The Vampires of Romania and the Werewolves of Spain have been enemies since the dawn of time. Ordinary people like you would not know you are just mortals and they keep it a secret from mortals. However, I'm going to tell you now but don't tell anyone I told you otherwise we will both dieā€¦

It was a long time ago, one of the first Werewolves, and one of the first Vampires set eyes upon each other and fell in love. But this was a time when father's had power over their daughters (this is so unfair) so the Werewolf girl was forbidden to carry out this love (Romeo and Juliet.) The Werewolf and Vampire ran away together, the father werewolf was so angry he created War.

All the other vampires and werewolves hated each other so when they ran away , they were killed and vampires and werewolves agreed to stay out of each other's way.