Disclaimer: Kim Possible and all IP as it is presented in the canon animated television series is Copyright and Trademark by the Disney Company, using characters originally created by Bob Schooley and Mark McCorkle. This is a transformative fan fiction work.

The Specter of Death, Epilogue

Story Copyright © Dale W. Robbins (crimsonhawk)

Approximately a Month Ago – Shortly After The Explosion of Electonique's Lair

The body came crashing down violently onto the southern shore of Coats Island, a large island in the north of the Hudson Bay. It flopped, crashed, skidded, and tumbled across the cold beach for several minutes before finally coming to a rest near a treeline. The body was burnt crisp, barely recognizable as a body at all.

As the body lay there, several figures approached it carefully. The figures were monkeys dressed in black parka jackets and mittens. One of the monkeys nudged the burnt body carefully, ooking softly. It then turned to its companions and shrugged its shoulders.

All of the assembled monkeys startled as the burnt body suddenly groaned.

The monkeys took several steps back as the burnt body started to prop itself up on its hands and knees. The process was obviously painful. The sound of bone and flesh cracking and peeling could be heard for several dozen yards. Black dust fell from the figure as necrotic flesh disintegrated from the burnt body.

Slowly, carefully, painfully, the body forced itself in an upright, standing position.

The monkeys watched in absolute amazement as the blackened flesh fell like sand off of the burnt body, only to be replaced by fresh, pink flesh. First muscle tissue, then blood vessels, then skin reconstructed itself in rapid succession. The body shifted its shoulders, popping reconstructed bones back into place and wincing in pain.

Finally, the body flexed backwards and screamed in primal agony.

The monkeys present began to skitter about in circles and chitter in a panic.

Once the body finished screaming, its eyes settled onto the sight of the panicked monkeys.

And the naked form of Lord Montgomery Fiske, aka Monkey Fist, smiled.

"Calm yourselves, my minions," Monkey Fist said softly, painfully. "I am... I have returned."

The monkeys did as they were instructed, calming down noticeably and turning to consider their leader. One monkey stepped forward, presenting Monkey Fist with a winter jumpsuit and a parka.

"Thank you, Elijah," Monkey Fist said, accepting the gifts. After he donned the blessedly warm clothing, he turned and gazed out over the oceanscape. Off in the distance, the explosion of Electronique's lair was still dying down, although it was in its final throes.

Monkey Fist smiled evilly at the sight.

"It would appear that my decision to partake of the blood in the Chalice of the Monkey Messiah had been a wise decision after all," Monkey Fist admitted.

With that, Monkey Fist erupted into a fit of maniacal laughter. The assembled monkeys chittered and hopped and carried on around him, as if laughing along with him.