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Away from civilization, the full array of stars shone down upon Hogwarts, the full glory of the milky way clear for any of the students (there for the summer) or faculty (almost always there) to see. Professor Sinistra was up on the astronomy tower, cataloguing the heavens with pen, paper, and telescope. Fang looked up at the half moon from by Hagrid's hut. The centaurs in the forest divined the future from the view and several ghosts took time out of their night to enjoy the vista.

Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore did not have time to enjoy the stars that night, as he sat in his office. The dark lord had returned at the end of the last year and the aging headmaster had to marshal the forces of good to meet him yet again. The old man's heart grew heavy as he went about this buisness; he remembered the last war, all the pain, hopelessness, and sacrifice that was only ended by what could be described as a deus ex machina hinted at by a fresh prophecy.

Had he known it could all be ended by letting Voldemort find the location of the Potters-

No, he would have applied just as much effort, if not more, to keeping them safe. The events of October 31st 1981 were only a blessing because there was victory and peace out of an unexpected tragedy. To have planned that event out would have betrayed everything he, Albus Dumbledore, and the Order of the Phoenix stood for.

He would have stood firm against the terrible temptation to save so many lives by sacrificing two people who were ready to lay down their lives for the cause anyway. He would not have betrayed their trust no matter how great the temptation.

But that was neither here nor there. Right now, he had to deal with stopping the next Death Eater atrocity.

He could hear the staircase outside move and knew that his guests for this evening would soon be arriving. His office door opened and Professor Severus Snape, accompanied by Remus Lupin, walked in.

"Good evening gentlemen," the old wizard said to his colleagues. "Lemon drop?" He offered with a twinkle in his eye.

"No thank you," Lupin replied, dressed in his shaggy second hand robes.

"Why are we here?" Snape asked, completely ignoring the offer. Dumbledore had been hoping to get a rise out of the Potions professor, the man took everything far too seriously. If he would only lighten up a bit, maybe he could start moving past Lily's death.

The old wizard sighed.

"This concerns the matter of Amity Park," he said to the two younger men.

Amity Park, the magical no man's land. A spot filled with the largest concentration of naturally occurring portals to the Spirit World, the Neverner, or the Ghost Zone, as its newest inhabitants were now calling it. The last name was a matter of some debate, especially in Wizarding Britain where the term ghost referred to the shades of wizards bound to the mortal plane. Elsewhere it was used to designate spirits, specters, and shades of all types, from spirits born in and of the Ghost Zone, spirits embodying an idea or concept, or psychic impressions of mortals long dead, given life and power through ectoplasm.

Amity Park had to deal with all types. The infestation of extra worldly entities was so great that the American magical government had quarantined the area and declared it a no man's land several decades ago, even before the local muggles started noticing them. They didn't bother looking for children with magical talents there, they didn't keep any magical law enforcement on hand, detecting any use of magic in the town, and they didn't allow any of their citizens within the town limits.

The town itself was a hot issue throughout all of the Wizarding world. Muggles were being exposed to all forms of magical beings and even some magical artifacts. Even if they couched the whole experience up in scientific jargon they still were exposed to these things daily. Even the world outside Amity Park was starting to take note of the supernatural creatures all around it.

How long until they found out about wizards?

Some hot heads proposed wiping Amity Park off of the map. As if that would solve all their problems. And, as others argued, if a massacre was necessary to keep the Wizarding world hidden, then maybe it was time for humans with magical talents to rejoin humanity as a whole.

A debate of a whole different kettle errupted when wizards found out about the Fentons. Muggles affecting magical beings and magic with their technology? Purebloods and wizard supremacists exploded over that news. And it was the subject of this night's meeting.

"As Professor Snape has informed us, Voldemort has set his eyes westward, towards America. Remus, I trust you are aware of the Fentons?"

"Those Amity Park muggle spirit fighters? Yes, I've heard of them." The werewolf replied.

"Then I assume you also know about the attitude towards them from less than savory elements of our society?"

The former DADA teacher nodded.

"I believe Voldemort is planning to move against them soon, to kill them and destroy their work. It is to that end that I called you here tonight. I wish to ask you to temporarily abandon your attempts at swaying the werewolf community and instead retrieve the Fentons before the Death Eaters can reach them."

"And why did you need me at this meeting?" Snape asked, sneering.

To tell Voldemort of the plan, so that the Death Eaters would kill one or two of the family, the survivors need for vengeance cementing their allegiance to the Order of the Phoenix, giving us access to their technology- No, Dumbledore thought to himself. Not ever. He ruthlessly squashed the idea.

