Ben 10 Alien to Vampire

Chapter 23: A Jolt from the Past; Who do You Trust? pt.3


Gwen popped up with a spare uniform of hers, seeing as how she deduced she and Deshiko had the same sizes. The nurse gladly exchanged them for the torn Enforcers outfit and gave them to Deshiko, who was hiding behind the changing room. As she changed, Gwen and Ben waited outside, Ben sighed, as he groaned, "I figured something like this was gonna happen sometime around. I knew that Deshiko was gonna get bullied. Either by being associated with Kuyou of all people, or with a human."

"Yep, things like this were bound to happen," Gwen pointed out. But then looked to Ben as she asked, "So why did you help her that day? Why?"

"What do you mean why," he asked, like he was talking to a complete stranger. "You know why."

"I do, but in the past, some of our enemies wouldn't show you the same curtesy," she advised. "So… you've got a thing for redheads now?"

Ben frowned at her, as he stated, "I don't know why I helped her. I just couldn't let Malware hurt her or anyone else." He huffed as he looked away, smirking proudly, "Sides, a hero like me can't help but rescue the pretty damsels."

"I'm sorry, but I am no damsel," Deshiko spoke up, as she stepped out.

Once she did, the Tennysons took a moment to view her new ensemble. She wore her white button-up shirt, but had the sleeves rolled up to her elbows. Her collar was undone, allowing only a little cleavage to show. Her skirt was present, but she didn't wear any socks at all, but kept her shoes on.

Deshiko realized that Ben was looking at her, as she asked, "What?"

Ben shook his head, as he replied, "Oh, it's nothing it's just…" He smirked as he complimented her, "You look great."

That comment caused her to blush uncontrollably, as she turned around, hiding it, "Don't'… don't be stupid."

Gwen shook her head at the awkward scene, and simply spoke out to break the ice, "Anyway, Kevin went over to the rendezvous station to talk about our Megawatt problem. Let's get going." The two were going on their way, but Kevin stopped Deshiko before she went any further, "Sorry, this is strictly alien business. No monsters allowed this far."

Dashi blinked at that, as she seemed offended, "What?"

"It's not personal, Deshiko," Ben reassured her, in order to prevent a fight from going on. "It's just something that us three need to do alone right now. We'll be back before you know it, and then we'll get back to the conversation."

And with that left said, the three walked elsewhere, leaving Deshiko confused. But she frowned as her fists tightened, "Oh no, he doesn't. We're not getting out of this; not by a longshot."

Later On


Later on, Ben, Gwen and Kevin snuck to their rendezvous, making sure that no one followed them. Unknown to the trio, Deshiko followed them effortlessly without being seen by them. Her skill as a Security Enforcers were pretty good when it came to not being noticed. And so far, it had paid off to keep those skills. So far, they were going to the gym, and walked right in, earning a confused look on the Chinese Vampire's face.

"The gym," she asked herself. "What's in there for them to keep such a big secret?"

"That's a good question."

Deshiko nearly jumped out of her clothes at that, as she turned to see Mizore, hiding underneath her legs. She hopped away, and asked, "Shirayuki! What are you doing here?"

"The same as you: trying to find out what Ben and the others are up to," she replied. But then she sighed nauseated, as she said, "And Yukari and Kurumu followed after me too."

Deshiko looked around, and didn't see them anywhere, as she asked, "Where? I don't…" but then the two mentioned popped out of a crash can, and a bush, as Kurumu waved with two branches as part of her cover. Deshiko frowned, and grumbled, "I see."

"We know Ben's told us everything about his adventures when he was ten," Yukari pointed out, but then argued, "But there were some things that he didn't tell us about when the Megawatt showed up."

"Like where he, his cousin, and Kevin have been hiding out," Mizore whispered out.

Deshiko seemed to nod to that, as Kurumu snuck a little further, "That. And I'm hoping that if I figure out his secret first…"

"Then you'll have a secret that you and Ben will have, much like it was with him and Moka," Yukari droned out, rather enthusiastically about.

Hearing that, Deshiko blushed madly, as she looked around, nearly screaming out, "What?! No, that's not…!"

But the trio of girls tackled her down, as they clamped her mouth shut. Ben turned around, trying to figure out who had screamed out. But once he saw there was no one, he shrugged, "Um, must have been the wind." And just followed the others back inside the gym.

The girls blinked in this idea, as they managed to peek up again, as Kurumu grumbled in frustration, "Darn it. We're not gonna be able to sneak up to them undetected."

"Says the girl who can cast illusions," Mizore grumbled.

Yukari blinked at this, as she pieced it together, "I got it!" the three girls looked to the eleven year old, as she explained, "With Mizore's skills in popping up anywhere, and Kurumu's illusions, we can easily sneak up behind them undetected."

