Ero-sennin also sent her a letter approving the time off, and she's apparently 'Hyped as fuck' to perform."

"Bet she is." Anko noted with a chuckle. Her eyebrow then raised slightly: "What other thoughts you have planned out? Like wedding venue? Honeymoon destination?"

Anko smirked as Naruto proceeded to go on-and-on about his and Hinata's wedding plans, along with their plans during their honeymoon. The bartender brought over another round of drinks for the two, still grumbling about the hole in the floor, but neither reached for them as they became engrossed in their chat.

"Ninja Art: Shadow Protection Jutsu!"

"Sage Art: Great Dragon Fire Jutsu!"

Shikamaru, his Sage Mode active and Katsuyu hanging on his back, breathed out a massive fireball shaped like a dragon's head directly at his mother, whose body became completely surrounded by a shadow barricade. The fireball collided with the shadow dome, stopping momentarily, before continuing forward, causing the shadows to disperse. The fireball continued forward at Yoshino, who brought her arms in front of her body defensively. Before it could collide, however, the flame extinguished itself.

The Nara matriarch immediately fell to her knees, breathing heavily.

"That's impressive you are able to extinguish your own flames like that, Shikamaru-kun." Katsuyu praised: "It shows you are getting good control over nature energy, even the energy that's outside of your own body."

"Thanks.' Shikamaru nodded his head before he turned his attention to his mother: "How are you doing?"

"Hurts." She hissed between breaths. A few more seconds passed by before she slowly pulled herself up. "But I'm happy I held it up as long as I did. The last fireball you threw my way melted my shadows in an instant."

"Are you sure you are wanting me to be using Senjutsu when I attack, by the way?" Shikamaru asked again as he crossed his arms. "I could be using just regular ninjutsu and that might be-"

"Hell no!" Yoshino shook her head: "I need to test my shadows against the hardest jutsus possible! And the way your senjutsu enhances your fire-style ninjutsu is insane" She then briefly glanced to the slug on Shikamaru's back as she rubbed the back of her neck: "Actually, is there any possibility I would be able to learn?"

"Unfortunately, Yoshino-chan, you do not have a contract with my clan." Katsuyu shook her head: "I am more than happy to assist Shikamaru in your general training, but I cannot allow you to learn the Slug Clan's Sage Mode."

The Nara matriarch shrugged her shoulders: "Never hurts to ask. Sorta figured having Sage Mode could really enhance my techniques"

Shikamaru was about to comment, but his eyes then widened for a moment as his mother's words really rant into his head.

He had mostly spent his time when practicing senjutsu following Katsuyu's guidance, working on improving his natural affinity and using techniques unique to the Slug Clan. He then later expanded it upon Homura teaching him how to use Holy Barricade, with senjutsu chakra giving him ample access to enough chakra to actually utilize that technique without blowing through his chakra reserves.

These were important ways to enhance his strength overall and seriously improved his jutsu repertoire, but was there anything he could with Sage Mode and the Nara Clan's signature techniques? Sure he was able to use 'Shadow Possession Jutsu' in Sage Mode and be able to have more strength and chakra to make his shadows sturdier and harder to break free from, but was that all he could do with it?

"… Hey Katsuyu-sama, I have a question for you." He began as he looked downward towards his own shadow. "Nature energy is in every part of the world, yes? Would that include our shadows?"

"Nature energy is in everything that is natural." Katsuyu noted: "Shadows are a part of nature, are they not?"

Shikamaru was quiet for a moment as he turned his head towards a nearby tree. His eyes trailed down towards the shadow of it as he took in a deep breath and held out his right hand towards it. As he began to try and harness the nature energy.

Everything remained still for a moment. Shikamaru took in a deep breath as he then began to pull his hand backwards, channeling his own senjutsu chakra. Nothing happened initially. Shikamaru bit his lip for a moment as he began to channel more senjutsu chakra.

A few seconds passed by before the shadow from the tree proceeded to rise-up, taking a corporeal form.

Yoshino's eyes widened: "Sh-Shikamaru?"

Shikamaru was quiet for a moment as he moved his right hand to the right, causing the newly risen shadow to move to the right as well. He then tried to channel more senjutsu chakra, which caused the shadow to seemingly grow larger for a few seconds. Before he could do anything with it, however, the shadow fell to the ground sharply before seemingly shattering into tiny fragments that merged with the earth itself. Within seconds, the shadow of the tree reemerged.

"That…" Shikamaru stared at the shadow again for a moment before nodding his head: "This will require better chakra control."

"Was that actual shadow manipulation?" Yoshino asked. Shikamaru nodded his head, which caused his mother to bring her hand to her face in shock: "That's… unbelievable."

"I don't follow." Katsuyu tilted her head slightly: "Is that not what your clan is known for?"

"Ah, suppose I've never actually explained." Shikamaru cleared his throat for a moment before looking down towards his own shadow: "Our clan's techniques involve the manipulation of our own shadow. We can connect to other people's or object's shadows and then manipulate those other shadows, but it is all based on that limitation. It has to be connected to us." He then tightened his hand into a fist: "However, using Senjutsu…"

"You can expand on our clan's jutsus even further." Yoshino noted. She was quiet for a moment, staring intently at Shikamaru's shadow: "You… You can essentially create Shadow Manipulation. Manipulate other shadows. Maybe freely even create shadows!"