"I need you to keep Voldemort in the dark until Remus has reached Amity Park and had a week to convince the Fentons to leave, after which you are to tell him about Remus's visit, leaving out the reasons for his trip, to reinforce your image as a double agent," Dumbledore told his short tempered friend. "If Remus cannot get them to leave within a week, then I doubt he can get them to leave at all. And we cannot afford to spend any resources guarding them. They will have to stand on their own feet from then on. At best we can fool them as to our reasons and buy the Fentons time."

"I understand," Snape replied. Intelligence work was a dirty business and there was always only so much you could do.

"Is there anything else?" Lupin asked, getting ready to rise from his seat.

"Yes, there is one other thing. Do you know of the spirit known as Danny Phantom?"

"I've heard of him," the shapeshifter responded.

"This is a secondary objective. I would like for you to recruit this spirit to our cause."

"Do you think he will join? From what I've heard, he seems to stick to Amity Park. I always thought he was some sort of humanoid genius loci."

"I have received some reports that state he was spotted outside of the town. I have a conjecture to his nature you see. I have reason to believe he is something of a... hybrid spirit if you will, called a halfa by many entities. A combination of genius loci and the muggle idea of 'superheros'. He may be willing and able to join our cause and I see no reason why we shouldn't take the chance to add him to our ranks. And if you can convince the Fentons to come, he may decide to come over here to protect them, as they are people of his town."

"Do you have any advice on how to recruit him?"

"None, except to appeal to his better nature, and the fact that Death Eaters will be intruding on his town," Dumbledore replied. "If you gentlemen have no further questions, then may I suggest that this meeting be adjourned?"

It was a normal day for Danny Phantom/Fenton. He was currently being hurled through a wall by the shock-wave from other worldly explosives, their ethereal green light illuminating his flight path.

"Finally, today I will have your hide ghost child!" The ghost hunter in the high tech armor, Skulker shouted.

"You say that every time," Danny retorted, shaking off some rubble. He turned intangible to avoid some more missiles and flew out at high speeds. He became tangible once more, flying low to avoid his foes attacks. The street below and the buildings to the side were a blur to the half ghost, as he sped at his foe, his legs becoming a ghostly tail.

He flew behind a building and Skulker opened fire when he reappeared. Deadly blasts of energy scarred, scorched, and blasted the streets, sidewalks, and buildings around the boy. A mid sized red blast hit the boy right between the eyes.

Victory, Skulker thought.

And then the boy disappeared with a pop. A duplicate.

Danny Phantom's foes had really hated the day he learned that trick.

The real Danny Phantom became visible again. Skulker, no doubt, had some means of finding in that state and without the decoy duplicate there was no point in wasting energy.

Skulker prepared to fire another missile to force the ghost boy back and Danny saw his chance. He pointed at the projectile and shot a small ecto-blast at it before the hunter could fire it. It exploded, taking out the launcher, and send Skulker tumbling to the ground below.

"I'll get you for that halfa!" Skulker cursed, whipping out a ghostly high tech gun. He pulled the trigger. Nothing happened. He pulled the trigger again. Still nothing. The hunter looked at the end of the barrel. It was covered in ice.

"I hate you so very much," Skulker moaned before the gun exploded. The world was engulfed in green and purple light, multicolored smoke and bits of metal going everywhere. When the commotion cleared Skulker's puny true form was visible.

"The feeling's mutual," Danny replied, whipping out a Fenton Thermos. He unscrewed the cap and a beam of blue-white light shot out, surrounded by concentric rings of a similar color. It sucked up his spectral foe and trapped him within the metal cylinder.

Danny sighed, closed his glowing green eyes for a moment, and wiped one white gloved hand across his forehead, brushing strands of his shockingly white hair as he did so. He held the thermos close to his chest, right by the white logo emblazoned on his black suit, a stylized D P, and then took off to find his way back to Tucker and Sam.

He found his two friends running towards where the fight with Skulker had ended up. Sweat, from both the summer heat and running, had soaked through parts of Tucker's long sleeved yellow shirt and long pants. Sam was better off, her bare midriff helped to offset the heat retention from her black and purple skirt, black leggings, and black tank top.

Danny forced himself not to watch as a drop of glistening sweat rolled down the curve of her neck.

"Didya get him?" Tucker asked, panting. Danny held up the thermos and shook it. It made a metallic rattling sound.

