HP and Sakura Wars SLML Crossover

By: Sayaalv

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Two weeks later and Cheiron was walking down the hospital hallway with a small bag on her arm. Inside the bag were at least three coloring books and several boxes of crayons for the young girl who would be getting out of the Intensive Care Unit today. Cheiron was biting the inside of her lips as she thought about what she wanted to ask the little one that she had gotten attached to in such little time.

"What do you mean we can't take him!? We're his relatives! We can do whatever we bloody well like with him!" An obnoxious male voice yelled angrily with a British accent coloring his words, breaking Cheiron out of her nervous musings as she exchanged glances with Ratchet and Subaru, who had walked with her to check on the kid. The only child on this floor that was male was on the other end of the hallway while the small girl that had painted a heart on Cheirons cheek in her own blood was the only child on this end, the rest of the rooms being mostly empty for now since this was the childrens ward and not many children got hurt too badly this time of year.

"Why in Texas are ya callin' the little cowgirl a boy!? If ya really her family then shouldn't ya know that 'he's' a she! She's injured mighty badly too and shouldn't be moved from her bed so ya 'bloody' well can't do anythang ya like ta her." The unmistakable voice of Gemini Sunrise retorted angrily but not yelling quite yet, so as to not frighten the child that was in the room behind her being soothed by Anri and Cherry while a blond frail looking woman in a wheelchair was next to Gemini glaring surprisingly darkly at the European man.

"The poor girl is injured to the point that if she lies completely down or is removed from the bed, let alone the hospital, at this time she would die within a matter of minutes, or hours if the accelerated healing I saw earlier was any indication." The woman said glaring as she gave a vague indication of the toddlers' condition, which caused Cheiron to cringe at the thought of someone hurting such a small and adorable child in such a brutal way.

"What's going on here? This is a hospital not Town Hall. Either keep your voices down and abide by the rules or get out before someone calls security." Cheiron said with a scowl and glare set on her face as she drew everyones attention to herself and looked the three Europeans over with a critical and analytical eye that came with months and years of being a lawyer. Cheiron frowned in thought as she realized that the two adults looked somewhat familiar and tried to figure out where she had seen them before. Cheirons eyes widened slightly then narrowed dangerously when she realized where she had seen them before.

"Ah. Good evening miss. My name is Vernon Dursley this is my wife Petunia and our son Dudley. We were just trying to visit our nephew who was somehow injured when these two women refused to allow us entrance. Surely such an important figure that you seem to be you can make these women move so that we may visit our nephew?" The fat European man now known as Vernon asks in an attempt to be smooth and impressive when he took note of her obviously expensive suit and the confident, if not pissed off, air around her. Ratchet and Subaru exchanged glances behind Cheirons back and deftly moved away from the Harlem raised woman, in sync by pure chance and having worked together for years, when they felt her practically radiate anger and disdain. Vernon Dursley didn't even have time to question why they had backed away from the important looking woman before her fist lashed out and gave him a spectacular shiner on his right eye, shocking him and his wife so much so they could hardly do more than blink and stare at the enraged woman who had a shadowy figure of impending doom looming behind her.

"You're the bastards that nearly ran me down driving away from the Alley I found the kid in. Judging on your act and all I'll say it's a safe bet that you were the ones who hurt her that badly!" Cheiron said grinding her teeth together while the other four women glared at the Dursleys even harder than before, no one noticing as Cheiron pressed the 'Record' button on a tape recorder in her pocket and Diana pressing the button on the wall behind her that would call for security.

"So you're that stupid bitch that called the damn medics?! Yeah me and my wife beat that no good freak bloody and left her to die in some run down trashy part of New York. That freak doesn't deserve to live. She's a freak even among freaks since her freaky parents abandoned her on our doorstep for their freakish son! We didn't want the little brat but they paid us to take her. Hah! Like we spent any money on the useless whelp. We enjoyed making the freak do any and every chore we could think of, let alone making her sleep under the stairs in a cupboard. That freakish bitch should be thankful we even let her live let alone let her stay in our normal non-freakish house-" Vernon began ranting angrily and probably would have continued ranting too if Cheiron had not snapped and socked him with enough force to shatter her STAR into pieces, effortlessly breaking his jaw. A scant few seconds after this had occurred Security came and restrained the now blubbering and bleeding man until the police came to get statements and arrest him.

"Do we want to know why he's bleeding and seems to have a broken jaw?" The lead Security man asks raising an eyebrow in amusement as he saw the overweight man's injuries as Cheiron pressed 'Stop' on the tape recorder that was still in her pocket, she could definitely use this in court.

"Not if you wish to plead plausibly deniability. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go check up on the kid." Cheiron said, calming down almost instantly thanks to her acting skills, heading towards the poor toddlers room and deftly ignoring the snickering of her friends and the guards while the Dursleys were led off to the security room until the police got there which is when one of the Guards would come and get Cheiron and the others so that they could make their statements.

"We can't keep calling her 'kid' and if thoseā€¦things words are anything to go by she won't even know her own name. What should we call her until we find out her real name?" Ratchet asks smiling at and hugging Diana in greeting as the group of five walked, or rolled, into the young girls room where Anri was sitting on the edge of the bed talking happily to the small toddler while Cherry sat in a nearby chair smiling at both of them with the same air as a mother or older sister would have when watching their family.

