Chapter 9 (Part 3) All is explained, Ames.


It was safe to say that this day had been far from normal. Amy's dream had come true, and her heart felt like it was about to burst. From the way Sonic was acting, that was probably how he felt too.

After the kiss, it felt like anything was possible. Although, when Amy was with Sonic, she always felt like that. This just meant that Sonic also shared Amy's dream.

True, if they did start dating, Eggman would always make her a target in his plans-to try and hurt Sonic. But Sonic would always be there to save her, and Amy had no doubt in that.

However, Sonic might have kissed her and told her he loved her, but he never mentioned dating. To be honest, he wasn't the dating kind of guy.

Not wanting to dwell on the negatives, Amy concentrated on where they were going, but was surprised to find that Sonic had stopped outside his house. He was looking at Amy, waiting for her to say something,

"I don't get it...what are we doing here?" Amy asked as Sonic set her back down on the ground.

"Come inside and see," Sonic replied, mysteriously. He wandered up to the door and unlocked it. All the lights were turned off and it was dark and gloomy. Sonic took Amy's hand, leading her towards the living room. Amy could make out large shapes, avoiding the giant dresser in the hall. When she entered the living room, it was silent and scary. Even Tails didn't seem to be home.

The lights suddenly flashed on, blinding Amy for a second. When her sight had returned, her ears were deafened by a lot of comforting voices,


Amy looked around to find all of her friends there, in Sonic and Tails' living room. Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Cream, Cheese, Silver, Blaze, Rouge, Charmy, Vector and Espio...all of them there for her. Although, after everything that had been going on...Amy hadn't even realised today was her birthday. That's how much everything was troubling her.

Except...there was still one person missing. Shadow.

However, not wanting to look like she wasn't grateful for their efforts, Amy beamed at them. The room was decorated with pink and white balloons and red paper chains were hung around the walls. There was a table placed at the end of the room, filled to the brim with tons of gorgeous-looking food. In the middle of the feast was a circle-shaped cake which had the words happy birthday Amy Rose iced across the top. It looked beautiful, as well as delicious.

"Aw...guys...I don't know what to say..." Amy sniffed, happily.

"I do! LET'S GET THIS PARTY STARTED!" Charmy yelled, "HIT IT!" On command, Vector pressed play on the CD player, letting the music rip. After all Amy had faced and dealt with, this was exactly what she needed. Her friends...her love...and cake.

~A little while later~

"Amy? Listen, sorry about earlier," Espio had wandered over to Amy, who was eating a slice of cake. She was right, it was absolutely delicious. The party was great, Amy instantly felt better knowing she was with her friends and she could be herself,

"Espio, don't worry about it," Amy reassured him, but the ninja still looked a little guilty.

" one deserves to have to listen to Charmy talk about rainbows," Espio smiled to himself, "It's the ultimate torture,"

Amy laughed, "Yeah, maybe you're right. But there's one thing I don't never explained about the box. And don't deny it, I know you know,"

Espio was about to answer, when he looked up, "I think there is someone who can explain it a little bit better than I can,"

Amy spun round to find Sonic standing behind her. She wanted Sonic to explain it to her, but Amy turned back round to be polite to Espio. However, he was already gone. The chances are he had used his power of invisibility to shrink off.

"I think I owe you an explanation," Sonic admitted, sitting down on the couch. Amy sat down next to him, wanting to finally receive some answers.

"The box...was your cake. I obviously couldn't show you it. That's why I lied," Sonic sighed, as Amy put her arm round his shoulder.

"Hey...I get it now. Although..."


"I still don't get why you had to see Rouge,"

Sonic smiled and pulled out a beautifully wrapped red present. The red paper was ruby red (Amy was glad it wasn't the colour of a rose. As Sonic knew, her name might be Amy Rose, but it didn't mean everything had to be the colour of a rose. Amy was glad Sonic had remembered) and it shone brightly. Carefully and delicately, Amy unwrapped the present. Once the paper had been removed, it left a medium sized black box. When Amy removed the lid, what was inside, made her gasp.

It was a locket in the shape of a gold heart. The surface of the heart was silky and smooth, as it lay in Amy's hand. The locket had one word engraved on the front: Ames.

"Oh my!" Amy didn't know what to say.