'Create Shadow Manipulation, huh?' Shikamaru was still for a moment as he closed his eyes: 'But god, I've been able to have enough chakra control to regularly use the Holy Barricade Jutsu for extended period of times, but it's not enough for this?' He bit his lip: 'This could take a long time…'

A minute passed by where Shikamaru stood still, lost in-thought, before he turned back to his mother: "Would you be willing to train with me for a bit longer?"

"Hell yeah!" Yoshino nodded her head, a grin developing on her face as she clapped her hands together: "We have the opportunity to revolutionize our clan's techniques in ways no Nara could have ever dreamed possible!"

The day passed by quickly as both mother and son continued to relentlessly train the hours away.

As soon as the next day began and the sun began its ascent in the sky, Naruto quickly rushed out towards the Forest of Death once more. He ran to the same clearing he had sparred with Anko. He was still for a moment as he proceeded to bring his hands together and take in a deep breath.

Within seconds, his body was covered in the Bijū Chakra Cloak. He separated his hands and held out his right hand for a moment and began channeling chakra.

"Scorch Style!"

Within a moment, a large pinkish-red fireball formed in his hand. The fireball rose up slightly as Naruto then made a sweeping gesture with his hand. The fireball proceeded to follow the motion of Naruto's hand, moving in unison with his own movements.

"You appear to be getting used to it." Kurama noted.

Naruto nodded his head: "Yeah, I can feel the Wind attribute in it. I don't know how to describe it fully, but it feels a lot more free and malleable than standard fire."

"That is to be expected, but it doesn't stop there. Remember that Scorch Style involves manipulation of heat as well." The Kyūbi stated: "Since you are finally alone and able to train for a moment with no one else around you, try channeling the chakra outside of your body."

Naruto immediately brought his hands together and began channeling his Scorch Style – his own natural Wind Element mixing with the Fire Element he gained from Kurama – and allowed the chakra to escape his body haphazardly. After a few seconds passed by, the Uzumaki began to sweat.

"Geez, this really works." Naruto grumbled as he reached for his head and rubbed the sweat off his forehead. The droplets hit the ground before they immediately evaporated: "Whoa-"

Alongside the sweat, the grass on the ground began to lose color as the water evaporated. A sizzling sound could be heard as chunks of the ground began to combust.

"That's-" Naruto's thoughts were interrupted as more of the surrounding clearing began to sizzle and burn. He immediately ceased channeling chakra: "H-Holy shit, this style is dangerous as hell!"

"As should be expected. Scorch Release is more than 'fire'. It is flames, combustion, and heat in general." Kurama noted. "Don't think based on the limitations of 'fire style'. Take that into consideration as you grow accustomed to it."

"I… I can see." Naruto noted as he rubbed his forehead, brushing off more-and-more sweat: "Your chakra cloak is keeping me safe, but even then, the chakra was so hot, it was affecting me."

"Get better with your control over it. If you can control the area around you, and where exactly the scorch-elemental chakra is affecting, then you are on the path to overwhelming nearly any enemy."

"Understood." Naruto nodded his head as a chuckle escaped his lips: "Y'know, you're knowledgeable about all this stuff. Scorch Style is the merger of our own chakra natures, not your own, so it's kinda cool you know all this stuff."

"I know plenty on all natural chakra elements, even ones that do not correspond to my own and even the combinations of elements." The Fox answered. "I learned as much as I could from my father."

"Your father-" Naruto began to ask before his eyes widened: "A-Ah. The Rikudō Sennin, right?"

"Ah, you remembered." Kurama nodded his head in approval: "He is regarded as the father of ninjutsu in your peoples' mythologies, but before that, he was the creator of Ninshū, an art of chakra that helped connect one to the other people around them and nature."

"Oh?" Naruto tilted his head slightly: "Sorta like Senjutsu?"

"Not exactly, although senjutsu is more comparable to my father's creation than current ninjutsu." The Kyūbi noted: "Through using ninshū, he became familiar with the exact make-up of chakra elements and the possibilities it had. He made sure to teach us bijū everything he knew, as well as his human children."

"Children?" Naruto blinked in response: "So, he did have actual children?"

"Doesn't your own clan claim a direct ancestry to him?" Kurama asked with a glare. Naruto rubbed his head again in response with a sheepish look on his face, before he sighed: "He had two kids. He also had a brother, for what it's worth. The family name was Ōtsutsuki."

"I… have never heard the name Ōtsutsuki before." Naruto admitted.

"Of course you wouldn't have. The name is lost to time, as is my father's real name." The fox closed his eyes for a moment: "However, his descendants managed to live on, forming the Senju Clan, Uchiha Clan, and Uzumaki Clan. His brother, meanwhile, is considered the progenitor of the Hyūga Clan." He then shook his head: "Also the Kaguya Clan is descended in some way, but I do not recall if they trace their origin to my father or his brother. I would imagine his brother."

"That's pretty-" Naruto's words died on his lips as his eyes narrowed: "Wait, the Hyūga Clan can trace back to the Rikudō Sennin as well?"

"No, I said their clan traces back to his brother." Kurama corrected: "Ōtsutsuki Hamura. His family line is where the Hyūga came from." A small chuckle than escaped his lips: "I did find your choice of mate amusing, since I don't recall the last time I heard about a union of my father's and Hamura's family line. After all this time, it is almost comforting to imagine."

