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Summary: Roy and Wally are planig their wedding... or atleast trying to. There is exploding cakes, forced cross-dressing, and so much more. Enjoy as they get ready to walk down the aisle.

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Here Comes The Wally

Ch. 1: We Need Money

Wally's birthday was a dream come true, his friends and family all showed up, the cakes were amazing, and that one gift that changed his life for ever. No not Dick's gift (which Roy defintely plans on using very soon) but the one that caught Wally off guard. He still remebers thinking 'What the fuck is going on!' when he saw Roy getting down on one knee and his brain shuts down. Ofcourse it came back to life when Roy began his speech. Wally couldn't blieve it was happening until he was in Roys arms crying "YES". They were getting married, him and Roy together forever. Then it hits him... THEY HAVE TO PLAN A WHOLE WEDDING!

"Roy! Roy!" Wally yelled running into the living room. Roy was use to Wally randomly running to a place screaming his name so he simplely asked, "What is it now Wally?" "RoywehaveaweddingtoplanandId on'tknowthefirstthingtodoIdoubt youdoeitherwhatarewegoingtod oweneedacake,aplacewhatifwehireaweddingpl anner..." Roys been with wally for a lil under three years now and kind of got use to his speed talking but this time it was different it was like Wally was speed talking on crack. Roy rubbed his temples, interupting Wally's rant by saying, "Wally slow the fuck down. Honey your talking so fast I doubt The Flash could understand you at this point. Take a deeeeeeeeeep breath and start over." Wally took a couple of deep breath and said, "We have a wedding to plan and I don't know the first thing to do, I doubt you do either. What are we going to do we need a cake, a place for the wedding, and so much more. We could hire a wedding planner but can we even afford one. Roy I don't know what to do." The entire time Wally was rambling he was walking back and forth rubbing his hand through his hair, the poor kid looked like he was losing his mind. Roy loved it, he could see how excited and nervous Wally was and it made him happy know that Wally was looking forward toward thier life together. But Roy knew Wally was right about the money part, could they afford a wedding and were would the money come from. Then the lights went on in Roy's head, there was one way but that means he would have to give up his pride and if it was for Wally he wouldn't mind. "Wally there is one way we could afford it" Roy stated. Wally knew what Roy meant but he couldn't believe he would do that even for him. "Roy you don't have to, I don't need much plus we could just enlope." Roy shook his head, "No, Wally we both know thats not what you want plus whats a better way to get revenge then have the old man pay for the wedding?'' Wally hugged and said, "As long as your sure this is whats you want.""It is."

Now that Roy was standing at the door he wasn't sure if it was what he wanted after all. He still had time to run he didn't knock on the door yet, he could simplely turn around now. Then the door opened, wait when did he knock did he do it with out paying attention he could still ditch before it was completely open but it was to late when he saw a stun blond staring at him through the door way. "Roy what are you doing here?" Dinah asked. Roy was happy it was her who answered and not Ollie. "Dinah, I need to talk to Ollie is he here?" Dinah smirk and said, "Yes, he is in the living room setting up a movie. You can go on up if you want. I have to run to the store so you two can have your private talk." As she walked pass him she heard a quick thanks before he went into the house.

"Dinah, babe is that you who was at the door?" Ollie asked. "Sorry to disappoint you sweet heart but Dinah went to the store its just little old me, Roy Harper" Roy smugly replied. Ollie nearly shit himself, he never thought he would see Roy walking into his house ever again or him joking around. "Roy what are you doing here? Not that I'm not happy to see you and all kid. Oh, and how is that boyfriend of your doing?" Roy wasn't sure if Ollie was being serious or a stupid jerk but he wanted to get to the point. "He is doing good, but look Ollie thats while I'm here. I bet you already heard from the Flash right?" Ollie smirked, "Yes, congrates kid I'm happy for you I really am, but I doubt you came here for my congratulations. So what is it you really want?" Roy's stomach was doing back flips at this point, almost to scare to open his mouth incase he was about to vomit. He to a very deep breath and said, "Ollie I know I don't have the right to do this and I wouldn't if it weren't for Wally but... I was wondering if you would help with the wedding and if you do I guess you can come." The last part was almost impossible for Roy to say but Wally already told him that if Ollie helped pay he was automatically allowed to come. Ollie's smirk turned into a big grin, "Look kid I would be happy to help out under one condition." Roy was starting to get annoyed with how many times Ollie had called hime kid and knew he was doing it on purpose. "What would that be?" "Easy. I want a thank you hug." Roy's jaw dropped to the ground, he grwoled back, "NO WAY IN HELL AM I GIVING ANOTHER GROWN ASS MAN A HUG OTHER THE WALLY!" Ollie shook his head and smugly replied, "If you don't want my help then fine but what about poor Wally. You and I both know with two speedsters the food cost alone would be more then your rent for a year. How can you afford that plus all the other cost for a wedding?" Roy knew Ollie had him beat but a hug really Ollie that was just... wrong. "Fine but this doesn't leave this room got it?" Ollie put up his hand, "Sure fine kid. My lips are sealed." Roy reluctantly stepped closer to the other archer who quickly wraped his arms around him pulling him into a rib crushing bear hug. Dinah walked into the room just in time to witnessing this awkward moment but could help but to make it worst for Roy by saying, "Awww How sweet?"

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