"Heh heh," Sonic rubbed the back of his head, bashfully, "That's why I needed to talk to Rouge. She is a treasure hunter after all,"

Amy smiled at Sonic, wanting to slap herself for getting so angry about this, "Thank you...I love it!" She kissed him on the cheek, while Sonic blushed madly. Sonic might have admitted his feelings, but he looked like his face was on fire.

"No way in hell! He actually did it! He told her! Damn it!" Knuckles commentated from the side of the room with Tails, his voice loud enough for everyone to hear. As a result, everyone stopped what they were doing and smiled at Sonic and Amy. Sonic blushed even harder while Amy simply laughed.

Tails coughed while holding his hand out to Knuckles, "Pay up, Knux," The angry guardian handed the twin tailed fox a 10 pound note. Sonic looked like he wanted to kick those guys.

"Ha ha! Look! He's redder than Knuckles! HA!" Charmy had flown over to Sonic and was now pointing, gleefully, at Sonic's face. Despite Charmy's rudeness, everyone silently giggled. Espio and Vector pulled the bee into a corner, hiding him behind their backs,

"Sorry Sonic! We try to limit his contact with Mobians!" Vector grinned, sheepishly. Amy couldn't help but die with laughter. Sonic grinned back and gave a thumbs up,

"Hey! Don't worry about it!" Sonic replied. The rest of the room returned to normal volume, but Knuckles was still arguing with Tails and face palming himself because he lost the bet. Amy hugged Sonic but got up,

"I'll be back in a second. There's someone I need to talk to," Amy winked at Sonic, "Be back in a flash!" Amy rushed over to Blaze and Cream as the hero deviously glanced after her,

"Hey! That's copyrighted! By Sonic the hedgehog!" He joked, calling after her. Amy smiled as she reached Blaze and Cream, who were chatting.

"Amy!" Cream hugged Amy so hard that the pink hedgehog felt like she was going to be crushed, "You did it! You're came true!" Amy blushed at Cream, who smiled sweetly at her.

Blaze munched her slice of cake, thoughtfully, "Thanks to my excellent plan!" The cat replied after long last. Amy rolled her eyes,

"Sure thing, Blaze! Now all we have to do is get you and Silver together!" Now it was Blaze's turn to blush,

"Ermm...I think I'll get more cake! Man, I do love cake!" Blaze mumbled, as she sped off towards another part of the room. Amy and Cream laughed, happily.

The music changed from a fast upbeat song to a slow love song. (Which just happened to be 'Just the way you are') To her surprise, someone grabbed Amy's hand. It was obvious who it was,

"Mind if I have this dance?" Sonic twirled Amy around in a circle, directing her to an empty space in the room where a few couples where dancing. Rouge had pulled Knuckles away from punching Tails and had managed to get him to dance with her. However, Knuckles didn't look like he was the happiest echidna in the world. Silver and Blaze were slow dancing, holding each other in their arms. That was something which Amy hadn't expected to happen.

"Ha...never thought Knux was such a keen dancer..." Sonic smirked, but his smirk soon got bigger when he saw Silver, "...same with Silver!"

"Well...I didn't think you were a dancer either..." Amy blushed, wishing she hadn't said that. But Sonic simply snorted, unable to control himself,

"I'm not. I can't dance to save my life!" Despite his statement, Sonic was perfectly in time with the music and he wasn't heavy-footed. Sonic's arms were around the low of Amy's back, and her arms were around his neck. She felt safe and happy. Nothing could be better.

Suddenly, the music changed. Instead of a slow song, the music switched to "Caramell dansen" (A/C- if you haven't seen this, you won't get the joke. And if you haven't seen it...why the heck haven't you?! Watch it on YouTube!) Silver and Blaze broke away from each other, shocked. Sonic started laughing, really loudly. Amy felt annoyed that she hadn't managed to dance with Sonic for very long, so she looked over at the CD player to see who had decided to ruin their romantic moment. Charmy and Tail's were high fiving each other, with huge grins on their faces. Amy smiled back at them, angry but in stitches because their prank was pretty funny. Sonic broke away from Amy and started dancing. Soon, Amy was practically dying with laughter.

Raising his hands above his head, Sonic folded his palms into bunny ears and opened and closed them in time with the beat. To complete the dance, he shook his hips from side to side in time with his hands. Amy had seen the dance before, and had often done it herself at parties. But Sonic took it to another level. He was doing it correctly and looked good doing it, but the simple idea of the speed demon dancing like that was simply too much to take in.