"Wow…" Naruto rubbed his chin in thought: "I have never heard that before about the Hyūga. I should probably tell Hinata…"

"Tell her if you wish." Kurama noted: "However, we'll cut this conversation short. You have a red-eyed bastard approaching you."

Naruto's eyes widened as he was forcibly cut off from Kurama. Upon returning his focus to the world around him, he noticed a familiar chakra presence. A few more seconds passed by before Uchiha Sasuke appeared in the clearing.

"You know, you're a real pain in the ass to find." Sasuke noted with a grumble: "Who just casually decides they're going to train in the Forest of Death?"

"Uh, Anko-sensei, Shikamaru, Hinata, and I do from time-to-time." Naruto said with a chuckle as he brought both his hands behind his head: "Kinda a second home now. Very effective training ground."

"Hmm…" Sasuke hummed to himself for a moment as he noticed the completely scorched ground and the traces of scattered flames. He then turned his head, looking at Naruto's still-active chakra cloak: "Well, you seem to have been busy."

"Yup." Naruto nodded his head as he began to grin: "Looking for a spar?"

Sasuke snorted in response, a similar grin developing on his face: "You really want to get your ass kicked that badly?"

"Not gonna happen." Naruto shook his head as he cracked his knuckles: "But I've heard a bit about your Susanoo, and I'd love a chance to fight against it!"

"Heh. I'll definitely take you on some day soon." Sasuke said, his grin fading as he crossed his arms: "But that's not what I'm here for right now. I'm supposed to ask you something."

"Oh?" Naruto blinked for a moment before he dispelled his Bijū Chakra Cloak, turning back to normal. He tilted his head: "What's up then?"

"… Don't tell anyone I'm asking you this. I'm not supposed to." Sasuke noted, grumbling as he looked down slightly: "Kiba and Sakura will get pissed at me if they find out, but they're the ones who want me to assist, and I have no clue how to help any other way."

"Uh…" Naruto bit his lip for a moment as his eyes focused on Sasuke: "Sure, won't say anything. So, what's up?"

Sasuke was quiet for a moment while Naruto continued to stare, waiting in anticipation. After a few moments of silence, the Uchiha sighed before finally speaking.

"What do you and Hinata want for wedding gifts?" He asked.

Naruto blinked: "Huh?"

"Nara Shikamaru, answer the damn question! What would they like as gifts?"

"Again, I don't know what they want."

"Ugh, why are you so useless?"

Shikamaru rubbed his ears in response. When he had made the decision to head to a nearby specialty shinobi tools shop to restock on his explosion tags, he was expecting a nice walk where he might cloud gaze along the way. Unfortunately, he did not get that peaceful walk, for maybe two minutes after leaving the Nara compound, he ran into Ino, who proceeded to follow him the whole way to ask him questions.

"You're so damn loud." He grumbled. "Look, if you really want to know what they'd want for a wedding gift, go ahead and ask them, but I have no clue!"

"I can't ask them!" Ino nearly hissed, shaking her head rapidly: "That's beyond tacky! Who the hell actually does that?"

Sasuke, who was currently walking out of the Forest of the Death with Naruto, sneezed.

"God, how troublesome." Shikamaru sighed as he pocketed his hand.

Ino frowned in response: "It's weird how despite how much you've changed since we were kids, you're still the same asshole you've always been!"

He chuckled in response: "Hey, growth doesn't change everything about a person."

He and Ino grew quiet for a moment as they arrived at the tools shop. The Nara walked in by himself and began to shop on his own, giving him a nice respite from the blonde. He casually carried on with his shopping, restocking up on his explosive tags and other necessities, before walking out and expecting to go on with his day without his annoying childhood friend to bother him.

This expectation was quickly dashed as Ino was still outside the shop, having waited for him. A scowl developed on his face as he began to walk out the door and walk past her, which prompted her to follow.

"I assume you don't have anything in mind to give them then?" She asked.

He shook his head: "Nah, I know what I'm giving them."

She scowled in response: "What the hell? Then how do you not know what they'd need?"

"It's not like I'm getting something I think they need or something they asked for." Shikamaru shook his head: "I just got something small and personal in mind that I think they'll appreciate."

Ino was quiet for a moment in response as she closed her eyes in thought. Shikamaru waited for her to respond, but she never replied, her mind seemingly lost in thought.

"… Why do you care so much, though?" Shikamaru asked, breaking the silence: "Still got some months before their wedding date. You have time to get something figured out."

Ino turned back to him, her eyes widening for a moment. Her gaze softened though as a small smile developed on her lips: "Guess it's the just romantic in me. I'm excited that some of our classmates are getting married is all." She then stared at him with a raised eyebrow: "And I guess after them, it'll be your turn."

"Hmm." The Nara hummed in response: "Maybe."

"I mean, you're the only other person one who is in a deep relationship." Ino noted: "I think Shino and Chōji found their ideal girls, but they're both slow. It's probably gonna take a little more pushing for them before they're ready for that step. And as for Team Seven…" She shrugged her shoulders: "I have no clue about them. Don't even know if they'll find anyone."

"Really?" Shikamaru raised an eyebrow in response: "Kiba flirts with girls all the time, and doesn't Sakura have a thing for Sasuke?" His eyes then narrowed on Ino: "Don't you have a thing for Sasuke?"