"Hurry up and turn back before somebody sees you with us," Sam said, looking around for any witnesses. There were none. Whether they thought of him as a hero or villain, people knew that when Danny Phantom showed up, things tended to be wrecked. The people of Amity Park had figured out that they had to run at that point.

Blue tinted white rings formed around the halfa's waist, one heading up and the other down. Where the rings passed, the boy changed. When the transformation was complete, a black haired, blue eyed boy in a white tee shirt and jeans remained. Danny Fenton stood where Danny Phantom had been floating a minute ago.

"Ah summer vacation. No need to make excuses to get out of school-" Danny began, stretching in the sun.

"Not that you bother with those any more, thanks to duplication," Sam pointed out.

"Or deal with homework-"

"We've got summer homework," Tucker pointed out.

"Or friends raining on my parade-"

"Oh hahaha," Sam said, gently punching Danny's arm. "Let's just go to your place and stuff Skulker back into the Ghost Zone."

"Maybe nothing else will bother me for the rest of the summer," Danny sighed.

Long distance apparition was a tricky skill to master, but Remus Lupin hadn't been a Hogwarts professor solely due to Dumbledore's charity. He ended up in Boston, the seat of the American magical government and checked in with the authorities there. They gave him dosage of the Wolfsbane potion, standard procedure for any werewolf. Remus also received a list of locations where he would be able to pick up another does, and a list of 'preserves' where he could spend the full moon in lieu of drinking the potion.

The former professor spent the night in the city and resumed his journey the next day. He made several shorter trips to reach his destination. As a foreign citizen the American magical government had no vested interest in keeping him out of the no man's land that was Amity Park.

Remus Lupin took a deep breath. It was now or never. Time to enter the closest place on earth to the realm of the spirits.

He checked over his supplies one last time. Most instant casts spells or evocations as some called them, would be useless against beings of the Nevernever. And Lupin didn't have time to do any ritual magic, long-spells, or enchant any items that could help him. However, Dumbledore had thought of a solution.

Ofudas purchased from eastern wizards. The power of a ritual contained in a small slip of paper. Perfect for one time usage. The downside was that they were hideously expensive, and they had only been able to purchase a limited number.

He had no clue as to how the otherworldly entities would react to a wizard in their presence. He hoped that they'd simply ignore him.

Now, how to find the Fentons.

Well that was easy. Who'd have guessed that they'd have a big sign indicating where they worked?

Now how to approach them...

Honest, straight, and to the point.

He knocked on the door, mentally reviewing the names of the family. Son named Daniel, daughter named Jazz, mother named Maddie, father named Jack.

The door opened and a boy with blue eyes and black hair greeted him. The son then.

"Daniel Fenton, come with me if you want to live." Lupin didn't understand why Daniel buried his face in his palm and groaned at that statement.

Great, weirdos making Terminator references. And Danny had been hoping for some quiet time with Sam (and Tucker) too.

And even better, it turned out that this weirdo was a wizard, a fact he demonstrated by turning a couple of small house hold items into animals and back. Danny had encountered magical artifacts, magic using ghosts, and the ghosts of wizards, but never a live magic user. Honestly though, he probably should have seen it coming.

Lupin, all of the Fentons, Sam, and Tucker were all sitting around the Fenton's kitchen table, with tea provided by the visiting Englishman. Danny wasn't sure what tea drinking etiquette was, so he just did whatever Sam did. Out of the corner of his eye he noticed Tucker doing the same thing.

"So, Mr. Lupin..." Maddie began. "Why have wizards suddenly decided to visit us? Do you need help ghost hunting?"

"Why would- Oh, right, excuse me," said the wizard. "I forgot about a difference in our terminology."

"Huh?" Danny voiced his confusion.

"We wizards tend to use the term 'ghost' to refer to the shades of wizards bound to the mortal plane, utterly powerless and harmless. We generally call the entities you have to deal with spirits, specters, or some other designation depending on the type." Lupin replied. "Recently there has been debate about what term to use, especially since many of the entities who dwell in the spirit realm have started calling it the Ghost Zone."

"I see," Maddie replied. "Then why are you here?"

The werewolf paused for a moment, taking a sip of tea, as he thought about the best way to approach the subject.

"You know the muggle stereotypes about wizards?" He began. "Old men in robes? Out of date?" Everyone nodded. "Well, apply that stereotype to the whole of wizard society and you can get a general idea of what its like."

"What do you mean by that?" Jazz asked, sipping her own tea.

