Chapter 2-Total debate of the heart


The atmosphere was really starting to get uncomfortable now, and Sonic was starting to panic. If he had known that Amy was coming around, he could have hidden the box and he wouldn't be in this situation. Too late now.

"Sonic. C'mon, what's in the box?" Amy pleaded, her eyes widening. Sonic quickly glanced away, not wanting to look into her sad emerald-green eyes, which were starting to tear up. He looked around the room to find something to talk about, before he gave the game away. Or before Amy hit him with her Piko Piko hammer. Or before she started crying. Sonic wasn't sure which was worst. Probably the hammer. Probably.

Sonic suddenly smiled, reassuringly. He knew what would distract Amy.

"Hey, why don't we go to that restaurant that you wanted me to take you to?"

"Sonic, it's the morning," Amy reminded him.

That was unexpected. The comment had thrown Sonic so much that he didn't know what to say. Amy would never stop Sonic from taking her out somewhere, even if he had asked her in the middle of the night. She would say yes, no questions asked. But, Sonic wasn't going to back down now.

"So? We can have breakfast there,"

"Really?! And...maybe dinner later?" Amy smiled, coyly.

Sonic sighed, but he was mainly concentrating on getting Amy away from the box, "Ermmmmm...sure. Breakfast and then dinner. But I urgently need to see Rouge today. So, shall we go?"

Amy nodded, but didn't seem to be as excited as Sonic would have imagined. This was the girl who followed him around everywhere-so why wasn't she excited that Sonic was going to take her on a date? Sonic wondered if he had done something else wrong, since today wasn't going too well.

Amy turned on her heel and walked down the hall to the front door. Sonic ran down the hall, whizzing past Amy in the blink of an eye. He stood by the door, holding it open for Amy, like a gentleman. Amy smiled warmly at him, letting Sonic relax a little. Everything was okay.

For now.

"Sir? Sir? What would you like to order? Listen, I'm meant to be formal but...SONIC!" Charmy shouted, waking Sonic up from his daydream (which meant, weirdly, that he was staring at Amy). The restaurant fell silent and Charmy went red as he got a glare from Espio and an angry gesture from Vector from behind the counter.

"Sorry Charmy. I'll have the Chilli hotdog, please," Sonic asked, as he felt guilty for getting Charmy in trouble with the other members of Team Chaotix. Nodding and smiling, Charmy flew off as Amy started to giggle at Sonic.

"What?" Sonic smiled, his face reddening a little.

"Really Sonic? Chilli hotdogs in the morning?" Amy pointed out.

"Nothing like a hotdog to start my day!" Sonic explained, licking his lips.

"It's amazing you're not 20st by now,"

"Hey! I'm the fastest thing alive-which means I don't put on weight" Sonic laughed. It was weird. Amy hadn't tried to kiss/hug/or say anything that would make Sonic feel awkward, in the slightest. It felt...well, it felt like he was talking to Tails or Knuckles instead of a girl who would turn up to his house everyday to ask him for a date. It made Sonic feel weird...because of two things. The good thing was that he could now speak freely and he wouldn't panic when Amy talked to him. The bad thing...well, was there a bad thing?

Yes there is and you know it, a voice inside his head told him.

No! It's all good! Amy will be just a normal friend instead of a stalker fan-girl who I constantly have to run away from if I want to have a little bit of time to myself, Sonic thought to himself.

Really? Are you sure? Did you actually mind her being like that? Cause if you really listen to your heart...

The voice was soon cut off as Sonic blocked his conscience out of his head, before it spoke the truth.

"Sonic? "

Sonic looked up to find Amy in the middle of eating her pancakes, her fork poised in the air as she spoke. Sonic looked down to find that his food had come: a sizzling hotdog, covered in chilli sauce-his ideal dream food. And it hadn't even distracted him from his argument with his heart. What the heck was up with him?

It wasn't Amy...was it?