"Kiba can flirt all he wants; it doesn't mean shit if no girl's interested, and they won't be until he grows up a bit." Ino noted sharply: "As for Sasuke… well, I don't know about Sakura, but I know that after all this time, I think I can accept he's just not interested in either of us."

"… Ah." Shikamaru nodded his head in response. His eyebrow then raised slightly again: "But you don't seem bothered by it."

"Like I've said, I've accepted it." Ino said: "I'm sure I have a special person out there somewhere; I just need to meet them someday. I'm in no rush, though. I'll find them when I find them."

"I'm sure you will. Hell, maybe you already have." Shikamaru said with a smile: "As troublesome as you are, you've got a good heart. And put others before yourself. I'm sure you'll find that person soon."

Ino smiled back at him: "That means a lot. Thank you."

There was a comfortable silence as the two continued to walk down the streets of Konoha. A thought crossed Shikamaru's mind to ask Ino if she would like to go get something to eat. While he and Chōji, despite being on separate squads, were able to retain their connection with occasional get-togethers, it really had been a long time since he had hung out with Ino alone. Perhaps it would be fun-

"But just because you were nice to me doesn't mean that we're done here, Nara Shikamaru! You're going to help me figure out what to get Naruto and Hinata, or else!" Ino declared.

Both the silence and the comfort were shattered. Shikamaru proceeded to grown as the interrogation began once again.

"And you are for sure they will like this?" Shino asked. "I need the assurance. Why? It would be disgraceful to come with an ill-suited gift."

"They'll love it, I promise." Fū stated, smiling back. "No need to worry."

Shino adjusted his glasses in response, the smallest hint of a smile developing on his face before it quickly disappeared and returned to his normal stoic expression. Ino had nearly demanded for his and Chōji's assistance in finding out what Naruto and Hinata would enjoy as wedding gifts. It did not take long for Shino to pinpoint who he would ask: Fū, who had just spent over a month training and living with Naruto, alongside all their time together in Konoha. She was the perfect candidate to ask for assistance from.

It also did not hurt that this gave him a perfectly good excuse to talk with her. The two had been busy with all the Kumogakure Invasion preparation and action to really speak one-on-one with another and he would admit that he did miss it – not that he would ever admit that to Ino, however!

"I appreciate the help." Shino admitted: "If you did not have an idea, I am not sure who else I would have asked for help. I feel I would have been forced to ask either Naruto-san or Hinata-san to their faces."

"Psh, you know you wouldn't do that." Fū nearly snorted as a grin developed on her lips: "Half of the fun of these kinds of things is the surprise of what they're getting. I'm sure no one is that socially clueless to ask them to their face and spoil their fun."

Shino nodded his head: "Suppose that's true."

Sasuke, who had just bought a small order of Takoyaki from a stand on the way to meet up with Kiba and Sakura, sneezed once more. The sneeze this time was so powerful that he dropped the small container in his hand, causing the takoyaki to spill on the ground. He scowled in response.

"… Hey, can I admit something, though?" Fū asked, the grin turning quickly into a frown. Shino's eyebrow raised slightly as he, again, nodded his head: "I feel bad saying this, but to be honest… I'm not really looking forward to their wedding."

"Oh?" The Aburame tilted his head slightly: "Why is that?"

"Cause they're inviting Shibuki." The Nanabi jinchūriki answered with a sigh. "I don't really want to see him right now."

"How come?" Shino asked.

Fū was quiet for a moment as they continued on their walk. Shino followed along in silence as the two moved through the streets of Konoha together. Fū stared at the strangers who they passed by. Majority of the people they walked by did not seem to pay them attention, but the few who did lock eyes with her ended up smiling at her.

A few minutes passed by before she sighed again, crossing her arms.

"He's probably going to talk about a timeline about when I'm returning to Taki." She said, biting her lip: "And I don't want to go back."

"… Ah." Shino mumbled.

Fū grew quiet again, waiting for Shino to respond. When it became clear he was going to remain quiet, she shook her head before continuing to speak: "I like it here. I like the people here. I like the relaxed environment. I like how open the village is as opposed to the cave-like Takigakure." She bit down on her lip harder: "It's funny; when he first told me about the transfer, I got pissed off and wanted to refuse on principle, but now that I've been in Konoha and got used to life here… I like being in a village where I feel like I belong."

"… You've mentioned before what it was like living in Taki." Shino finally spoke. "I… I do agree with you. Konoha is most likely a healthier location to live in for you." He then adjusted his sunglasses: "Do you not think Shibuki-san will not see that?"

"Huh?" Fū blinked as she stopped walking, as she stared at the Aburame: "What do you mean by that?"

"Could you not just ask him if it would be possible to move permanently?" Shino asked.

"Heh." The jinchūriki snorted: "Not a chance. The 'Nanabi' is too important to have in Taki." She shook her head: "Shibuki's a nice guy by Taki standards, but he is still obsessed with Taki's strength and reputation. There's no way he would agree to that."

"But if he is 'nice', he may be open to the idea if presented to him in a certain way." Shino noted: "It cannot hurt to ask."

"… I guess. But I'd rather not get my hopes up." Fū sighed. She then raised an eyebrow as she stared at the Aburame: "Why do you care?"

Shino blinked in response: "Am I not allowed to care about my friend and wish for her the best?"

