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-I really have no idea where the storyline with these mysterious beings introduced in this chapter was going. Part of me wanted to do another full arc or mini-arc about fighting them and have them be very tricky opponents pretty much immune to ki that the heroes have to use very intelligent methods to defeat, part of me wanted to end the story at the first proper confrontation and just imply that there will always be clashes between good and evil in the future, and this is merely the next one. The point is, I had no real plan so I can't really tell you how that was going to go down. Rest assured our heroes will come through somehow.

-This chapter also leaves Alpha's plotline half-finished, but always vaguely intended that at the end of it all she succeeds and becomes a sort of queen for her people, and a mighty and noble species they become once freed from the darkness the Eternal made them in. The specifics are an exercise for the reader to imagine, aheh.

-Break and her new friend introduced in the first scene in this chapter become exemplary heroes of the Time Patrol, and many epic adventures are had.

-It's been well over a year and a few people did eventually guess it, so here it is: The "You all missed something" at the end of the earlier 'final' chapter is in reference to the Red King and the Knight (Cadmus and Mercury) being a couple, something no-one picked up on until after the story when the guessing began...except I think maybe one person did but never mentioned it? Ah well, whatever, that's what it was.

-I admit it: I should have used 'Beerus'. If only I knew they were going to run with the alcohol puns (see Vados and Champa)...ah well, what's done is done.

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Enjoy this final silly little epilogue chapter, and see you around!

Break Through the Limit: After-Party

Some people have been asking about the writing/video/etc. stuff I said I'd be doing next in the 'final' EFB chapter, some of which happened and some of which didn't. I'll clarify and give full explanations at the end of the chapter for those who are interested, but for now, here's the actual story.

I've randomly decided that Kuriza's theme is the Juspion opening song, Ore ga Seigi da/"I Am Justice". (Relevant, he is actually in this chapter. Kuriza, that is. Not Juspion. Cool as that would be.)

Shout-out to Nassif9000 and his story A Cold Day in Hell, which follows a story in which Frieza actually died on Namek and King Cold becomes a much bigger threat. I've edited the first two chapters for him. (You may remember him as the guy who used to do a lot of fanart, including this story's cover, and mods.)

EDIT: And speaking of fanart, everybody check out the awesome art of Future Break by FTCFic on deviantart! It's really great.

Epilogue: Time Patrol

Break reappeared in Toki Toki City, emerging from the timestream in a burst of ethereal gears and tossing the scroll corresponding to the timeline she'd visited to the Time Kaioshin, yawning.

"Man, another walkover…been pretty quiet since Demigra," she said. "I mean…not that I'm complaining."

The Kaioshin coughed.

Break sighed. "Okay, yeah, I'm complaining. I'm bored. But I know I shouldn't be. Easily-preventable threats are a good thing. I know I'm not here just to have fun."

"But you'd prefer it."

"Sure, but where am I gonna get a challenge at this point? Outside the guys training me back home, of course." She indicated herself, throwing out her shoulders in mock-bravado. "Kind of an actual god now."

"You're in luck." The Time Kaioshin gestured towards the door. "Trunks, wouldja bring in our friend?"

On cue, Trunks walked in, another figure following behind him.

Break tensed up for a moment upon seeing their general outline, but relaxed when she recognised who it actually was. "Hey, you're Frieza's kid, right? From the timeline I changed!"

Kuriza nodded. "Yup!" He extended a hand, which she shook. "Good to see you again."

"Yeah, same…what are you doing here, though?"

"Well, now the main governing body in that universe isn't, you know, terrible, we thought we should make contact," Trunks explained. "Covertly, anyway. Just to make things easier if we need to operate there."

"He mentioned you, and your boredom problem," Kuriza added.

"But I only just told—" Break trailed off, turning to the Time Kaioshin. "Am I that easy to read?"

The deity gave a cheeky grin. "Oh, you are."