"What about Chimamire Na Kokoro?" Cheiron asks looking at the child with a small maternal smile on her lips as she absently traced where the bloody heart had been painted onto her cheek.

"Bloodstained heart. Fitting considering the drawing she put on your cheek." Subaru translated for the others who gave Cheiron a 'look' before merely shrugging it off since none of them could come up with anything better.

"It's a little too difficult and long though. Is there something similar and easier we can call her?" Diana asked smiling up at her friends and over at the toddler who was dutifully listening to whatever Anri was babbling about with a small half smile dancing across its face.

"Hana." Cheiron answered almost immediately causing Subaru to raise an eyebrow at her.

"Flower. Also fitting and easier to say." Subaru translated again causing the others to agree that it was an easier and just as fitting name as 'Bloodstained Heart'. This was the instant that the toddler, that they had decided to call Hana until they knew her real name, looked over and saw Cheiron. The small toddlers' eyes lit up instantly at the sight of the woman who had found her and saved her life according to several men in long white coats that she didn't know. The toddler smiled widely at Cheiron and gently held her arms out to the woman, as if silently asking for a hug. Cheiron was quick to walk forward and give the small girl a gentle hug and motherly kiss on the forehead, causing the little girl to beam up at her happily and try to mimic her motion. Cheiron chuckled at the slightly sloppy kiss the girl had placed on her cheek and smiled as she sat in the chair closest to the bed.

"Hey there kiddo. I brought you some presents so that you wouldn't get bored when we couldn't visit ya." Cheiron said gently handing the bag to the toddler who blinked at her curiously.

"Pre-sent? What pre-sent mean?" The toddler asks her voice still weak but her vocabulary was exceptionally high as was her brain functions if her talking was anything to go by.

"Present means a gift. I wanted to give you something to make you happy so I got you a gift." Cheiron explained smiling as she gently urged the small toddler to look in the bag and see what she got.

"Pretty. This for Freak?" The toddler asks speaking in third person and using the only name she had ever known when referring to herself and causing shock and anger to rise in everyones heart.

"Yes it's for you but you're name's not Freak." Cheiron said gently and pushing her anger and shock aside so as to focus more on the adorable child who had the air of an innocent little lost kitten around her.

"Freak's name not Freak? What Freak called?" The poor confused toddler asks tilting her head curiously up at Cheiron, causing all the girl to try and resist the sudden urge to squeal and hug the toddler like a teddy bear.

"Well how about Hana? Do you like that name? It means flower." Cheiron said using her acting skills and her experience as a lawyer to resist squealing aloud and glomping the tiny toddler, Anri, Cherry, Ratchet, and Diana failed at concealing their squeals while Diana and Anri failed at holding back their dreaded glomp hugs. This only served to confuse the poor child even more while she did enjoy the hugs she would like to be able to breath and Dianas amble bust was not allowing her to do so.

"Let her breath Diana." Cheiron said her voice sounding definitely amused while the tiny tots arms were flailing slightly as she tried to break free of Dianas hug.

"Sorry you were just too cute to resist." Diana said reluctantly letting go of the tiny red head who took great gulps of air in a dramatic fashion that made the others laugh and/or chuckle in amusement.

"Freak name Hana?" The newly dubbed Hana asks looking up at Cheiron curiously and earning a small maternal smile from the lawyer.

"Yep and, if you want to of course, you can have a new mama and lots of sisters and aunties that'll take good care of you and won't let anyone hurt you ever again." Cheiron said nervously, inwardly wondering what had possessed her to offer to adopt a small child when she never ever raised a child before.

"Really? Who new mama? She nice?" Hana asks looking curious while Cheiron played with her fingers in order to avoid answering.

"Well if you want then Cheiron will be your new mama and yes she's really nice when you get past her Harlem Tough Girl act." Cherry said smiling at the red head that visibly perked up at the thought of the nice lady being her new mama while ignoring the glare Cheiron was shooting her for being able to see past her act.

"You new mama?" Hana asks her eyes lighting up hopefully as she stared up at Cheiron who merely gave her a small smile and a kiss on the forehead.

"The Freaks not going to see another sunset!" Vernon Dursley bellowed angrily as he burst into the room with a maniacal glint in his eyes and a gun in his hands. No one had time to do anything as Vernon shot the gun hitting Hana right in the chest and making Anri and Diana scream. Subaru and the others were enraged by this dishonorable action and was about to bet the hell out of Vernon when Gemini beat them to the punch, literally. When the security burst into the room guns at the ready to get Vernon they were treated to the sight of the older women in the room trying their best to staunch the bleeding and summon the doctors while the red haired Texan Samurai girl was beating the crap out of Vernon with her bare fists, having effortlessly reduced the gun to a useless scrap heap in her anger. The Security and Police officers took Dursley into custody after prying the pissed off red head off of him while the doctors had to rush Hana to the emergency room again.

It was two hours later when the doctors came out all of them supporting a grim look on their faces.

"There's no chance of survival. Even with her accelerated healing she won't last the night." The main doctor said bluntly to the assembled women who let a few tears leek out of their eyes at the news except Anri who was now openly sobbing into Cherrys chest.