Kurumu paled at that, as she stated, "What? But I can't hold an illusion for that long."

But at that moment, Yukari yanked Kurumu close to her, causing the succubus's boobs to moosh into Yukari's flat chest. But that wasn't the issue, as Yukari was glaring at her eye-to-eye, "THIS IS TO FIND OUT ABOUT THE BOY WE ALL HAVE THE SMOKING HOTS FOR! YOU CAN'T JUST GO HALF-HEARTEDLY!" She let go of Kurumu, as the blue-haired girl breathed relief, as Yukari grabbed her head in disgust, as she looked up at the air, "Jeez! This is the reason why Moka's got the upper hand on all of us, and how she kissed Ben on the lips in the infirmary!"

That last comment got both Mizore and Kurumu into silent rages, as their eyes glowed red. The circled the now startled and frightened Yukari, with Mizore's ice claws, as well as Kurumu's sharpened nails. Kurumu growled, "What? Did you just tell us that Moka kissed Ben? And not the blood-sucking kiss she usually does to him?"

"That silver-haired blood-sucking bimbo girl next door's gotten that far with my future husband?" Mizore seethed, with ice breath blowing at Yukari's neck, begging her to tickle flinch into her claws.

"And how long did you know this?" Kurumu dangerously sneered at the little witch. "When were you gonna tell us?"

"Moka and I talk in the bath! It's the only time I get to be with her alone! In the tub! Mostly because nobody can handle the smell of rose petals and herbs she uses in the bath!" Yukari cried out.

Kurumu stopped being scary, and thought for a moment, "Hmmm. So that explains why the two of you smell like roses."

Even Mizore stopped being scary, as she agreed, "And I honestly thought it was because they both used the same shampoo and body wash when they bathed."

Realizing what she had said, Yukari whimpered out hysterically, "Guys! Can we please drop this subject? Ben and the others are gonna be out from sight."

Deshiko sheepishly pointed out, but sweat-dropped, "For the record: I don't have a crush or thing for Tennyson, okay? I just owe a debt to him for saving my life. Now three times."


Gwen and Kevin had walked further from Ben, and disappeared into the equipment room. Ben was heading over there at the moment, but the door opened… all by itself. Ben got the feeling that someone was following him, and whipped around but like before, nothing. He shrugged, thinking his paranoia of Youkai Academy was getting the better of him, and continued to walk to the equipment room. Unbeknownst to him, all four girls were huddled together, as Kurumu's eyes were glowing blue. So far it had worked out pretty well; Kurumu was casting a very powerful illusion that only affected anyone who was in the vicinity. The illusion was that all four were invisible to anyone; as long as the three girls were with Kurumu, they too would remain invisible.

However, it proved difficult, as the blue-haired succubus was not used to casting an illusion this long. And it was putting much strain on the poor girl. Yukari noticed this, as she asked in a whisper, "Hey, you okay, Missile-Deck? You look like you're about to go constipated."

"I'm putting up an illusion on us, nonstop, and it's sapping every second we're tip-toeing behind Ben," Kurumu complained.

"You've used Love Charm before," Mizore inquisited. "So why is this giving you such a hard time?"


This moment broke the illusion for only a second, which freaked out the girls. Ben heard the screaming and turned around quickly, but the illusion was cast again in a split second. Once again, Ben swore he heard Kurumu screaming, but saw nothing. He shook his head, as he opened the equipment door, and walked in, "I really need to lay off the sodas." But then he grumbled, "Great. Gwen will never let me hear the end of it."

Equipment Room

As Ben entered inside, the girls hastily but stealthy got in before the door closed. They remained huddled together, as they waddled their way to Ben, who still thought he was losing his mind. He walked over to where a spare wash sink was at; usually a place for janitors to refill their swab bucket carts. He reached to where the mirror was, and placed his left wrist up, allowing the Omnitrix lens to reflect on a specific spot on the mirror.

Meanwhile, the girls were scooting over as best they could, without being detected, or with Kurumu breaking concentration. However, as they finally inched to Ben almost a foot from him, Kurumu was finally feeling the strain of holding on to the illusion. Veins were popping all around her eyes, as she finally succumbed to exhaustion and strain. And then, she screamed in a fit of frustration, "I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!"

Finally, Ben whipped around, as he yelled out, "Okay, I'm not in the mood, so if anyone's there, then…"

But at that moment, as the wall in front of him opened up, revealing a passageway, all he got was a face of Kurumu's boobs, as he and the four crashed into the secret room. The five crashed onto the floor, standing into an advanced and futuristic looking elevator. Suddenly, the elevator went down, sending the five crashing into the ceiling, and Ben's face into Kurumu's boobs again, as she grasped onto him, as she screamed in fright. The elevator went down really fast, almost like a bullet going through the barrel of a Desert Eagle 9 mm pistol. Until finally, after what felt like a whole minute, the elevator stopped, and the five crashed onto the floor, and this time, with Kurumu's face falling into Ben's lap.