"Anyway, I think I might be able to help you out," Kuriza continued. "Follow me, we're gonna need some space."

They made their way out onto the green expanse that comprised most of the Time Nest.

"So, just how pow—" Kuriza began, before being cut off by a mechanical jingle.

Break gave an apologetic look. "Just a sec." She dug out her phone, answering it. "Hello? Oh…look, I'm kinda—wait, who taught you to use a phone anyway? What? Look, it's really not that interesting. No, those people all went back to—look, you'd just—ugh, okay, yes you can come next time. Just transform when you ask them, nobody's gonna argue with you when your biceps are twelve feet wide. Okay, yeah…look, I really have to—not if you keep—yes I do miss you, but less so when you keep on like this! Okay. Okay. Yeah. Goodbye." She hung up and tossed it away with enough force to embed it in the opposite wall.

Kuriza raised an eyebrow. "A job where you travel a lot…a needy boyfriend…trouble balancing the two. How strangely mundane, considering I'm talking to a time-travelling hybrid super-warrior with literal divine power."

"He's not my b—" She began, then stopped herself. "Okay yeah. But you were saying?"

"Right, right. Once again: Just how powerful are you?"

"D'you have a god called Bills in your universe?" He nodded, so she indicated herself with a sweeping gesture, continuing. "He had to use over half his power to beat me."

"Oh, not bad," Kuriza mused. "I think I have just the sparring partner for you."

"You do?"

"Yeah, gimme a second." He widened his stance slightly, his arms rising from his sides, his brow furrowing.

Then he let out a mighty yell, at least an octave deeper than his normal voice, and a tempestuous aura erupted around him, swirling in tighter and tighter and growing more opaque until it cloaked his entire body.

His ki had been rising the whole time, but now it truly skyrocketed. The obscuring cloud of energy seemed to blow away in an instant, like a curtain whipped back; Kuriza stood revealed, his power unbelievably massive, his skin shining gold.

"Don't tell me you're a Super Saiyan now," Break joked. "I know it's getting more common, but this is ridiculous."

"I know you're not serious, but you're not far off," he replied. "I had to create a new form to contain all this power, and the appearance was up to me…I guess I got jealous of you guys, figured I'd be all shiny too."

"How'd you do it?"

"I visited my home planet," he said, his eyes flicking off to the side. "It's not pleasant…I'm still trying to work on a plan to clean it up. But I'd heard there were a lot of texts my grandfather had suppressed. One of them was an advanced training method specific to our race—revolutionary, really. I guess he didn't want anyone using it, or it would level the playing field, make our family of powerful mutants less special; we might have to actually work to be in charge."

"So you did the training, and discovered…what, exactly?" Break asked.

"Something new." He looked back up at her, then tensed up for a moment, vanishing.

He appeared behind her, and she burst into Super Saiyan at the last instant, turning just in time to block a backhanded swing, the impact sliding her back a few feet.

He lowered his arm. "A level of 'normal' ki so overwhelmingly massive it rivals divine power."

"That shouldn't be possible…" she muttered.

"Shall we find out?"

She cracked her knuckles. "Nothin' I want more."

I'm still mulling over exactly what Golden Kuriza would look like. I mean, logically where Frieza had purple highlights, Kuriza would have orange, right? But see, purple is a complementary colour of gold. They make each other stand out. Orange and gold just kind of blend together like blegh. So I dunno. Maybe he'd have some kind of blue highlights (pretty close to complementing gold)? Or orange ringed with purple to make it stand out? Or some kind of orange-and-purple speckled/marbled effect? Ooh, marbled could be cool.

Just to clarify, Kuriza is a pretty naturally talented fighter, due to the whole mutation thing that runs in his family. But he's nothing compared to his father in that regard—Frieza is a ridiculously gifted prodigy, as we saw by what he accomplished in such a short time in Resurrection F. Frieza's problem is that he's also the laziest guy in the universe when it comes to things like this, so he didn't really complete his training, just rushed into action as soon as he thought he was ready. So when comparing the two, Frieza's golden form in the movie is stronger than Kuriza here, but Kuriza doesn't have the problem of tiring out and losing his power relatively quickly (which Frieza had due to having, y'know, rushed it).

