Hidden Love

Chapter 1-A box of lies


"Sonic...I love you..."

"Ames, I love you too. Always have and always will..."

Sonic leant in towards Amy, kissing her sweetly and softly. Amy closed her eyes, feeling like she could do anything. All because of one hedgehog. Sonic the Hedgehog

Amy sat up in bed, suddenly breaking off from her dream. Her heart was beating like a boxer throwing punches, but her brain reminded her that it was just a dream. Still, she thought, it could happen. Dreams do come true. And her dream was definitely going to come true.

Glancing at her clock which sat on her bedside table, Amy noticed the pink alarm clock was displaying the time 9:25 at her. Her alarm had failed to wake her up...again.

"I really need to change that damn thing," Amy muttered to herself. Before her brain could process her thoughts, her mind changed to one question,

"I wonder if it's too early to visit Sonic's house?!" The words tumbled out of Amy's mouth into the silent room. As soon as she'd said them, Amy planted a face-palm on her forehead,

"Argh...I can't believe I just said that. Not good, Amy. Not good..." Amy wandered over to her wardrobe and pulled out a pink and white checked dress, which she'd bought because it looked cute on her and because she had wanted to wear a different dress-instead of her usual plain pink dress (maybe this is why Sonic hadn't asked her out yet. Cause the dress was too plain. Technically, this was probably the main reason she had bought the dress). Amy sighed. Today, everything seemed to remind her of Sonic.

"Sonic's the kind of guy who likes girls who try to keep up with him and girls who play it cool. I certainly try to keep up with him," Amy told herself, absentmindedly, as she admired the way the new dress looked on her in the mirror, "So, all I've got to do is play it cool. I can do that. Play it cool,"

But no matter how much she tried to convince herself that she could play it cool, Amy sighed, furiously. The truth was she didn't believe she could play it cool. Because she liked him so much. So, was it really her fault if she slightly suffocated Sonic with her love? Metaphorically, of course.

After finally deciding that the checked dress really did look cute on her, Amy raced out of the door. Even though she knew she had to play it cool, Amy knew where she was heading as her legs took her on the familiar route to Sonic's and Tails' house. Well, it was more Sonic's house on account of the fact that Tails practically lived in the garage/workshop which Tails called home. But from what Amy could tell Sonic and Tails were the best example of best friends. They never had arguments and they just always got on. Maybe because Sonic was always rushing off to go on his runs or defeat Eggman. Or maybe because Tails was too in love with his machines to notice what was going on in the world. Whatever the reason, Sonic and Tails were inseparable.

Quicker than expected, Amy soon arrived at her destination. The house looked like it usually did; a little messy because neither of them could be bothered to do any gardening. Amy often imagined how she could tidy it up, planting a few flowers here and there. But the chances of Tails or Sonic ever actually keeping it nice were minimal.

The weeds grabbed at Amy's pink shoes as she walked up to the front door. Her hand hovered over the doorbell. In the past, she'd never thought twice about visiting. But since she was playing it cool...would Sonic judge her for visiting?

Deciding that Sonic had a good heart and he wouldn't mind, Amy rang the door bell, firmly. She waited, patiently, for one of them to answer the door. Deep in thought about what she would say to Sonic, she was surprised when she was faced with a sleepy-looking blue hedgehog.

"Listen...I don't wanna buy whatever you're selling," Sonic mumbled, practically falling asleep at the door. Amy had never seen him so tired: she was used to Sonic practically running around at every chance he got.

"Hi Sonic, and if I'm honest, I've got nothing to sell!" Amy laughed, a little too loudly.

"Oh...hi Amy," Sonic sounded like he hadn't even listened to what Amy said. She started to feel a little annoyed. Sonic wasn't much for talking, but was he now not even going to register her existence?!

"Oh! Amy! It's you! I..um...well, wasn't expecting you. Why are you up so early?" Sonic suddenly started to pay attention. His eyes gorgeous grass-green eyes were now wide and alert.

"Sonic...I'm not that early,"

"Amy...it's 9:35," Sonic mimicked.

Amy started to think that she had come around too early. Yeah, way to play cool, Amy thought to herself. She needed to have a mysterious comeback,

"Well, I had a lot of things to do. So, I thought I'd stop by," Amy, mentally, breathed a sigh of relief. That sounded cool. To be honest, it sounded like something Sonic would say. The two hedgehogs stood at the door, awkwardly.

"Well...aren't you going to invite me in?" Amy cautiously asked.

"Oh, yeah. Sorry about that. Come in," Sonic wandered through the hall into the lounge, leaving the front door wide open, so that Amy could come in. Smiling to herself, Amy shut the front door behind her, before silently walking towards the lounge. As she moved closer, she could hear Sonic muttering to himself as he picked up something and shifted it to another place. When Amy entered the room, he was suspiciously standing by a brown box. It wasn't like Sonic to stand by something that he was obviously hiding. That made Amy even more curious,

"What's in the box, Sonic?" Amy asked, smiling. It would probably be something that would make her laugh once Sonic showed her.

"Oh...it's nothing," Sonic said, not looking Amy in the eye.

Amy stopped smiling. It was so obvious that Sonic was lying; it would have been more subtle if he had placed a sign over his head saying, LIAR! Sonic might run off without warning and drop all his plans; he might be useless at remembering arrangements and dates with Amy (which would take him forever to actually agree to!), but Sonic didn't lie. He just didn't. So that posed the question: What was Sonic the hedgehog hiding?!