"Ah." She shrugged her shoulder: "That's fair I guess-"

"But, I will confess, it is also a selfish reason for wanting you to stay." Shino noted. Fū's eyes narrowed on him, which he met her gaze from behind his sunglasses: "I want you to stay here because I like you being here."

"Huh?" It was Fū's turn to blink in response: "What do you mean by that?"

"Exactly what I said." Shino said as he finally turned away from her and stared up into the sky. Fū could have sworn she saw the tiniest hint of red on his cheeks, but she was not fully sure – Shino's outfit really did a good job obfuscating his face: "I enjoy our time together and wish to keep getting to know you. I would prefer you stay."

Fū was quiet for a moment as her own cheeks began to brighten in coloration. She shook her head quickly as she led out a forced chuckle.

"Well th-thank you, but pick your words better next time." She chided: "Saying it like that sounded almost like a confession."

Her eyes stayed focused on him and his face and this time she was certain of it; Shino's cheeks grew redder in response as he adjusted his sunglasses.

"Well… I suppose that is what I am saying." He responded.

"Wh-What?" Fū's eyes widened.

The two grew quiet, the blush on Fū's cheeks face growing brighter by the second. She stared intently at Shino for a moment, waiting for him to elaborate further, but seconds passed by and nothing came out of his lips.

"Y-Y-You can't be saying that, can you?" She finally found words as continued to stare at him in disbelief: "We… I know we're friends, but are we really close enough like that?"

"We are friends, and is that not the ideal circumstances for a relationship to be born from?" Shino asked: "I… I suppose we could know each other a little better. Which is why I want to take the chance to get to know you better."

"Y-You…" She mumbled as her breathing grew a little harder: "You're… being serious… aren't you?"

"I am." Shino nodded his head as he finally turned to face her. He then briefly took off his sunglasses, allowing their eyes to connect, causing hers to widen: "I do like you, Fū."

A few seconds passed before Fū was forced to avert her eyes in response, turning towards the ground. She took a few more seconds to control her breathing for a moment before she finally turned back to Shino.

The Aburame, in the short amount of time she looked away, had already put his sunglasses back on. She almost frowned in response before she bit her lip and took in a deep breath once more.

"I've… I've never really thought about romance, Shino." She admitted: "I, uh… I'm not sure I return your feelings."

"That is okay." Shino nodded his head: "I do not intend on forcing my feelings onto you."

This only caused Fū's cheeks to darken in response: "B-But… I would be open to seeing."

It was now Shino's turn to have wide eyes: "So, you are willing to-"

"I, uh… I was going to go to a bar tonight that was having a slam poetry night." Fū noted. "If… If you want to see where this goes… w-well, I would be fine if you wanted to come with me…"

Shino's lips tilted upwards slightly: "I would be more than happy to."

"Ōtsutsuki Hamura?" Hinata repeated the name.

Naruto nodded his head. As the sun began to set, he decided to stop by the Hyūga Clan compound. Upon arrival and mentioning he had business with the clan, he was brought to a private study and was met with Hinata, Hiashi, Neji, and Hanabi. Upon their arrival and exchanging pleasantries, he shared the information that Kurama disclosed to him.

"That…" Hinata mumbled to herself, rubbing her chin in thought for a moment: "I never even considered that the Hyūga could be even loosely connected to the Rikudō Sennin."

"What you just shared is something we have no records of in our clan's records." Hiashi noted as he crossed his arms.

"It goes beyond just that." Neji stated, frowning slightly: "I have never heard of the Ōtsutsuki before in any recorded history."

"Well, the Ōtsutsuki Clan would have been around centuries before the Warring States Era." Naruto noted: "I doubt there's much information at all about that time period, so no real info about the Ōtsutsuki shouldn't be a surprise. Especially if the clan broke apart and became four or five different clans."

"That is true." Neji nodded his head: "Surreal to think about, however."

"It explains our eyes." Hanabi commented, her hands instinctively going to her face, near her eyes: "Dōjutsu is rare, isn't it? Seems fitting that the Sharingan and the Byakugan could share one singular origin: the Rinnegan."

Naruto nodded his head: "The Rikudō Sennin had the Rinnegan, and apparently the Sharingan derived from it. The Byakugan definitely is somewhat similar."

"But only the Sage had the Rinnegan, right?" Hinata asked: "Not his brother? Because until Pain, there's no other person known to have the Rinnegan, right?"

"That is correct." Neji noted.

"I mean, the information of the Rikudō Sennin itself is more akin to a legend and the information about this Ōtsutsuki Clan has seemingly been lost to history." Hiashi noted: "I believe it would be possible for his brother to have the Rinnegan."

"Wait a moment." Hinata paused for a second as she closed her eyes: "If the Sharingan and the Byakugan originate from the same source, then the two Dōjutsu must have more in common than we initially thought." She opened her eyes as she stared at her fiancé intently. "Naruto, did the Kyūbi tell you anything about Ōtsutsuki Hamura's eyes?"

Naruto was quiet for a moment. He met the gaze of his fiancée for a second before he closed his eyes and turned inward: 'Kurama?'

"To answer the earlier question, no, Hamura did not have the Rinnegan." The Kyūbi replied: "What he possessed was something entirely different: the Tenseigan."

Naruto tilted his head in response: "He said that he had something called the 'Tenseigan' and not the Rinnegan."

"Tenseigan?" Hinata repeated the name, her eyes widening.