Hence Frieza was able to have an extended fight with the above-Super-Saiyan-God Goku in the movie, while Kuriza is a good rival for divine-power-absorbed Break (who's about half as powerful as Bills). Of course, they can both still improve from here; Kuriza will eventually surpass Golden Frieza if he keeps at his training, and Break can presumably combine her Legendary form into her divine power to get stronger.

Prequel: The Pit, part 2 (by Temnascentric)

I do not own Dragon Ball Z. I do not own Break Through the Limit (author Captain Space), although I am a huge fan who greatly appreciates this opportunity to write for it. Thank you and enjoy.

Note from Captain Space: I basically want to give him as much freedom as possible to craft his own story in this space, so I'm not gonna try and rigorously make this story follow every miniscule bit of detail I gave to do with the Shadow Dragons or the Pit, and if some aspects of the timeline don't quite line up who really cares. That said, it might still gel perfectly fine, but if it doesn't, just think of it as an alternative interpretation of the same ideas. Is it canon to BTtL? I dunno. If a Batman fan grows up to work for DC and writes a Batman comic, is it still fanfic?

Bones crunched underfoot as Aleia walked behind Somnus. In the distance, a relatively large dot of light wavered in the inky darkness, growing larger as they approached it.

Two weeks had passed since Aleia's first day in existence. During that time, she had been scoffed at and then attacked by no less than twenty other dragons. None had come out of the fight in good condition. Two had died, and a third went mad at the sight of his comrades being taken out so viciously, and of her walking towards him, her fiery red eyes blazing with the rush of combat, the very image of fear made flesh, like a living avatar of death.

Despite this and the fact that word had indeed reached upper ears of her power, she was still attacked. Many seemed to have a feud of some sort with her guide/mentor, Somnus, though none came even close to approaching his skill or power. Each fared badly, whether they attacked her or him. His sword was a blur; often, an enemy would not even realize they were missing bits when he struck.

It came as a bit of a surprise when Somnus informed her that there were no real homes in the Pit, though she sort of understood why. Dangers in the form of malicious dragons made a "home" a target. To stay in any one place for any sort of extended period of time invited trouble, likely death, for most any Shadow Dragon. The only ones that defied these rules were those dumb, wily, or powerful enough to do so. Though Somnus, with his regenerative capabilities and strength, was one of those, his habits born of his millennia alive near-on forced him to wander.

Currently, Somnus was taking Aleia to a well-known "safe" (as safe as one could get in the Pit) place, a bar of sorts. After so long in such a horrible place, it was only natural for such a thing to exist. Owned by a pathetically weak, yet incredibly combat skilled dragon (his power level never really rose no matter how he trained, although his hand to hand, blade to blade, or really any such skill was unmatched by nearly any in the Pit, and his speed was leagues beyond most), it had become a roaring emporium of intoxication.

It also stank something horrible. Aleia gasped as ammonia stabbed at her eyes. The smell of waste matter wormed its way to her olfactory ducts, her eyes widening in sheer disgust and horror even as she struggled to close them against the blades of ammonia digging into her retinas. Doubling over, she staggered away from the awful smell. Finding fresh(er) air, she collapsed onto her knees.

Somnus ran over to her, concern evident in his eyes. "Are you alright, Aleia?" She coughed in response.

"The smell…" she croaked out. "Wha- *cough* What is that?"

Somnus's brow crinkled in confusion. "What smell? I…oh." It had been such a long time since his first visit to the place, Somnus had forgotten what it had been like. "I apologize for not warning you about that, my dear. It has been a long while since I was last able to smell it myself. Here, this should help." He conjured a damp rag and handed it to her.