"We're a backwards society, closer to your Victorian age then the current one. We've got people obsessed with blood purity, wizarding supremacists, and people terrified of muggles-"

"Muggles?" Sam asked.

"Non-magical people," Remus clarified. "Terrified of them because of ancient history and ignorance. It's not always a pleasant place to live. And in England it gets even better. We have problems with corruption at the highest levels of our government and a newly resurrected Dark Lord, He-who-must-not-be-named, Lord Voldemort, who's a blood purity fanatic and a wizarding supremacist, who's return the Ministry is devoting all their efforts to ignoring."

"That's awful," Jack said, cleaning up his crushed teacup and spilled tea, "but you still haven't said what it has to do with us Fentons."

"I'm getting to that. Do you know what the American magical government considers your town?"

"I'm getting the feeling that's it's not a good thing," Tucker said, grinning nervously.

"Amity Park has been designated a magical no man's land due to the number of spirits here. You've had everything from poltergeists, to elementals, spirits without a name, and beings like the Fright Knight and Pariah Dark who are worshiped as dark gods in some parts of the world. The government doesn't want to get involved. They've pled that it is impossible to enforce the International Statute of Secrecy in this area, and thus un-obliviated muggles have seen magical creatures repeatedly. Its a bit of a hot topic in the wizarding world."

"And then," Remus continued, "these two muggles develop technology that can affect magical creatures as powerful as some of the spirits plaguing this town, and through that, magic itself."

"And I'm guessing that the wizarding supremacists don't like this." Jazz observed.

"No, they don't don't." Lupin agreed.

"Great, Nazi wizards don't like us. Let me guess, they're coming to kill us." Danny groaned. "And this was looking to be a peaceful summer too."

"I'm afraid so," Remus replied, using the context to get a vague idea of what the word Nazi meant. "And that's why I'm here. I'm with the organization that's standing against, Voldemort, He-who-must-not-be-named-"

"Why mustn't he be named?" Sam asked. "Did he do something magical with his name."

"No, but his name carries a great deal of fear with it. Only a few of us say his name."

"But doesn't refusing to say his name make it even worse? You sure he didn't cast a spell on his name or something?" Sam asked, one eyebrow raised.

"If he did do something to his name then I don't know about it. And, incidentally young lady, you sounded a great deal like my boss just now."

"Oh. I bet she's a kick-ass witch." Sam said proudly.

"Actually he's an ancient wizard." Sam deflated a bit at this news.

"But as to the reason I'm here, I'd like to offer you all protection against the Death Eaters on behalf of the Order of the Phoenix."

"What does this protection entail," Maddie asked, leaning forward.

"You'd come back with me to Britain and stay at one of our safe houses," Remus answered.

"And if we refuse? If we decide to stay and fight?"

"Then there's nothing we can do. Our spies report that there are no current plans regrading you, but that Voldemort has been setting his sights westward. You'd be safe for the rest of the week, but after that Voldemort will know of my visit, but not why I came. Hopefully I can distract him with my secondary objective and he'll leave you alone, but if that doesn't work..." Lupin didn't need to say what the consequences would be out loud.

"What's your other task," Jazz quickly changed the subject.

"I'm to try and see if its possible to recruit the spirit known as Danny Phantom."

"That menace? Why would you-" Jack began, but Lupin cut him off.

"I don't know what history you have with the spirit, but all reports indicate that, at the very least, he is not totally malevolent."

"What do you mean by that?" Maddie asked angrily.

"I mean the town is still standing. And no offense to you or your skills, but if a spirit as strong as Phantom was malevolent he could easily destroy this town without appearing until it was too late. All it would take is some subtle sabotages here and there and he could start a city wide fire. And while you're focused on that he could attack you and wipe you out with ease."

Jack and Maddie paled. They hadn't even thought of a ghost using mundane strategies to attack them.

"And we've heard from some brave shades who ventured close to here, that he seems to want to protect this town. Many of your own already see him as a hero, correct?"

"Yes," Maddie admitted, "after the Pariah Dark incident half the town started to hail him as a hero."

"He's a spirit who went up against what some consider an evil god and managed to reseal him, a considerable victory even if he needed to steal your..." Lupin struggled to think of the muggle term for enchanted but failed. "Special armor to do so."

"He wouldn't have gotten it if someone hadn't knocked me out and tried to sacrifice themselves instead," Jack pouted.

"Or if someone hadn't knocked me out," Maddie grumbled.

"I'm going to have to ask about that incident later," Remus said, grinning. "But I digress. My boss wants to see if he could be convinced to aid us, or if its even possible for him to aid us."

