This story is based on Karin Kurosaki after the winter war with the arrancar. Ichigo and Orihime are going to get married in the soul society and Karin and yuzu come to see it and Karin may meet an old friend (captain Toshiro Hitsugaya). The story continues.

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Changed appearances, same people


"Hurry up Karin we need to see the dress!" insisted Yuzu

"Just a minute" replied Karin

Karin started thinking to herself: 'Ichigo finally got the courage to propose to Orihime six month ago and now they're getting married (talk about rushing things). I haven't met any of Ichigo's soul reaper friends for five years. Rukia, Rangiku, that red haired guy; who I never got introduced to, the others I saw; again didn't get introduced to and that captain...Toshiro. *a sigh came out of Karin's mouth* I guess I'll have to meet them at the wedding in the soul society. The only downfall is that I'll have to convince Yuzu that we'd be in Tokyo and not the soul society. A lot has changed since the winter war. I've decided to grow my hair long-it is now half way down my back- and I also got a full fringe. Not to mention the fact that I like wearing dresses and make up now, which is still a shock to me. Yuzu has gotten even more beautiful and keeps getting more beautiful by every passing day. She looks like mum. Mabey that's why she has a boyfriend (Jinta) and I don't. Yuzu has also decided to grow her hair long - its curly just like mum's and has a side findge like mum's, the only difference is she clips it back with two clips like she used to when we were younger.'

"Come on Karin we still need to get me a bouquet!" called out Orihime

"I'm coming, I'm coming" replied Karin

Karin walked out in a white strapless dress that came just above her knees. It was one of those dresses which you tie up from the back. The dress complimented her waist line and was plain. It had a see through netting embroidery of snowflakes falling to the bottom of the dress. Yuzu wore the same thing except her dress had flower embroidery and not snowflakes.

"I knew these dresses would suit the both of you" exclaimed Orihime

"Thank you" replied both of the girls, at the same time

"Orihime do we need to do our hair a certain way or is it our choice?" asked Yuzu

"It's your hair do it the way you want" replied Orihime

"Alright then, you two can go buy whatever it is you need to buy while I go out and relax. And no I will NOT go with you so there's no point in pleading" said Karin while leaving the room to go get changed

Orihime and Yuzu pouted

Karin awoke in a different room. At first she was shocked but soon realised Ichigo must have brought her here while she was sleeping. She thought to herself: 'Ichigo you sly guy. He does know that when Yuzu wakes up she will scream or something. It would be great to hear everyone's commotion on who screamed and why. *a scream is heard and everyone starts making a commotion. Karin smiles to herself* As if on que.'

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"Did you hear that Rukia? Who was that?" asked an older Byakuya

"It came from one of the guest rooms. I don't remember anyone being in there" exclaimed Rukia

"Oh. It must be one of Ichigo's sisters. He asked me if they could stay here" said Byakuya

"Do you know which one it might be?" asked Rukia

"Well considering the direction everyone is heading I suggest it might be the brown haired one." said the usual calm Byakuya

"...Yuzu...I can handle her" said a definite Rukia

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Yuzu was in her bed huddled into her legs. 'What's going on? Where am I! Someone please help!' thought a terrified Yuzu. Suddenly she felt a hand touch her arm and when she slowly looked up her terrified expression turned into a happy and relieved one. She saw an older yet a similar from before Rukia. Yuzu quickly hugged Rukia. "Rukia were am I! I don't know where I am! Help me please!" screeched Yuzu. Rukia hugged her back with a smile on her face. She let her go, still smiling, said: "Relax. You're at my house. Ichigo asked if me and my brother if we could keep you, Karin and Orihime here to get ready for the wedding, because he doesn't have any available space in his house right now." said a relaxed yet happy Rukia

"Is that your brother?" said Yuzu pointing at Byakuya stood in front of the door.

"Yes" replied Rukia "Now get dressed and I'll wait outside your door-then we'll go eat breakfast together." Yuzu just nodded and both Rukia and Byakuya left the room.