"Thank you," she croaked, and pressed it against her nose. To her great relief, it blocked out the worst of the smell, and she found it was, thankfully, lightly scented, further reducing the stench.

Her eyes were still left unprotected, though, and she had to blink quite rapidly against the sting of ammonia.

"Somnus, you're still alive, eh? Thanatos was making quite a stir about how he was going to kill you. Took a few of my best patrons for that stupid cloning ability of his, too." A wizened-looking old dragon was standing on the other side of the makeshift bar, rubbing a just as makeshift glass with an old rag. Aleia was mesmerized by his hands; they moved in a near-blur, almost too fast for even her eyes to perceive. Her attention did not go unnoticed, and the dragon chuckled as he realized she could keep up with him. "Ah, young lady, I sense great power in you. Best you keep it down, lest that bunch over there get to thinking you're a tasty morsel." He waved in the general direction of the rather rough-looking people in the corner (rough even for Shadow Dragons; scars dotted the landscapes of their scaly skin, and their eyes were sunken), nursing tankards nearly the size of the stools they were sitting on.

Aleia blinked. "I am suppressing it."

It was the tender's turn to be surprised, but he soon got over his shock and laughed heartily. "Somnus, that dream of yours may just come true after all, you crazy bastard. What'll it be? This one's on the house." He swiftly turned and began pulling out from under the counter huge bottles of Shadow Dragon liquor.

Somnus returned his mirthful outburst, selecting a bottle that looked as though it had been there since the dawn of time. "Old friend, you have no idea." The tender nodded and began putting the other bottles below the counter again.

A smooth voice came from behind Somnus. "Excuse me, but we hear that this one is getting a free drink. We'll have what he's having, too. For the same price, if you don't mind." A scaly hand tapped its claws upon the counter. Aleia turned. Surprisingly enough, it belonged to what seemed to be the ringleader of the aforementioned group.

"Ah, Bertlong, get lost. You ain't getting nothing free, and you know it," grumbled the tender. He turned around and began pouring out Somnus's drink into a large tankard.

The one apparently called Bertlong produced two spines, throwing them at the tender.



He chuckled. "That'll teach you to mess…with…me….ouch…" he mumbled. He staggered backwards, clutching at two spines now embedded in his lower stomach. The bartender was still pouring the drink. The only sign that he had moved at all was the fact that there was an arc of destruction in the path of what would be a swing of his arms.

"I told you, Bertlong. Now get lost. You aren't welcome here anymore; that was your last strike. You and your lot, out, now." He turned around and passed Somnus his drink. Bertlong blinked and gulped in indignation, but he motioned to his group and staggered out, followed by the gang.

"Sorry you had to witness that, little lady. He'll be fine, he has a healer with him. Now, what can I get you?" asked the bartender.

Aleia blinked (this was fast becoming her signature move, other than "completely annihilate my enemies.") "What do you suggest?" she asked quietly. Somnus let out a bark of laughter; with this Dragon, you never asked him what he suggested; it was always some sort of knock-you-flat-on-your-ass drink, as he knew well from experience. "Well young lady…let's try this, shall we?" He pulled out a smaller bottle than he had before and shook it lightly. "Mild flavor, somewhat nutty. Aged for about…200 years, so relatively young…High alcohol content, but a pleasant buzz in the morn." Pouring it into a cup, which he handed to Aleia, he slid a shot glass under it, getting a bit himself as well, then corked it, placing it back under the counter. He began slowly drinking the beverage, smiling mischievously behind the cup's bubbled glass.

Aleia sipped the liquid in the cup, gingerly at first, then, to the surprise of all present, knocked it back in a single gulp. She wiped her lips with an arm and then noticed everyone in the bar gawping at her. "What?" she asked. When the only sound that answered her was of a lighter-weight dragon falling pass-out drunk out of his stool, she shrugged and turned back to the tender, who was currently attempting to hack out the cup his drink had been in. With a sick THUUCHHKKK, he managed to knock it out, sending it flying across the room, where it embedded itself in the wall. With a whistling gasp, he pulled in great draughts of air, coughing repeatedly and sneezing twice.