"What do you mean by that?" Danny asked, genuinely curious. He wanted to know what the wizards thought of his alter ego.

"We don't exactly know what his nature is. My boss has hypothesized that he is some sort of a combination of genius loci and something born of you culture's 'superheros'. This could present a rather large problem."

"What do you mean?" Tucker asked.

"You see, a genius loci is the spirit of a location or a guardian spirit for the location. If Danny Phantom is part genius loci then it may be impossible for him to leave Amity Park. Though if he's not purely a genius loci, and he's following and protecting people from this town..."

"You think that he could come with them," Jazz finished.

"Exactly. And, at the very least, I could warn him about the Death Eater threat," Remus continued.

"I'm still not sure about Phantom, but how bad are these Death Eaters?" Maddie asked.

"Could we kick their butts?" Jack asked excitedly.

"Maybe, I have no idea of your capabilities," Remus replied. "But during the last war they cowed a nation and were killing us members of the Order off one by one. We're better prepared for this round, but they're not a foe you should take lightly."

"We'd like to take some time to think about this," Maddie told the former professor.

"Of course. Do you know of somewhere I can stay in the meantime?"

"You can sleep in our guest room. It's the least we can do."

"Thank you ma'am," Remus respectfully bowed his head. Danny saw that the hairs on the back of his neck were sticking up.

"Are you nervous?" He asked the visitor. When the teacher looked at him quizzically, he said, "your neck hairs-"

"Ah. No, I'm merely sensing the magic in the house. This whole town reeks of it, but its particularly potent here. I'm guessing it's from the inventions."

Jack and Maddie looked at each other and then at Lupin.

"We keep those down in the lab. Which is shielded. No energy should be escaping from our inventions. Could it be something to do with ghosts."

"No, it doesn't feel-" Smell actually, but no need to reveal his lycanthropy right now, "-inhuman like that. Are you sure its not from your inventions?"

"Yes," and now Maddie and Jack were staring at him intently. "Do you have any clue what it could be from."

"If I had to guess then I would say that it's from an untrained wizard spending long periods of time here..." Gears began to spin in Lupin's head. "And this is a no man's land..." He turned to Danny and Jazz, pulling out his wand. "Could you two do me a favor? I need you two to wave this, one at a time."

Jazz complied with the odd command first, giving the wand a wave. Nothing happened.

Danny complied next. Multicolored sparks shot out the end, filling the top of the room with rainbow fireworks.

"I see," Lupin said. "It would appear that I'm sensing Danny's accidental magic. Danny, have you been experiencing a lot of unusual accidents throughout your life?"

Recently, sure, Danny thought, but he didn't say that out loud. It had been because of his ghost powers not magic.

"Sort of..."

"Mr. Lupin," Maddie's voice and expression were gravely serious. "Is it possible that Danny is responsible for our success? That his magic is what makes our inventions work?"

"Possibly. Danny, how do you feel about your parent's work?"

"Currently, I really like it," Danny admitted. "But before ghosts became public knowledge I hated the stuff," he continued, rubbing the back of his head sheepishly.

"No Mr. and Mrs. Fenton, if anything his magic may have made it more difficult for your inventions to work," Lupin said. "His uncontrolled magic would have reacted to his unconscious desires. And its no wonder there's the feel of so much magic in this place."

"You sound like its unusual," Jazz observed, taking the revelation of Danny magic in stride. She already knew he was half ghost, what was magic after that.

"Sort of. Most wizards and witches start training at the age of eleven, but since you've been residing in a no man's land, the American government must have missed you." Lupin explained. "I've never run into this situation before."

"Does that mean that some of my classmates could be wizards too?" Danny asked excitedly. He was currently torn between nervousness, due to him gaining yet more power, and excitement, because, come on Magic! He could do all sorts of cool things with that. And he could have an excuse for his parents as to why he kept running off.

"Certainly, but-"

"Could you test Sam and Tucker?"

"I don't see the harm in that," Lupin said, handing his wand to Tucker, who gave it a wave.

Nothing happened.

Looking a little dejected, Tucker passed the wand to Sam. She gave it a wave. Purple sparks shot out the other end.

"Awesome! I'm a witch! This is so goth!" Sam cackled. "I can't wait to get a cauldron and a black cat!"

"I wasn't expecting that," Remus admitted, taking his wand back. "But nothing about this town is normal..."

"If we go with you, would Danny receive training for his magic?" Jack asked suddenly.

"Certainly. He could go to Hogwarts."

