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Arthur Kirkland, also known England or Great Britain but not limited to Jerkland, Artie, or the United Kingdom, was seated at his desk, finishing up the paperwork. It had been a long day with very minimal contact with anyone. He let out a heavy sigh as he leaned back in the padded office chair. His joints creaked and muscles screamed as he had been hunched over his desk for several hours.

"Bloody hell," he groans before placing his head in his hands and taking a deep breath, "How long have I been here?"

Arthur turned his attention to an old grandfather clock that sat near the doorway. The old golden pendulum swung back and forth as it had for the past 150 years, never changing its pace. 'Ah, so it's been that long already?' he thought as a look of surprise crossed his face, 'She must be quite worried, or most likely bored, right about now.'

Arthur got up from his desk, slowly as not to cramp up from being stuck in one position for several hours. He made his way across the white carpet and opened the heavy door of his home office before carefully peeking his head outside. Arthur was expecting the loud blare of pop music or the sound of his little sister cursing one of her university professors, but what he was met with was an eerie silence. Confused, Arthur stepped outside his office and shut the door behind him, carefully listening for any sounds at all. The house was dead silent.

"That's off," he muttered before making his way down the near silent hallway to the home library and knocking on the door, "Rowena! Rowena, love, are you there?"

Silence was his only reply as annoyance began to settle in. Sure Rowena did have the tendency to get caught up in her studies as he did in his work and did like to give him the silent treatment right back just to annoy him. He also had the tendency to be rather short with her when she gave him the silent treatment, but even those were rare. So now, Arthur was sure to show his younger sister exactly how annoying he found her "revenge". He took the knob into the hand and quickly thrust the door open.

"ROWENA WYNTER KIRKLAND! YOU BETTER STOP IT WITH-" Arthur quickly halted his shouting when he noticed that the library was empty, "She's not here?"

Immediately worry began to over take him as he began to bolt around the house. She wasn't in her room, nor the spell room, library (again), her home office, the sitting room, his room (she did like to hide in there), the closest, guest bedrooms, bathrooms, the kitchen, and even the kitchen cupboards! He practically turned his home upside down in attempt of finding the girl but there was no sign of Rowena, anywhere.

"My god," he muttered as the worry started to set in, "Where could she be? It's highly unlike her to just leave without telling me."

That was true, even if he was busy, Rowena would poke her head in and tell him that she would be going out. She would always alert him to if she was leaving the house. Something she had that grew into a habit from when she was younger. Though there were times he wouldn't hear her telling him because of how concentrated he was, she would leave him a note.

Arthur's emerald eyes then widened in realization, a note. While searching for her, he had completely forgotten to check for a note. From his position in the sitting room, he hurried up the staircase and towards his office. Arthur quickly began to search through the papers on his desk for a certain piece of stationary, a white sheet of a paper with a cobalt blue spade, about 3 centimeters in height and 2½ centimeters in width, in the top right hand corner. But as he searched, he found none. He did, however, find her mobile phone, a blue and black Hitachi Woo Ketai with a Union Jack flag charm dangling from it, a gift from Tokyo after the Japanese capital had run over Rowena's previous mobile during a joy ride with her (Rowena's) car. Arthur cursed upon finding the phone, meaning that he didn't have any method of contacting his younger sister.

Arthur sighed as he fell back into his seat and slumped on to his desk. This whole situation just bothered him. Rowena was out there, somewhere, without her mobile. She couldn't call him personally if she had gotten hurt or to just check in with him. Hurt. Arthur immediately sat up bolt straight at the sheer thought of it. 'Hurt? What if she's hurt? That would be terrible! Maybe that's why she hasn't come home yet. Yes. Maybe she's hurt.' Arthur then quickly shook his head and patted both his cheeks. 'Come now Arthur, do you think that little of her? You trained her yourself damn it! Rowena's not a defenseless little child anymore. She's probably just fine you miserable old chap.'

Arthur grinned upon being able to psych himself out of panicking over something so small. Yes, his little sister was probably perfectly fine and on her way home via underground or bus. And besides, it wasn't as if it were warring times. She was most likely safe and uninjured...he hoped.

With Rowena

"Hey, Rowena, can you please stop tapping your foot!" complains a certain brunette male.

"Oui, Mon Cherie," adds a second male with shoulder length blonde hair, "It's starting to get annoying. Ce qui a ce qu'il vous faut si nerveux (What has got you so nervous)?"

Rowena stop staring out the window of the restaurant's private dining room to face the group's two whiners. She huffed and tossed her white ponytail over her shoulder and narrowed her teal eyes at them.

"For one, I don't have my mobile with me," she hisses.

"It's called a cell phone," corrects the brunette.

"I don't bleeding care what you call it you git!" Rowena then sighed before continuing, "And besides, Big Brother is probably worried where I am. You lot could have let me leave him a note at the very least! And speak English you bloody Frog!"

The Frenchman let out a heavy sigh upon hearing the exclamation, "After over 450 years Rowena, I believed zat you would at least know zat my name is not Frog, zat Mon nom est Damien."

