Alexandra Moltke voice-over: "Collinwood in the year 1998 is a year of peace and good fortune. The evil spirits of the past are long gone, and Barnabas and Angelique are happily married with two grown children. To add to the joy of the family, their son, William, has married the true love of his life, a female lawyer named Ally from the town of Boston in an elopement that carried them to New York City, but Angelique will not allow them to take away the grand wedding she wants for her first born son. Little does she know is that her efforts to ensure the happiness and joy in the family will invariably wake up the spirits of the past that she long hopes will remain buried.

The main hall of Collinwood was decorated with flowers and expensive designs and floral arrangements. It had been years since the last wedding on the estate, and Angelique and Carolyn were managing the entire thing with the assistance of Jennie McBeal, Ally's mother, and Rachel Fillmore-Collins, Roger's wife, who owned and ran Forever Catering in town. The last wedding on the estate had been Willie and Carolyn in a very small tight family and friends gathering, but this arrangement was going to be ten times bigger than that with a band, an open bar and the old ballroom filled up with chairs to the walls before a pulpit area for the happily already-married couple to repeat their vows in a private ceremony. Three hundred invitations had been sent out, and two hundred and eighty-five guests were expected to arrive. Local deputy police officer Bruno Hess came as a friend of the family, but current Sheriff Don Taylor arrived in his capacity to maintain security as an occasional helicopter buzzed the estate taking photos and trying to chance on the happy couple. He and retired sheriff George Patterson even crossed paths a few times to share news and compare notes. Sara Collins ran through pretending to ignore Joe Haskell Jr. in attendance; their relationship now on the rocks once again as lawyer Richard Fish eyed the beautiful blonde heiress and wondered if she too could marry a lawyer.

On this the day of his wedding, William was in his best suit, actually his only suit, as friends from far and old came to see him married. Having barely seen him the week before, Ally was in Lizzie's room in the main house with Sara and Lizzie to run around and help run her errands. Elaine was her messenger from the room to William and everyone else. Renee was handling her legal responsibilities in Boston. Everything was happened, but Ally was more nervous now then when she actually said, "I do," in Manhattan in front of Harry, Mac and Christine. Her heart was beating fast. She was worried she was sweating, and yet, she loved the fact that her sister was so jealous of her for a change.

"Ally…" Elaine held a piece of paper to Ally. "Your lips…"

"Honestly, Elaine?"

"Too much lipstick is not a good look when you're getting ready to get married." She had Ally press her lips around the paper.

"What are you talking about?" Lizzie scowled confused. "Her lipstick is perfect!"

"Of course, you would say that…" Elaine looked to Lizzie. "From what I hear, there's should be a revolving door for guys where your window is."

"What?!" Lizzie reared her fingernails as both Sara and Ally grabbed Lizzie and pulled her from Elaine. Someone knocked at the door of the bedroom, and Sara turned to answer it. Ally looked up from Lizzie's vanity table expecting her mother with her fixed veil, but it wasn't her. It was a person from the past. A shapely brunette beauty with big brown eyes and long thin dancer's legs extending beyond her skirt stood in the hall. Sara and Ally recognized her immediately.

"Paula!" Ally looked unprepared as the old love interest came up to the room as Ally stood in her mother's wedding dress. "What are you doing here?"

"Someone invited me to your wedding." The struggling brunette singer grinned defeatedly. "Trying to rub it in?"

"Like you wouldn't have had you married William." Ally grinned as Sara and Elaine listened to the verbal catfight.

"Ally…" Sara came up to Ally. "You invited William's old girlfriend?"

"No, I did not!"

"There you are!" Amanda came up into Lizzie's room and closed the door behind her. "That's her." She pointed to Ally. "The enemy."

"You invited Paula?" Lizzie reacted. "Amanda, why would you do that?"

"I was invited by the psycho?" Paula remembered Amanda. On her first date with William in the Eighties, she had been poisoned by her and spent the weekend in the hospital while Amanda followed William to Bangor. When William tried to get away with Paula again, he got a fake phone call to go to Pennsylvania to join Jason and Grant at the Old Allegheny State Penitentiary. The red-haired heiress was somewhere behind the scenes of every ruined outing between William and Paula, and now, she considered Paula her secret weapon to stop this marriage from happening.

"I am not a psycho!" Amanda looked at her. "My mother had me tested!"

"If you see her pull a rifle out…" Lizzie whispered into Ally's ear. "Run for it and don't look back!" She hugged Ally and motioned out of the room. Behind her, Elaine and Amanda stared each other down as Ally's mother came to check on them. The wedding was ready to start. Elaine shined to Ally a moment more then turned out of the room with Amanda right behind her. The wild heiress scowled a bit displeased and started down the corridor for the spiral stairs in the tower. Right before them, Elaine pulled her away from the second floor landing.

"No, I know you did that on purpose." Elaine stared Amanda back. "Both of us have had a secret crush on William, but you're is just that more psychotic because you're his cousin."

"We're seventh cousins five times removed…." Amanda stated then rolled her eyes a bit unsure. "Or something like that… We've share Joshua Collins as a common ancestor."

"Don't care!" Elaine moved her finger in front of Amanda's face. "Ally is still my best friend; and if I hear you're making a problem in her wedding, I'm taking you out."

"Shake that finger in my face one more time…" Amanda bared her teeth. "And I'm breaking it!"

