Halliwell Attic. 2am.

Gypsy flamed in.

"Candles circle " she said. waving her hand. The candles orbed out of the cupboard into a circle. She then formed a fireball throw it and orbed it round the candles to lit them.

"Hear these words, hear my cry , come to me I summoning there ,crossover the great driven." She said . Glowing lights appears then formed into Penny Halliwell.

"Gypsy sweetheart" grams said. As she stepped throw the circle giving Gypsy a hug.

"Firestar , what is the matter?" grams said.

"The Elders . They think that there is new evil coming soon. they also think that they well come after us. They also send Leo to tell us." said Gypsy with a sneer.

"O sweetheart, you are all Halliwell's , you will stop the evil. You will have your brothers, sister, cousins and you will have your gran , Prue and me too. You will also have all the Halliwell with you , just summoning us and will be man what i would give to deal with did you do to that man ? said Grams.

"Thanks Grams. We are having a family meeting tonight will you, gran and aunty Prue be there please.O i blow him up then i went to talk to the Elders."replied Gypsy.

"Of course we will the should go to bed. Goodnight my little Firestar."replied Grams then she was gone in a glowing light.

Gypsy put the candles out then put them away .

She then went to bed.