Chapter 14

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Kane's Point of View

I went back up to my room, accompanied by my brother and Show, of course, and I took a quick shower. "I don't need you two to baby sit me. You can go back to your own rooms, I won't do anything to Snitsky tonight." I told them as I came out of the bathroom.

"I thought you were going to kill him in the weight room, man. If me and Mark hadn't walked in when we did, you would have. He's only baiting you. I don't know why you're letting him get under your skin like that." Paul said as he sat down in one of the chairs, dwarfing it.

"You can't seriously expect me to let him talk about my wife like that! Lita didn't do anything to him. He did it all to her. Remember?!" I shot back at him.

"Kane, calm down. Paul's right. The only thing he's doing is trying to goad you. Don't let him. Lita had made you a different person. Live up to her expectations, man. If it gets to the point that it looks like you're going to kill him tomorrow night, we're stopping it. Lita doesn't need that stress. We'll keep him in the ring and you can beat the shit out of him, but you can't kill him." Mark said as he patted my shoulder.

I shrugged him off me. "I don't need your help. I told you before."

"Lita called me earlier today. She said you would probably try to talk us out of being there. I promised her I wouldn't let you. I'm keeping my promise to my sister-in-law." Mark said as he walked to the door. "Come on, Paul. Let him calm down. I'm right next door and Paul's across the hall. So don't try anything stupid." With that being said, they left my room.

I turned the lights outs and went to bed, but I can't sleep. I'm worried about Lita. I want to hurt that piece of shit, but I know I can't kill him. I might be a loose cannon, but I'm not stupid.

When the alarm went off, I was already awake, anticipating the match with Snitsky tonight. I showered and went to get breakfast. I ran into Mark and Paul in the lobby and they joined me. After breakfast, we went to the arena to prepare for tonight. I still have to meet with Vince and Bischoff to sign the contract.

"How do you want to handle this thing tonight?" Mark asked. "I don't think a lumberjack match is the right way to go."

"Neither do I. Just make sure he doesn't get away from me or Matt Hardy doesn't show up at the ring. I don't think he will, though." I responded.

"I doubt he will, if he knows what's good for him." Paul said. "But I do agree with you on the match. After you kick his ass, a few of us want a shot at him."

"Whatever. Just don't kill him. If I can't, you can't." I said, making them both chuckle. I wasn't trying to be funny at all.

The hours passed quicker than I thought they would. It was time for Raw to start, I had to wait for the main event to get that moron. It finally ends tonight, one way or the other.

I went to the trainers and got my knees wrapped up, along with my right wrist. I went back to my dressing room and waited for my call to the ring. I was going to be the first one to be called out. I went back to my locker room and waited for the call. The knock on my door finally came, and I was more than ready. I made my way to the curtain, waiting for my music and pyro.

When I heard them, I went down the ramp and into the ring. Come on Snitsky. Let's have a little fun. Then finally, his music sounded and he came running at the ring like he had something to prove. The bell rang just as I grabbed him and threw him into the corner, beating him. I didn't notice when the other guys got out there, but they were there when I managed a glance. He took the opportunity to hit me, but that was the last hit he got in on me. I side walk slammed him and he rolled out of the ring, the others beat the hell out of him and shoved him back in the ring to me. I let him get to his feet, and kicked him; I choke slammed him about five times.

"You think it's funny to terrorize my wife? You'll think twice the next time you see her!" I choke slammed him again. I threw him out of the ring, just so the others could get a few hits on him.

They rolled him back in the ring and I covered him when it was obvious he'd had enough. I got the 1-2-3 count, stood and gave the signal for my pyro to go off. I turned and smirked at Mark, letting him know he and the others could dish out what ever they wanted. I stood back and watched as they took turns. Mark grabbed him, hauled him to his feet and got in his face, yelling "Do not ever mess with my family again!" He let Snitsky drop and we left the ring laughing. I looked back and Snitsky hadn't moved. That made it even better.

I went back to my locker room, showered and decided to call Lita. Her phone rang only once when she answered.

"Kane, I was so worried. That was awesome. I hope the next time he sees you, he runs the other way." She sounded so out of breath, like she had been running.

"I know. It felt great, too. Why do you sound out of breath? Have you been working out or running?" I asked.

"No. I've been screaming at the TV. My overprotective sister wanted to turn the television off, but I told her if she did, I would break her hand off. She didn't try after that." She said and scoffed a bit.

"I wish you hadn't got so worked up, honey. You need to rest. I told your sister to turn the television off if you got worked up. You stop threatening Vicky's limbs, brat. You need to stay calm. I'll be home tomorrow. I miss you so much. I love you. Get some sleep." I told her. She has tamed me. The woman has tamed the Big Red Machine.

"I love you too. I can't wait for you to get home." She answered. We disconnected the call.

I went back to my hotel room, and laid down on the bed. I was asleep before I knew it. I woke the next morning at 6 A.M with out the alarm. I got up, and got dressed. I decided to get some donuts on the way to the airport. My flight is at 11 A.M.

I got to the airport and went through security. Then I went to the first class lounge and waited to be called to board the flight. I had some time to think, finally without having Snitsky on my mind. I think I would like to take Lita on a trip when Emma is old enough to travel, somewhere like Key West. It'll be relaxing and quiet. I'll be sure to leave our cell phones at home.