Aleia looked at him. "Are you alright?" she asked. He held up a clawed hand and nodded, ruining the gesture by coughing violently twice more.

"Girl, you'll be regretting that move in about two minutes," he wheezed. "That was a full cup of my strongest. Knocked even old Som here flat on his arse a few weeks ago when he tried it again."

Aleia turned towards the mentioned party, who nodded. "I couldn't walk in a straight line for a week," he said.

And that was when the makeshift wall to the east blew in.

Aleia rolled her eyes. Judging from the feel of the power she felt, Bertlong was back, and with a few angry buddies. Leaving her cup, she stalked angrily to meet him.

A few seconds later, loud screams of pain, fear, and sentiments in the general vicinity of "HEEEELP" began trickling back from that direction.

The bartender pulled a slab of granite off his head as Somnus did likewise, then grumbled. "Bertie's back, and it looks like he brought company. Stay here, girl— " only now did he realize that Aleia was gone. Then he noticed that none of his customers – whom he had assumed were producing the screams – were missing, save Aleia. He reached out to sense the battle with his power sensing abilities and gasped. "Somnus, I knew she was strong, but I never guessed at anything like this. How long has she been in this wretched place to be so powerful?"

Somnus shook his head to clear the dust out of his hair. "You wouldn't believe me if I told you."

His sentence was punctuated by Bertlong and two of his uglier companions flying into the bar, smashing heavily into the far wall (made of the wall of the Pit itself, so it didn't shatter at the impact). A red streak of light turned into the angry form of Aleia, floating in midair in front of the three downed Dragons. All three opened their eyes and immediately shrieked in fear, their teeth chattering violently.

"Go. Leave and you will live. Don't leave…you'll find out what happens after this life firsthand." She pointed to the exit, her red eyes blazing a fiery crimson.

They fled so fast they left afterimages.

A loud thumping outside the bar signaled the arrival of what was apparently the backup to the backup. Aleia rolled her eyes yet again and shot back out.

"Well hello, my pretty little lady. So you're the one everyone has been making the fuss about…." Ugly number three was significantly larger than his predecessors, and a fair bit stronger. His face was obscured by a crude metal mask, and he wielded a large battle axe, with a short sword strapped to his waist. His clothes were similar to a gladiator's, though they showed some sign of once having been like Somnus's.

"I'm not anyone's pretty little lady, much less yours," Aleia huffed as she set herself down on the ground. Behind her, Somnus and the bartender were watching with marked interest. Beyond them, the patrons that weren't pass-out drunk were either also watching or taking the opportunity to snag some of the bar's more expensive drinks via the five-clawed discount.

"Oh, you're a snarky one, aren't you? That's nice; I like my women to fight a bit." He laughed behind the mask, a sound that was quickly replaced by a metallic clang and a shout of pain. "What the hell – Who did that?!" he shouted, casting his eyes about as he struggled to pull of the now-severely-dented mask off. Finally successful, he noticed that Aleia wasn't in the exact same spot as she had been five seconds previously. "Hmph. So you're speedy, I'll give you that. Let's see how durable you are!" Swinging his axe, he charged at Aleia.

"I apologize for the mess, old friend. At least you won't have any more problems with that bunch, though. And the big one will give you business for a while, on the plus side," said Somnus as he munched on a bit of arm.

Aleia had tried to be gentle, but Big and Ugly wouldn't quit. Eventually, it resulted in him becoming so exhausted, he simply collapsed from a heart attack. Aleia was more than mildly disgusted to learn that the only source of food in the Pit was other Dragons, but she quashed it and was now dining on B&U (Big and Ugly; that was how it appeared on the menu) thigh battered in the same beverage she was now drinking large quantities of.