"Like I care you Frog," counters Rowena, "As Big Brother says, "A Frog is always a Frog" and I intend to follow that advice."

"Hey," scolds a very muscular blonde, "Aufhören zu kämpfen wie die Kinder (Stop fighting like children)! Rowena, acknowledge that his name is Damien and Damien, don't try to start a fight here, Ordnung (alright)?"

"Fine," grumbles Rowena, "As you wish Hartwin."

"Oui," mutters Damien.

"Now rets arr make sure that everyone is here," said a Japanese teen in back, "this room is secure so no one that is not supposed to be here is not allowed to enter."

Rowena shot Damien and the brunette scathing looks before she took her seat in between them. This meeting had just been called out of nowhere so none of them were really prepared for this. But what really annoyed Rowena most was that they had decided it was taking place in her domain without her knowing. Though she did find out when Damien and Derek, the brunette, had basically kidnapped her from her and her Big Brother's garden. If there was one thing that she didn't like, it was not being in the know for such things.

"I wirr call order," said the Japanese teen, "same as arways I wirr carr your names and you wirr respond with your domain. I, Masato Honda, Tokyo is present. Pengfei Wang?"

"Beijing, here," replied a dark brunette male around his mid 20s.

"Hartwin Beirschmidt (Beilschmidt)?"

"Berlin, present," answered Hartwin.

"Daniel C. Jones?"

"Washington D.C and the hero is always here Tokyo!" shouted an exuberant blonde teen.

"Derek B. Jones?"

"New York, I'm here," answered Derek, much calmer than his younger brother.

"Erriot Wirriams (Elliot Williams)?"

"Ottawa and I'm totally here," shouted a blonde teenager just as loud as D.C.

"Irari (Ilari) Braginski?"

"Moscow, I am here~!" said a large silver haired boy cheerfully.

"Basirio (Basilio) Vargas?"

"Ciao, Milan is here ve~!" chimed a gleeful brown haired boy with his eyes closed.

"Brizio Vargas?"

"Rome, I'm here now hurry up!" spat an impatient brown haired boy but his hazel eyes were open.

"Damien Bonnefoy?"

"Bonjour Mon Cher, I, Paris is 'ere gracing you all with my gorgeous presence!" said Damien as he pulled made a red rose appear as if out of thin air.

"Rowena Kirkrand?"

"London present," answered Rowena briskly, "Now let's hurry up with this."

Not to London's surprise, the meeting was about the Olympics that she was hosting. For the three hours it was actually quite civilized and they could all speak without having to shout but around the fourth hour, things went downhill. D.C started shouting about how much of a hero he was and how he was someday going to be as big of a hero as his elder brother America. New York's efforts went to calming and hushing his younger sibling as he didn't want to cause a scene. Milan started pestering an already annoyed Rome for pasta, and Rome was already starting to reach the end of his rope. Berlin was attempting to restore order with Tokyo, both failing. Moscow was drinking vodka and laughing as he watched everything go downhill. Beijing had decided it was a good idea to bother London about her opening ceremony, or in other words, start bragging about how she, or anybody else, would ever be able to beat him. London was trying not to hit the Chinese capital out of annoyance for his bragging but Paris had decided to poke fun at the triple X's causing a fight to break out between the two of them.

London, to say least, really hated the timing of the meeting. Before Paris and New York had kidnapped her from her rest time, she had been trying to work out a few kinks that had occurred in the security concerning the games. She really wanted to ask her Big Brother for help but he had been swamped with paperwork for the past week so she really didn't want to bother him. But now, she was in a stinking fight with the cheesy surrender monkey's capital (though he had really started the fight by calling her the black sheep capital of Europe). So after beating Paris into submission, with few injuries to herself, she got up and left. What surprised her most was that the moon and stars were already out, the sun was still out when she had been kidnapped to the meeting.

"Oh dear," she murmurs, "Big Brother is not going to like this…."

Lucky for London, she was able to flag down a taxi and after giving the driver her address, they took off into the night. Sure the Kirkland home wasn't too far from where the meeting had occurred but even London wouldn't want to walk home in the dark. It wasn't that she didn't trust the police, they were top notch, but Big Brother would scold her for taking such a risk and that was the very last thing she ever wanted.

"Tough day miss?" asked the driver.

"Like you wouldn't believe, Mr. Knight," answers London, sighing as she leaned back into the seat as the rain started coming down.

The driver was one of her people, a new from the east side. All the other personifications knew who their people were, from their names down to their history. It was how they could connect to their people if they ever came in contact with them on a casual occasion. London had missed the surprised look on the driver's face as she stared out the window.

"How did you know my name?" he asked curiously, "I just started today."

"I, uh, heard about you from another driver," replies London as she snapped from her daze, "Besides, I know just about everyone in London."

She ignored the surprised look he had given her as they rode on past the buildings. It was a quiet ride for the most part, except for the sound of the rain hitting the roof of the taxi. When they pulled up to the front of the Kirkland home, she paid him and was about to get out when he stopped her.