When I departed the flight, I retrieved my luggage and was surprised to find Lita and Vicky at the entrance of luggage claim. "What are you doing here?" I asked as I wrapped my arms around her.

"I wanted to surprise you, so I asked Vicky to bring me to pick you up. I missed you so much." She said, as she wrapped her arms around me tight. "Would you like to stop for dinner on the way?" She asked.

"Sure, that sounds good. Where do you want to go?" I answered.

"Outback Steakhouse." She said. I nodded and grabbed my luggage up.

We walked out to the parking lot and I put my luggage in the trunk, then we made our way to the restaurant. We had a nice dinner with Lita's mother who also decided to surprise me. I've never really had a family to show me love and acceptance as I do now. I'm not sure how to respond to it, though I'm sure if I were doing something wrong, Lita would tell me. I sat watching my wife, mother-in-law, and my sister-in-law enjoy the dinner. I couldn't believe this was mine. I would give my life to protect these women—especially Lita. From this moment on I've promised myself to be worthy of her love and trust. To be the husband she deserves and the father Emma will be proud of.

We finished dinner and Jean said she would meet us at our house as we left the restaurant. We met back at the house and unloaded my luggage and put it in the bedroom. Then I joined everyone else in the living room.

"Let's play poker." Lita suggested, Vicky and I both agreed.

"I don't have the money to play poker. I don't mean to be a party pooper." Jean said.

"We don't play for money, mom. We use poker chips and leave it at that. We think it makes it more fun." Lita told her.

She agreed and we moved to the dining room as I retrieved the poker set from the kitchen pantry. We played poker well into the night. I finally have a normal life and I will not give it up for anything.

The next three months passed quickly. Vicky stayed with Lita while I went in the road and as Lita's due date came closer, I took off the entire last month of her pregnancy. I planned on staying home with her for two months after Emma was born. Vince put me on a family leave of absence. Lita and I have enough money in our savings and stocks that I have invested in since I began making money. That's something I've always been good at, money. I have made sure that if Lita decided to stay home with Emma and just be a wife and a mom, our finances won't suffer.

We were laying in bed and Lita rolled over and tapped me on the shoulder. "Kane, I think I'm having contractions."

"How far apart are they?" I asked her as I turned on the light.

"About forty five minutes right now. I'm going into the living room and watch television, you stay here and get some sleep. I'll be alright. There's no way I'll be able to sleep now." She said.

I got up, too and joined her in the living room. She laid on the couch while I sat in the chair and we watched a movie. I made sure she was alright when she would wince with every contraction. Lita was able to sleep a little between contractions, I slept when she did.

She got up and her water broke as she stood. She looked as though she wanted to cry as I began yelling for Vicky to come down stairs.

"Vicky, Lita's water broke! Get down here!" I yelled as I got the suitcase for the hospital out of the closet.

"Call my mom, and have her meet us at the hospital. We need to call the doctor and let him know. I need to clean the floor up, too." Lita was saying.

"I'll call the doctor and your mom, honey. Don't worry about the floor, I'll call a carpet cleaning company and have the carpet cleaned before we bring Emma home. Oh my lord, we're having Emma. This is finally happening." I said, as I was shocked at my very core.

"You aren't having anything, I am. And I need you to stay calm and stay with me, because I need you, Kane." Lita said, and it sounded like she wanted to laugh.

I got Lita her SUV that I bought her when we were first married. I had installed the infant seat a week ago so we wouldn't have to worry about it later. I drove to the hospital, trying to stay under the speed limit. When we arrived, Jean was waiting for us.

I got Lita signed in and she was taken to the OB ward. The nurses put all the monitors on Lita's stomach and before long we could here Emma's heart beat. It was so strong, I was so happy we got to this point with her. I had agreed to try the natural birth, but I told her that if I thought she was in too much pain, then I would demand an epideral and she agreed to that. She knew she would have to compromise with me.

Over the next few hours, her contractions became closer together, and she handled them with wonderfully. Although, she was beginning to cry out with each one. She breathing a little harder with each contraction, as well.

The nurse came in and checked Lita's dialation. She was at ten and it was time to start pushing. Lita was then prepared to give birth to our much loved Emma Grace Calloway.

I moved to help to hold her left leg up as Jean held her right leg up. "Are you alright, Honey?"her I asked her.

"It hurts so much more than I thought it would. Now I wish I had taken the epideral. This hurts." She said as tears rolled down her cheeks.

I reached up and wiped her tears away. "I'm so sorry baby. I wish there was no pain. I'm so sorry." I kept saying to her. She smiled as best as she could at me.

The doctor was in the room be this time. "Okay, Lita, I need you to push with this contraction. We're going to count to ten and and I want you to push for the entire count. Push, push. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. Relax and rest until the next contraction."

"Oh my lord, this hurts so bad. I'll never do this again without an epidural, never. Please, count faster, please," Lita began to beg. It broke my heart.

Then she had another contraction, this one made her scream as she was pushing. It was blood curdling. She pushed through it and she pushed Emma's head out. With the next contraction, she pushed the rest of her out, screaming all the while. When Emma was out, Lita stopped screaming and started crying. I found myself crying as we looked at our gorgeous baby girl.