"It's not a problem. However, that girl...She is fast, strong, can eat like nothing I've ever seen before, and can take a drink better than any of us. Just what is she, Somnus?"

Somnus turned to look at the young Shadow Dragon, who had finished her food and drink and was currently engaged in a combination chain-drinking and simultaneous arm-wrestling competition, which was a rather one-sided affair (in her favor). He then turned back to the bartender. "At best? Maybe the one who can lead us all out of here. At worst?...I dare not think. Let us hope she stays as she is; a good person."

Behind him, a loud crunch and cry of pain signalled Aleia's victory over her final opponent.

One question that came up is where they would get alcohol from, which Temnascentric and I briefly discussed. Possibilities include distilled squeezings of the few scraggly plants that cling to life growing on the decomposing dead at the bottom, of which there are a few; or a Shadow Dragon with the ability to conjure stuff, or to add different chemical properties to water, or something.

Epilogue: Helios Shenron

Helios was currently being introduced to a new concept; the awkward silence. Alpha was off searching now, leaving him with Asrai. They had soon realised that without Alpha's presence they had very little in common.

Helios was not a level-headed man, especially not in these tumultuous times. There was only so long he could stare into the fire before the silence started getting to him.

"So!" he said, clapping his hands together; Asrai looked up, the kaleidoscope patterns in her eyes dilating in surprise. "Er…" he continued, suddenly feeling bad for startling her but pressing on nonetheless. "That was quite a fight against those Majin, was it not? I had them on the ropes by myself for a while!"

"Such strange creatures," she mused. "Cast adrift by fate. No thread to trace. Yet such marvellous tales. One cut short. Three together. One apart—perhaps greater than all."

"…yes…?" he said hesitantly, having no idea what she meant.

What he didn't know was that she was feeling as awkward as he was; her obscure and incomprehensible manner of speech had always been a defence mechanism against those she was unfamiliar with. When she'd recently begun having regular contact with the other Hakaishin, and then some of the Shadow Dragons and Earth's inhabitants, she'd started warming up to them a little and letting herself talk more freely. But Helios' aggressive, single-minded nature was still so alien to her that she found herself slipping back into her old habits.

"Um…I hope you don't mind my coming," he hazarded. "I do want to help. This mission means a lot to me too."

The Dreamer looked blank for a second, once again having no idea what to say. "The flame burns hotter in the dark of night. The way is lit." The words tumbled out in place of a more coherent reply. They did have significance, though—while a defence mechanism, it was never meaningless babble.

They lapsed back into silence, both unsure of what to say.

"Good…talk…" Helios mumbled, shuffling away. "Hell with it, I tried."

"She being weird again?" came Alpha's voice as she touched down on the dusty plain near them, going from outer space to ground level in a fraction of a second.

"I can't understand a word," he said, shrugging.

"It's 'cause she's not used to you," Alpha explained in a patronising voice, patting his shoulder. "Be friendlier. More approachable."

"This from you?" he snorted.

Asrai looked up, frowning. "Being weird? I'm not weird, am I?"

Alpha chuckled, sitting by the fire. "Honey, they don't come much weirder."

Helios turned towards them. "She's 'honey' now?"

"Only when she's annoyed with me," Asrai answered with a smile.

"Okay, I can't keep calm any longer!" Alpha said all of a sudden, jumping back up almost as soon as she'd settled down. "I was gonna spring this on you guys later, but I cannot do it." Her eyes gleamed. "I found it."

"It's a pocket dimension…" Helios whispered.

Alpha nodded, leading the way through the intergalactic blackness towards it. The Pit's entrance protruded into this universe, an enormous rocky plateau bisected by the chasm that led down into the main part; but below that it just vanished, swallowed off into a miniature parallel dimension that held the interior.

They landed by the Pit's edge, the featureless plain stretching off and forming a horizon behind them, the yawning chasm below just about neverending.