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Yuzu stepped outside her room in a pink long sleeved dress and pink pumps, she had her hair down. Rukia was stood there like she said in a black kimono. She smiled at her and said, "You look nice. Come on let's get Karin"

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Yuzu thought to herself: 'this place is gigantic. I hope I don't get lost in here." They arrived at Karin's room. Rukia knocked on the door and a 'Come in' was heard. The room was huge; it had a king bed in the middle-with a bed side table on the left. The wardrobe was near the balcony. It was plain all around but still looked elegant in its own way. It had its own bathroom and balcony. It was exactly like Yuzu's but for some reason she was still amazed by the room.

Karin was stood on the balcony in ripped black skinny jeans and a blue vest top. She had her hair in a high pony tail. Rukia walked up to her and gave her a hug. Then she brought Karin in from the balcony and up top Yuzu and gave them both a big hug. "It's been so long since I've seen the two of you. How old are you now?" said Rukia letting go of them. "We're nineteen. How have you been? You got a boyfriend or maybe gotten married yet?" replied Yuzu

"I've been great and no. No boyfriend for me. I've been too busy with work" said a happy Rukia

"Aww poo. It would have been great if you had a boyfriend then we'd come to your wedding when you would be ready!" said a pouting Yuzu. The girls chuckled at Yuzu's statement.

"Alright come on we better get to breakfast. Care to show us the way Rukia" said Karin signalling to the door

"It would be my pleasure." replied Rukia goofily

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They arrived at a massive dining hall were they found Byakuya and Orihime. There was enough breakfast for all of them on the table. Byakuya wore a black kimono and a white sleeveless top that went over it-but Karin knew it was a soul reaper costume and she also knew that Rukia was wearing a lutenant, soul reaper costume. Orihime wore a purple dress with black pumps and a black cardigan.

The tree girls sat at the table and Rukia introduced her brother. "Orihime how did you know your way around?" asked a suspicious Karin

"You know I've been here before Karin. So I guess I kind of remembered" replied Orihime in a cheery voice.

"Oh yeah. I forgot" said Karin supporting what she just said. Yuzu, Rukia and Byakuya were all confused on what just happened but realised that something was up.

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'The day has gone by so quickly. All we did was catch up with Rukia and yet it's time for the wedding. The wedding's happening in Rakia's back garden. She's got a huge back garden that is beautifully decorated with flowers,' thought Karin while putting on her dress. Karin stepped out of the room she was changing in to find Yuzu and Orihime pacing back and forth. "Guys? What are you doing?" asked Karin

"Orihime's dress got ripped from the bottom! How are we going to fix it now!" screamed Yuzu while shaking Karin. Orihime's wedding dress was the traditional white one that was strapped. It was puffy and it was up to her ankles. It had a silk coating like a jumper that went lower than her ankles. Her silk veil was put back onto her loose hair. Yuzu was wearing the same dress as before. She had her hair in a loose side pony tail. "Well to start of stop shaking me!" said Karin and Yuzu stopped. "Orihime it'd be best if you stop pacing and sit down while I get Rukia and see if she can sew it together. Ok."

"Ok" said the now calm and obeying Yuzu and Orihime.

"wait." screamed yuzu

"What is it" turned back Karin

"You still need to comb your hair" replied Yuzu

Karin quickly gave it a smooth brush and put into a high ponytail then said, "Better?" Yuzu nodded

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Karin was looking around when she found Rukia talking to Byakuya, captain Ukataki, captain Kyoraku, Kiskue, and Yuroichi, lutenent Momo, lutenent Hisagi and Lutenent Kira. "Excuse me, Rukia. We kind of need your help with Orihime's wedding dress" said Karin, everyone turned around to look at her.

"What do you need my help with?" asked Rukia

"Can I tell you when we get there because Orihime and Yuzu wouldn't let me live it down if I said it infont of people they don't know" replied Karin

"Ok then" said Rukia before she got held back by Yuroichi

"Hold on Rukia. Karin they know me so can you tell me" said Yuroichi

"Yea I don't think they'd want you to know Yuroichi because even I wouldn't tell you" said Karin. Everyone stepped stepped back except Karin, Yuroichi and Rukia whose hand was still in Yoroichi's position. Yuroichi smiled, let go of Rakia's hand and said, "Still as secretive as ever I see. You do know you're going to tell someone sooner or later." Both Karin and Yuroichi had a sly smile on their faces but Karin's soon disappeared as she turned to Rukia and told her to follow her to Orihime.

