Chapter 1.

A family were just finshing dinner.

" For this week Wyatt you are taking Parker to school. chris is working at P3, I'm working at magic school. Henry, Paul are either of you teaching classes at magic school this week." said Gypsy.

"Yes i 'm teaching this week. I can also pick up Park's from school and bring her to magic school." said Henry.

"No gyp's next week i'm teaching and i can also pick Park's up next week ." said Paul .

" Thanks guy's . What about you girl's?" said Gypsy.

"Tam and I have charges Gyp's" said Kat.
"I also have charges ". said Mel.
"I have art, swimming, and my band after classes" . said Prue.
"I have scocer, art, and my band after classes" said Penny.
"it's "said Chris but was cut off with a jing, jing was heard.
"Who every you are show you slef." said Chris.

Leo orbed in .

"Girls upstairs now" said Paul.
Kat, Tam, Penny, Pure, Parker and Mel orbed and bemed out.

"What are you doing here" said Wyatt.
"Wyatt ple-"said Leo. but he was cut off as Gypsy blow him up.
"You guy's go to bed I will clean up. Night". she said."Night " They all said.
After Gypsy cleaned up she flamed out.


The Elders were having a meeting.
"Leo what happend". said one elder.
"I said hello and Gypsy blow me up" said Leo.

Then flames were seen as Gypsy flamed in .
"Why did you send him. You know we only talk to Kevin and Roland. You are lucky I only blow him up. So what do you want? .she said.
"Gypsy there is a new power coming. We thing they will come after you and your family .
"Alright Kevin and Roland can come tomorrow night at 8 for a family meeting. Good night" she said.

she flamed out .