"Out of curiosity, can I get your name?" he asked, "I feel as if I know you."

London let a small smirk settle on her face before it widened into a fully fledged smile.

"Rowena, Rowena Kirkland, pleasure to make your acquaintance," she says before leaving the taxi and running to the front door and entering the home.

London sighed as she removed her black converse as to not track dirt into the house. She quickly made her way up to her room and replaced them in her closet before hurrying back down the staircase, noticing that the kitchen light was still on. 'That's odd,' she thought, looking over to check a clock hanging on the wall, 'it's nearly midnight. I doubt that Big Brother is awake at this hour.' Cautiously, London made her way into the lit kitchen. Everything was spotless and clean as it usually was but what surprised her was the tea kettle on the stove. She had started to make her way towards it before a cough had interrupted her. London quickly turned around to see her Big Brother leaning up against the island in the center of the kitchen. London soon recovered from her shock as she saw the look of questioning and slight annoyance on his face, she was in trouble.

"London Rowena Wynter Kirkland," England pronounced smoothly, all seriousness in his voice like in his pirate days, "Where have you been?"

London flinched at the sound of her full name and cringed at every word following it. She was in trouble and by the sounds of it, a lot of trouble.

"Uh…at a meeting," she answers meekly, her voice just barely audible.

She watched as Big Brother raised one of his large eyebrows in disbelief.

"Is that so?" he questions, "Then why didn't you inform me of such?"

London was terrified of her Big Brother at the moment. He was using his Pirate Captain's voice and his Pirate stare. They had scared her to tears immediately as a child and still scared her now but not as quickly. It was one of the fears that she had never been able to get over. So as to not look at the stare she diverted her attention to the floor.

"Because I didn't know that there was one," she says softly, "It was completely random Big Brother, honest! I didn't know of it until Paris and New York practically kidnapped me from the garden!" She could feel tears starting to well up in her eyes from the fear she felt, "I'm sorry Big Brother."

London kept her head down, not wanting to look up at her brother. She was scared of his face and was mentally and physically preparing for a long scathing lecture. She knew she had done wrong and she knew she was going to get punished for this.

But the scolding and lecture didn't happen.

London was surprised when she felt arms wrap tightly around her and her face being pressed into the green cotton of her Big Brother's sweater vest. She could feel Big Brother resting his chin resting on top of her head as he hugged her tightly.

"Shh…I'm not mad London," he whispered soothingly before pressing a kiss to her hair, "I was just worried London. This old house had been entirely too quiet for my liking and when I realized you were gone I panicked. You hadn't said anything to me, nor did you leave a note and your mobile was in my office."

"I'm sorry Big Brother," answered London quietly as the tears began to roll down her face.

"Shh…it's alright," murmurs England, "It's alright…."

London sat on the edge of her bed as she stared out the window to the silvery moon just starting to peek out from behind the rain clouds. After that day's events, her mind remained at a state of unease with all her thought just raced around. It had just been too hectic for her to put her mind at ease. So quietly, she crept from her bedroom and into the library. There she took a seat by the large window as she continued to stare out at the moon. The moon had always been able to calm her whenever she was just so frantic or stressed to sleep on her own, when Big Brother was away.

London sighed as she watched the stars and faeries twinkle and dance across the lawn and night sky. It was an enchanting arrangement that had never ceased to amaze her. The fey were just astounding, twinkling like tiny multi colored lights across the lawn whereas the stars performed their celestial ballet for all the world to see. She would have continued watching the duet if only there hadn't been a knocking at the door, bringing her out of her previous wonderment.

Standing at the library's entrance was England, in his night clothes, holding two steaming mugs of hot cocoa with a smile on his face. London blinked in confusion before he joined her on the couch and handed her one of the mugs. Out of habit with tea, she first sniffed it, allowing the scent of sweet chocolate and, was that, mint? The two scents intermingled, immediately overwhelming her senses with the aroma of wonderful chocolate and cooling mint. She smiled over at her elder brother before finally taking a sip. It was just as delicious as it smelled, creamy, rich, and warm.

"I figured you would be here," he said softly.

"Have I become that predictable?" she asked with a small smirk.

England could only smile and sip his own cocoa before randomly selecting a book from a nearby shelf. After doing such, both siblings leaned back into the soft velvet of the couch to gaze upon the bewitching dance of fey folk in the light of the moon to the twinkle of the stars as they finished off their sweet drinks. The dance soon concluded as their mugs ran dry, in which England had opened his novel and started reading aloud from it to her, just like old times.

Before she knew it, London found herself leaning on Big Brother's back going in and out of sleep as she listened to him read. Her mind was finally becoming more and more at ease with every word he read until she finally gave up the fight and let sleep take her. Big Brother always knew what to do to help her when she couldn't solve a problem herself. He might still scare her sometimes but in the end, he always there to comfort her. London smiled as she subconsciously snuggled into her Big Brother's back, to know that he would always be there for her, whether it be in person, in thought, or in spirit, was all that she needed to know that everything was going to be alright.

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