"I've never heard that name before." Hanabi admitted, frowning.

It was Hiashi's turn to focus his attention solely on Naruto: "Is the Fox aware of any of this 'Tenseigan's' abilities?"

Naruto closed his eyes once more: 'Kura-'

"I can hear your conversation fine, no need to ask me anything!" Kurama nearly growled. Naruto gulped in response, but remained quiet for a few seconds, prompting the bijū to continue: "As for its capabilities, I do not know much. I did not meet with Hamura much. All I remember, though, is that he initially had the Byakugan and then his eyes morphed into the Tenseigan."

Naruto's eyes shot-up: "He said he doesn't know what they did, but he said that Hamura's eyes turned into the Tenseigan from the Byakugan?"


"Excuse me?"



Naruto blinked; it was almost comical how all four Hyūga spoke in near unison, voicing their confusion with wide, stunned eyes. To his own surprise, however, was his fiancée, who had shouted the loudest.

"I…" Hinata mumbled to herself for second before her hands went to her head, near her eyes: "I was asking at first just because I wanted to see if there was possibly a 'next-level' for the Byakugan, similar to the Mangekyō Sharingan. But his eyes were just the normal Byakugan and then they became the Tenseigan? This…" She bit her lips for a second before a grin developed on her face: "This… This means there has to be a way to evolve the Byakugan!"

Neji quickly turned his head to his cousin: "Are you saying you're going to try and obtain this Tenseigan?"

"Naruto, tell her that's a fool's errand." Kurama exclaimed: "I've been here for over a millennia and I can assure you that I have never heard of a single Tenseigan user ever since Hamura. Why do you think I know so little of it? Because it died with him."

'But wasn't the Rinnegan lost to history until Pain?' Naruto asked the fox.

"That…" The Kyūbi was silent for a moment before the fox spoke-up again: "Valid point; I have zero clue how my father's eyes manifested in this time period, but I can make zero promises that the Akatsuki leader obtained the Rinnegan through training alone. There had to be other factors involved, otherwise it would not be so infrequent. Make sure your mate knows that she is chasing the impossible."

"… The Kyūbi isn't sure how the Tenseigan formed so he wants me to let me you know that he think it'll be difficult to obtain." Naruto stated before his hand tightened into fists: "So you gotta work hard and start now!"

Hinata's eyes widened in response while Neji, Hanabi, and Hiashi simply continued to stare at her. A few seconds passed by before she nodded her head, her grin widening.

"I'll do it!" She declared.

"Naruto, that is THE OPPOSITIE OF WHAT I TOLD YOU TO TELL HER!" The Kyūbi growled in his head. "I didn't tell you about the Ōtsutsuki Clan just so you can give her false hope!"

'She's gonna obtain it.' Naruto replied, a grin of his own forming on his face: 'Just watch her. She'll show you your uncle's eyes in no time!'

"Making it all sound so easy…" Kurama grinded its teeth before he huffed and laid his head down by a tree in Naruto's mindscape: "Fine, deal with the consequences yourself. If she overworks herself to the point of death trying to obtain the impossible, it's on your conscious."

"That's… that's unreal." Hinata noted, nodding her head before biting down on her lip hard: 'Would something like that even be possible to obtain?'

Naruto quickly brushed off the bijū's words as he turned his attention to his fiancée. He, alongside Neji and Hanabi, proceeded to discuss with her their thoughts on the dōjutsu and what she may need to train it.

Hiashi was quiet, his own thoughts pulling him away from the discussion: 'I have zero clue about this. Perhaps there is some clue somewhere in our records…' He bit his lip: 'I've read everything though when trying to create our new seal with Masakado. I'm sure something would have shown up, though…'

A scowl quickly developed on his face: 'If anything ever did exist about the Ōtsutsuki or the Tenseigan in our records – or anything – I'm sure he knows."

"Naruto, I thank you so much for sharing this information with us and helping us better understand our clan's history. However, I think there is a missing block in the information, and I think I may know how to obtain it." Hiashi declared as he turned to face his eldest daughter and his cousin: "Hinata, Neji; I would like you to accompany me for a moment."

Neji's eyebrow raised: "What for?"

"How would there be a way to learn more?" Hinata asked.

"There is one person who was so obsessed with our clan and its heritage and image that, if any information exists about the Ōtsutsuki and the Tenseigan, then he would have to know about it." Hiashi stated. He was quiet for a moment as a sigh escaped his lips: "I think it's about time we paid your grandfather a visit."

Hiashi was nothing if not efficient; arrangements with Jiraiya, Ibiki, and Konoha's Central Prison Warden did not take long. Within a few hours, as the full moon shone over Konoha, Hiashi, Hinata, and Neji were led through Konoha's prison towards an isolated cell.

The cell had no sealing light active at the moment, with only the faintest bit of moonlight from a window showing the figure of a man inside, sitting in a meditative pose with his legs crossed. However, all three Hyūga visitors recognized the figure.

"Well, this is a surprise." Yoshikane spoke-up, his eyes closed tight: "I haven't received a single visitor since I arrived, and now my son and grandchildren have finally come to stop by."

"Good evening, father." Hiashi said, scowling slightly: "I trust your time here has been tolerable."

"Bah. It would be 'tolerable' if they'd just execute me already." The Hyūga grumbled in response: "But for some reason, Jiraiya ordered me to stay here for life, so this holding cell feels more like a tomb."