"You can guarantee this?"

"My boss is the headmaster of the school."

Everyone was a bit taken aback by that. Remus looked at their surprised faces.

"What's so surprising about that? You'd need powerful witches and wizards to teach people how to use magic and he is the only one Voldemort ever feared."

"I guess," Tucker admitted. "But I was expecting him to have a more badass position."

"Being the head of a magical school is pretty 'badass'." Remus replied.

"Are you a professor there?" Jazz asked. "Since he's your boss and all."

"I used to be. Now I'm just a volunteer in the order."

"We'll go," Maddie decided then and there.

"Well that is very good news," Lupin said, taking another sip of his tea and beaming. "When will you be ready to leave."

"By tomorrow," Jack replied.

"Perfect. It gives me some time to go find Phantom. Do you two know of anyway of contacting him?"

"Like a ghost signal?" Tucker said giggling.

"Or the location of his Haunt of Solitiude," Sam said laughing.

"Maybe you could call his Ghost-Phone!" Danny joked, joining his friends in their laughter.

"I"m afraid I don't get the what's so funny," the perplexed professor admitted.

"Superhero references. Pay them no mind." Jazz replied, rolling her eyes. "I've got an idea on how to contact him..."

"You do? What have you been up to young lady!" Jack demanded, pulling out heavy anti-ghost weaponry. "If that ghost boy's been-"

"Nothing like that Daddy," Jazz said, shooting him a glare. "I just want to try and put the word out that someone's looking to talk to Phantom. I'm pretty sure he'll hear it." Considering that he was at the table, listening to the conversation, it was a pretty safe bet that he would.

"That's better than anything I've got planned," Remus said, finishing off his tea. "Ms-" The professor turned to Sam.

"Mason. Sam Mason."

"Ms. Mason, the Hogwarts offer is open to you as well. In fact I'd also like to ask Tucker to come along."

"Why? It's not like I've got magical powers."

"You are a known friend of Danny and the Death Eaters might try to get to him through you." Tucker seemed surprisingly blasé at that revelation.

"Alright. But we'll need to have something to fool our parents."

"I'll go an explain the situation to them this evening. I'll need your addresses." Lupin requested.

"We could just show you there," Sam suggested. Lupin shook his head.

"I'd rather not risk it. I've got no ideas how the spirits in this town will react to a wizard among them. By the way, I forgot to ask, does this house have anti-spirit defenses?"

"Yes," Maddie informed him, "why?"

"I'd rather not have a bunch of otherworldly entities attacking me while I sleep," Remus replied.

"Couldn't you just fight them off?"

"Not in a head to head confrontation. I'd need time to preform a ritual or a long spell to deal with them, and you can't do that while they're tearing you in half. I did happen to come prepared-" He took out the ofudas. "The power of a ritual or long spell contained in a piece of paper. Perfect for dealing with spirits on the fly. But expensive. I only have so many and no time to make more."

"We'll turn on the ecto-shield then. But it would make it difficult for Phantom to find you."

"I'll stay outside while I wait for him then," Lupin shrugged. "Or I might run into him at Sam or Tucker's houses. I don't know if he can sense me."

Danny thought about it for a moment. His ghost sense wasn't going off, so he guessed that he couldn't sense wizards, at least not currently. He didn't know if any of his friends or enemies could either. Hmmm... how to approach Remus Lupin as Danny Phantom...

There was no question about Danny Phantom helping this Order of the Phoenix. If this Voldemort guy and those Death Eaters were planning to come after his family and friends, well then he'd just have to beat the snot out of them. And save a bunch of other innocents.

And learn magic. It was a win-win situation.

"Alright, I think its time to go visit Sam and Tucker's families," Lupin said rising. "Any more questions that I should answer first?"

"Nope," Jack said also getting up. "We'll just take this time to turn off the portal."


"Yeah, the portal to the Ghost Zone."

Remus's brief fit was easily dealt with, and they were able to stop his rants about 'opening gates to the realm of gods, demons, and things beyond ken of us mere mortals' or about how it was 'bad enough that there were naturally occurring temporary portals everywhere in this town, but then you had to go and make a permanent one' and then everyone had another round of calming tea.

Remus then eagerly left with Sam and Tucker to go talk with their families. Maddie and Jack went downstairs to safely turn off the portal, gather their blueprints, and pack their equipment. Danny and Jazz were sent to pack there things.

"So..." Jazz spoke up, as they climbed up the stairs. "How you going to approach this?"

