"Thwaites," Annabelle called, gripping the hockey fiercely in her right hand while strutting forward. Now was her time for revenge on her old school bully, "Where are you going?" She added. Fritton mentally scolded herself as her voice quivered slightly; she wasn't supposed to cower down to her. Annabelle was a St Trinian as well as a Fritton, which meant she was supposed to be the predator instead of the helpless prey.

"I'm going to bring you down Fritton," Verity answered with a snarl. "You and your vulgar school." A froth of anger began stirring inside of Annabelle, how dare she insult her friends, home and family. It took a few seconds for the ugly redness, which was the younger girl's anger, to seep into her bloodstream and poison her mind and muscles. As this process was taking place, Verity resumed her taunts right where she left off on the hockey pitch a few months previous. Fritton couldn't hear her rival mock everything small detail about Belle, her anger was creeping into her ear drums and blocking out all sound.

It was Polly's unusually frantic voice that snapped the future Head Girl out of her daze. Something about the Geek's tone and the tension in her words caused a connection between two of Annabelle's brain cells as they collided. The brunette then dropped the small, plastic communicator without a second thought to the consequences.

The world began to move in slow motion for Annabelle as she watched the Walkie-Talkie fly through the air towards her target. It began to spin around in a clockwise direction as it crept closer and closer to Verity Thwaites' large head. All Annabelle could see in her mind was a moving darts board where Verity's head should have been and her dart moving towards the bull's eye. Polly's voice, getting more and more frantic by each passing moment, alerted Thwaites to the oncoming danger. Slowly, in Annabelle's eyes, the Cheltenham Lady looked behind her. Her eyes widened at the sight of the Walkie-Talkie. At the last moment, thanks to her quick hockey reflexes, she jolted to the left and ran faster than ever before. Annabelle groaned in frustration and closed her eyes as her chance of striking down Verity smashed into pieces against the wall. Now they were trouble.

When Annabelle began to stop responding, Polly was forced to take action. Instead of searching for solutions on how to rescue Kelly she began to furiously hack into the gallery's security system. This was all going to go wrong if she didn't act fast. Somehow the Geek was supposed to stop Thwaites, rescue Kelly and get them all out of there within the next few minutes. To make matters worse she knew that somebody would have to be left behind to face a jail sentence or they all would be in hot water with St Trinians being closed forever. Polly's face fell. Now they were going to be discovered and she couldn't stop it.

Miss Fritton, armed with the crossbow, stepped up onto the ledge and fired the device into the ceiling. "Time for a little prayer," Polly muttered, her eyes wide in both fear and anticipation. As Miss Fritton tugged at the wire on last time, Polly gulped. She was afraid. Her stomach was doing the mambo while her bladder was doing the monkey. Her heart felt like it was going to tangle out through her nostrils, it was just as Ms Cleaver had described to them before they embarked on this impossible quest to save their school. "Taylor, Andrea," Polly hissed through her earpiece. "Get out of there now."

The Emo and the Chav didn't protest, for once they were on the same page. With one quick apologetic glance towards Kelly, Taylor grabbed Andrea's wrist and yanked her back through the halls filled with famous artwork. They ran back towards the hole in the floor that led them into the sewers and dived into it, just missing a flock of gallery guards. The two enemies continued to sprint back along the sewers, taking off half of their gear as they went, towards their trailer without looking back once. Taylor and Andrea knew that things hadn't gone according to the plan and that they were all now in at the deep the end without arm bands.

Polly grunted a noise of frustration as she watched the guards set off the alarms, alerting the rest of the gallery about the theft. Kelly and Miss Fritton were going to be arrested, there was no chance of a quick escape and Polly knew this. She had personally studied the layout of the building and highlighted all of the security patrols, CCTV camera rotations as well as the different traps set up to capture any late night visitors. Each of the available corridors for the two to dart down was steadily becoming flooded with gallery staff and policemen alike. The Geek couldn't help her close friend and teacher now, all she could do is hide as much evidence as possible and somehow portray the rest of St Trinians to be innocent school girls.

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