The original "The Damned" post was taken down by admins because I did not produce a first chapter before I published several OC submittal updates.

I have also been busy the past couple months because I have graduated from college and also started my career. I now work as an aerospace engineer, and have considerably less free time now-a-days because I'm busy making an ass-load of money $$$. ;-) I have less time to work on fan-fictions, but I will try my best to produce great, entertaining, philosophically-deep work.

I have just posted a first chapter preview titled "Lust for Blood is a Sinful Vice". Reading this chapter preview will give you a taste of the style of writing you will experience from "The Damned".

All OC submittals from the last posting of "The Damned" (before it was taken down) are still in my archives. I am still considering those OCs, and will give updates soon.

If I do decide that I need more OC submittals, I will post a OC submittal form with instructions and a due date.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns… please do so in a review or a PM directly to me. Let me know what you think about the first chapter preview!

I will post a complete first chapter soon!

P.S: Also check out my new story "The Death of Saeko: Tokonosu's Reckoning" for an existential view on what Saeko's death would be like. I have also posted a new chapter for my story "AK47 Slaughterhouse" called 'Exodus Imperia Lament'.