"Amanda…" Maggie had come up stairs with the needle and thread William's mother needed to quickly mend Ally's wedding dress. Amanda looked to her mother, back to Elaine and then marched past her mother carrying her personal demons with her. The attractive councilwoman gasped a moment and tried to muster her strength. She unconsciously debated sending Amanda back to Windcliff.

"Elaine, I'm so sorry…" She finally spoke. "Amanda is…"

"Mrs. Collins…" Elaine spoke. "I know Amanda has had a torch for William since they were kids. He confided to me in his e-mails how it made it uncomfortable, but I'm not letting her push me around because I'm not going to take it."

"It's not just this torch she has for him…" Maggie didn't understand why she was spilling these details to a friend of her nephew. "She's been short-tempered and moody since she heard about the William and Ally eloping to Manhattan. All I'm asking… please don't start a fight with her. I'm stressed out right now, and I don't need to be pulling her off anyone at the reception." She heard voices coming up the stairway to the second floor. Brian and Joe Hackett were looking for the upstairs bathroom in order to sneak a tour of the house before the ceremony, but as Maggie went to help Ally, Elaine shined knowing she had distracted Brian into following her back downstairs. They took opposite sides of the same room across from each other in the Collinwood ballroom. A few chairs ahead, Amanda morosely and lackluster tried to be a part of the family affair as her father sat and talked to her Uncle Willie. She seemed to be able to survive this spectacle for now, but then the music started and her mother joined her. As Ally appeared in the room to join her cousin in matrimony, Amanda rolled her eyes and pretended to be distracted by a flower hanging precariously from its pot on the side of the room. As Reverend James Holliman from the Collinsport Baptist Church conducted the religious ceremony, she sighed and her mother looked briefly at her to be a more quiet. Her white face resting bored on her slender neck bored and discontent, she tried harder to pretend to care. Her cousin was getting married to this skinny lady lawyer from Boston. What about her? She was taller than Ally, more shapely and she had long curly red hair. She could make him a much more better husband. What was going to happen to her now? Was she destined to struggle through one jerk after another? Guys who only cared about getting into her underwear and her bank account? Where was her future going? She suddenly saw her herself dying lonely and alone and a tear fell from her eye. William and Ally started their vows as she gasped then stood up, brushed past Lizzie and J.R. and raced from the room with her heart breaking. Maggie started to rise to go after her, but Quentin stopped her.

"Let her go…" He whispered. "She needs to accept this."

Rushing through the dining room as the caterers set up for the reception, Amanda dodged one of the people in her way and out the back door near the back veranda. Her heart was pounding as she ran down the stairs to the rear grounds and to the back driveway. Pausing briefly to hold herself up on a tree, she broke free with her eyes full of tears. Yes, William was her cousin, but he was her first love ever since they were kids. She just naturally thought they'd get married. On the back driveway, she left a trail of tears toward Rose Cottage on the property. Her chest was heaving with emotion. Here eyes were clouded with emotion. She burst into the house and stormed the staircase crying and screaming her sorrow out for the estate to hear it. Even the ghosts of the property shared in her misery, looked up and shared in her loss from afar. The red-haired beauty broke into her bedroom, kicked her pink teddy bear across the room and stood before her full-length mirror.

"Where are you?" Amanda searched the mirror in her bedroom for a face in it she had once seen. "Where are you?! You promised to help me! You promised me that you would stop this wedding from ever happening!" A figure appeared in the mirror behind her. The room behind her was empty, but the spirit of the sorceress bound to the reflection was powerful enough to elude death. She was the Countess Guinevere Alexandra De Constantine Von Altebar, and long before Isaac Collins founded Collinsport, she was a sorceress in liege with the ancient Catholic Church until they turned against her and abducted her children. Beautiful, blonde and devious, she had appeared in modern times calling herself Cheryl Harridge. Her spirit in the mirror appeared wearing the old French dress she wore in the Middle Ages and stood behind Amanda's reflection in the mirror.

"Bide your time, Amanda…" Cheryl whispered to her. "Do you recall the secrets I told you?"

"Yes…" Amanda knew now all the dark secrets of her family that had been kept from her. Her Uncle Barnabas as a former vampire, her Aunt Angelique as the witch who had made him so…. Even her father a former werewolf formerly enchanted by a cursed portrait. She knew it all now. Old curses now erased and forgotten, but Amanda would invoke all of it once more to get what she wanted. "But how does knowing all this going to stop William from getting married?"

"You must let me in."

"In?" Amanda didn't understand magic. "Don't you mean out? How do I get you out of the mirror?"

"No, sweetheart…" Cheryl grinned to her motherly. "In you. I cannot cast spells from this mirror. You must be the medium of my power."

"I don't know."

"Wouldn't you do anything to make William yours?" Cheryl tempted her.


"Then trust me." When Cheryl touched Amanda's reflection in the mirror, the red-haired heiress felt it in the real world. Clutching the mirror frame, she felt the powerful sorceress entering her body. It was like feeling electricity going through her body, and her head and chest becoming lighter than air. In the reflection, Cheryl Harridge held Amanda's body and pulled it against herself, their images in the reflection passing over each other. Amanda thrust her head back willing it to happen. A slight tear wafted down her cheek.

"Yes…" Amanda trembled in excited fear. "William, I'm doing this for you…."