"What do we do, exactly?" Alpha wondered. "There's an entire species down there, we can't just bring 'em out one at a time…can't just break it open since it is its own side-dimension…"

"Breaking it would be possible, if we brought it fully into this universe first," Asrai reasoned.

"Can we do that?"

"It would be an extraordinarily difficult feat of spatial manipulation. Perhaps if I worked in unison with the Sorcerer and Earth's Son Gohan…we might be able to make it work."

"We know where it is now," Alpha said. "I hate to leave now, but let's go and bring them here." She cast a glance over at Helios; he'd be having similar thoughts to her. Memories would come flooding back...memories they'd rather have left repressed. But far more than this, she was immensely glad to finally be here. This was the dawn of a new age for their people.

As they spoke, unbeknownst to them or any of the Shadow Dragons that lived and fought and died in the countless miles below them, at the very bottom of the Pit, beneath light-years of bedrock, something stirred. Something ancient beyond all telling, something made of shadows and falsehoods and nothingness.

Somewhere on its slowly-shifting form, a faint light pulsed to life.

[Stand by]

[Significant life signs detected]

[Unit 2 initiating]


[All units: Significant life signs detected. Infinity Core present in multiple biological beings. Energy class 1. Total 3]

[Dialogue indicates existence of more]

[Designation: Anathema]

[All units: Initiate]

Epilogue: Piccolo

The former Demon King wandered Hell's desolate landscape, kicking at small lizards that crossed his path and throwing the odd blast at the horizon whenever he spotted movement. He despised the other inhabitants. They reminded him of his own failure.

He took another step—and paused. There was a vibration under his foot, a slight ripple in the ground.

He frowned, crouching and placing his hand on the epicentre. What is that? Something deep under Hell's surface? What would that even be…?

[Broadcast received, Unit 2]

[Unit 1 initiating]

So, like I promised, here's a bit to clarify stuff I mentioned I'd be doing in the 'final' chapter and how that all went:

The Café Anime video didn't happen due to technical issues, it may or may not still happen eventually, the guy who runs that channel is super-busy right now. My blog I mentioned is still occasionally updating with vaguely-humorous articles but if you want to see more consistent fiction writing from me check out Demonfall (demonfall dot co dot uk), the fourth chapter of which is coming soon (yeah, I'm actually making headway with that one and not abandoning it).

Meanwhile on this site, Lost Destiny (Saint Seiya) is still active and updating, Eclipse (Bleach collab) is active in theory and more will be written whenever the writers can gather and get it done, and I did start that Kamen Rider story, Dragon Road, but it's now possibly on indefinite hold? I dunno. I might've still not quite found the story to spark my interest in writing for that world. Maybe I'll do something else for the series at some point. Oh, and I've nearly finished a Bleach one-shot unrelated to Eclipse.

Q: douglas adams reference

A: yes

Q: Okay, so we have already determined that what we have come to know as Super Saiyan 4 is simply a new base form caused by going Great Ape while in Super Saiyan. Here's my question: What would occur if someone were to go Great Ape while in Legendary Super Saiyan or Super Saiyan God form?

A: They'd get a variant of "SSJ4" with a slightly different appearance and drawing on different sources of power I guess.

Also not sure if I'd call "SSJ4" a new base, it's more a combination of whatever your current SSJ level is (rather than base) with a controlled version of Oozaru.

Q: me again…. that bit with the sorcerer on ponderings on beings that live in the void… possible sequel hook?

A: Does this chapter answer your question?

In all seriousness I don't know how far I'm gonna write this. Just set these beings up as a teaser for 'what would've happened next'? Show the first meeting/engagement? Do a whole arc? I dunno. I'm using the Toriyama approach to planning here to be honest…

Q: Didn't Piccolo say that when Raditz dodged his Special Beam cannon that he was faster than the speed of light?

A: Mistranslation only present in an older version of the dub. It's due to Piccolo's attack containing the Japanese word for "light" I believe. So, short answer, no.