As they recovered, Kurumu groaned, as she realized where she was, as did Ben. The two scooted back, blushing heavily from such an experience, as Ben finally spoke up, "What are you guys doing here?"

Mizore, being the calm one, pointed out, "We could ask the same thing about you? What's going on?"

Ben was a little stuck on words, as seeing he couldn't keep this hidden. And since they were already there, he sighed, "Well, the thing is…"

But that moment was ended, as the door ended, and all five of them came falling out of the elevator, and stumbled down a sliding walkway to the bottom. They came to and slowly got back up, just as alarms and red lights flashed all over the place. The four girls looked in front of them, shocked at what they were looking at. They were standing in what would probably be a waiting station or a massive space cop station that was as big as a mall. And walking around the place, or stopping to see the four intruders were various humans and aliens, all wearing the Plumber uniform that the girls had previously seen the first day the Plumbers had arrived to arrest the Security Enforcers.

And among them, only two stood bulgy eyed at the group of girls, and the two were Galvans. The first one was thinner and taller than an average Galvan and wore grey overalls with a Plumber belt. His eyes had a google eye expression and he also wore a red ball cap. His companion was smaller but fatter than other Galvans, and he wore a Plumber suit, unlike his compatriot.

The girls all looked around them, as Ben was slowly recovering from the girl crash on them. Everything was silent around them, as no one made a move, much less a sound or thought pass them by. Things seemed to be calm, even as Mizore let a small wave pop up, and Kurumu finally spoke up, as she innocently replied, "Ah… hi?"

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" It was the only response that was made in the situation, and it was made by the two Galvans. Everyone else just stood there, deeply quiet and confused, even while the Galvans kept panicking, even when the girls and Ben picked themselves back up.

"INTRUDERS, INTRUDERS," two little Galvans ran around, sounding out two fog horns as emergency sirens. The little chubby one screamed out, "ABANDON BASE, ABANDON BASE! WOMEN AND GALVANS FIRST! AAAAAAAAAAAH!"

The tall one with the droopy eye stopped, as he corrected, "Don't you mean women and children first?"

The chubby one stopped, as he corrected, "Yes, but I merely refer to Galvans seeing as we're smaller than children."

"What about Galvan children," the tall one questioned.

"What Galvan children? We're the only Galvans on this place! Let alone this planet," the chubby one retorted.

"Though in honesty, I think you're the only kid around here," the tall one stated, but then looked to the intruders. "Though, the little human has an excuse; she's a kid."

"Hey, I resent that!" Yukari shouted, as she stated, "I'll have you know I'm a freshman in high school."

The two looked to each other and then to the girl, as they both looked to one another to silently confirm, and agreed, "Dwarfism."


"What in the hay-hoo is going on around here?" a familiar looking fish-like plumber walked in. It was the one that had been with Grandpa Max on the day they arrested the Security Enforcers, Magister Patelliday. Once he got through, he looked to everyone, "What are y'all doin? Get back to work." Once that happened, everyone got back to work, say for the two panicking Galvans, who had now just argued among each other.

He stopped in front of the two Galvans as well as Ben and his high school chums, as he adjusted his bifocals, and sternly looked at them all, "Ben? What did we talk about having uninvited civilians in the base? Now, we gotta deal with this entire hullabaloo now."

"Believe me, Magister Patelliday. I didn't invite everyone along this trip. I wasn't breaking the rules… this time," Ben defended. "They followed me."

The Magister arched a fishy eyebrow, "Seriously? I didn't have this kind of trouble when your cousin, Lucy, was the prankster. Now all of a sudden, I'm getting your fan club following you like a bunch of lovesick puppies."

"Who are you calling lovesick puppies?" Kurumu shot out, slightly offended.

But Mizore shied away, as she blushed, "I like to think of myself as a lovesick stalking snow bunny."

Both Yukari and Deshiko went deadpanned, as they looked to the Snow Girl, "I wouldn't use the term stalker in this case."

Kurumu turned to Ben, rather frustrated, as she stated, "Ben, just who is this fishy guy?"

"I'm Magister Patelliday of the Plumbers HQ of Bellwood," Patelliday stated, looking silently miffed that this girl called him fishy. "And I'm also chief of operations and investigations in this here school."

The girls all paled at this, seeing that Kurumu managed to get on the bad side of the chief of the alien police, as they paled and nearly cracked under the pressure, but immediately shook it off, as they looked to Ben, and demanded answers, "Wait, Ben, what's going on around here?!"

Ben sighed, as he scratched the back of his head, "Well… that's sort of a long story…"

Next Chapter: Jolt from the Past; Who can You Trust? pt.4

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