"I thought I'd turn intangible while he waits outside and rise out of the ground. Maybe try to go for a nice dramatic entrance at the same time." Her little brother responded. "I know, I'll use my ice powers to-"

"Not that," Jazz said, shooting him an exasperated look. "I meant this is a great time to break the news about your alter ego to mom and dad."

"Nope," Danny replied in a voice that was forced to be cheerful.

"It's a great opportunity," Jazz insisted, "and from what you've told me about the Reality Gauntlet incident-"

"Yes, I know they'll accept me," Danny replied, rolling his eyes. "I was an idiot for worrying about that in the first place."

"No. It was a valid concern and all adolescents go through that phase," Jazz told him. "But if you're not worried about them accepting you, then why aren't you telling them? They'd give you a lot of help-"

"And that's what I'm afraid of," Danny said, throwing up his arms. "They'll try and help me and they'll get themselves hurt. Lord knows how many times its nearly happened to Tucker and Sam. I've tried every way I know of to try and get them to stop helping me, but none of them worked."

"Oh, was that the reason for your guy's most recent spat? You were being a jerk to them to drive them away, so you could keep them safe."

"No, actually that was about some ill thought out jokes about Sam's weight. It was all Tucker's fault. I only thought that there might've been a bug on the back of her skirt, not that her butt had gotten bigger, that's why I was looking. The fight before that one is what you're thinking of. They saw through what I was doing after a day."

"Oh." Jazz let the subject drop. Pushing it wouldn't help at this point.

"I'm not dragging mom and dad into that as well. Do you still have Dani's number?" Danny changed the subject.

"Yeah. You going to ask her to watch the town while you're gone?"

"Yep. I'll have to give her a spare key so she can shack here. I should also probably tell Valerie that I'm going."

"That Danny Fenton's going away or that Danny Phantom's going away?" Jazz asked, a knowing look in her eye. They paused by the door to Danny's room.

"Both actually. But separately. Hopefully she won't shoot my ghost form on sight." He gave a rueful chuckle. "But she sees me as more of a rival then an enemy now. And she likes Dani. Together they should be able to protect the town from the worst of the dangers. And once my rouge's gallery learns that I'm gone for a while, they won't come as often."

"What are you going to do about Vlad?" Jazz asked. "You know he's not going to like both you and Mom disappearing on him."

Danny thought for a moment about the best way to handle the situation.

No, punching the older half ghost wasn't the best way to do it. Probably. Most likely. Maybe he should give it a try just to see if it would work...

"I'm actually going to ask you for advice on that one," he said.

"First magic powers and now you're listening to your big sister," Jazz shook her head. "Will wonders never cease."

"Oh, hahaha. What should I do about Vlad?"

Jazz thought about it for a moment.

"Go give him the barest details. We're in danger, we're going into hiding with some people who can help, you're going to help them as Phantom, I assume you're also going to keep your identity secret from the wizards as well?"

Danny nodded. Jazz rolled her eyes and continued.

"Then also tell him that. You might want to tell him that you'll be getting training only they can provide, I don't know how that'll go over with him. Don't mention that they're wizards. And let him know that we're coming back when it's all over."

"You really think that will work?"

"We just need to keep him off our back long enough to go into hiding and prevent him from meddling. Other than slapping the Specter Deflector on him and knocking him out, I can't think of a better way."

"Or I could do both!" Danny rubbed his hands together gleefully. Jazz rolled her eyes.

"Just go talk to him after you talk to Lupin. And send a duplicate, just in case he tries something."

"Alright. And what if he decides to follow us?"

"We have an ace up our sleeve, a wizard with magical anti-ghost equipment." Jazz smirked. "Worst case scenario, we slap an ofuda on him and run away."

"I can't believe I'm going to start worrying about pieces of paper now," the half human groaned.

"But you'll also be learning how to make those pieces of paper," Jazz pointed out. "So how does it feel to learn that you've got magic along with your ghost powers?"

"Actually I wondering if they're connected somehow," Danny said, opening his door and starting to pack. "Like the only reason I didn't die getting my ghost powers is because of my magic, or if the magic's a side effect of the ghost powers-"

"If you're with the wizards you should probably call them spirit powers," Jazz commented.

"Oh, and learning that two of the ghosts I went up against are considered gods." Danny shivered. "That's real comforting."

"You managed to beat them," Jazz pointed out, leaning against the door frame.

"Barely. I only resealed Pariah Dark and Fright Knight's still out there. I can't take him on head to head."