"You'd rather be dead?" Neji asked. He grit his teeth for a moment as he shook his head: "Well, unfortunately you, that is a complaint that not everyone can share. My father would most certainly rather be alive, for example."

"Bah. So rash. So emotional." Yoshikane shook his head: "You're to be the next Hyūga Clan Head, right? Start acting like one."

"We didn't come here to antagonize one another, Grandfather." Hinata spoke-up. She took a few steps forward, coming face-to-face with the bars of the prison cell: "We have questions for you."

A moment passed in silence. After a few seconds, Yoshikane finally opened his eyes as he pulled himself off the ground. He then walked closer to the front of the cell, his face now fully showing in the moonlight.

"What could you possibly want to ask me that you'd come this late at night when you've never stopped by before?" He asked with a near sneer.

"We wanted to ask you about our clan's past." Hinata admitted. "Namely, if the name Ōtsutsuki rings any bells to you."

Yoshikane's eyebrow raised in response: "Should it?"

Neji frowned in response: "It means nothing to you?"

"This is the first I've ever heard of it." Yoshikane said, shaking his head: "Is that the name of a clan or a person?"

"… I see. Nevermind." Hinata sighed: "Then, how about the Tenseigan?"

Unlike when she had mentioned the Ōtsutsuki, Yoshikane's eyes widened. The man took a step back for a brief second before his eyes quickly narrowed on her.

"How do you know about them?" He hissed.

"So you recognize the name." Hiashi noted, crossing his arms.

"How do you know about them?" Yoshikane repeated, a scowl on his face: "That is something that has been scrubbed from our clan's history over a century ago, so how would any of you know that name?"

"Scrubbed?" Hinata repeated, frowning: "Why?"

Yoshikane bit down on his lip in response, growing quiet. Her frown deepened as she gripped the prison bars tightly.

"Please, just tell us." She asked: "Grandfather, if you have ever cared about us or the Hyūga Clan at all, please let us know what you know about the Tenseigan."

The former Hyūga Clan head was quiet for a moment as he locked eyes with his granddaughter. A few moments passed by before he let out a loud sigh and crossed his arms.

"If they even existed, they're the perfect eyes." He said sharply: "Supposedly, a nameless ancestor of our clan's founder possessed them. It was a mutation of his Byakugan and gave him the power of a god. I imagine that is why it became known as the Tenseigan." He then bit his lip: "The record of it spread, and as our clan began to become what it is today, many Hyūga tried everything they could possibly to obtain these all-powerful eyes."

"Do you know what the Tenseigan could do?" Neji asked.

"It was all just rumors. It was rumored it could do about anything and make its wielder essentially a god. I heard so many 'feats' of the Tenseigan that, even if the eyes were real, at least half of what I've heard had to be bullshit." Yoshikane said, crossing his arms: "Some type of gravitational manipulation is the only specific rumor I remember hearing about, but it could supposedly do a lot more than that."

Hinata's eyes widened: 'Pain used gravity jutsus against Naruto and the other jinchūriki! That has to be true then!'

"So you said many of our ancestors tried to obtain these eyes, yes?" Hiashi asked.

Yoshikane nodded his head: "All failed. They tried about anything and everything they could. Trained to exhaustion. Sharpened their chakra strengths. Kept their Byakugan active every second they could. But… one shinobi managed to discover something." His eyes then focused on Hiashi: "Does the name Hyūga Shimon mean anything to you?"

His son shook his head: "No."

"I suppose that makes sense. We are talking about Hyūga clan history that was only passed orally as opposed to written texts." Yoshikane admitted with a shrug.

"Why would that be?" Neji asked, glaring: "I understand maybe why the Ōtsutsuki or the Tenseigan may not be recorded, but you're referencing a specific Hyūga – why would his name not be listed in our clan's history?"

"Because some bits of history are better left forgotten!" Yoshikane shouted, glaring intently at Neji.

The room grew quiet for a few seconds as Yoshikane and Neji glared at one another. Hinata cleared her throat, drawing both of their attention towards her.

"Please, Grandfather." She stated. "Continue."

"… I am not certain how exactly he did, but in his quest to obtain the Tenseigan, Hyūga Shimon did manage to evolve his Byakugan, but it was not into the Tenseigan. It was… I guess you could say it was a 'second stage', akin to the Mangekyō Sharingan." Yoshikane stated: "He called it the Kūsho Byakugan."

Hiashi's, Hinata's, and Neji's eyes all widened in response: "What?"

"Like the Tenseigan, a lot of the feats of the Kūsho Byakugan have been lost to history. But it's impact on our clan was quite heavy." Yoshikane said, frowning: "Shimon was described as a considerate, loving man in his youth, but after obtaining the Kūsho Byakugan, he became cruel and cold. He went about waging wars with rival clans and claiming more land at the cost of more-and-more lives, but then after his passing and the loss of his eyes, the remnants of the Hyūga Clan were now left with many enemies. Enemies who wished to hunt us for revenge. Enemies who wished to hunt us for our eyes." Yoshikane's right hand then went upwards towards his forehead: "Enemies that prompted our clan to take precautions to prevent our enemies from obtaining the Byakugan."

"Excuse me?" Neji scowled in response. "This… This Hyūga Shimon… this advanced Byakugan… this was the reason for the Caged Bird Seal?"