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"Thank you so much Rukia" said Orihime

"Your welcome. Now we better get out there you don't want to be late for your own wedding" said Rukia

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"I do"

"I do"

"You may kiss the bride"

*Everyone cheered*

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Everyone's finished eating and are now congratulating the new couple as well as meeting Ichigo's sisters.

"Hey, Ichigo" called out Renji " Why you didn't tell me you had sisters and they were going to be the bride's maid"

"Well what else were they going to be" called back Ichigo

Karin and Yuzu heard this and went up to their brother who Renji had now ran up to. "Hi I'm Yuzu and this is my older sister Karin" said a polite Yuzu. "I'm Renji" said Renji shaking both the girls' hands. Before anyone could say anything, yuzu said-with a frown on her face: "Why wouldn't we be the bride's maids. I mean if anyone else were I wouldn't let Ichigo live it down."

Renji scratched the back of his head and said, "I didn't mean it like that...I...erm... boy Ichigo your sister's scary"

"I'm still here!" said and unimpressed Yuzu

"Yuzu...Yuzu... It's alright I'm sure he didn't mean it like that. He just found out that Ichigo had sisters. Give the poor guy a break." said a desperate Karin.

"Hnh" said Yuzu and she walked away with an annoyed face.

"Sorry about that she's just moody" said Karin

Ichigo who had his jaw on the ground through this whole scene said, "Since when was Yuzu this moody?"

"Since dad's special treatment finally got to her" replied Karin "well I better get back to her before she flips a table or something. Nice meeting you Renji, bye Ichigo"

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"Come on girls it's time to through the bouquet" said an excited Sio Fon.

Orihime threw the bouquet and Yuzu caught it. Yuzu's frown instantly turned upside down and everyone surrounded her and congratulated her. Karin who wasn't surrounding her thought to herself: 'at least she's happy now'.

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'The wedding is over and I saw everyone I met in the world of the living except Rangiku Matsimoto and that captain... Toshiro Hitsugaya.' thought Karin while undoing her hair which smoothly came down.

"Karin" someone called out. Karin went out onto the balcony to find Rukia and Yuzu there. Karin jumped down perfectly without a twitch. An amazed Rukia asked "How did you do that?"

"Karin's always been able to do that. She does it at home from her balcony in her room." said a calm Yuzu who still showed a little amazement in her.

"Can you do that?" asked Rukia

"Nope only Karin" replied Yuzu

Rukia who was still amazed at what just happened said "well I called you because tomorrow I was wondering if you would like to join me and my friends out."

"Yea sure." said a calm Karin.

"Ok then." said Rukia and walked into the house followed by Yuzu.

Karin who was left behind decided to look at some of the flowers. Suddenly she was gripped from behind and given a big hug which Karin recognised instantly. "Hello Matsimoto" said a chocked Karin.

"Hmm...How did you know it was me?" asked Rangiku innocently

"I can just tell" replied Karin less chocked

"Okaaiii then and don't call me Matsimoto you sound like my captain, call me Rangiku. Oh I missed you so much I don't want to let you go" said Rangiku and tightened her grip.

"I can't breeze" came a small whisper from Karin. Karin put her head down and her hair went over face so you couldn't see her face. "Matsimoto! Let her go she can't breeze!" shouted Toshiro in his normal annoyed voice. Rangiku immidiently let go of Karin and she fell to the ground. "Captain you startled me" said Rangiku

"why? I did come here with you. Now come on I need to give Captain Kuchiki some information," said Toshiro turning.

"Erm... captain...what about Ichigo's sister?" asked Rangiku

"And what about her?" said Toshiro stopping in his spot

"Well she's on the floor and she hasn't got back up yet" said Rangiku. Toshiro turned around to see Karin. He sighed and said, "were is she staying?"

"Well I think she's staying here and that must be her room up there because I can remember Rukia telling me that's her room," said Rangiku pointing at Karin's room.

Toshiro sighed again and said," I'll take her to her room while you give this note to captain Kuchiki and you might as well take this money and have some sake. You deserved it today." Rangiku gave a confused look but quickly put on a wide grin and said, "thank you!"