By then, everyone else had started laughing, but they were laughing with Sonic, not at him. Sonic himself was blushing a tiny bit, but his face was too busy laughing along to notice. Soon, Tails had ran up to him and joined in. They were perfectly in time with the music as well as each other, so they looked like professionals. But the main thing...they were having fun. Plus, they were so light-hearted about it; they were milking it for all they were worth. Without realising it, Amy found herself joining in with the two best friends. Everyone was joining in, even Knuckles, Rouge, Silver and Espio. Charmy was twirling around as he danced, looking especially cute. However, Cream had it easy. She didn't even need to raise her hand, as her ears did the dance themselves. Standing next to Sonic, Amy glanced up at him, laughing as she moved. Sonic laughed back at her, winking slightly. Amy might not have been able to slow dance with Sonic, but this was the next best thing.

Sadly, a few minutes later, the song soon ended. Breathless, everyone scattered for either a drink or to sit down. Charmy was still dancing and buzzing around, but when Espio distracted him with cake, he quietened down. Sonic had wandered over to Knuckles, laughing at him because he had joined in the dance. Knuckles simply smirked, reminding Sonic that he had started it. Sonic didn't look in the least put out, and then teased him about Rouge. The bickering and insulting carried on for a while before Tails had to come and break it up, in fear of Knuckles smashing Sonic into a wall. Like last time.

Amy was now standing by herself, wanting to be alone so she could think about everything that had happened, and what could happen in the future. She decided that she would take each day as it comes, and not worry about what might happen in the days to come. And besides...what could happen?

A ghostly coldness floated over Amy's fur, causing her to shudder and shiver. She looked in a corner, feeling like someone had walked over her grave. In the blink of an eye, the pink hedgehog could have sworn she saw another hedgehog standing in the corner. However, it disappeared in a second, so Amy didn't have a chance to see what it looked like. All she saw was the shimmering body. It was almost like...a ghost?

Shrugging, Amy simply directed her attention to everyone else. Ghosts didn't exist. Amy's mind went back to thinking about past memories. However, her thoughts were soon broken.

"Hey, Amy! Come over here! Sonic wants another kiss!" Knuckles yelled, while laughing.

"Knuckles...I am going to slam you into next week!" Sonic clenched his fists, not joking.

"Oh...jeesh. What do I have to put up with...?" Tails sighed, smiling while moaning, "Amy...can I use that hammer of yours?"

Amy grinned, running over to the trio. The ghostly hedgehog was soon forgotten. And besides..even if it was a ghost, they would be up against Sonic the hedgehog.

And you just need to ask Eggman to see how that would end.


(A/C's pretty obvious that isn't the end. Sequel? Oh yes. Here's a preview of the first chapter)

Darkness will rise

Chapter 1-

Amy's P.O.V

" we really need to do this?"

I glanced back at Sonic who was shuffling his feet slowly behind him. For such a fast mover, the blue blur really was walking at snail-speed. Probably because he thought his destination was a place he didn't want to go to. I grinned, knowingly.

"'s a surprise! But to get to the surprise, you need to go through there!" I pointed at the clothes shop named 'Firework'. It was Sonic's all time hated shop. But it leads to a place which I thought Sonic would love. The only problem was...Sonic had to go through the shop to reach it.

Sonic's mouth dropped open, as he gave me a death glare. It made my heart freeze and I stopped walking. Closing his mouth, Sonic hugged me, realizing that he'd worried me. I relaxed into his arms. Sonic had finally admitted his love for me, just last week. I was ecstatic. However, Sonic didn't call me his girlfriend, because he thought that labels tied him down. But I had managed to get him to admit that we were 'together'. With a lot of persuading. But that was Sonic.

"Okay...I'll go through. For you, Ames," Sonic pulled me towards the shop as if I was the one who didn't want to go in. I didn't mind the shop, it had okay clothes. But the prices went through the roof so I never shopped in there. Typical designer muck.

With a lot of moaning and groaning from Sonic, we soon reached the end of the shop. The door at the back lead to the food court-and my surprise for Sonic. It was a fast food place which specialised in Chilli dogs. I had heard they were to die for, and had wanted to take Sonic ever since.