Yoshikane nodded his head: "Initially, the seal was only implanted on Hyūga that were deemed too weak and at risk of dying in battle. It was only later when it's… 'implementation', if you will, changed, when the Main and Branch family of our clan was officially founded."

"I can't believe it." Hiashi shook his head, his eyes still in disbelief. "Why… Why is none of this recorded?"

"Because this man and his accursed eyes ended up nearly destroying the Hyūga!" Yoshikane replied with a glare: "Shimon did not share how he obtained the Kūsho Byakugan and he made too many enemies outside of the clan. By the time of the Warring Clans Era, our clan was hunted down by so many rival shinobi that our Clan Head at the time felt he had to accept the alliance the Senju and Uchiha offered and join Konoha, otherwise we would risk annihilation in the following generations." He shook his head: "Many clansmen did try to obtain the Kūsho Byakugan, just as many more had been trying to obtain the Tenseigan, and all their failures accomplished was spread more news that the Byakugan had hidden potential and urge even more enemies."

"So… That means you destroyed all recorded history of it in our records, then." Hinata noted.

Yoshikane shook his head: "There was nothing physical to destroy. It was considered standard for this history to be transmitted orally from Clan Head to Clan Head. I learned this information from my father when I took the title from him."

"And why not share it with me?" Hiashi asked.

Yoshikane shook his head: "What's the point? At this point, there's no record of Hyūga Shimon's existence nor the Kūsho Byakugan, let alone the Tenseigan. It's better for certain things to be lost to history."

"This… No, this is extremely important information. Now more than ever." Hinata said, shaking her head as her hands tightened: "There's an enemy out there with the Rinnegan… now, more than ever, do we need Hyūga trying to grow stronger. This will push me further. This will push my training further."

"Are you assuming you have the abilities to obtain either set of eyes?" Yoshikane snorted: "Save your breath, Hinata. Our ancestors have tried for centuries to improve their Byakugan. You are not the original Tenseigan wielder, nor are you Hyūga Shimon."

"Father…" Hiashi shook his head, scowling: "You came to the decision to not pass this information on after you yourself tried to obtain this Kūsho Byakugan, am I right?" He shook his head: "Because if you could not obtain it, that means no one could, and therefore, it is worthless. Am I wrong?"

"… Do not mischaracterize me, Hiashi. I know you think poorly of me, but not every decision I make is motivated by spite." Yoshikane nearly growled. "I've told you all everything I know on the subject. There's nothing concrete on either pair of eyes, nor how to obtain them. Now, let me go back to sleep already!"

None of the Hyūga had any more questions to ask. With a curt farewell, Hinata, Neji, and Hiashi all left the cell and proceeded to return to the streets of Konoha.

'Father… it is odd how time and time again, I find more reasons to be disappointed in you.' Hiashi noted, shaking his head: 'Regardless of anything, though, we now know the truth. I will make sure that this is corrected.'

'The Kūsho Byakugan and the Tenseigan…' Neji repeated the names of both dōjutsu as his hands tightened: 'There must be more to this. I refuse to just let this die. Perhaps I can look into this more… maybe the Ōtsutsuki will be harder to research, but I'm certain that even if the Hyūga scrubbed all records of Hyūga Shimon, he still has to be mentioned in some bit of history.' He shook his head: 'I will find the truth. And we will obtain this power!'

As the Hyūga walked back towards the Hyūga Clan Compound, Hinata's eyes moved towards the moon. She stared at it for a moment before taking a deep breath and turning away.

'A man is alive today with the Rinnegan. I don't care how limited the information is out there, I will obtain the Tenseigan. I will stand by Naruto's side and fight alongside him, and I will make sure Pain and all of the Akatsuki fall once and for all!' She told herself: 'I don't care what I have to do, I will obtain the Tenseigan!'

Quick Notes:

1: So... in regards to the little additions I've made on the Byakugan... Ugggghhh. I hate that Kishimoto did not incorporate a Byakugan stage to rival the Mangekyō Sharingan. The initial Byakugan versus Sharingan might be a debate, but factoring in the Mangekyō and the Byakugan and the Hyūga become completely outclassed by the Uchiha. I really really really disliked the lack of love for the Byakugan, and even though I really like the Tenseigan, that's more of a level comparative to the Rinnegan.

So... Kūsho Byakugan. Directly translating to the 'Void Heavenly Eyes', if I researched correctly. I'm not going to elaborate a ton about it yet, but I hope you all will be interested to learn more about it when the time comes. I like to think I came up with something that can compare to the Mangekyō and I'm really hoping when I end up revealing more about it, it'll be interesting :)

2: LOL this is me just posing a question - anyone actually have any theories on where the Kaguya Clan traces origin wise? Like, I know the Kaguya Clan is related to Kaguya's bloodline the same way the Uchiha/Senju/Uzumaki/Hyūga can trace their origins, but the other clans have direct ancestors with Indra and Asura and Hamura... anyone have any thoughts on the origin of the Kaguya Clan? I'm not asking for story reasons or anything - can promise I'm not doing anything with that - but I was jut curious is all :P

Author's Note: Hey! As stated, that was chapter 133 :)

I said mostly all I wanted to at the very beginning author's note, so I'll just end this here. Whether or not my planned schedule works long-term, I canpromise you all that there's a chapter coming your way on December 12th. I hope you all enjoy it when the day comes! Until then :)