"But you did beat them. I wonder if they're considering Danny Phantom to be a god?"

"Worshipers. Just what my ego needs."

"You'd have people willing to do your homework for you."

"Worshipers. Just what I need," Danny said brightening up.

"Nah, anyone who would worship you couldn't do your homework for you."

"Oh shut up. Don't you have to go pack too?"

"Fine little brother. I'll leave to ponder matters concerning your flock for now."

Remus Lupin waited outside the Fenton home for Phantom to contact him. The meetings with the Foleys and Masons had gone well. The Foleys had been a typical example of a muggle family accepting their introduction into the magical world with grace and goodwill. Except for the part about their son's life being in danger. They had reacted with the appropriate anger to that part.

The Mason meeting had been a bit more unusual. Sam's parents didn't accept her talents or situation at first, but when the grandmother said something about tracing their ancestry back to Salem and from there to some English family, they changed their minds. From Lupins point of view they had treated the revelation of her magical talents like another teenage phase. The werewolf could tell that they cared greatly about their daughter, but didn't know how to go about actually caring for her in the best manner. It would be good for them to spend some time apart.

After that he had returned to the Fentons, promising to pick Sam and Tucker up in the morning. He had asked his hosts to turn on their anti-ghost shield so he could retreat to safety if some hostile specter decided to try and take a bite out of him.

The former professor rubbed his arms. It was getting unusually chilly for the summer. He would've sworn that he could see frost forming on the lampposts next to him... he could see frost forming on those lampposts. The wizard looked around, his fight or flight reaction activating on fight mode, and drew his wand.

The temper dropped suddenly, making it even chiller than it had been before. An ethereal green light lit up the street, radiating from nowhere and everywhere at the same time. Remus frantically searched for the source of the changes.

"Yo." The wizard jumped three feet into the air when the voice spoke up behind him. He whirled as he came down and his eyes met a pair of glowing green eyes. They belonged to what appeared to be a floating boy with a mischievous smirk on his face.

"Phantom," Lupin wheezed. "You- you- gave me quite a scare there."

"Yeah. You okay? I only wanted to try the whole dramatic ghostly entrance thing, make you jump a little."

"I can safely say that I jumped a little at the very least," Lupin grinned, regaining control of his breathing. "It's alright. My best friends were a pair of pranksters. I've been through worse."

"So I heard that you wanted to talk to me. And what's with the stick?"

"It's a wand."

"You mean like for magic? Like what wizards and witches use."

"Correct. I am a wizard."

"Can't say that I've meet your kind before," Phantom lied. "I mean I've run into a magical artifact that turned people into a spectral dragon, a couple of magic using ghosts, the ghosts of a couple magic users, and a couple other things, but never a living wizard. I was wondering if you guys were still around."

"Well I can assure you that we are. But, getting down to business, I'm afraid that our continued existence isn't the best news for you."

"Oh. Why not?"

"Because it threatens one of the families under your care, the Fentons."

"Is that why we're hanging out in front of their house?"

"Yes. I'm afraid they'e being targeted by members of our society. I've been sent by an organization with an offer of protection for them and they've accepted. I'll be taking them back with me to England tomorrow."

"What's that got to do with me?" Danny felt proud of himself in that moment. He was getting good at the whole secret identity thing and revealing that he knew things, that by all rights, he shouldn't have known.

"We'd like to ask for your help as well in dealing with these members of our society, if it's possible." The older halfbreed told the younger halfbreed. "I don't know if you're bound to the town-"

"I'm not. I just like the place and all the troublesome ghosts tend to come here."

"In that case, I'd like to formally ask you if you'd like to join the Order of the Phoenix in our efforts opposing the newly resurrected Dark Lord Voldemort and his Death Eaters," Lupin said, extending his hand to the spirit.

"Depends. Just how bad is this Voldemort guy?"

"He terrorized wizarding Britain for several years before his defeat, nearly brought the nation to its knees, and has aims towards world domination. He is a wizarding supremacist of the worst kind, uses blood purity ideology to justify his lust for power and gain legitimacy in the eyes of his followers, is cruel, violent, and evil in the worst kind of way. He thinks nothing of torturing and killing innocents, even children. In fact he was defeated last time while trying to kill a baby."

"And he's after people in my town?" Danny Phantom extended his hand. "Hey, I'll join you in taking this guy down. But I'd like to speak with whoever's in charge before I start doing any missions or anything."

"I'm sure he'll insist on meeting you right away. Danny Phantom, welcome to the Order of the Phoenix."

They shook hands.