A/N: This is a WWE story featuring Kane and Lita. If you have never heard of them, please, go to Youtube and put Kane and Lita in the search bar. I am a very big wrestling fan and always have been. Kane is my favorite wrestler, ever. It used to be Jake the Snake Roberts. He will always have a place in my heart though. Please, enjoy.

Kane has been so good to me since we lost the baby. I was so afraid he would be cruel to me for losing him. I wanted that baby boy so bad. Looking back on how I became pregnant was my own fault, no one elses. Part of me wants to think I had unrealized feelings for Kane. But in the end, I push those thoughts out of my mind. I was in love with Matt Hardy. No doubt about it.

Now, here I am, back in the hospital, this time it's Kane that Gene Snitsky has hurt. I have lost my boy, now I might lose my husband. I found out that I'm pregnant again. I had planned to tell Kane about the baby tomorrow. That would give us time to process everything that happened tonight at Taboo Tuesday. I had high hopes that Kane would kick the shit out of Snitsky. Then, Snitsky broke Kane's throat. I didn't expect this at all. I want to work on us. How can I do that when I may lose him? I can't lose Kane, too.

I'm waiting in the waiting room of the emergency room here in Milwaukee. Kane was involuntary fighting the EMT's as they were working on him to stop the bleeding.

The fans voted for a chain to be used in the ring, but Snitsky underhandedly grabbed a steel chair and used it to break my husband's throat. There was so much blood. I pray I don't lose Kane here. We've bonded over our baby.

I sat and waited for what seemed like an eternity. Finally, a doctor came in the waiting area and called Kane's name. "The family of Kane Calloway."

"Right here." I said. Just then Kane's brother Mark and his wife Sara came in the room. Sara immediately came to me and took my hand as mark placed his hand on comfortingly on my back. We listened intently as the doctor spoke.

"I'm Dr. Michelle Bartlett, I've been working on your husband." She said as she shook my hand then motioned for me to take a seat. She pulled a chair over so she could sit as well and we could talk.

"Mr. Calloway has suffered a cracked trachea. We were able to repair the crack in surgery and we also determined there is no damage to his spine, which is better than we had hoped for. We do have him on a on a ventilator and we have him sedated to help him heal."

"How long will you keep him sedated? Will he be able to wrestle again? Will he be alright?" My questions just kept poring out. "When can we see him?" My eyes began to tear up the more I speak and I feel the grip on my hand get a bit tighter from Sara. She's been a good sister-in-law to me. Mark has been good to me, too. They both reached out to us after our loss. They've been wonderful to us.

"The next twenty four ours will tell us quite a bit. I don't want him straining for anything and that's why we have him sedated. You can see him in about an hour. He's in recovery now. He'll be transferred to a room within the hour. I'll send for you then. Right now, he just needs to rest." She said as she patted my hand and left.

I began to openly cry when what she had said sank in. "I can't lose him, too. I can't. We just started to fix us. Sara, mark, thank you for coming here and staying with me. I need you guys so much right now." I said to the Undertaker and Sara.

"He'll be fine, Lita. Kane's strong and healthy. He's been through a lot worse. We'll stay as long" as you need us to." Mark said and Sara nodded along with him.

" I need to tell you something and you have to swear not to tell Kane." I said letting them know it was of the utmost importance they keep their promise.

"What is it, Lita?" Sara said.

I took a deep breath and just told them. "I'm pregnant. I was going to tell Kane tomorrow after we had time to process today. I can't lose him. I know how much he wants a child and I want to give him one. I love him more than I loved Matt."

They both looked at me with such shock that it was almost comical. After all we've been through, I've fallen in love with the man I hated so much. I've seen a side of him most people will never ever see.

"Lita, are you hearing yourself?" Sara asked me astonished at what I had just said. "You have fallen in love with Kane? Wow, I'm so happy you are able to bond and learn to be with each other. I just hate how you came to be Kane's wife."

"I signed the contract on that match and I knew what I was doing. I was hoping Matt Hardy won the match, but apparently Kane and I are meant to be. I believe in fate. And I believe fate wants me and Kane together. So, I'm fight for us. I just haven't told Kane that in words." I said the last part with a small chuckle.

"Lita, not that I'm not happy you're my brother's wife, but listen to yourself. I thought you would have filed for a divorce as soon as you healed from losing the baby. I haven't seen any evidence of the two of you working anything out at the arenas or anything. As a matter of fact, no one has." The Undertaker said to me, a bit confused.

"I didn't want to give Snitsky any more reason to torture me than he already has. When Kane and I are alone, we are happy. He thanked me last week for giving him a normal life. He even said the "L" word." I replied.

"What? I've never known Kane to show affection toward any one other than Sara, and even that was strained. Who is this stranger in my brother's body and what have you done with Kane?" Mark exclaimed.

I just shook my head and smiled at him. I sat back and start thing about the turning point in mine and Kane's marriage.